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Automation. Information. Control. Instruments

Creation of Highly Efficient Informational Training Scientific Manufacturing Complex in Tambov State Technical University
Dzyuba S.M., Podolsky V.E., Pisetsky A.F., Sergeev V.I.
Department “Distributed Computing Systems” (1);
Tambov Regional Resource Center of Single Educational Information Environment Development (2), TSTU

Key words and phrases: development of logistics base; distributed computational system; dynamic sys-tems; informational training manufacturing complex; highly productive cluster; symbolic computations.
Abstract: In Tambov State Technical University a highly productive computational training scientific manu-facturing complex is created; it includes highly productive cluster of parallel computations, distributed highly pro-ductive computational system and computer classes with work stations for doing highly productive computations both in scientific and educational purposes.

Designing of Integrated Systems of Control over Distribution Networks
Pogonin V.A., Leonov A.N.
Department “Information Systems and Control”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: automated system of supervisory control; automation of substations; exchange protocol; net control center; real time systems.
Abstract: The paper studies the selection of the structure of integrated automated systems of control over distribution network; it analyzes the techniques of modeling distribution computer systems in the power industry. New approaches to modeling are offered. The requirements to exchange protocol are formulated.

Estimation of Metrological Resource of Devices for Thermo-Physical Measurements with Regard for Environmental Influence
Chernyshova T.I., Nistratov M.I.
Department “Radio Electronic Home Appliances” , TSTU

Key words and phrases: measuring devices; metrological reliability; operating conditions.
Abstract: Estimation and forecasting of metrological characteristics of the means of thermo-physical meas-urements with regard for the effect of external factors is intended for determination of indexes of metrological reli-ability as well as improvement of quality of the examined measuring devices and their metrological properties in rigid operating conditions. The given paper analyzes the effect of the environment on metrological reliability in-dexes.

Mathematical Model of Information Search and Estimation of Search System Efficiency
Tyavkin I.V., Tyutyunnik V.M.
Department «Designing of Radio Electronic and Microprocessor Systems», TSTU

Key words and phrases: binary search; efficiency of search; information search.
Abstract: The paper presents the model of solution to the task of information search including mathematical description of sequential and binary search as well as the model of evaluation of efficiency search including the pa-rameters of accuracy, completeness, specificity and selectivity as well as loss of information and search noise.

The Technique of Direct Action in Automated Stock Control
Kuzminov A.V.
«Firm «Synthesis N» Ltd, Krasnoyarsk

Key words and phrases: deficit; direct action; confidence limits; control systems; logistics; overstocking; plan approach; reaction approach; stock control.
Abstract: The paper studies the existing approaches to stock control. The new technique of direct action is proposed on their basis; it enables to solve the problem of stock regulation more efficiently. The algorithm of direct action in stock control presents the result of the study.

Modeling of Heat Transfer in Polymer Material under Phase Transition
N.F. Mainikova1, N.P. Zhukov2, I.V. Rogov2, S.S. Nikulin2, D.G. Borodavkin2
Departments: "Theory of Machines, Mechanisms and Machine Parts" (1),
"Hydraulics and Heat Engineering" (2), TSTU

Key words and phrases: nondestructive control; numerical modeling; phase transition; temperature field; thermo-physical properties.
Abstract: The paper presents modeling of heat transfer in polymer material under phase transition. The ob-tained results can be applied to determine the heat of phase transition in polymers and polymer-based composite materials using nondestructive method.

Chemical and related engineering. Chemistry.

Modeling of Kinetics of the Process of Regenerative Product Interaction on Matrix with Carbon Dioxide
N.F. Gladyshev1, T.V. Gladysheva1, S.I. Dvoretsky2, V.P. Tarov3, N.Yu. Kholodilin1
Corporation "Roskhimzashchita", Tambov (1),
Departments: "Technological Equipment and Food Technologies" (2);
"Equipment and Technologies of Engineering" (3), TSTU

Key words and phrases: adsorption kinetics; carbon dioxide; isolating breathing apparatus; kalium perox-ide; regenerative product.
Abstract: The paper studies kinetics of the process of regenerative product interaction on matrix with carbon dioxide in the course of testing of isolating breathing apparatus on the set “Artificial Lungs”. Mathematics model of the regenerative product performance in the apparatus is proposed. It is shown that adsorption kinetics of carbon dioxide is described through the equation . The difference between the calculated value of carbon dioxide absorption by regenerative product and the one which was defined experimentally equals 10 % approximately.

Research into Kinetics of Adsorption of Carbon Dioxide and Water by Regenerative Substances through Determination of Capacity of Internal Heat Sources
P.V. Balabanov1, A.A. Krimshtein2, S.V. Ponomarev1
Department “Automated Systems and Devices”, TSTU (1);
Moscow Motor-Road Institute, Moscow (2)

Key words and phrases: adsorption kinetics; chemisorptions; heat method; mass and heat transfer.
Abstract: The paper studied the heat method of research into kinetics and dynamics of a complicated process of adsorption of carbon dioxide and moisture by regenerative substances which takes place in the cylinder-shaped model. It proves the need for the application of formal equation of kinetics of the bio-molecular reaction type for the description of the process of chemisorptions by regenerative substances on the basis of potassium superoxide in the cylinder-shaped model including the pulsing flow. The technique of examining the heat processes under the chemisorptions is developed.

Research into Crystallization Kinetics of Belophor OB Complicated by Chemical Reaction
N.V. Voyakina1, A.I. Leontyeva2, V.I. Konovalov1
Departments: “Chemical Engineering” (1),
“Chemical Technology of Organic Substances” (2), TSTU

Key words and phrases: crystallization; granular metric composition; oxidization.
Abstract: The paper studies the influence of oxidizing agents (12 options) and production parameters on crystallization kinetics, granular metric composition and output of optic bleach. Recommendations on production Belofor OB with the designed size of crystals are given.

Anticorrosive Compositions Based on the Inhibited Commercial and Waste Petroleum and Rape Oil. Scientific Fundamentals and Engineering Practice
V.I. Vigdorovich1, L.E. Tsygancova2, N.V. Shel1, A.Yu. Tanygin1
Department “Chemistry”, TSTU (1); Department «Analytical and Nonorganic Hemistry»,
TSU named after G.R. Derzhavin (2)

Key words and phrases: corrosion; electrode reactions; products of refining; rapeseed; waste oil.
Abstract: The paper studies the protective properties of new anticorrosive materials on the basis of secondary products (waste motor oil, products of its refining) and quickly renewable environmentally friendly ones (unrefined fresh, oxidized, uninhibited and inhibited rape oil. It is shown, that they are as effective as similar up-to-date commercial materials both of foreign and domestic production. These materials have been tested in the open air, under the shelter and in the unheated premises.

Energy-Saving Technologies for Drying and Hygro-Thermal Processing

Recent Foreign Researches on Drying and Hygrothermal Processing: Status and Trends (1. Bibliography. 3. Software)
V.I. Konovalov1, T. Kudra2, N.Z. Gatapova1
Tambov State Technical University, Tambov, Russia (1);
CANMET Energy Technology Centre, Varennes, Montreal, Canada (2)

Key words and phrases: References on Drying and Energy-Saving; Pore Network Models; Fractal Theory; Fuzzy Sets; Neural Networks; Software; Energy-Savings; Process Integration; Pinch Analysis; Onion Model; Heat Pumps; Vortex Tubes; Ranque-Hilsch Effect; Intermittent Drying; Pulse Combustion Drying; Tube Bundle Dryers; Disk Dryers; Mechanical Dewatering; Synergy between Evaporation, Crystallization, Filtration and Drying; Os-motic and Electro-Osmotic Dewatering; Mechanical Thermal Expression; Electric Field in Drying and Dewatering.
Abstract: The new foreign researches (mainly – since last DHTP–2005 Moscow conference) on drying and hygrothermal processing are considered on this plenary lecture. Some key results and tendencies are analyzed. Nu-merous references in the field are cited.

Modern Issues of Transfer Theory in Drying
Konovalov V.I., Kudra T., Gatapova N.Z.
Tambov State Technical University (1);
CANMET Energy Technology Centre, Varennes, Montreal, Canada (2)

Key words and phrases: capillary models; cluster models; drying mechanism; percolation systems; fractal systems; porous structures; transfer phenomenon.
Abstract: The paper gives insights into present-day approaches to the theory of transfer in drying, such as network capillary structures, percolation systems, cluster analysis and fractal models. The bibliography supple-mented with comments is given. It is necessary to take into account factors restricting the mechanism of drying and the quality of materials. The approach is illustrated on the basis of hydrothermal dependencies and model descrip-tion of chemical and rheological processes.

Present-Day Analytical Approaches to Energy-Saving. Integrated Approach. Pinch Analysis. Onion Model
V.I. Konovalov1, T.Kudra2, A.N. Pakhomov1, A.Yu. Orlov1
Department “Chemical Engineering”, TSTU (1);
CANMET Energy technology Centre, Montreal, Canada (2)

Key words and phrases: energy-saving; onion diagram; pinch-analysis; processes integration; resource-saving.
Abstract: The paper presents the views on present-day technique of energy-saving; it is based on integrated approach to manufacturing on the whole and to the system of apparatuses as well as on the analysis of individual and total hot and cold flows, revealing narrow limiting spots – «pinches» through the shell hierarchy production scheme, i.e. onion model. The bibliography supplemented with comments is given.

Modern Equipment for Combined Conductive Convective Drying and Thermal Processing
V.I. Konovalov1, T. Kudra2, A.N. Koliukh1, E.V. Romanova1
Tambov State Technical University (1);
CANMET Energy Technology Centre, Varennes, Montreal, Canada (2)

Key words and phrases: rotor disk driers; rotor tube driers; specific metal capacity of driers; viscosity of drying products.
Abstract: The data on modern tube and disk driers with rolling steam-heated rotor are given. Their strengths and weaknesses are revealed. The prospects of their application for drying grain materials are shown.

Modern Methods of Synthesis of Energy- and Resource-Saving Processes and Apparatuses
Dvoretsky S.I.
Department “Technological Equipment and Food Technologies”, TSTU

Possibilities of Using Heat Pumps in Drying Process
Romanova E.V., Orlov A.Yu.
Deaprtment “Chemical Engineering”, TSTU

Present-day Trends for Reduction in Energy Expenses of Oxygen Production Units of Short-Cycle Heatless Adsorption
Akulinin E.I., Ermakov A.A., Dvoretsky D.S., Simanenkov S.I.
Department “Technological Equipment and Food Technologies”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: adiabatic power of the compressor; coefficient of compressor’s efficiency; compressor’s capacity; energy costs; mass-size indexes; multi-adsorption schemes; short-cycle heatless adsorption; small-size units.
Abstract: The paper analyzes different schemes of arranging short-cycle heatless adsorption in small-size portable units from the point of energy costs. Recommendations on their application are given.

Procedure Analytical Model in the System of Control over Drying Process
Eryshov A.E.
Department “Designing of Radio-electronic and Microprocessor Systems”, TSTU

Exergic Analysis and Choice of Energy-Saving Parameters of Impulse Regeneration of Filters Accumulating Dust from Drying Agent
Yu.V. Krasovitsky1, R.A. Vazhinsky2, E.V. Romanyuk1, N.N. Lobacheva1, E.V. Arkhangelskaya1
Voronezh State Technological Academy (1);
Semiluksk Construction Materials Complex (2)

Key words and phrases: impulse regeneration; specific gas load; exergic analysis.
Abstract: The efficiency of impulse regeneration of grain filters is proved through exergic analysis

New Design Solutions to Grain Filters and Prospects of their Application for Heat Drying in Chemical and Food Technology
Yu.V. Krasovitsky1, E.V. Romanyuk1, R.A. Vazhinsky2, N.N. Lobacheva1
Voronezh State Technological Academy (1);
Semiluksk Construction Materials Complex (2)

Key words and phrases: dust collection under heat drying; grain filters; high-temperature processes; metal ceramic filters.
Abstract: The paper studies the peculiarities of application of filters with combined structure of grain layer for highly-efficient and energy-saving dust collection. Technical and technological advantages of these filters appli-cation are considered.

Optical Physical Modeling of Energy and Mass Transfer on the Surfaces of Different Shape
Efimov A.E.
Agro-Physical Research Institute of Rosselkhozacademy, St.Petersburg

Research into the Process and Designing of the Apparatus for Thermal Processing of Sausages in Liquid Energy Flow Using Vibration
Zakharov A.N., Vasilevsky O.M., Bazarov A.A.
All-Russian Research Institute of Meat Industry named after B.M. Gorbatov of Rosselkhozacademy

Intensification of External Heat Transfer of Bodies Partly Plunged into Fluidized Bed with Heterogeneous Streams and Expenditure of Energy Used in the Process
Krasnykh V.Yu., Nagornov S.A., Korolev V.N.
Urals State Òechnical University (1);
All-Russian Research and Design Technological Institute of Equipment and Oil Products in Agriculture (2)

Results of the Research into Thermo-Hydro Processing of Disperse Materials in the Course of Capsule Production
Kuvshinova A.S., Lipin A.G., Kirillov D.V.
Ivanovo State Chemical Òechnological University

Technology of Cep Drying in Small-Size Drier
Kunichan V.A., Pavlov I.N., Sidorov D.V., Chashchilov D.V.
Biisk Technological Institute (Branch) of Altai State Technical University named after I.I. Polzunov

Technology of Thermo-Hydro Grinding when Drying Non-Rigid Mass in Blade Mixer
Pavlov I.N., Kunichan V.A., Kosmina I.V.
Biisk Technological Institute (Branch) of Altai State Technical University named after I.I. Polzunov

Control over the Process of Drying Engineering Carbon Granules with Direct-and-Counter Flow of Heat-Transfer Material
Chaikin O.M., Tsygankov M.P., Tahhan D.
Yaroslavl State Technical University

Research into Endoisothermal Drying of Tomatoes
Cherhyshev S.V.
Institute of Food Technology, Kishinev, Republic of Moldova

Membrane Distillation instead of Evaporation for Concentration of Fruit Juices (in English)
Shapar O.A., Ryabtsev G.L.
National Technical University of Ukraine «Kiev Polytechnic Institute», Ukraine

Ways of Intensification of Drum-Type Driers
Zhukova T.A., Altukhov A.V.
South Kazakhstan Humanitarian named after M. Saparbaev, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Analysis of Salt Effect on Thermal Diffusivity of Some Wallings
Ezersky V.A., Elchishcheva T.F.
Belostock Polytechnic Institute, Belostock, Poland (1); Tambov State Technical University (2)

Mathematical Model of Drying Process of Polymer Gel Containing Water Solution of Nonorganic Salt
Kirillov D.V., Lipin A.G., Kuvshinova A.S.
Ivanovo State Chemical Technological University

Thermo-Gravimetric Research into Moisture Evaporation inside Wood without the Effect of Mass Transfer of Liquid
Kuvik T.E.
Moscow State University of Wood

The Effect of Nonisothermality of Dropping Liquid Flow on the Hydraulic Resistance in Pipe Laminar Flow
Pechenegov Yu.Ya., Denisov V.A.
Saratov State Technical University, Engels Technological Institute (Branch)

Nonisothermal Method of Strength Estimation of Mould on the Basis of Mathematical Model of Heat Modes of SPS-Moulding
L.S. Stelmakh1, V.V. Shepelev2, A.M. Stolin1, D.S. Dvoretsky2
Institute of Structural Macrokinetics and Problems of Material Science od RAS, Chernogolovka (1);
department "Technological Equipment and Food Technologies", TSTU (2)

Research into the Effect of Tempering Modes on Rheological Properties of Honey
Muratova E.I., Artamonova E.V.
Department “Technological Equipment and Food Technologies”, TSTU

Determination of Temperature Modes in Production of New Types of Sweets
Muratova E.I., Smolikhina P.I., Leonov D.V.
Department “Technological Equipment and Food Technologies”, TSTU

Mathematics. Physics.

Peculiarities of Identification of Non-Crystal Micro- and Nano-Structures in Polymers
V.S. Bystritsky1, S.V. Mishchenko2, V.M. Polikarpov1, Yu.M. Golovin1
Departments: "Physics" (1),
"Automated Systems and Devices" (2), TSTU

Key words and phrases: computer modeling; IR-spectroscopy; non-crystal phase of polymers; polyethylene; Teflon; polyethylenetetramethyldisylene; polymethylenetetramethyldisylene; X-ray (diffraction) analysis.
Abstract: Non-crystal phase components of some polymers such as polyethylene, low-dispersed Teflon, polyethylenetetramethyldisylene and polymethylenetetramethyl-disylene are studied using the methods of X-ray (diffraction) analysis, IR-spectroscopy and additional computational methods. Through the new method of identifi-cation of non-crystal micro- and nano-structures in polymers the scattering of X-rays is accounted in accordance with Debye and present day provisions of macro-molecular modeling; the structure of the above-mentioned poly-mers is identified. The correctness of the produced structural parameters for Teflon, polyethylenetetramethyldi-sylene and polymethylenetetramethyldisylene has been verified by designing the complete computational diffraction pattern for non-crystal phase components.

The Effect of Laser Emission and Heating on the Evolution of Mechanical Properties of Amorphous Metal Alloys
Fedorov V.A., Yakovlev A.V., Kapustin A.N.
Department of General Physics, Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin

Key words and phrases: annealing; face section; metal glass; melting zone; micro-solidity; thermal influ-ence zone; plasticity; thermal stability.
Abstract: Behavioral patterns of mechanical properties of metal glass on the basis of cobalt subjected to heat-ing and laser emission are found out.

Engineering Pedagogics

Identifying Optimization Problems by Means of Clustering and Knowledge Based Systems in Internet (in English)
Miguel A. Garay Garcell, Liz Y. Martinez Delgado, Leydier Arguelles Torres, Ariel Castellanos Isaac
Havana Institute of Technology, Cuba
Represented by a Member of the Editorial Board Professor V.I. Konovalov

Key words and phrases: artificial intelligence; clustering; electronic learning; intelligent systems.
Abstract: Model design and implementation by means of computer technology and methods has been a fo-cus of multiple researches in Artificial Intelligence, Operations Research, Decision Support and Management Sys-tems at the last years. Case based reasoning techniques and methods are used frequently in problem solving. They help model builders to identify and design optimization models improving their cognitive skills and knowledge in modeling process. At the present paper, it is proposed a new approach based on application of case based reasoning in model building. The problems associated to construction of optimization models by means of computer are dis-cussed from theoretical and practical point of views. Finally, a new intelligent system is proposed and described. It has as objectives to help professional (specialists, professors, students and others) in model building and implemen-tation on Internet. The fast rise of information and telecommunication networks, and particularly Internet and its rapid diffusion, implementation and introduction into universities, professional training and postgraduate institu-tions, have highlighted the need to define the most effective ways of realizing the teaching and learning potential. Electronic learning (e-Learning) as it has come to be known, makes use of the Internet and digital technologies to deliver instruction synchronously or asynchronously to anyone who has access to a computer and an Internet con-nection. Taking into account this reality and necessity it was proposed a new e-learning platform for Operations Research’s teaching and learning. The system has been implemented in .net technology using C# computer lan-guage and web services. At the present time, it has been testing and improving at Havana Institute of Technology.

Economics and Social Sciences

C.E. Shannon and Modern Science
Levin V.I.
Penza State Technological Academy, Penza

Key words and phrases: algebra of logic; biography; Claude Shannon; cryptography; discrete schemes; genetics; modeling; theory of information.
Abstract: The paper present the first detailed biography in Russian of the outstanding American scientist Claude Elwood Shannon (1916, Gaylord, Michigan – 2001, Winchester, Massachusetts, USA).

Construction Law of Russia on the Eve of Peter’s Reforms
Pirozhkova I.G.
Department of «History and Philosophy», TSTU

Key words and phrases: construction control; legal control of town-building; provincial construction; regular construction; town-building standardization.
Abstract: The paper analyzes the state, features and formation stages of town-building standardization on the eve of reforms in the first quarter of the XVIII century in the course of creating centralized Russian state.

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