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Automation. Information. Control. Instruments
Departments "Automated Systems and Devices" (1),
"Information Processes and Management" (2), TSTU

Key words and phrases: imitation modeling; diffusion coefficient of moisture; measurement error.
Abstract: Questions of imitation modeling of the measuring process of moisture diffusion coefficient in porosity materials are considered. The course of model reduction to dimensionless form lowering the measurement error under limited units digit in machine presentation of digits is shown. The comparison of ways of determining the moment of time conforming the moisture content extremum is made, and it is shown that minimum error corresponds time registration of coincidence of moisture content value with its primary value at the final stage of measurements. Methodology of determining diffusion coefficient is suggested.

Tambov Regional Center of New Information Technologies, TSTU

Key words and phrases: wireless technologies; fiber optics technologies; telecommunications.
Abstract: The analysis of creation, development and prospects of Tambov regional scientific educational network is given. Application of wireless and fiber optics technologies is considered. The project of future development of information network is analyzed.

Department "Design of Radio-Electronic and Microprocessor Systems" (1),
"Criminal Law and Legal Activity Informatization" (2), TSTU;
"Plain Bearing Manufacture" plc, Tambov (3)

Key words and phrases: bimetal; separation; heat conductivity of goods; thermophysical processes.
Abstract: Problems of bimetal separation influence on temperature field distribution are considered. Method of non-destructive control over bimetal separation is offered.

Department "Impulse Equipment and Electronic Devices",
Tambov Military Aircraft Engineering Institute

Key words and phrases: absolute error; measurement range; sensitivity coefficient; methods of determining materials properties; multi-factor measurements; thermophysical properties.
Abstract: Method of calculating sensitivity coefficient of identification of thermophysical properties of materials when solving reverse heat conductivity task on the basis of designing multi-factor conversion function is suggested. Analysis of number of impulse methods is given as an example.

Departments "Hydraulics and Thermal Engineering" (1)
"Theory of Machine Mechanisms and Machine Parts" (2),
"Designing of Radio-Electronic and Microprocessor Systems" (3), TSTU

Key words and phrases: crystal polymers; heat capacity; heat diffusivity; heat conductivity; mathematical mode; non-destructive control; polymer composite materials; regular thermal mode; relaxation transfers; temperature dependent thermal physical characteristics; solid-phase polymorpher transformations; thermal activity.
Abstract: Express method of thermophysical non-destructive control of time temperature characteristics of structural transformations (phase and relaxation) in polymer materials is developed. Multi-model method is based on analytical solutions of number of mathematical models of heat transfer process in the examined body for working areas of several thermograms, fixed simultaneously in the process of short-term experiment at the stages of heating and cooling. Application of suggested methods

Department Finance Academy under Government of RF

Key words and phrases: hypermedia; hypertext; hypertext media.
Abstract: Peculiarities and drawbacks of hypertext model lying in the basis of Internet information organization are considered. It is shown that at present Internet is developing under extensive way, gradually exhausting itself. Basic principles of extra structural semantic layers of hypertext providing absolutely new possibilities for its organization are offered. Such multi-layer model continues the development of hypertext model based on HTML language.

Department Voronezh State Medical Academy (1);
Voronezh State Technological Academy (2);
Scientific Center of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology, RAMS, Moscow (3)

Key words and phrases: automated diagnostics; probability of correct diagnostics; integral and differential approach; cluster analysis; threshold values.
Abstract: Existing methods of automated medical diagnostics are considered. The approach allowing to determine symptoms the most relevant for disease diagnostics is developed. Integral and differential ways of diagnostics by quality and quantity characteristics on the basis of minor statistics are suggested.

Chemical and related engineering. Chemistry

Department "Chemical Engineering", TSTU

Key words and phrases: emulsions; calculation of drying; classification of dried materials; colloid solutions; convective circulating drying; compound dispersions; drying on inert particles; fluid suspensions; mechanism of drying; molecular solutions; rheologycal pastes; temperature-moisture relationships; temperature plateau; unified approach.
Abstract: Methodology of experimental investigations, analysis, choice, computations and design of drying equipment for dispersions and crystal forming solutions are elaborated. It is based on the unified approach and developed of the department of Chemical engineering of TSTU. Results of mechanism and kinetics of drying on the base of temperature-moisture relationships are described. Classification of dried materials of comparable diffusion and thermal resistance is given. All this enables to increase essentially the cognitive value and practical reliability of results of design-research works.

Department “Technological Equipment and Progressive Technologies”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: granular medium; shear deformation; quasi-diffusion mixing.
Abstract: The shear cell with tape conveyor is offered and the procedure of examination of particles interaction effects under shear deformation in granular medium is developed. It is found out that in the space between rough surfaces of the canal in a cell quite extensive range of bidimensional shear stream is observed. The effects of mixing and conventional movement of particles in granular medium are described with the help of convective mass transfer equation.

Department "Polymer Engineering", TSTU

Key words and phrases: gel layer; ion diffusion; latex stream coagulation; latex stream radius; rubber thread; thread tension.
Abstract: The problem of forming rubber thread from latex is considered

Department “Automated Systems and Devices”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: heat transfer; hot pressing; integral characteristics; transfer coefficients; particle boardsmass transfer; solidification.
Abstract: The mathematical model of the process of particle boards hot pressing which of moisture diffusion and the curing process of thermosetting bonding agent filled with the underpressed shaving is developed. The algorithm of numerical solution of the stated problem is given. Questions of determining thermal conductivity coefficient, diffusion coefficient and kinetics coefficients based on the solution of reverse problems of thermal conductivity, diffusion, chemical kinetics which use experimental information about changes in the temperature and moisture fields in the course of specially organized thermophysical experiment are examined. The constructed mathematical model makes it possible to solve optimization problems regarding the regime parameters of the process of hot pressing of particle board production.

All-Russian Scientific Research and Technology Designing Institute of Equipment and Oil Products Application in Agriculture, Tambov

Key words and phrases: boiling layer; husks; pneumatic spreader; burning process; air consumption; vegetation waste; furnace; energetic usage.
Abstract: Necessity of conducting research of vegetation waste usage as fuel is motivated. Peculiarities of buckwheat husks burning possessing low spreading density and high flying, kinetics of husks feeding using pneumatic spreader are given. The results of investigating husks burning modes in the furnace with boiling water and dependence of pneumatic spreader output on air consumption required for normal burning process are revealed. Regression equation setting the dependence of husks irregularity coefficient on the location height, feeder bend angle and air motion velocity on its output is given.

Department "Flexible Automated Production Systems", TSTU

Key words and phrases: automated selection; expertise systems; pipe-line fixtures.
Abstract: Questions of automated selection of fixtures when designing pipe-line networks are considered. Task setting, solving algorithm and program medium for its implementation are given.

FSUE "TambovNICHI" (1);
Department "Technological Equipment and Progressive Technologies", TSTU (2)

Key words and phrases: hydrogen peroxide; potassium hydroxide; potassium superoxide; process stabilizer; spray-type reactor; regenerative product; solution stability.
Abstract: The paper is dedicated to the selection of stabilizer of the process of potassium hydroxide KOH and hydrogen peroxide H2O2 interaction, which does not affect the following disproportionation of intermidiate product potassium peroxide peroxolvate K2O2..2H2O2 and basic consumer characteristics of its final product – potassium superoxide KO2. Magnesium sulphate was considered the best stabilizer. Its optimum concentration in the solution is determined experimentally.

Mathematics. Physics

Department of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, TSTU

Key words and phrases: Banach space; generator; semi-group; strong degeneration; solution; unbounded linear operator; weak degeneration.
Abstract: Cauchy problem for singular differential equation of the first order with weakly degenerated coefficients in Banach space is analyzed.

Department of Physics, TSTU

Key words and phrases: analytical signal; dry sample remainder; electro-thermal atomizer; heating velocity.
Abstract: Experimental research of factors influencing the process of liquid sample drying in order to obtain homogeneous, compactly positioned on the surface electro-thermal atomizer of dry sample remainder for obtaining maximum analytical signal is carried out.

Machine-building. Building-construction. Material science. Metal-working

Department “Construction of Buildings and Structures”, TSTU
Represented by a Member of the Editorial Board Professor Yu.V. Vorobyev

Key words and phrases: basalt; bearing capacity; design strength of reinforcement to tension; elastic modulus of steel; endurance; fabric of lateral reinforcing; glass-fiber-reinforced plastic; modulus of sand fineness; relative deformation; stability; steel; synthetic fibers; ultimate strength of concrete.
Abstract: Experimental examination of influence of steel fibers and fabrics of lateral reinforcing on character of fracture and deforming of concrete at a uniform axial compression of models is carried out. It is shown, that the application of fibers results in inappreciable increase of strength of concrete, and lateral reinforcing on the contrary raises essentially. It is necessary to note, that the introduction of fibers and fabrics in concrete results in essential increase of values of relative deformations correspondent to maximal strength of concrete. It also considerably increments limiting values of relative deformations, that is especially important for operation of statically indefinable constructions.

Department "Architecture and Construction", TSTU (1);
Public office "Direction of Single Custom"(2);
"Business Studies" at Greenwich University (3)
Represented by a Member of the Editorial Board Professor V.I. Konovalov

Key words and phrases: development of new types of enclosures; energy conservation; improving architectural concepts and space-planning decisions; increase in efficiency of heating; ventilation and air-conditioning systems; optimal use of natural light; new development; reconstruction and complete overhaul.
Abstract: The paper considers the main areas of energy resources conservation. The classification of possible ways of reducing energy consumption used both for servicing and renovating of buildings is completed.

Departments "Fundamentals of Construction and Construction Physics", Belostock Polytechnic Institution (Poland) (1), "Architecture and Buildings Construction", TSTU (2)

Key words and phrases: cellular silicate; combined structure; crystalline hydrate; heat conductivity coefficient; hygroscopic salts; interpenetrating materials; intrapore substance; structure with embedment.
Abstract: Heat conductivity coefficient of cellular silicate, containing moisture and salts is investigated with the help of mathematics modeling method. Basic mechanisms of influence of physical chemical properties of salts on heat conductivity coefficient are found out.

Department "Construction of Buildings and Structures", TSTU

Key words and phrases: bitumen; durability; mechanical characteristics; production waste.
Abstract: Regularities of bitumen destruction in a wide range of load and temperature from the view of kinetics concept of durability are found out. The influence of asbestos friction waste on the fire-resistance and basic maintenance parameters of its working capability (strength and durability) is shown.

Department «Mechanical Engineering, Metal-Cutting Machine Tools and Instruments», TSTU

Key words and phrases: hydraulic links; hydraulic step drive; hydraulic step engine; inner kinematics chain.
Abstract: Possibility of using hydraulic links on the basis of step drive in inner (mould-forming) chains of metal cutting machines in order to reduce the length of kinematics chains, increase the accuracy, reduce the metal intensivity and create rational structure is considered.

Engineering pedagogic

Department "Systems of Computer-Aided Design", TSTU
Represented by a Member of the Editorial Board Professor N.P. Puchkov

Key words and phrases: editor of lessons; multimedia; manuals; remote education.
Abstract: The structure of multimedia electronic manuals for the purposes of remote education is considered. Forms of information presentation are analyzed. Examples of editor and development algorithms of electronic manuals are given.

Economics and social sciences

Department “Accounting and Audit”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: Department “Accounting and Audit”, TSTU
Abstract: Methodology of investment structure optimization in conditions of financial resources deficit taking into account loan capital and personal savings is considered.

OAO “Zalazninskles”, Kirov region

Key words and phrases: business cost; development impulse; inertial characteristics of business; non-competitive development.
Abstract: Analytical construction of the dependence of business costs on basic parameters of micro-economic system based on the analysis of balanced development of microeconomic system in terms of lack of competition is considered. The obtained results allow carrying out a qualified analysis of microeconomic systems properties and formulate some recommendations for creating strategies of new products development.

Department of Foreign Languages, TSTU

Key words and phrases: cognitive metaphor; norms and stereotypes; described events assessment; representation; economic notion.
Abstract: Cognitive metaphor as effective way of language representation of economic notions as well as possibility of expressing relations to events taking place in the economic life of society with its images, norms and stereotypes storing in human being’s memory are considered.

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