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Automation. Information Technology. Control. Instruments
№ 1
  • Sannikov S.A., Mokrozub V.G., Kalistratov M.S. System Analysis of the Design Process of Lines for Electrochemical and Chemical Processing of Parts
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.01.pp.006-016
  • Artemova S.V., Kamenskaia M.A., Ladynin A.I., Shmeleva A.G., Vu Tri Chien. Energy-Saving Control of the Heating Process
    Text of paper (en) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.01.pp.017-026
  • Ivanov A.V., Moskvitin S.P., Ivanov A.A., Lezhneva N.A. Identification of Anomalous Measurements of Radio Signals by a Satellite Radio Navigation System by the Method of Statistical Processing of Measurement Discharges
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.01.pp.027-040
  • Borisenko A.B., Nemtinov V.A., Borisenko A.A. Application of the Stochastic SIR Model for Simulation of the Epidemic Process
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.01.pp.041-051
  • Semenov M.E., Kholmurodov Zh.B., Nozhkin V.S. Identification of Hidden Objects in Conditions of Dynamicly Changing Soil Moisture Content
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.01.pp.052-063
  • Algazin E.I. General Concept of Movement in Time Structures of the Studied Parameter of Linear Automation Systems
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.01.pp.064-074
  • Balamutova A.A., Popov N.S., Andreev A.V. Diagnostics of the Functioning States of the Regional Economy Objects in the Context of Sustainable Development
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.01.pp.075-090
№ 2
  • Dutov M.N., Obraztsov D.V., Chernyshov V.N. A Measuring and Control System for the Synthesis of a High-Performance Catalyst in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.180-186
  • Burakova E.A., Tugolukov E.N., Dyachkova T.P. A Decision Support System for Preparation of a Catalyst for the Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.187-198
  • Bannikov A.A., Litovka Yu.V. Optimal Positioning of Cathode Parts When Controlling the Electroplate Bath by the Microhardness Criterion
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.199-204
  • Muromtsev D.Yu., Dmitrievsky B.S., Vasilevsky K.S., Terekhova A.A., Gogoryan M.L., Dmitriev D.G. Building a Model of the Steam Supply Process at an Oil Refinery
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.205-215
  • Kozelskaya S.O., Fedotov M.Yu. The Development of Comprehensive Technology for Non-Destructive Testing of Implicit Defects and Service Life Assessment of Polymer Composite Materials
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.216-229
  • Yanovich V.S., Runda M.M., Akimov M.V. The Energy Method for Motor Oil Thermal-Oxidation Stability Control
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.230-238
  • An Adjustable Electric Drive of Coordinate Systems of Laser Installations: Simulation Modeling in the Matlab Simulink Package (in English)
    Text of paper (en) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.239-253
  • Kaychenov A.V., Ereshchenko V.V., Yatsenko V.V., Selyakov I.Yu. A Multi-Loop Control System for the Process of Convective Dehydration of Fish Raw Materials
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.254-262
№ 3
  • Matveykin V.G., Dmitrievsky B.S., Terekhova A.A., Ektov S.E., Voronkov R.V., Gogoryan M.L., Dmitriev D.G. Development of a Control System for Multi-Connected Technological Processes Using the Example of Food Industry
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.03.pp.352-362
  • Obukhov A.D., Patutin K.I., Surkova E.O., Arkhipov A.E. Adaptive Running Platform Control System Based on Computer Vision Technology
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.03.pp.363-374
  • Kurnosov R.Yu., Chernyshova T.I. Metrological Analysis of the Measurement Procedure for Digital Measuring Instruments
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.03.pp.375-382
  • Zabrovsky V.D., Divin A.G., Lyubimova D.A., Konovalov V.I., Mofu J.C Development of a Concept and Proto Sample of an Optical Encoder Based on the Moire Effect
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.03.pp.383-389
  • Kiryupin M.M., Belousov O.A., Trishakov A.A. An Algorithm to Control the Patterning Device of a Digital Antenna Array for Spatial Barrier Systems
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.03.pp.390-405
  • Danilov S.N., Antonov E.A. Synthesis of Test Trajectories for Assessing the Accuracy and Stability of Tracking Systems
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.03.pp.406-416
  • Suslin M.A., Volkov V.V., Pasechnikov I.I., Popova D.S. The Experimental Analysis of the Potential of the Direct Electrometric Method for Measuring the Free Water Content in Jet Engine Fuels
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.03.pp.417-424

Chemical Engineering and Related Industries. Chemistry

№ 1
  • Pakhomov A.N., Gatapova N.Ts., Kiladze V.V., Orlov A.Yu. Simulation of Uneven Loading of Pipeline Systems through the Example of Gas Distribution Networks
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.01.pp.091-101
  • Kapranova A.B., Stenko D.V., Bahaeva D.D., Vatagin A.A., Lebedev A.E. Efficiency Factors of Rotary Mixing of Granular Raw Materials for the Cyber-Physical Platform
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.01.pp.102-114
  • Ivanov O.O., Tarakanov A.G., Kudi K.A., Dolgunin V.N. The Influence of the Structural and Kinematic Characteristics of the Gravitational Flow of a Grain Medium on the Effects of Separation by Size and Density
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.01.pp.115-126
  • Promtov M.A., Sheina O.A. Application of the Fenton Oxidation Method for Cheese Production Wastewater Treatment
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.01.pp.127-138
№ 2
  • Kosheleva M.K., Shalunov A.V., Dornyak O.R., Isaev M.V. The Ultrasonic Effect on the Kinetics of Continuous Convective Drying of Flat Fiber Materials
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.263-271
  • Tarshis M.Yu., Korolev L.V., Cherpitskiy S.N. A Method for Calculation of a Drum-Blade Mixer for Bulk Materials
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.272-279
  • Martyanov E.I., Karpushkin S.V. Optimization of the Liquid Mixing Process in Vertical Capacitive Apparatus with Mechanical Agitators
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.280-293
  • Pakhomova Yu.V., Kiladze V.V., Gatapova N.Ts., Orlov A.Yu. Modeling the Development of the Gas Supply Network Using the Theory of Percolation
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.294-301
  • Sviatskii .A., Sviatskii V.M., Sokolov M.V., Chepurnykh D.K. The Development of a Laboratory Bench for Predicting the Quality of Processed Thermoplasts and Operating Characteristics of the Extruder
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.302-310
  • Dmitriev O.S., Barsukov A.A. A Study of Exothermal Processes and Their Effect on Cure Cycles of Polymer Composites
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.311-323
№ 3
  • Dvoretsky S.I., Dvoretsky D.S., Akulinin E.I., Usachev V.B., Belyaev V.A. Sorption Dynamics Modeling in Cyclic Adsorption Processes of Gas Mixture Separation
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.03.pp.425-443
  • Martyanov E.I., Karpushkin S.V. Optimization of Design Parameters of Mechanical Stirrers for Liquid Mixing in Vertical Pressure Vessels
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.03.pp.444-452
  • Golovanchikov A.B., Zalipaeva O.A., Merentsov N.A., Raeva Yu.N. Calculations of the Amplitude of Oscillations in Resonance and Near-Resonance Processes of a Vibrating Centrifugal Separator
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.03.pp.453-462
  • Shindryaev A.V., Lebedev A.E., Menshutina N.V. Preparing Silicon Dioxide Aerogels with Modification of the Inner Surface
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.03.pp.463-473
  • Bernatsky P.N., Balybin D.V., Meshcheryakova A.A. The Effect of Formic Acid and AMDOR IK-2 Inhibitor on Carbon Acid Corrosion of Carbon Steel in Model Produced Water of the Samotlor Oil Field
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.03.pp.474-484

Mathematics. Physics

№ 3
  • Nakhman A. D. Exponential Summation of Fourier Series in Applications to Heat and Mass Transfer Problems
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.03.pp.485-496

Mechanical Engineering. Metal Treatment

№ 1
  • Mansur V., Pershin V.F. Apparatus for Preparing a Mixture from Components Prone to Segregation: Current Status and Prospects. Part II
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.01.pp.139-152
  • Pyatykh A.S., Timofeev S.A., Ushakov V.A. Investigation of the Quality of the Threaded Surface of Pedicle Screws
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.01.pp.153-161
№ 2
  • Tolochko N.K., Romanyuk N.N., Ednach V.N., Popov A.I. Improvement of Designs and Optimization of Operation Modes of Multicopter-Sprayers
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.324-334
  • Kotlyar D.I., Lomanov A.N. The Formation of a Metal Surface Trajectory on a Complex Profile Curvilinear Surface
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.02.pp.335-345
№ 3
  • Mordasov D.M., Monastyrev P.V., Mordasov M.D., Zubkov A.F., Andrianov K.A., Ezersky V.A. Thermal Air Soldering of Sized Thin-Walled Copper Products
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.03.pp.497-506

Material Science. Nanotechnology

№ 3
  • Mordasov D.M., Ezersky V.A., Zubkov A.F., Monastyrev P.V., Mordasov M.D., Andrianov K.A. A Phenomenological Model of the Process of Interaction of Active Flux with Copper Surface
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.03.pp.507-513
  • Kolchunov Vl.I. Calculation of Reinforced Concrete Adequate Substructures in the LIRA Software Package for Transportation of Cracks
    Text of paper (rus) (pdf-file) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2023.03.pp.514-528

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