Transactions of the TSTU

Four-Language Scientific-Theoretical and Applied Multidisciplinary Journal

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Automation. Information.Control. Instruments

Zhukov N.P., Mainikova N.F., Rogov I.V. Analysis of Measurement Errors of Materials Thermophysical Characteristics under Impulse Heat Influence from Linear Source. Part 2. Evaluation of Systematic Errors (p 6)
Fedorov N.P., Vasilyev V.A. Automation of Technical State Control Processes of Military Communication (in English). (p 12)
Muromtsev D.Yu., Orlova L.P., Kozlov A.I. Decision Making Using the Bayes Approach and Expert Estimations (p 15)
Mordasov D.M., Mordasov M.M. Pneumo-Dynamic Non-Destructive Control of Specific Volume of Substances with Pulse Gas Feeding (p 25)
Khrapov I.V., Mishchenko S.V., Podolsky V.E., Bukreev D.V. Architecture of Ņorporate Information System of Decision-Making Support (p 30)
Zotov A.A., Zotov V.A. To Informational Providancy of Module Projecting of Radio-Electronic Means (in English) (p 34)
S.V. Mishchenko, S.V. Ponomarev, S.G. Tolstych, S.S. Tolstych To the Question of Measurement Error of Diffusion Coefficient of Porosity Materials (p 150)
V.E. Podolsky Analysis of Condition and Prospects of Development of Tambov Regional Scientific Educational Information Network (p 166)
A.P. Pudovkin, V.N. Chernyshov, A.V. Kolmakov, Yu.V. Pluzhnikov Heat Method of Bimetal Separation Diagnostics (p 177)
I.N. Ichshuk Analysis of Sensitivity of Two-Factor Thermophysical Measurements (p 186)
N.P. Zhukov, N.F. Mainikova, Yu.L. Muromtsev, A.S. Chekh Multi-Model Method of Non-Destructive Thermophysical Control for Structural Transformations in Polymer Materials (p 196)
I.S. Demin AMulti-layer Model of Hypertext (p 199)
V.V. Bityukova, E.A. Sidorenko, B.L. Gurtovoy Principles of Development of Automated System of Disease Diagnostics (p 204)
Dvoretsky D.S., Dvoretsky S.I. Setting of Tasks and Problem of Integrated Design of Automated Chemical Technological Processes under Uncertainty. Part 1 (p 360)
Ponomarev S.V., Balabanov P.V. Mathematical Processing of Results when Measuring Thermal Conductivity and Diffusivity Using the Method Similar to Regular Mode of 1 Type (p 382)
Blokhin V.A., Kozlov A.I., Muromtsev D.Yu. Dynamic Variability (Alternativity) in Project Control (p 390)
Gubanov R.A. Algorithms and Programs of Synthesis of Energy-Saving Control of Multi-stage Processes (p 406)
Muromtsev Yu.L., Chernyshov V.N., Selivanova Z.M. Error Evaluation of Measures Results of Thermophysical Properties of Solid Materials under Destabilizing Factors Influence (p 414)
Bityukova V.V., Sidorenko E.A., Gurtovoy B.L. Designing of Two-Step Automated System of Endometrite Diagnostics (p 423)
Mishchenko S.V., Ponomarev S.V., Trofimov A.V., Samorodov V.A. Research of Quality Formation of Polyvinylchloride Coating in Tent Mate-rial Production (p 596)
Fedorov N.P., Fedyunin P.A., Dmitriev D.A., Kaberov S.R. Algorithms of Measurement and Scanning of Anti-Radar Coatings (p 606)
Hanooni S.S., Dryazgov A.N., Ponomarev S.V. Modeling of Device for Measuring Thermal Physical Properties of Liquid by Means of Laminar Mode (p 619)
Artemova S.V., Muromtsev D.Yu., Gribkov A.N. Forecast and Disturbance Compensation in Optimal Control Systems (p 632)
Matveikin V.G., Yavnik R.M., Romanov A.D. Information Systems in Planning and Management of Innovative Enterprise: Models Creating and Search for Optimum Control (p 638)

Chemical and related engineering. Chemistry

Tugolukov E.N., Bogush V.A., Tkachyov A.G. Modeling of Heat Transfer in Bimetal Apparatuses with Canals of Cooling in Walls (p 42)
Putin S.B., Skvortsov S.A., Sheikin O.V. Mathematical Modeling of the Process of Gas Mixture Separation Using the Method of Short-Cycle without Heating Adsorption (in German) (p 50)
Golovanov V.F., Litovka Yu.V. Some Peculiarities of Aluminum Color Anodizing on Non-Symmetrical Electrodes (p 58)
P.S. Belyaev, O.G. Malikov, M.V. Zabavnikov, A.R. Sokolov. Quality Improvement of Oil Bitumen by their Modification with Processing Products of Worn Automobile Tyres (p 63)
Shuvalov A.M., Samodurov A.V. Investigation of Furnace Working Modes for Efficient Burning of Vegetation Waste (p 70)
N.Z. Gatapova, V.I. Konovalov, A.N. Shikunov, A.N. Pachomov, D.V. Kozlov Thermophysical and Kinetic Peculiarities of Dispersions and Crystal Forming Solutions Drying (p 210)
V.Ya. Borschov, V.N. Dolgunin, O.O. Ivanov Investigation of Particles Interaction Effects under Shear Deformation in Granular Medium (p 230)
N.V. Amelina, P.S. Belyaev, A.S. Klinkov, M.V. Sokolov Description of Forming Rubber Tread from Latex (p 236)
O.S. Dmitriev, S.V. Mishchenko, A.Yu. Seregin Direct and Reverse Problems of Heat-Mass Transfer in the Process of Pressing Particle Boards (p 243)
V.A. Nemtinov, S.Ya. Egorov, Yu.V. Makarov, D.V. Kvardakov Methodology of Automated Selection of Fixtures when Designing Pipe-Line Networks (p 252)
N.F. Gladyshev, S.I. Dvoretsky, D.V. Zhdanov, E.E. Lomovtseva, M.A. Ulyanova, Yu.A. Ferapontov, N.Yu. Kholodilin To the Question of Choosing Stabilizer for Alkali Solution of Hydrogen Peroxide (p 261)
Belyaev P.S., Klinkov A.S., Sokolov M.V. Calculation of the Process and Equipment for Rubber Mixtures Extrusion by Given Quality of Extrudate (p 430)
Malygin E.N., Nemtinov V.A., Sarychev D.V., Nemtinova Yu.V. Application of Information Systems when Implementing Ecological Expertise (p 434)
Kuzmin S.N., Budkova E.V., Isyemin R.L., Kondukov N.B. Equation for Determination of Minimum Speed of Fluidization of Polydispersed Bed of Anthracitic Coal Dust (in English) (p 444)
Kalinin V.F., Nabatov K.A., Shuvalov A.M., Kobelev A.V. About the Possibilities of Using Alternative Energy Sources (p 450)
Chervyakov V.M., Galaev V.I., Koptev A.A. Non-Stationary Liquid Flow in Clearance between Rotor and Stator of Rotor Apparatus (p 646)
Kalinin V.F., Shuvalov A.M., Kochergin S.V. Theoretical Research of Parameters of Electro-Heating Device with Self-Regulated Power (p 653)
Malygin E.N., Karpushkin S.V., Makoveev S.N. Method of Automated Selection and Calculation of Filters for Suspension Separation (p 659)
Amelina N.V., Belyaev P.S., Klinkov A.S., Sokolov M.V. To the Question of Latex Gels Syneresis (p 669)

Mathematics. Physics.

Fomin V.I. On General Solution of the n-Order Linear Differential Equation with Constant Bounded Operator Coefficients in Banach Space (p 76)
Polyakov E.V., Brusentsov Yu.A., Minaev A.M. Narrow Zone Detector of Infra-red Radiation on the Basis of Alloy Cd1-xSnxS (p 85)
V.I. Fomin On a Weakly Degenerated Linear Differentiation Equation of the First Order in Banach Space (p 267)
V.I. Barsukov, B.N. Ivanov, A.A. Emelyanov Peculiarities of Sample Drying when Determining Atom Absorption of Elements in Liquid Solutions (p 271)
Levin V.I. Bellman-Johnson Problem for Conveyor Systems with Changing Work Order (p 457)
Pchelintsev A.N., Shishin V.A. Relaxation Time of Electron Conduction in Metal (p 464)
Kulikov G.M. Large Rigid-Body Motions and Strain-Displacement Relationships of the Layer-Wise Shell Theory (in English) (p 674)
Molotkov N.Ya., Lomakina O.V., Shalnev V.V. Collecting and Dispersal Action of Mirrors from the Viewpoint of Diffraction Theory (p 683)
Barsukov V.I., Emelyanov A.A. Increase in Reprodicibility of Obtaining Solid Residual of Sample for Atomic Absorption (p 691)
Pchelintsev A.N., Shishin V.A. Derivation of Charge Conservation Law from Schrodinger Equation (p 464)

Machine-building. Building-construction. Material science. Metal-working

Kiseleva O.A., Mironov Ā.Ā., Yartsev V.P. Influence of Fluctuations in Temperature on Longevity of Chip Boards (in English) (p 91)
Ledenev V.V., Safonov S.A. Experimental Research of Cylinder Foundations Strength (p 95)
V.M. Strulev, R.A. Yarkin Concrete Deformation Diagrams (p 277)
P.V. Monastyrev, M.V. Monastyreva, M.V. Reid Main Areas of Energy Conservation in the Servicing of Apartment Buildings (p 282)
V.A. Ezersky, T.F. Elchishcheva Investigation of Salts Influence on Heat Conductivity of Cell Concrete (p 286)
V.P. Yartsev Influence of Asbofriction Waste on the Strength, Durability and Fire-Resistance of Bitumen (p 299)
V.A. Vanin, V.K. Luchkin, V.V. Zhirnyakov, S.V. Evlampiev Kinematics Structure of Metal Cutting Machines with Inner Hydraulic Links on the Basis of Step Drive (p 303)
Pudovkin A.P., Chernyshov V.N., Kolmakov A.V., Pluzhnikov Yu.V. Method and Measure Controlling System of Non-destructive Control of Geometrical Parameters of Shells (p 469)
Potapova L.B., Yartsev V.P. Statistic Criterion of Solid Materials Fluidity under Compex Tense Condition (p 477)
Yarkin R.A., Strulev V.M. Bending of Reinforced Concrete Beam with Indirect Reinforcement of Compressed Concrete Zone (p 486)
Alexandrov V.I., Glinkin E.I., Egorov A.V., Rudenko D.A. Electro-physical Model for Instrument Contacts with Product and Chip (p 493)
Zharikov V.V., Chainikov N.A., Ankudimova I.A. Non-Waste Technology of Highly-filled Metal Polymer Composite Materials Production (p 503)
Kolmakov A.V., Pluzhnikov Yu.V., Pudovkin A.P., Chernyshov V.N. Production of Steel Bronze Bimetal by Cold Cladding (p 698)
Ezersky V.A., Kuznetsova N.V. Calculation and Design of External Walls Vapor Seal in Terms of Salt Influence (p 704)
Ledenev V.I., Antonov A.I., Zhdanov A.E. Statistical Energy Methods of Reflected Noise Fields Calculation in Halls (in English) (p 713)
Yartsev V.P. Influence of Tense Condition Type, Temperature and Liquid Media on the Limit of Long-Term Wood Resistance (p 718)

Engineering pedagogic

Puchkov N.P. Formation of System for Providing Quality of Professional Training in University (synopsis) (p 722)
Dvoretsky S.I., Muratova E.I. Preparing Students Studying Engineering for Innovative Design in the Process of Course and Diploma Projects (p 725)


Kurochkin I.M., Glaskov Yu.Ye., Milovanov A.V., Nikulshina N.L. Model of Distributing Liquid Preservatives in a Vegetable Mass (in English) (p 515)

Engineering pedagogic

Levin V.I. Condition and Trends of the Development of the Sphere of Intellectual Services and Programs in the Education Area (p 102)
I.A. Dyakov, I.L. Korobova Methods of electronic manuals development (p 315)
Minaev A.M., Tyalina L.N. To Formation of Engineering Attitude in Technical University (p 522)

Economics and social sciences

Parhomenko L.V. Methodological Problems of Developing Anti-Crisis Programs Intended to Increase Attractiveness of Depressed Regions (p 115)
Ledeneva O.V., Makeeva M.N. To the Interpretation of Culturological Approach in Teaching to Translate (p 120)
Bortnikova T.G. Specific Aspects of Ethnic Communities in the USA (in English) (p 126)
Bout N.A. Category Apparatus of Speech Act Theory in the Aspect of Actual Theories (p 130)
Kapitonov I.E., Kapitonov E.N. To the History of Development and Organization of Sorbic Acid Production in Tambov (p 136)
L.V. Parkhomenko Optimization of Financing Structure in Terms of Financial Resources Deficit (p 320)
N.G. Synyavsky To One of the Aims of the Analysis of Inertial Characteristics of Business in the Process of Non-Competitive Development (p 326)
N.Yu. Borodulina The Role of Metaphor in Economic Terms Representation (p 331)
M.I. Drobzhev Russian Philosophy about Humanity Unity (p 335)
Archipenkov S.M. Iterative Method of Matrix Inversion (p 532)
Epifantseva E.I. Development of Theoretical Concept of Control for Environmental Expenditures of Industrial Enterprises (p 538)
Ioda E.V. Analysis of Enterprise Assembled Risk (p 544)
Nikulshina N.L., Millrood R.P. English Language Course for ‘Hard Science’ Researchers: Design and Application (in English) (p 552)
Dvoretskaya E.V. Stylization of Dialect Speech as a Stylistic Device in Spanish Literature (p 567)
Safonova N.V. Theoretical Problems of National World Model Conceptualization (p 574)
Bredikhin V.E. Training of Fighting Reserves for Red Army in Special Young Komsomol Organizations in Tambov Region (1941-1943) (p 581)
Shcheglov I.T. Direct Investing on the Territory of Tambov Region (p 741)
Ioda E.V. Enterprise Risk Management (p 749)
Blokhin S.A. Tasks of Risk Management at Gas Industry Premises (p 757)
Dvukhzhilova I.V. Fire Preventing Work of Tambov Zemstvo (p 761)
Bortnikova T.G. Tambov Ethno-Cultural Organizations: Specific Features, Organizational Style and Development (in English) (p765)
Kartseva G.A., Groshev I.V.Life as Rhythmically Organized Movement in Space-Time Continuum (p 774)
Kharkevich L.A. Matters of Mobilization Preparation and Process in Modern Conditions (p 782)
Kapitonov E.N., Kapitonov I.E. Chemical Machine-building of Tambov Region during the Crisis of 90-s of the XX Century (p 786)
Kokorev A.S. Ghicherin: Law and Individual Freedom Standard-Bearer (p 794)
Nikulin V.V. Power and Higher School in the 1920s: the Problem of Relationships (Political and Legal Aspect) (p 804)

Our new professors, doctors and candidates of sciences

Konovalov V.I.,
Churikov A.A.,
Netchaev V.M.
p (170)
Alekseev S.Yu. p (343)
Afanasyev A.V. p (513)
Baklykov A.V. p (344)
Baranov A.A. p (174)
Betina Z.N. p (174)
Bogush V.A. p (175)
Borisenko A.B. p (344)
Bukin A.A. p (175)
Golovashin V.L. p (175)
Gunin V.A. p (175)
Dvoretsky M.Yu. p (711)
Dmitriev O.S. p (343)
Dudakov V.P. p (711)
Zharikov V.V. (p 175)
Zharikov V.D. p (511)
Zaitsev V.L. p (513)
Ivanov O.O. p (176)
Karnishev V.V. p (176)
Korobova I.L. p (712)
Korolev A.P. p (344)
Makeeva M.N. p (174)
Matveev S.V p (712)
Miroshnikova T.A. p (513)
Molibog T.A. p (153)
Molotkova N.V. p (176)
Pahomov A.N. p (176)
Pestretsov S.I. p (514)
Popov A.I. p (514)
Potapochkin V.V. p (344)
Selivanova Z.M. p (514)
Sergeeva E.A. p (177)
Slezin A.A. p (511)
Stepanyan V.P. p (345)
Sysoev E.V. p (345)
Filatyeva L.V. p (514)
Kharchenko V.Yu. p (712)
Khaustov O.N. p (515)
Khvorova L.Ye. p (711)
Tsilenko L.P. p (515)
Chemerchev L.N. p (177)
Churikov A.A. p (512)

Information. Announcements.

Puchkov N.P. TSTU Continues Collaboration in the Sphere of International Engineering Education (p 143)

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