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Automation. Information.Control. Instruments

Mishchenko S.V., Pershina S.V., Shershukova A.I. Determination of Physical-Mechanical and Technological Properties of Carbon Nanomaterials. Present-Day State, Problems and Prospects (Synopsis of Preprint No. 23) (p 6)
Bityukov V.K., Korchagin M.V., Tikhomirov S.G., Korchagin V.I. Decision Making Support System in Management of the Process of Consolidated Utilization of Industrial Waste of Synthetic Rubber (p 9)
Akhmad Kh.M. Decision-Making Mathematical Models for Tasks of Speakerĺs Recognition (p 19)
Egorov S.A., Pershin V.F., Podolsky V.E. Prospects of Using Optical Transfer Sensors for Continuous Dosing of Grain Materials (p 32)
Belyaev M.P., Belyaev V.P. Non-Destructive Express Control over Coefficient of Diffusion of Polar Solvents in Thin Items (p 41)
Zayanov ┼.R., Giniyatullin A.A., Gorbatov V.I., Starostin A.A., Korshunov I.G., Shangin V.V. Equipment for Measuring ThermalDiffusivity in Sub-Second Heating Mode (p 48)
Uimin A.A., Nizamutdinov D.F., Starostin A.A. Automated Laser Device for Identification of Local Thermo-Physical Properties of Heterogeneous Materials (p 54)
Volosnikov D.V., Skripov P.V. Impulse Thermo-Physical Control over Accidental Mixing of Liquid Media (p 61)
Chernyshov V.N., Sysoev E.V., Chernyshov A.V. Method of Non-Destructive Control over Thermo-Physical Properties of Multi-Layer Construction Items (p 67)
Dmitriev O.S., Mishchenko S.V., Dmitriev A.O., Kasatonov I.S., Dmitriev S.O. Integrated Computer Aided Measurement for Research into Properties and Calculation of Curing Cycles of Polymer Composites (p 230)
Muromtsev D.Yu., Muromtsev Yu.L. Analysis and Synthesis of Radio Systems on a Set of Functioning States (p 241)
Chernyshov V.N., Sysoev E.V., Chernyshov A.V. Method of Noncontact Nondestructive Control over Thermo-Physical Properties of Solid Materials and Items (p 252)
Pogonin V.A., Eryshov A.E., Muromtseva I.Ya. Information Control System of One Class of Multi-Dimensional Objects (p 260)
Plotnikov P.V., Lantsov V.N. Computer-Aided Design of Complex Digital Filtering Systems in Field Programmable Gate Array (p 264)
Dzhogan V.K., Dumachev V.N., Zdolnik V.V. Stochastic Model of Calculation of Efficiency Index for Data Security Systems (p 271)
Levochkin Yu.I., Afanasyev A.S. Designing of Stochastic Model of Estimation of Parameters of Radio Network Protocols for Multifunctional Integrated System of Communication, Navigation and Detection (p 277)
Vertogradsky V.A. Effective Methods of Research into Thermo-Physical Properties of Materials (p 282)
Milomaeva O.I., Khvorov A.A., Pasechnikov I.I. Analysis of Random Multiple Access Algorithms through Manipulation of Interacting Flows Characteristics (p 288)
Kovalev E.N., Divin A.G., Ponomarev S.V., Churikov A.A. Designing of Device for Implementation of Set of Measuring Techniques of Thermo-Physical Properties (p 293)
Dmitriev S.A., Fedyunin P.A., Kazmin A.I. Nondestructive Microwave Control over Moisture in Capillary Porous Materials (p 299)
Vasilyev A.S., Matveikin V.G. Modification of Genetic Algorithm for the Solution to the Problem of Calendar Planning with Limited Resources (p 310)
Mainikova N.F., Zhukov N.P., Balashov A.A., Borodavkin D.G. Simulated Research into Heat Transfer in the Method of Nondestructive Control over Structural Transformations of Polymers (p 315)
Dzyuba S.M., Podolsky V.E., Pisetsky A.F., Sergeev V.I. Creation of Highly Efficient Informational Training Scientific Manufacturing Complex in Tambov State Technical University (p 454)
Pogonin V.A., Leonov A.N. Designing of Integrated Systems of Control over Distribution Networks (p 468)
Chernyshova T.I., Nistratov M.I. Estimation of Metrological Resource of Devices for Thermo-Physical Measurements with Regard for Environmental Influence (p 473)
Tyavkin I.V., Tyutyunnik V.M. Mathematical Model of Information Search and Estimation of Search System Efficiency (p 478)
Kuzminov A.V. The Technique of Direct Action in Automated Stock Control (p 482)
Mainikova N.F., Zhukov N.P., Rogov I.V., Nikulin S.S., Borodavkin D.G. Modeling of Heat Transfer in Polymer Material under Phase Transition (p 490)
Mishchenko S.V., Mishchenko E.S., Ponomarev S.V. Implementation of the Processes of Quality Management System in Educational Institution (p 741)
Dvoretsky D.S., Dvoretsky S.I. Methodology of Integrated Synthesis of Energy and Resource Saving CTS (p 755)
Muromtsev D.Yu., Muromtsev Yu.L., Shalamova L.V. Energy Saving Planning of Equipment Loading (p 773)
Malygin E.N., Karpushkin S.V. Methodology of Computer-Aided Designing of Technical Systems with Changeable Range of Products (p 778)
Nemtinov V.A. Information Technologies for Decision-Making in Maintenance of Ecological Safety of Industrial Enterprises (p 789)

Chemical and related engineering. Chemistry

Dvoretsky D.S., Dvoretsky S.I., Ostrovsky G.M., Peshkova E.V. Optimization and Technological Implementation of Continuous Processes of Thin Organic Synthesis in Manufacturing of Organic Semi-Products and Pigments (p 75)
Putin S.B., Gudkov S.V., Tugolukov E.N., Kozlova N.P., Alekseev S.Yu., Khromov A.Yu. Experimental Research into Process of Air Regeneration in Regenerative Canister of Insulating Respirator (p 90)
Baronin G.S., Stolin A.╠., Olkhov Yu.└., Pugachev D.V., Zavrazhin D.╬., Kobzev D.┼., Loseva └.S. Đomparative Analysis of Molecular-Topological Structure of └BS-Copolymer under Liquid-Phase and Solid-Phase Extrusions (in English) (p 97)
Kilimnik A.B., Yarmolenko V.V. Effect of Potassium Chloride Concentration on Reactive Components of Conductimetric Cell Impedance (p 111)
Ved O.V., Abakumova N.A., Antipova M.L., Petrenko V.E. Average Life Cycle of Hydrogen Links in Water and Methanol Based on Computer Simulation (p 118)
Vigdorovich V.I., Sinyutina S.E. Universal Inhibitor of Corrosion and Hydrogenization of Carbon Steel St3 in H2S and CO2 Containing Media (p 128)
Zarapina I.V. Effect of Anodic Polarization of Steel Membrane on Solid Phase Hydrogen Diffusion in Ethylene Glycol Solutions of HCl (p 140)
Dolgunin V.N., Ivanov O.O., Ukolov A.A. Processing of Nonuniform Granular Materials in Operation Segregated Flows (in English) (p 321)
Blinov S.V., Tkachev A.G., Rukov A.V. Research into Kinetics of the Process of Carbon Nanostructural Material Synthesis (p 328)
Balabanov P.V., Ponomarev S.V., Trofimov A.V. Mathematical Modeling of Heat Transfer During of Chemosorption (p 334)
Nikolyukin N.B., Pershin V.F., Tkachev A.G. Application of Granulation for Production of the Required Structure of Catalyst of Carbon Nano-Materials Synthesis (p 342)
Belyaev P.S., Zabavnikov M.V., Malikov O.G. About the Problem of Using Worn-Out Car Tyres for Production of Rubber Bitumen Concentrate for Asphalt Coat (p 346)
Tsygankova L.E., Fomenkov O.A., Komarova O.V., Abybaker Saqqaf Omer. Protective Properties of Some Inhibitors Against Hydrogen Sulfide and Carbonic Acid Steel Corrosion (p 353)
Gladyshev N.F., Gladysheva T.V., Dvoretsky S.I., Tarov V.P., Kholodilin N.Yu. Modeling of Kinetics of the Process of Regenerative Product Interaction on Matrix with Carbon Dioxide (p 495)
Balabanov P.V., Krimshtein A.A., Ponomarev S.V. Research into Kinetics of Adsorption of Carbon Dioxide and Water by Regenerative Substances through Determination of Capacity of Internal Heat Sources (p 503)
Voyakina N.V., Leontyeva A.I., Konovalov V.I. Research into Crystallization Kinetics of Belophor OB Complicated by Chemical Reaction (p 513)
Vigdorovich V.I., Tsygancova L.E., Shel N.V., Tanygin A.Yu. Anticorrosive Compositions Based on the Inhibited Commercial and Waste Petroleum and Rape Oil. Scientific Fundamentals and Engineering Practice (p 517)
Konovalov V.I., Gatapova N.T. General Ways of Energy-Saving and Optimization in Heat and Mass Transfer Processes and Equipment (p 796)
Kudra T., Ratti C. Process and Energy Optimization in Drying of Foamed Materials (in English) (p 812)
Mishchenko S.V., Rukhov A.V., Tkachev A.G., Tugolukov E.N. Specific Features of Synthesis of Carbon Nano-Materials in the Unit with Inductive Heating of Catalyst (p 820)
Utrobin N.P., Leontyeva A.I. Nano-Structural Materials as Catalysts and Initiators of Organic Synthesis (p 825)
Dvoretsky S.I., Dolgunin V.N., Zyuzina O.V., Muratova E.I. Equipment and Technologies Advancement for Food and Chemical Industries: System Approach (p 844)
Promtov M.A. Prospects of Cavitation Technologies Application for Intensification of Chemical Technological Processes (p 861)
Klinkov A.S., Sokolov M.V., Polushkin D.L., Shashkov I.V., Belyaev P.S., Tulyakov D.V. Application of Integral Criteria of Quality in Processing of Polymer Materials by Rolling-Screw Method (p 870)
Litovka Yu.V., Kirichenko G.A., Popova M.A., Popov A.S. CAD for Galvanic Processes (p 882)
Frolov S.V., Makoveev S.N., Gazizova D.Sh., Lishchuk V.A. Model of Cardiovascular System Oriented at Present-Day Intensive Therapy (p 892)
Kilimnik A.B. Electro-Chemical Processes in Direct and Alternating Current (p 903)
Shel N.V., Zarapina I.V., Kopylova E.Yu., Vigdorovich V.I. The Role of the Nature and Content of Solvent in Kinetics of Partial Electrode Reactions (p 917)

Energy-Saving Technologies for Drying and Hygro-Thermal Processing

VKonovalov V.I., Kudra T., Gatapova N.Z. Recent Foreign Researches on Drying and Hygrothermal Processing: Status and Trends (1. Bibliography. 3. Software) (p 530)
VKonovalov V.I., Kudra T., Gatapova N.Z. Modern Issues of Transfer Theory in Drying (p 538)
VKonovalov V.I., Kudra T., Pakhomov A.N., Orlov A.Yu. Present-Day Analytical Approaches to Energy-Saving. Integrated Approach. Pinch Analysis. Onion Model (p 560)
Konovalov V.I., Kudra T., Koliukh A.N., Romanova E.V. Modern Equipment for Combined Conductive Convective Drying and Thermal Processing (p 579)
Dvoretsky S.I. Modern Methods of Synthesis of Energy- and Resource-Saving Processes and Apparatuses (p 584)
Romanova E.V., Orlov A.Yu. Possibilities of Using Heat Pumps in Drying Process (p 591)
Akulinin E.I., Ermakov A.A., Dvoretsky D.S., Simanenkov S.I. Present-day Trends for Reduction in Energy Expenses of Oxygen Production Units of Short-Cycle Heatless Adsorption (p 597)
Eryshov A.E. Procedure Analytical Model in the System of Control over Drying Process (p 602)
Krasovitsky Yu.V., Vazhinsky R.A., Romanyuk E.V., Lobacheva N.N., Arkhangelskaya E.V. Exergic Analysis and Choice of Energy-Saving Parameters of Impulse Regeneration of Filters Accumulating Dust from Drying Agent (p 605)
Krasovitsky Yu.V., Romanyuk E.V., Vazhinsky R.A., Lobacheva N.N. New Design Solutions to Grain Filters and Prospects of their Application for Heat Drying in Chemical and Food Technology (p 608)
Efimov A.E. Optical Physical Modeling of Energy and Mass Transfer on the Surfaces of Different Shape (p 615)
Zakharov A.N., Vasilevsky O.M., Bazarov A.A. Research into the Process and Designing of the Apparatus for Thermal Processing of Sausages in Liquid Energy Flow Using Vibration (p 618)
Krasnykh V.Yu., Nagornov S.A., Korolev V.N. Intensification of External Heat Transfer of Bodies Partly Plunged into Fluidized Bed with Heterogeneous Streams and Expenditure of Energy Used in the Process (p 620)
Kuvshinova A.S., Lipin A.G., Kirillov D.V. Results of the Research into Thermo-Hydro Processing of Disperse Materials in the Course of Capsule Production (p 625)
Kunichan V.A., Pavlov I.N., Sidorov D.V., Chashchilov D.V. Technology of Cep Drying in Small-Size Drier (p 628)
Pavlov I.N., Kunichan V.A., Kosmina I.V. Technology of Thermo-Hydro Grinding when Drying Non-Rigid Mass in Blade Mixer (p 630)
Chaikin O.M., Tsygankov M.P., Tahhan D. Control over the Process of Drying Engineering Carbon Granules with Direct-and-Counter Flow of Heat-Transfer Material (p 632)
Cherhyshev S.V. Research into Endoisothermal Drying of Tomatoes (p 636)
Shapar O.A., Ryabtsev G.L. Membrane Distillation instead of Evaporation for Concentration of Fruit Juices (in English) (p 638)
Zhukova T.A., Altukhov A.V. Ways of Intensification of Drum-Type Driers (p 640)
Ezersky V.A., Elchishcheva T.F. Analysis of Salt Effect on Thermal Diffusivity of Some Wallings (p 645)
Kirillov D.V., Lipin A.G., Kuvshinova A.S. Mathematical Model of Drying Process of Polymer Gel Containing Water Solution of Nonorganic Salt (p 652)
Kuvik T.E. Thermo-Gravimetric Research into Moisture Evaporation inside Wood without the Effect of Mass Transfer of Liquid (p 655)
Pechenegov Yu.Ya., Denisov V.A. The Effect of Nonisothermality of Dropping Liquid Flow on the Hydraulic Resistance in Pipe Laminar Flow (p 657)
Stelmakh L.S., Shepelev V.V., Stolin A.M., Dvoretsky D.S. Nonisothermal Method of Strength Estimation of Mould on the Basis of Mathematical Model of Heat Modes of SPS-Moulding (p 660)
Muratova E.I., Artamonova E.V. Research into the Effect of Tempering Modes on Rheological Properties of Honey (p 664)
Muratova E.I., Smolikhina P.I., Leonov D.V. Determination of Temperature Modes in Production of New Types of Sweets (p 667)

Mathematics. Physics.

Fomin V.I. About Case of Special Right Part of Linear Differential Equation by n-multiplicity in Banach Space (p 148)
Ozarenko A.V., Brusentsov Yu.A., Korolev A.P. Peculiarities of Tensoresistive Effect in Metal ľ Dielectric ľ Semiconductor Structures under Static and Non-Uniform Deformation (p 158)
Ivanov V.M., Vinokurov E.B., Pechagin E.A, Potapochkina M.I., Lanovaya A.V. Mathematical Model of Electronic Optical Moire Pattern of Magnetic Field on Electronic Equipment Element Defects (in English) (p 364)
Brusentsov Yu.A., Minaev A.M., Pruchkin V.A. Problems of Forming Nano-Sized Emission Layers on Cold Cathode of Gas Discharge Laser (p 369)
Bystritsky V.S., Mishchenko S.V., Polikarpov V.M., Golovin Yu.M. Peculiarities of Identification of Non-Crystal Micro- and Nano-Structures in Polymers (p 670)
Fedorov V.A., Yakovlev A.V., Kapustin A.N. The Effect of Laser Emission and Heating on the Evolution of Mechanical Properties of Amorphous Metal Alloys (p 681)
Kulikov G.M., Plotnikova S.V. Hybrid Solid-Plate Quadrilaterals. An Assessment and New Developments (in English) (p 928)
Afanasyev A.P., Dzyuba S.M., Repina Yu.E. About Generally Periodical Solutions to Differential Equations of ĐaratheodoryĹs Type (p 939)
Puchkov N.P., Bulgakov A.I., Grigorenko A.A., Korobko A.I., Korchagina E.V., Machina A.N., Filippova O.V., Shlykova I.V. About Some Tasks of Functional Differential Inclusions (p 947)

Machine-building. Building-construction. Material science. Metal-working

Petrov G.A. System of Control over Wind-Driven Electric Plant of Vibratory Type (p 164)
Penshin N.V. Marketing and Evaluation of Quality in the Car Service Market (p 171)
Penshin N.V. Business Plan and Effectiveness of Using Road Car Service Enterprises (p 375)
Yartsev V.P., Kiseleva O.A., Suzyumov A.V. Forecasting of Strength, Deformation Ability and Durability of Construction Veneer (p 976)
Ledenev V.V. Improvement of Reliability and Durability of Buildings and Structures (p 983)


Kapustin V.P., Biryukova E.V. Sprayer Units Improvement (p 384)

Engineering Pedagogics

Miguel A. Garay Garcell, Liz Y. Martinez Delgado, Leydier Arguelles Torres, Ariel Castellanos Isaac. Identifying and Solving Optimization Problems on Internet (in English) (p 392)
Yukhanov G.V., Gordeev T.Yu. Economics-Oriented Role Plays (p 405)
Miguel A. Garay Garcell, Liz Y. Martinez Delgado, Leydier Arguelles Torres, Ariel Castellanos Isaac. Identifying Optimization Problems by Means of Clustering and Knowledge Based Systems in Internet (in English) (p 689)
Puchkov N.P., Popov A.I. About the Designing of University Education Environment Oriented at Development of Graduatesĺ Creative Competence (p 988)
Miguel A. Garay Garcell, Liz Y. Martinez Delgado, Leydier Arguelles Torres, Ariel Castellanos Isaac. Conception, Design and Developing an Intelligent Editor for Model-Building Process (in English) (p 1002)

Economics and social sciences

Zharikov V.V., Ďeplyakova M.S., Istomin M.A., Kuznetsov D.O. Research into Interrelationships between Life Cycle of Products (Services) and Sales Opportunities (p 183)
Zanin T.V. About Legal Essence of Payment by Debit Cards (p 189)
Ponomarev S.V., Sokolova L.I., Grigoryev S.S. To the Question of Assessment of Tendencies to Changes in Indexes Characterizing the Level of Performance in the Processes of Quality Control System (p 195)
Bityukova V.V., Khvostov A.A., Rebrikov D.I. Application of Universal Assemblage of Pirson Distribution Criterion for Modeling the Working Schedule of Medical Centers (p 202)
Badretdinov Z.A., Badretdinov V.Z. Power and Human Existence (p 209)
Veretko E.N. Deviated Behavior as the Subject of Psychological and Pedagogical Research (p 217)
Kapitonov E.N., Kapitonov I.E. Science in Germany under the Nazis.(p 409)
Levin V.I. Mathematical Problem of Detection and Measurement of Corruption. Corrumetry (p 416)
Bykovskaya E.V., Ivanova A.V., Pogonina N.V. Application of Cognitive Modeling in Company Management (p 437)
Levin V.I. C.E. Shannon and Modern Science (p 703)
Pirozhkova I.G. Construction Law of Russia on the Eve of Peterĺs Reforms (p 726)
Slezin └.└. Tambov Komsomol: the First Steps (p 1012)
Popova I.M., Lyubeznaya E.V. Phenomenon of Present-Day Women Prose (p 1020)

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