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Automation. InformationTechnology. Control. Instruments


  • Digo G.B., Digo N.B. Selection of Design Solutions at the Optimization Stage under Conditions of Uncertainty on the Basis of a Functional-Parametric Approach (p 6) Text of paper (rus) (pdf-) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2022.01.pp.006-016
  • Frolov S.V., Potlov A.Yu., Frolova T.A. Identification of Speckle Structures for the Needs of Mapping of Biological Fluids (p 17) Text of paper (rus) (pdf-) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2022.01.pp.017-023
  • Zalukaeva N.Yu., Gribkov A.N. Information and Control System of Distribution of Fuel Pellets from the Manufacturer to the Consumer (p 24) Text of paper (rus) (pdf-) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2022.01.pp.024-034
  • Alruyshid .H.H., Dmitrievsky B.S., Terekhova .., Ishin .., Skvortsov S.A. Mathematical Modeling and Optimal Control of the Process of Hydrogen Adsorption Production (p 35) Text of paper (rus) (pdf-) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2022.01.pp.035-045
  • Kapelko K.V., Khokhulin E.Yu. Algorithm for Optimizing the Parameters of the Combined Power Supply System for Electrical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (p 46) Text of paper (rus) (pdf-) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2022.01.pp.046-054
  • Ussama B., Leshelakh A., Shauki I., Kalinin V.F. Novel Multilevel Inverter's Design and Implementation Based on Photovoltaic Systems (in English) (p 55) Text of paper (en) (pdf-) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2022.01.pp.055-065

Chemical Engineering and Related Industries. Chemistry


  • Menshutina N.V., Kazeev I.V., Artemiev A.I., Khudeev I.I., Flegontov P.A. A Study of the Extraction of Biologically Active Substances Using Supercritical Technologies From Plant Raw Materials (p 66) Text of paper (rus) (pdf-) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2022.01.pp.066-075
  • Pakhomov A.N., Gatapova N.Ts., Pakhomova Yu.V. Prediction of the Type of Kinetic Curve in the Process of Drying Potato Pulp (p 76) Text of paper (rus) (pdf-) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2022.01.pp.076-084
  • Golovanchikov A.B., Merentsov N.A., Prokhorenko N.A. Determination of the Flow Structure of Steam and Boiling Streams in the Rectification Column (p 85) Text of paper (rus) (pdf-) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2022.01.pp.085-093
  • Kosheleva M.K., Dornyak O.R., Shirokopoyas E.N. Improving the Efficiency of the Extraction Process in Production of Hygroscopic Fibrous Materials (in English) (p 94) Text of paper (en) (pdf-) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2022.01.pp.094-102
  • Sokolov M.V., Belyaev P.S., Klinkov A.S. Calculation of Process and Design Parameters of Twin Screw Mixers with Minimization of Technological Capacity (p 103) Text of paper (rus) (pdf-) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2022.01.pp.103-110
  • Balybin D.V., Alyokhina O.V., Bernatsky P.N. Electrochemical and Corrosive Behavior of Iron in Acidic Chloride Media in the Presence of Pyrimidine (p 111) Text of paper (rus) (pdf-) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2022.01.pp.111-120

Material Science. Nanotechnology


  • Verchenov V.S., Mordasov D.M., Mordasov M.D. Study of the Behavior of Non-Ferrous Metals in a Variable Magnetic Field (p 121) Text of paper (rus) (pdf-) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2022.01.pp.121-126
  • Burakova E.A. Control of the Process for the Formation of a Catalyst for the Synthesis of Carbon Nanostructured Materials (p 127) Text of paper (rus) (pdf-) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2022.01.pp.127-138
  • Al-Jarah R.A., Al-Mashkhadani A.M., Mansur V., Aldavud S.S., Osipov A.A., Pershin V.F. Production of Graphene-Containing Suspensions and Concentrates by Cascade Exfoliation of Graphite (p 139) Text of paper (rus) (pdf-) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2022.01.pp.139-152
  • Stolyarov R.A., Memetova A.E., Yagubov V.S., Tkachev A.G., Memetov N.R. Conductive Organic Silicon Materials and Coatings Containing Multilayer Carbon Nanotubes (p 153) Text of paper (rus) (pdf-) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2022.01.pp.153-161
  • Bahaa E., Tugolukov E.N. Increasing the Efficiency of the Light-Absorbing Coating of Solar Collectors (p 162) Text of paper (rus) (pdf-) DOI: 10.17277/vestnik.2022.01.pp.162-171

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