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Integrated Computer Aided Measurement for Research into Properties and Calculation of Curing Cycles of Polymer Composites
O.S. Dmitriev1, S.V. Mishchenko2, A.O. Dmitriev2, I.S. Kasatonov3, S.O. Dmitriev1
Department: “Physics” (1), “Automated Systems and Devices” (2), IT Center (3), TSTU

Key words and phrases: computer aided measurement; optimum curing cycle; polymer composites; thermo-physical, kinetic, dielectric and rheological characteristics.
Abstract: The paper studies computer aided measurement including subsystems of research and designing. The subsystem of research enables to determine thermophysical, kinetic, dielectric and rheological characteristics of composite materials during curing cycle. Calculation of optimum curing cycle of thick-wall polymer composite products is made by subsystem of designing. Integrated computer aided measurement has a united database; for calculation of cycles it uses characteristics produced by subsystem of research. In automated mode the system controls the experiment, acquires, processes and systemizes experimental data, it enables to solve inverse problems of heat transfer and kinetics as well as optimization problems of detection of temperature-time curing cycles of polymer composite products.

Analysis and Synthesis of Radio Systems on a Set of Functioning States
D.Yu. Muromtsev, Yu.L. Muromtsev
Department “Designing of Radio Electronic and Microprocessor Systems”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: extended cognitive map; situation analysis; structure synthesis.
Abstract: Aspects of solution to the tasks of analysis and synthesis of radio communication system on a set of functioning states are considered. The evolution of the set of functioning states on basic stages of system design is shown.

Method of Noncontact Nondestructive Control over Thermo-Physical Properties of Solid Materials and Items
V.N. Chernyshov, E.V. Sysoev, A.V. Chernyshov
Department “Criminal Law and legal Activity Computerization”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: heat loss; laser; noncontact heat influence; nondestructive control; thermo-physical properties.
Abstract: The paper presents a new method of noncontact measurements of heat conductivity and thermal diffusivity of solid materials and items. This method takes into account heat emission into the environment, thus enabling to improve the accuracy of the measurement results of the given properties.

Information Control System of One Class of Multi-Dimensional Objects
V.A. Pogonin, A.E. Eryshov, I.Ya. Muromtseva

Key words and phrases: algorithmic support; information control system; multi-dimensional objects.
Abstract: The paper studies the questions of designing algorithmic support for information control systems of multi-dimensional objects as well as the analysis of conditions of inclusion while changing the state of functioning on the example of multi-chamber drying unit.

Computer-Aided Design of Complex Digital Filtering Systems in Field Programmable Gate Array
P.V. Plotnikov, V.N. Lantsov
Department of Computer Engineering, Vladimir State University

Key words and phrases: CAD; digital filters; digital processing of signals Field Programmable Gate Array.
Abstract: The paper studies the techniques of computer-aided design of complex digital filtering systems in Field Programmable Gate Array. It offers the pass-throw design flow intended for decreasing the design time and improvement of implementation quality of digital filters.

Stochastic Model of Calculation of Efficiency Index for Data Security Systems
V.K. Dzhogan, V.N. Dumachev, V.V. Zdolnik
Voronezh Institute of Ministry of Internal Affairs, Voronezh

Key words and phrases: data security; efficiency evaluation; efficiency index; stochastic efficiency index.
Abstract: The paper studies critical characteristics used in designing of data security systems. The algorithm of calculation of the basic index of efficiency of data security systems is propose on the basis of stochastic models of security functions distribution.

Designing of Stochastic Model of Estimation of Parameters of Radio Network Protocols for Multifunctional Integrated System of Communication, Navigation and Detection
Yu.I. Levochkin, A.S. Afanasyev
Tambov Higher Military Aviation Engineering College of Radio Electronics (Military Institute)

Key words and phrases: correlation function; dispersion; expectation; Markov’s process.
Abstract: The model of estimation of parameters of radio network protocols for multifunctional integrated system of communication, navigation and detection is presented. Expressions for expectation, dispersion and correlation function of the process are produced. The expressions for intensity of incoming enquiries and their processing in communication center are produced too.

Effective Methods of Research into Thermo-Physical Properties of Materials
V.A. Vertogradsky
Russian State Geology-Prospecting University, Moscow

Key words and phrases: construction materials; heat capacity; heat conductivity; heat insulating materials; thermal diffusivity.
Abstract: The paper presents the description of the methods intended for the research into thermal properties of construction and heat-insulating materials. The methods are applied mainly for the development of new aviation materials. The majority of the methods is implemented not only by their creators but other researchers for measuring thermo-physical characteristics of a wider range of materials.

Analysis of Random Multiple Access Algorithms through Manipulation of Interacting Flows Characteristics
O.I. Milomaeva1, A.A. Khvorov2, I.I. Pasechnikov1
Research Institute “EFIR”, Tambov (1); Tambov Higher Military Aviation Engineering College of Radio-Electronics (Military Institute) (2)

Key words and phrases: carrier detection; conflicts detection; inter-delayed pulsations; Poisson stream; pulsing traffic; random multiple access.
Abstract: The efficiency of application of P-persistent algorithm of packages transfer into the public data network is studied. It is shown that introduction of inter-delayed pulsations can lead to more effective use of network resources.

Designing of Device for Implementation of Set of Measuring Techniques of Thermo-Physical Properties
E.N. Kovalev, A.G. Divin, S.V. Ponomarev, A.A. Churikov
Department “Automated Systems and Devices”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: data acquisition board; heat capacity; heat conductivity; LabView technologies; measuring system; Peltier element; thermal diffusivity; thermo-physical characteristics.
Abstract: The paper presents physical and mathematical models of measuring device and automated measuring system for implementation of the set of measuring techniques of thermo-physical properties of solid, granular and liquid materials.

Nondestructive Microwave Control over Moisture in Capillary Porous Materials
S.A. Dmitriev, P.A. Fedyunin, A.I. Kazmin
Tambov Higher Military Aviation Engineering College of Radio-Electronics (Military Institute)

Key words and phrases: dielectric penetrability; microwave method of control; synphase receiving-transmitting horn aerial; surface roughness; surface wave; thermo-and-moisture-metry.
Abstract: The paper presents microwave nondestructive method of determination of moisture in dielectric materials, products and coverings; it enables to improve the accuracy of measuring moisture taking into account electro-physical and geometric heterogeneity of material and surface roughness. The unit with a special receiving-transmitting horn aerial and the algorithm of implementation of the presented techniques are described.

Modification of Genetic Algorithm for the Solution to the Problem of Calendar Planning with Limited Resources
A.S. Vasilyev, V.G. Matveikin
Department “Information Processes and Control”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: calendar planning; genetic method.
Abstract: The paper studies the well-known NP-difficult problem of calendar planning with limited resources. The modification of genetic algorithm for the solution to this task is offered.

Simulated Research into Heat Transfer in the Method of Nondestructive Control over Structural Transformations of Polymers
N.F. Mainikova1, N.P. Zhukov2, A.A. Balashov2, D.G. Borodavkin2
Departments: “Theory of Machines, Mechanisms and Machine Parts” (1), “Hydraulics and Heat Engineering” (2), TSTU

Key words and phrases: flat semi-space; non-destructive control; numerical modeling; structural transformation; thermo-physical properties.
Abstract: Simulated research into the method of non-destructive control over structural transformations in polymer materials is carried out.

Chemical and related engineering. Chemistry.

Processing of Nonuniform Granular Materials in Operation Segregated Flows (in English)
V.N. Dolgunin, O.O. Ivanov, A.A. Ukolov
Department “Technological Equipment and Food Technologies”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: mixing; modeling; particulate solids; segregated flows; separation.
Abstract: In the present paper the principle of operating segregated flows and its practical realization are suggested to solve the technological problems in the course of granular material treatment.

Research into Kinetics of the Process of Carbon Nanostructural Material Synthesis
S.V. Blinov, A.G. Tkachev, A.V. Rukov
Department “Equipment and Engineering Production”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: carbon nanostructural materials; kinetics of synthesis process.
Abstract: Basic regularities of the process of pyrolysis of propane-butane mixture on Ni/MgO catalyst aimed at the production of carbon nanostructural materials are identified. The kinetics of the process of carbon nanostructural materials synthesis is studies. The data on some stages of catalyst pyrolysis of carbon are obtained.

Mathematical Modeling of Heat Transfer During Chemosorption
P.V. Balabanov, S.V. Ponomarev, A.V. Trofimov
Department “Automated Systems and Devices”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: heat transfer; mathematical model; process of airregeneration.
Abstract: The paper presents the conclusion of the differential equation of heat transfer during the flow of gas mixture containing carbon dioxide and moisture through the cylinder-shaped chuck filled with regenerative product. Two-dimensional and one-dimensional mathematical models of heat transfer in regenerative cylinder-shaped chuck are offered.

Application of Granulation for Production of the Required Structure of Catalyst of Carbon Nano-Materials Synthesis
N.B. Nikolyukin1, V.F. Pershin1, A.G. Tkachev2
Departments: “Applied Mechanics and Strength of Materials” (1), “Equipment and Technology of Engineering” (2), TSTU

Key words and phrases: carbon nano-material; catalyst; granulation.
Abstract: The paper presents the results of the experimental research into high-speed granulation of the catalyst used in the synthesis of carbon nano-materials. The values of concentration of polyvinyl spirits and the humidity of the original product providing stable production of granules are identified. It is shown that granulation can produce the required structure of the catalyst from the point of granulometric composition.

About the Problem of Using Worn-Îut Car Tyres for Production of Rubber Bitumen Concentrate for Asphalt Coat
P.S. Belyaev, M.V. Zabavnikov, O.G. Malikov
Department “Polymer Processing and Packaging Production”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: composite material; nano-material; nano-structural rubber bitumen concentrate; rubber waste; two-auger mixer.
Abstract: The paper puts forward a new approach to the problem of quality improvement of asphalt coat through the use of recycled worn-out tyres, i.e. the transfer from the bitumen modified with these materials to nano-structural rubber bitumen concentrate.

Protective Properties of Some Inhibitors Against Hydrogen Sulfide and Carbonic Acid Steel Corrosion
L.E. Tsygankova1, O.A. Fomenkov1, O.V. Komarova1, Abybaker Saqqaf Omer2
Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin (1); Aden University, Faculty of Education -Saber, Aden, Yemen (2)

Key words and phrases: hydrogen sulfide and carbonic acid corrosion; inhibitor; steel plasticity; solidphase diffusion.
Abstract: The influence of a number of inhibitors with respect to corrosion resistance of carbon steel in the model stratum water saturated with H2S and ÑÎ2 separately and together has been studied. The investigated inhibitors slow down the hydrogen diffusion through the steel membrane and preserve the plastic properties of steel. The correlation between a retardation of hydrogen permeation into metal and preservation of its plasticity in the inhibited solutions is shown.

Mathematics. Physics.

Mathematical Model of Electronic Optical Moire Pattern of Magnetic Field on Electronic Equipment Element Defects (in English)
V.M. Ivanov1, E.B. Vinokurov1, E.A. Pechagin 1, M.I. Potapochkina2, A.V. Lanovaya3
Departments: «Electrical Equipment and Automation» (1), «Applied Mathematics» (2), «Higher Mathematics» (3), TSTU

Key words and phrases: electromagnetic field; field distortion; moire.
Abstract: Problems of interconnection between electronic equipment element performance and generated electromagnetic fields are viewed in the article. It is pointed out that concentration of electromagnetic energy near defects may result in electronic equipment failure. Techniques of observation and measuring of magnetic fields near defects on flat conductors are discussed and methods of their calculation with the help of electron optical moire are offered in the article.

Problems of Forming Nano-Sized Emission Layers în Cold Cathode of Gas Discharge Laser
Yu.A. Brusentsov, A.M. Minaev, V.A. Pruchkin
Department “Materials and Technology”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: cations and anions; cold cathode; crystal graphic structure; gas discharge laser; mechanism of forming nano-sized layer; oxide emission layer; spinel.
Abstract: The paper studies the mechanism of producing nano-sized oxide layers on highly clean aluminum A5N as well as crystal graphic structure, cation content and emission properties.

Machine-building. Ñonstruction.Material Science. Metal-Working

Business Plan and Effectiveness of Using Road Car Service Enterprises
N.V. Penshin
Department “Transportation and Road Safety”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: car service; car service and repair; car service enterprise; car service stations.
Abstract: The capacity of road car service stations is determined. The probability of car repair with regard for car park age, operating life, total kilometers logged and intensity of traffic is estimated. The description of annual planning of car service stations performance is presented.


Sprayer Units Improvement
V.P. Kapustin, E.V. Biryukova
Department “Mechanization of Agriculture”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: mono-disperse spraying; peripheral channels; throttling orifice; twisting chamber; ultra low volume spraying.
Abstract: The paper presents theoretical justification and calculation of both parameters and working modes of slot sprayers with throttling orifice.

Engineering Pedagogics

Identifying and Solving Optimization Problems on Internet (in English)
Miguel A. Garay Garcell, Liz Y. Martinez Delgado, Leydier Arguelles Torres, Ariel Castellanos Isaac
Havana Institute of Technology, Cuba

Key words and phrases: identifying; Internet; optimization.
Abstract: Model design and implementation by means of computer technology and methods has been a focus of multiple researches in Artificial Intelligence, Operations Research, Decision Support and Management Systems at the last years. At the present paper, it is proposed a new approach based on application of systems approach, knowledge based systems, case based reasoning, and e-learning in model building. Here, the problems associated to construction of optimization models by means of computer are discussed from theoretical and practical point of views. Finally, a new hypermedia intelligent system on Internet is proposed. It has as objectives to help learners (professional and students) in model building and implementation. Taking into account this conception a new e-learning platform for Operations Research’s teaching and learning was developed. The system has been implemented in net technology using C# computer language and web services. At the present time, it has been testing and improving at Havana Institute of Technology.

Economics-Oriented Role Plays
G.V. Yukhanov, T.Yu. Gordeev
Department «Marketing», TSTU

Key words and phrases: Bologna process; education system; interactive teaching methods; professional orien-tation; role play sketches; students’ motivation.
Abstract: Systems and methods of interactive teaching have become the part of educational process in RF universities. That’s why the role play improving the quality of education and students’ moti-vation of active learning has been developed and implemented.

Economics and Social Sciences

Science in Germany under the Nazis
E.N. Kapitonov1, I.E. Kapitonov2
Department “Equipment and Technology of Engineering Industry”, TSTU (1), MontazhSpecStroy–Tambov (2)

Key words and phrases: military orders; racial policy; scientists’ emigration; university science.
Abstract: The paper studies the effects of the Nazis power on the German science, such as emigration of many prominent scientists, predominance of research into military subjects including those contradicting international laws, inhumane experiments with people, ideological dictatorship and lack of fundamental research at universities.

Mathematical Problem of Detection and Measurement of Corruption. Corrumetry
V.I. Levin
Penza State Technological Academy, Penza

Key words and phrases: corruption; mathematical modeling.
Abstract: The problem of mathematical modeling, measurement and detection of corruption is formulated. The model of corrupted system is constructed. Methods of measuring and detecting corruption are offered. Real examples of solving the problem are given.

Application of Cognitive Modeling in Company Management
E.V. Bykovskaya1, A.V. Ivanova2, N.V. Ðogonina1
Departments: “Company Management” (1), “Information Processes and Control” (2), TSTU

Key words and phrases: balanced system of indexes; cognitive map; company management.
Abstract: The paper presents a new approach to the description of in-company business processes; it is based on the technique of cognitive modeling which enables to achieve the set goal effectively.

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