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Automation. InformationTechnology. Control. Instruments
№ 1
  • Sannikov S.A., Mokrozub V.G., Kalistratov M.S. System Analysis of the Design Process of Lines for Electrochemical and Chemical Processing of Parts
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.01.pp.006-016
  • Artemova S.V., Kamenskaia M.A., Ladynin A.I., Shmeleva A.G., Vu Tri Chien. Energy-Saving Control of the Heating Process
    Text of paper (en) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.01.pp.017-026
  • Ivanov A.V., Moskvitin S.P., Ivanov A.A., Lezhneva N.A. Identification of Anomalous Measurements of Radio Signals by a Satellite Radio Navigation System by the Method of Statistical Processing of Measurement Discharges
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.01.pp.027-040
  • Borisenko A.B., Nemtinov V.A., Borisenko A.A. Application of the Stochastic SIR Model for Simulation of the Epidemic Process
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.01.pp.041-051
  • Semenov M.E., Kholmurodov Zh.B., Nozhkin V.S. Identification of Hidden Objects in Conditions of Dynamicly Changing Soil Moisture Content
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.01.pp.052-063
  • Algazin E.I. General Concept of Movement in Time Structures of the Studied Parameter of Linear Automation Systems
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.01.pp.064-074
  • Balamutova A.A., Popov N.S., Andreev A.V. Diagnostics of the Functioning States of the Regional Economy Objects in the Context of Sustainable Development
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.01.pp.075-090
№ 2
  • Dutov M.N., Obraztsov D.V., Chernyshov V.N. A Measuring and Control System for the Synthesis of a High-Performance Catalyst in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.180-186
  • Burakova E.A., Tugolukov E.N., Dyachkova T.P. A Decision Support System for Preparation of a Catalyst for the Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.187-198
  • Bannikov A.A., Litovka Yu.V. Optimal Positioning of Cathode Parts When Controlling the Electroplate Bath by the Microhardness Criterion
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.199-204
  • Muromtsev D.Yu., Dmitrievsky B.S., Vasilevsky K.S., Terekhova A.A., Gogoryan M.L., Dmitriev D.G. Building a Model of the Steam Supply Process at an Oil Refinery
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.205-215
  • Kozelskaya S.O., Fedotov M.Yu. The Development of Comprehensive Technology for Non-Destructive Testing of Implicit Defects and Service Life Assessment of Polymer Composite Materials
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.216-229
  • Yanovich V.S., Runda M.M., Akimov M.V. The Energy Method for Motor Oil Thermal-Oxidation Stability Control
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.230-238
  • An Adjustable Electric Drive of Coordinate Systems of Laser Installations: Simulation Modeling in the Matlab Simulink Package (in English)
    Text of paper (en) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.239-253
  • Kaychenov A.V., Ereshchenko V.V., Yatsenko V.V., Selyakov I.Yu. A Multi-Loop Control System for the Process of Convective Dehydration of Fish Raw Materials
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.254-262

Chemical Engineering and Related Industries. Chemistry

№ 1
  • Pakhomov A.N., Gatapova N.Ts., Kiladze V.V., Orlov A.Yu. Simulation of Uneven Loading of Pipeline Systems through the Example of Gas Distribution Networks
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.01.pp.091-101
  • Kapranova A.B., Stenko D.V., Bahaeva D.D., Vatagin A.A., Lebedev A.E. Efficiency Factors of Rotary Mixing of Granular Raw Materials for the Cyber-Physical Platform
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.01.pp.102-114
  • Ivanov O.O., Tarakanov A.G., Kudi K.A., Dolgunin V.N. The Influence of the Structural and Kinematic Characteristics of the Gravitational Flow of a Grain Medium on the Effects of Separation by Size and Density
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.01.pp.115-126
  • Promtov M.A., Sheina O.A. Application of the Fenton Oxidation Method for Cheese Production Wastewater Treatment
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.01.pp.127-138
№ 2
  • Kosheleva M.K., Shalunov A.V., Dornyak O.R., Isaev M.V. The Ultrasonic Effect on the Kinetics of Continuous Convective Drying of Flat Fiber Materials
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.263-271
  • Tarshis M.Yu., Korolev L.V., Cherpitskiy S.N. A Method for Calculation of a Drum-Blade Mixer for Bulk Materials
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.272-279
  • Martyanov E.I., Karpushkin S.V. Optimization of the Liquid Mixing Process in Vertical Capacitive Apparatus with Mechanical Agitators
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.280-293
  • Pakhomova Yu.V., Kiladze V.V., Gatapova N.Ts., Orlov A.Yu. Modeling the Development of the Gas Supply Network Using the Theory of Percolation
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.294-301
  • Sviatskii .A., Sviatskii V.M., Sokolov M.V., Chepurnykh D.K. The Development of a Laboratory Bench for Predicting the Quality of Processed Thermoplasts and Operating Characteristics of the Extruder
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.302-310
  • Dmitriev O.S., Barsukov A.A. A Study of Exothermal Processes and Their Effect on Cure Cycles of Polymer Composites
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.311-323

Mechanical Engineering. Metal Treatment

№ 1
  • Mansur V., Pershin V.F. Apparatus for Preparing a Mixture from Components Prone to Segregation: Current Status and Prospects. Part II
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.01.pp.139-152
  • Pyatykh A.S., Timofeev S.A., Ushakov V.A. Investigation of the Quality of the Threaded Surface of Pedicle Screws
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.01.pp.153-161
№ 2
  • Tolochko N.K., Romanyuk N.N., Ednach V.N., Popov A.I. Improvement of Designs and Optimization of Operation Modes of Multicopter-Sprayers
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.324-334
  • Kotlyar D.I., Lomanov A.N. The Formation of a Metal Surface Trajectory on a Complex Profile Curvilinear Surface
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.335-345

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