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Automation. Information Technology. Control. Instruments
№ 1
  • Muromtsev D.Yu., Dmitrievsky B.S., Terekhova A.A., Tretyakov A.A., Elizarov I.A., Nazarov V.N. The Problem of Managing a Multi-Connected Production System Using Lean Manufacturing Principles
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.01.pp.006-016
  • Solovjev D.S. Formalization of the Problem and Development of an Algorithm for Selecting a Data Normalization Method for Decision Making Support
    Text of paper (en) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.01.pp.017-027
  • Artemova S.V., Kamenskaya M.A., Karasev P.I., Ershov N.S., Vu Tri Chien, Domornikova A.A. A Fuzzy Control Model of an Intelligent Information-Measuring and Control System of a Drum Drying Unit
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.01.pp.028-041
  • Glazkova I.A., Ivanovsky M.A., El Eissawi Badr Khalil Mahmud. To the Problem of Formalizing the Operation of Complex Pattern Recognition Systems
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.01.pp.042-052
  • Matrokhin M.A., Nemtinov V.A., Egorov S.Ya. Information Support for Decision Making by Choosing the Type of Submerged Drum in the Installation for Galvanic Coating of Parts in Bulk Form
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.01.pp.053-065
  • Lebed N.I., Tokarev K.E., Gapich D.S. Simulation of Operation Parameters of an Automated System for Monitoring Signs of Contamination of Agricultural Crops under Conditions of Clonal Reproduction by Digital Color Methods
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.01.pp.066-075
  • Glazkova I.A., Ivanovsky M.A., Kupriyanova S.S., El Eissawi Badr Khalil Mahmud. Algorithms for Assessing the Efficiency of the Information System and its Elements Based on the Principle of Decomposition
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.01.pp.076-084
  • Frolov S.V., Frolova T.A., Lychagina V.O., Trushin D.I., Shatalova I.A., Shirkina E.S., Yurlov S.I., Yarkin O.A. Biotechnical System for Growing Plants
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.01.pp.085-094
№ 2
  • Dvoretsky S.I., Dvoretsky D.S., Akulinin E.I. Setting Optimization Problems in the Integrated Design of Technological Processes, Devices and Control Systems in Conditions of Uncertainty
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.02.pp.184-195
  • Frolov S.S., Khudorozhkov O.V., Lukyanchikov A.A., Pavlov P.A. Reproduction of a Signal Fragment with a Rectangular Line Spectrum of a Measuring System for Frequency Characteristics of Low-Pass Filters
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.02.pp.196-208
  • Chernukhin A.V., Savitskaya T.V., Sverchkov A.M., Dementienko A.V. The Develoment of a Software Application for Simulation of Fire Evacuation at a Hazardous Production Facility
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.02.pp.209-218
  • Khvostov A.A., Slyusarev M.I., Zhuravlev A.A., Bityukov V.K., Khaustov I.A., Romanov R.A. Temperature Error Estimation when Designing Greenhouse Heating Control Systems with Open Spiral
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.02.pp.219-233
  • Shevnina Yu.S. Managing the Control System for Surface Defects of Microelectronics Products
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.02.pp.234-245
  • Ponomarev S.V., Baranov S.S. An Algorithm for Processing a Large Number of Experimental Data while Measuring Thermal Physical Properties of Materials by the Flat Pulse Heat Source Method
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.02.pp.246-255
  • Smirnova Yu.A., Maryenkov A.N., Tarabanovskaya E.S. Using a Knowledge Base to Build a Digital Twin of the Process of Interaction between Molecular Systems
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.02.pp.256-266
  • Golovko Yu.., Golovko S.V. Automated Complex for Monitoring and Controlling Water and Oxygen Levels in Fish Pond Farms
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.02.pp.267-273
  • Sustin .I., Pudovkin .P., Panasyuk Yu.N. The Information-Measuring and Control System with a Rangefinder Channel for Tertiary Processing of Radar Information of Increased Accuracy
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.02.pp.274-284

Chemical Engineering and Related Industries. Chemistry

№ 1
  • Kapranova A.B., Bakhaeva D.D., Stenko D.V., Verloka I.I. Modeling of Mixing Bulk Components in a Rotary Device on a Cyber-Physical Systems Platform
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.01.pp.095-107
  • Aldawood S.S. Yu., Baranov A.A., Pershin V.F. Mathematical Model of the Graphite Exfoliation Process in Bar Drum Mill
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.01.pp.108-121
  • Eskov V.A., Dorokhov R.V., Pakhomov A.N. Regenerative Material with Improved Characteristics for the Smoke Protective Hood
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.01.pp.122-129
  • Istomin A.M., Bakunin E.S., Rukhov A.V., Istomina V.I., Zhabkina I.A., Goncharova M.S. Development of a Complex Catalyst to Accelerate the Curing of Urea Melamine Formaldehyde Resin
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.01.pp.130-138
  • Bobrov M.N., Pechenkina E.S. Practical Application of Step Reduction of Current Density in Processes of Electroextraction of Copper during Processing of Copper-Containing Waste
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.01.pp.139-147
№ 2
  • Smirnov P.M., Cherpitskiy S.N., Tarshis M.Yu., Korolev L.V., Kapranova A.B. Investigation of the Bulk Materials Mixing Process in a Drum-Type Device with Additional Working Elements
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.02.pp.285-291
  • Pakhomov A.N., Pekshev D.S., Gatapova N.Ts., Pakhomova Yu.V. Assessment of the Effectiveness of Mechanical Methods for Foam Destruction
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.02.pp.292-299
  • Borshchev V.Ya., Sukhorukova T.A., Faarour H., Makarov V.S. Study of the Interaction of Bulk Material Particles in a Cascade Gravitational Mixer
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.02.pp.300-307
  • Shubin I.N., Popova A.A. The Structural-Hierarchical Scheme of the Process of High-Temperature Activation of Carbon Material
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.02.pp.308-316
  • Kotenev S.I. Kinetic Characteristics of Electromicrofiltration Purification of Technological Solutions from Synthetic Surfactants
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.02.pp.317-327
  • Promtov M.A., Zheludkov V.G., Gatapova N.Ts., Stepanov A.Yu. Characteristics of a Water Oil Emulsion Obtained in a Rotor-Stator Devie
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.02.pp.328-338

Mechanical Engineering. Metal Treatment

№ 1
  • Bondarenko N.V., Sokolov M.V. Modernization of the Algorithm for Calculating Allowance for Mechanical Processing of Parts for the Python Programming Environment
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.01.pp.148-156
  • Potapov A.N., Zyambaev N.A. Elastic-Plastic Calculation of a Frame for the Action of Horizontal Forces Using the Displacement Method
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.01.pp.157-169
  • Bozhko G.V., Fokina M.S., Nkondi J.D., Shchagin A.M., Baskakov A.P. Experimental Determination of the Axial Force in Fastening Parts Arising upon their Torque Tightening
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.01.pp.170-177
№ 2
  • Karyev L.G., Fedorov V.A. Deformation of an Elastic Rod under Conditions of a Sudden Longitudinal Force Application
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.02.pp.339-345
  • Protsenko A.M. Intensification of Homogenization Processes of Mixtures in the Recirculator Mixer
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2024.02.pp.346-357

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