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Transactions of the TSTU

Four-Language Scientific-Theoretical and Applied Multidisciplinary Journal

(by the main topics; in the authors alphabet)

Automation. Information.Control. Instruments
Departments: Hydraulics and Heat Engineering” (1), “Theory of Machine Mechanisms and Machine Parts” (2), TSTU

Key words and phrases: impulse heat influence; linear heat source; mathematical modeling; metrological analysis; measurement error; materials thermal physical characteristics; heat conduction; thermal diffusivity.
Abstract: Results of evaluation of systematic components of measurement errors of materials thermal physical characteristics under impulse heat influence from linear source are given. The influence of final measures of heater and its heat capacity on the measurement error of materials thermal physical characteristics is considered.

Tambov Military of Aeronautical Engineering Institute
Represented by Member of Editorial Board Professor Yu.L. Muromtsev

Key words and phrases: algorithm; control systems; control object.
Abstract: The ways of perfection of the system of radio-communication means checks are examined. The automation system of radio-communication means check and the algorithm of check of technical state controlling object by means of that system are offered.

Department “Designing of Radio-Electronic and Microprocessor Systems”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: iterative algorithm; likelyhood; optimum variant; posterior probability.
Abstract: Problems connected with realization of alternative projects expertise, using the Bayes approach are considered. Algorithm of choosing reasonable decision which can be used in remote access mode, i.e. non-simultaneous experts information accession is suggested.

Department “Automated Systems and Devices”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: loose materials; pneumatic method; pulse gas feeding; specific volume.
Abstract: Pneumatic method of specific volume control possessing high accuracy is suggested. Due to pulse gas feeding in measuring capacitance the influence of non-controlled quantities (gas temperature and input throttle conductivity) on the result of measurement is eliminated. The description of design and the device working principle, realizing the developed method is considered. The results of theoretical and experimental research are given.

Analytical Center of Economic Development (1), Department “Automated Systems and Devices” (2), Tambov Regional Center of New Information Technologies (3), TSTU

Key words and phrases: information system architecture; imitation modeling; the system of decision-making support.
Abstract: Problems of creating corporate information analytical system of decision-making support on the example of products distribution of chemical petroleum complexes are considered.

Department “Design of Radioelectronic and Microprocessor Systems”, TSTU (1); 13th State Scientific-research Institute Ministry of Defence, Moscow (2)
Represented by Member of Editorial Board Professor Yu.L. Muromtsev

Key words and phrases: electronic module; module radioelectronic system; entropy of module system; modules typesize; compatibility of modules; module unification.
Abstract: Among the radioelectronic means projecting modules are more and more widely used. On the basis of formalized introductions of module systems the entropy principle of the module projecting is examined in the paper. Its application reduces the time requires for its development, regulation, modernization and restoration of the radio-electronic means.

Chemical and related engineering. Chemistry

Department «Flexible Automated Production Systems», TSTU (1); OAO «Tambov Zavod «Komsomolets» after N.S. Artiomov», (2); Department «Design of Machines and Apparatuses», TSTU (3)

Key words and phrases: analytical decision; bar; margin conditions of the 3rd kind; heat transfer problem.
Abstract: Analytical decision of heat transfer task in the bar under non-similar conditions of the 3rd type on all four surfaces is obtained. The task is suggested to be used to calculate cooling and heating in bimetal apparatuses with canals in the walls.

Department “Information Processes and Control”, TSTU (1); FGUP “Tambov Research Chemical Institute” (2)

Key words and phrases: adsorption separation; non-heating short-cycle adsorption; gas mixtures.
Abstract: Mathematical model of the adsorption separation process of multi-component gas mixture using the method of short-cycle adsorption without heating is developed. The obtained model allows calculating multi-adsorbent sets with complex geometry of adsorbers.

Department «Systems of Automated Designing», TSTU

Key words and phrases: electroplating; corrosion resistance; oxide film; aluminum color anodizing.
Abstract: The effect of painting absence of electrode of bigger area under color anodizing of aluminum items of different size using symmetrical alternating current is found out experimentally. Technological characteristics (electrolyte temperature and painting component concentration – copper vitriol) revealing this effect are discovered. The methodology of testing capability of simultaneous color anodizing of different size items is suggested.

Department “Polymer Engineering”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: asphaltic concrete coating; road construction; polymer bitumen binder; rubber bitumen binder; rubber powder; bitumen modification.
Abstract: Analysis of oil road bitumen applied in road construction is given; technology of bitumen modification by means of rubber powder obtained under utilization of worn automobile tyres is also developed.

All-Russian Scientific Research and Technology Designing Institute of Equipment and Oil Products Application in Agriculture, Tambov

Key words and phrases: boiling layer; husks; pneumatic spreader; burning process; air consumption; vegetation waste; furnace; energetic usage.
Abstract: Necessity of conducting research of vegetation waste usage as fuel is motivated. Peculiarities of buckwheat husks burning possessing low spreading density and high flying, kinetics of husks feeding using pneumatic spreader are given. The results of investigating husks burning modes in the furnace with boiling water and dependence of pneumatic spreader output on air consumption required for normal burning process are revealed. Regression equation setting the dependence of husks irregularity coefficient on the location height, feeder bend angle and air motion velocity on its output is given.

Mathematics. Physics

Department of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, TSTU

Key words and phrases: Banach space; general solution; homogeneous equation; characteristic operator equation; Vandermonde operator determinant; operator-vector Cramer’s rule; Cauchy problem.
Abstract: Formula for general solution of the linear differential equation of the norder in Banach space is obtained.

Department «Materials and Technology», TSTU

Key words and phrases: activation energy; chalkohens; infra-red radiation; mechanism of conduction; photo-sensitivity.
Abstract: Conduction mechanism of semi-conductor alloy Cd1-xSnxS is studied. The influence of alloy component concentration on the activation energy of semi-conductor and spectrum distribution of photosensitivity is investigated. Mathematical model describing the influence of detector parameters and the length of infra-red radiation length on the photoelectric current change is chosen. Adequacy of model to electro-physical processes, taking place in the detector under the infra-red radiation processing is tested, metrological characteristic of measurement results is given.

Machine-building. Building-construction. Material science. Metal-working

Department “Constructions of buildings and structures”, TSTU
Represented by a member of Editorial Board Professor V.I. Konovalov

Key words and phrases: chip boards; density; lab and full-scale tests; longevity; temperature.
Abstract: Influence of temperature fluctuations on the longevity of chipboards has been studied. The correction value that allows going from laboratory tests (at constant temperatures) to full-scale tests (at temperature fluctuations) has been determined. This correction allows predicting the strength and longevity of chipboards at temperature fluctuations.

Department “Construction of Buildings and Structures”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: carrier capability; fibrous concrete; material strength; optimum constructive decision; reinforced concrete cylinder foundation.
Abstract: Results of experiments with reinforced concrete and concrete cylinder foundations models in various structures and loading schemes are discussed. Empirical dependence of limited loads on displacement is obtained.

Engineering pedagogic

Penza Technological Institute

Key words and phrases: intellectual services and programes; education management; university business.
Abstract: Analytical review of conditions and trends in the development of intellectual services and programs in the sphere of education, education management and university business is given. About 350 Russian and foreign information sources are analyzed. The most popular programs and sevices are highlighted.

Economics and social sciences

Department “Accounting and Audit”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: anticrisis management; regional economy.
Abstract: Basic problems connected with the development of anticrisis programs, allowing to increase investment attractiveness of depressed regions are considered. The methodology of developing anticrisis programs is given.

Department of Foreign Languages, TSTU

Key words and phrases: biculturalism; bilingualism; language personality.
Abstract: Interdependence of language, culture and translation, determined by language personality of interpreter is analyzed. The objective of teaching translation under culturological approach is considered.

Department of Foreign Languages, TSTU
Represented by Member of Editorial Board Professor V.I. Konovalov

Key words and phrases: cohorts organization; discrimination; district; ethnic communities; immigration; membership; problems of adaptation; race; stratification factors; support groups.
Abstract: The paper deals with problems of local ethnic communities’ activity in the USA. The main question is the adaptation of immigrants into society and involvement of ethnic minorities into local organizations in conformity with stratification factors.

Department “Design of Machines and Apparauses”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: illocutive act; illocutive force; intention; locutive act; perlocutive act; proposition; speech act.
Abstract: The concept of speech act is considered in the paper. Oppositions, components and elements of locution, illocution and perlocution as a three-level speech act scheme and correlated to them notions of intention and propositional meaning are analyzed. The notion of “performative” as a specific kind of speech act is revealed.

Department “Design of Machines and Apparatuses”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: history of chemical technology; preservatives; sorbic acid.
Abstract: The history of sorbic acid production in Tambov on the plant “Pigment” beginning with the development of this production up to its laying-up in 1992 is shown.

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