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Automation. Information. Control. Instruments

Determination of Physical-Mechanical and Technological Properties of Carbon Nanomaterials. Present-Day State, Problems and Prospects
S.V. Mishchenko1, S.V. Pershina1, A.I. Shershukova2
Departments: «Automated Systems and Devices» (1), «Applied Mechanics and Strength of Materials» (2), TSTU

Key words and phrases: angles and coefficients of friction of rest and movement; angles of natural slope and destruction; coefficients of external and internal friction; physical-mechanical properties; technological properties.
Abstract: Present-day state of the problem of determination of physical-mechanical and technological properties of grain materials is studied; ways of further improvement of the techniques and means of their determination concern-ing the new nanomaterial «Taunit» are outlined.

Decision Making Support System in Management of the Process of Consolidated Utilization of Industrial Waste of Synthetic Rubber
V.K. Bityukov1, M.V. Korchagin1, S.G. Tikhomirov1, V.I. Korchagin2
Departments: “Information and Control Systems” (1), “Machines and Apparatuses of Chemical Production” (2), Voronezh State Technological Academy

Key words and phrases: consolidated utilization; decision-making support system; expert survey; formaliza-tion of fuzzy rules; fuzzy control; table of linguistic rules.
Abstract: The approach to designing the decision-making support system for control over technological process of consolidated utilization of industrial waste of synthetic rubber is proposed. The results of realization of the applied algorithms and methods of decision-making with regard for peculiarities of control over technological process and the results of expert survey are given.

Decision-Making Mathematical Models for Tasks of Speaker’s Recognition
Kh.M. Akhmad
Department of Computing, Vladimir State University

Key words and phrases: codebook; dynamic distortion of time; speech signal; vector quantization.
Abstract: Methods of identifying the most informative characteristics of speech signal, as well as methods of recognition based on the application of algorithms for dynamic time distortion (DTD) and vector quantization (VQ) are considered. As the main type of speech recognition systems we examine the identification systems based on DTD and VQ aimed at compiling codebooks of speech signal samples.

Prospects of Using Optical Transfer Sensors for Continuous Dosing of Grain Materials
S.A. Egorov1, V.F. Pershin2, V.E. Podolsky3
Tambov TSNIT (1), Departments: “Applied Mechanics and Strength of Materials” (2), “Systems of Automated Designing” (3), TSTU

Key words and phrases: compensation of temperature error; differential sensor; dosing of grain materials; measuring converter.
Abstract: Application of differential optical discharge sensor on the basis of oñtrone in analogue mode and the ways of its temperature error compensation in the course of continuous dosing of grain materials are considered.

Non-destructive Express Control over Coefficient of Diffusion of Polar Solvents in Thin Items
M.P. Belyaev, V.P. Belyaev
Department “Processing of Polymers and Packaging Production”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: diffusion coefficient; polar solvent; potentiometer sensor of solvent content in solid phase.
Abstract: The technique of non-destructive express control over the coefficient of polar solvents diffusion in thin items made from porous materials as well as measuring equipment for its realization are proposed. Measuring device includes portable probe with impulse source of mass and sensors of solvent content in solid phase; these sensors are potentiometric transducers with monotonous dependence of output characteristic on controlled parameter.

Equipment for Measuring Thermal Diffusivity in Sub-Second Heating Mode
E.R. Zayanov1, A.A. Giniyatullin1, V.I. Gorbatov1, A.A. Starostin2, I.G. Korshunov1, V.V. Shangin2
Urals State Mining University (1); Institute of Thermal Physics, Urals Branch of RAS (2)

Key words and phrases: hearing ray; sub-second heating; thermal diffusivity; vacuum cell.
Abstract: The designed and constructed automated equipment for measuring thermo-physical properties of solid bodies by method of temperature waves while heating samples in the vacuum cell at the speed up to 103 K/s and fre-quency of modulation of heat flow up to 20 kHz is described. General flow chart of the plant constructed on the basis of solid-body laser IAG-Nd of LTN-103 type intended for welding and cutting of metal with capacity up to 200 W is blocked out.

Automated Laser Device for Identification of Local Thermo-Physical Properties of Heterogeneous Materials
A.A. Uimin, D.F. Nizamutdinov, A.A. Starostin
Institute of Thermal Physics, UB RAS

Key words and phrases: distributed fiber-optical detector; local thermo-physical measurements; submicro- and nanocrystalline structures; temperature waves; thermal diffusivity; thermo-modulated laser ellipsometry.
Abstract: The technique and automated device for examining the thermal diffusivity of heterogeneous materials are presented. This technique combines the principles of temperature waves, thermo-modulated laser ellipsometry, reg-istering of probing laser beam with the distributed fiber-optical detector. Application of this technique for research into local thermal properties is shown on the sample of steel with hetero-geneous submicro- and nanocrystal-line structure.

Impulse Thermo-Physical Control over Accidental Mixing of Liquid Media
D.V. Volosnikov1, P.V. Skripov2
Institute of Thermal Physics, Urals Branch of RAS (1); Urals Institute of State Fire-Fighting Service of Ministry of Emergency of Russia (2)

Key words and phrases: controlled impulse heating; oil and volatile impurity; short-lived states; spontaneous boiling.
Abstract: The technique of thermo-stabilization of impulse-overheated probe with specific experience time 10–3 is applied to control over typical volatile impurities in oil used for thermo-energetic and refrigerator equipment and mo-tor oil. During the experiment oil was heated according to the given trajectory (in time – temperature coordinates) until its spontaneous boiling. The interrelationship between probe heat transfer parameters and the type of oil and impurity content is revealed. The area of changing impurity content varies from 10–4 to 10–1 of mass concentration.

Method of Non-Destructive Control over Thermo-Physical Properties of Multi-Layer Construction Items
V.N. Chernyshov, E.V. Sysoev, A.V. Chernyshov
Department “Criminal Law and Computerization of Legal Activity”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: heat losses; non-destructive control; point source of heat; thermo-physical properties.
Abstract: The new method of non-destructive control over thermo-physical properties of three-layer construction structures and items is proposed; it enables to make quick and accurate measurements owing to application of combined approach.

Chemical and related engineering. Chemistry.

Optimization and Technological Implementation of Continuous Processes of Thin Organic Synthesis in Manufacturing of Organic Semi-Products and Pigments
D.S. Dvoretsky1, S.I. Dvoretsky1, G.M. Ostrovsky2, E.V. Peshkova1
Department «Production Equipment and Food Technologies», TSTU (1); Research Institute of Physics and Chemistry named after L.Yà. Karpov, Moscow (2)

Key words and phrases: technological implementation of a process; flexibility of chemical technological sys-tem; structural and manipulated variables; possible limitations; diazotization process; stochastic optimization; turbulent pipe reactor; energy and resource-saving.
Abstract: In the course of technological implementation of energy and resource-saving chemical processes engi-neers and designers involved in the development of new chemical technologies nearly always face with incompleteness and inaccuracy of input physico-chemical, technological and economic data. That’s why the two-stage task of stochastic optimization of chemical technological system with possible limitations is set for the first time; the algorithm of its solution is developed; it enables to calculate optimal structural and manipulated variables (with regard for energy and resource-saving criterion) and reserve coefficients of technical resources of chemical technological system under some constraints. The paper gives the example of technological implementation of continuous process of aromatic amines diazotization in azopigments production.

Experimental Research into Process of Air Regeneration in Regenerative Canister of Insulating Respirator
S.B. Putin1, S.V. Gudkov1, E.N. Tugolukov2, N.P. Kozlova1, S.Yu. Alekseev1, A.Yu. Khromov1
“Corporation Roskhimzashchita” plc (1), Department “Equipment and Technologies of Engineering”, TSTU (2)

Key words and phrases: air regeneration; gas-and-air mixture; insulating respirator; regenerative canister.
Abstract: Research into dependencies between the condition of temperature front of exothermic reactions taking place in regenerative canister and the yield of target products of these reactions is presented; the spread of gas-air flow inside regenerative canister is examined. In order to study the processes of air regeneration in respirators on the basis of potassium peroxide the tests on the device “Artificial lungs” have been carried out.

Ñomparative Analysis of Molecular-Topological Structure of ÀBS-Copolymer under Liquid-Phase and Solid-Phase Extrusions (in English)
G.S. Baronin1, A.Ì. Stolin2, Yu.À. Olkhov3, D.V. Pugachev1, D.Î. Zavrazhin1, D.Å. Kobzev1, À.S. Loseva1
Department «Theory of Machines, Mechanisms and Machine Elements», TSTU (1); Iinstitute of Structural Macrokinetics and Material Studies, Russian Academy of Science, Chernogolovka (2); Institute of Chemical Physics, Russian Academy of Science, Chernogolovka (3)

Key words and phrases: anisotropic structure; crystal phase; isotropic structure; molecular-mass distribution; plasticity of a polimer; pseudo-mesh structure.
Abstract: The work is devoted to thermomechanical exploration (TMS-method) of a molecular-topological structure of ABS-copolymer, received by solid-phase extrusion in comparison with the material received by the method of liquid-phase extrusion. Thermomechanical spectroscopy is a new way of molecular-topological structure diagnostics of copolymer with-out using any solutions. That way was developed in the Institute of Chemical Physics Problems (Russian Academy of Sciences). The diagnostics is based on the thermomechanical analysis (ÒÌÀ) of polymers. It allows to implement the complex molecular-topological testing of polymers with different structures and compositions within one experiment for the time of a snap practically.

Effect of Potassium Chloride Concentration on Reactive Components of Conductimetric Cell Impedance
A.B. Kilimnik, V.V. Yarmolenko
Department of Chemistry, TSTU

Key words and phrases: average resonant frequency of hydrated ions fluctuations; capacity; inductance.
Abstract: The influence of concentration on the values of reactive components of conductimetric cell impedance with potassium chloride solution is stated; capacity component of impedance doesn’t depend on concentration; inductive component decreases linearly and average resonant frequency of hydrated potassium and chlorine ions fluctuations increases linearly with the rise in solution concentration. The equations of dependencies of inductive impedance, average resonant frequency of hydrated ions fluctuations and coefficients ?, ?, ?1 and ?1 of corresponding equations from concentration of potassium chloride solutions are given.

Average Life Cycle of Hydrogen Links in Water and Methanol Based on Computer Simulation
O.V. Ved1, N.A. Abakumova2, M.L. Antipova1, V.E. Petrenko1
Institute of Chemistry of Solutions of RAS, Ivanovo (1); Department “Chemistry”, TSTU (2)

Key words and phrases:hydrogen links; intermolecular interactions; life cycle of hydrogen link.
Abstract: By the technique of classical molecular dynamics the average life cycle of hydrogen links in water and methanol is calculated through different approaches and different model potentials. It is shown that life cycle of hydrogen links characterizes high correlation of motion of nearby molecules.

Universal Inhibitor of Corrosion and Hydrogenization of Carbon Steel St3 in H2S and CO2 Containing Media
V.I. Vigdorovich1, S.E. Sinyutina2
Department “Non-organic and Physical Chemistry of Nano-materials”, TSTU (1); Department of Organic and Biological Chemistry, TSU after G.R. Derzhavin (2)

Key words and phrases: carbon dioxide; corrosion; hydrogen sulphure; hydrogezation; universal inhibitor.
Abstract: Protective efficiency of dimethylalkylbenzylammonium chloride (St3) in hydrogen sulphure (50…500 mg/l H2S), carbon dioxide ( 0,5…2 at) and complex media (H2S + CO2) as well as its influence on kinetics of partial electrode reactions and hydrogen diffusion through steel membrane are considered.

Effect of Anodic Polarization of Steel Membrane on Solid Phase Hydrogen Diffusion in Ethylene Glycol Solutions of HCl
I.V. Zarapina
Department “Non-Organic and Physical Chemistry of Nano-Materials”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: anodic polarization; St3 steel; ethylene glycol; pyridine.
Abstract: Diffusion of hydrogen through steel membrane of ethylene glycol solutions of HCl containing from 0,1 to 50 % of water is examined in conditions of anodic polarization of entrance side of the membrane. The effect of the character of proton discharging form, concentration of hydrogen ions and the value of the potential shift in the anodic area on this process is considered.

Mathematics. Physics.

About Case of Special Right Part of Linear Differential Equation by n-Multiplicity in Banach Space
V.I. Fomin
Department of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, TSTU

Key words and phrases: Banach space; characteristic operator polynomial; complex operator; differential op-erator; general solution; operator exponential particular solution.
Abstract: By the method of indeterminate coefficients particular solution of linear differential equation by n-multiplicity with constant limited operational coefficients in the Banach space was founded, in case when the right part of equation has a special look.

Peculiarities of Tensoresistive Effect in Metal – Dielectric – Semiconductor Structures under Static and Non-Uniform Deformation
A.V. Ozarenko, Yu.A. Brusentsov, A.P. Korolev
Department «Materials and Technology», TSTU

Key words and phrases: metal – dielectric – semiconductor type structure; surface conductivity of a semiconductor; tensoresistive effect.
Abstract: The results of the research into the effects of static and non-uniform deformation on the parameters of metal – dielectric – semiconductor type structures are given. The mechanism of forming space charge in a semiconduc-tor as well as the process of drift of main bearers of charge in the structure with regard for tensoresestive and field effects are considered. The possibility of applying these structure as tensosensitive elements is shown.

Machine-building. Ñonstruction.Material Science. Metal-Working

System of Control over Wind-Driven Electric Plant of Vibratory Type
G.A. Petrov
Tambov Higher Military Aviation Engineering College of Radio-Electronics

Key words and phrases: automated control systems; optimal control; wind-power engineering.
Abstract: Mathematical model of wind-driven electric plant of vibratory type is examined; the system of its control is synthesized in order to improve the energy effect.

Marketing and Evaluation of Quality in the Car Service Market Key words and phrases: Abstract:
N.V. Penshin
Department «Organization of Transportation and Road Safety», TSTU

Key words and phrases: cost-effectiveness; market capacity; marketing of road transport; quality of services.
Abstract: Main peculiarities and characteristics of car service are given. Market research aimed at the solution to the task of evaluation of demand for car service as well as forecasting is carried out.

Economics and Social Sciences

Research into Interrelationships between Life Cycle of Products (Services) and Sales Opportunities
V.V. Zharikov, M.S. Teplyakova, M.A. Istomin, D.O. Kuznetsov
Department «Economic Analysis», TSTU

Key words and phrases: demand; financial stability reserve; price; profitability threshold; supply.
Abstract: Interrelationships between the product’s sales opportunities depending on the stage of its life cycle are considered. Combination of profitability threshold and life cycle enables to establish the limits of marketing period (sales duration) and product’s profitability.

Teachers’ Staff Formation in Terms of Program-Oriented About Legal Essence of Payment by Debit Cards
T.V. Zanin
Public Prosecutor’s Office of Volgograd Region, Volgograd

Key words and phrases: cashless payment; debit card; forms of payment.
Abstract: Legal notions of forms of cashless payment are defined; it is revealed whether debit cards can be regarded as form of cashless payment; legal notions of payment by debit cards are defined.

To the Question of Assessment of Tendencies to Changes in Indexes Characterizing the Level of Performance in the Processes of Quality Control System
S.V. Ponomarev, L.I. Sokolova, S.S. Grigoryev
Department “Automated Systems and Devices”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: efficiency; effectiveness; relative trend; tendencies to time changes.
Abstract: The technique of designing relations for assessment of tendencies to changes in indexes of performance within the quality control system is studied.

Application of Universal Assemblage of Pirson Distribution Criterion for Modeling the Working Schedule of Medical Centers
V.V. Bityukova1, A.A. Khvostov2, D.I. Rebrikov2
Voronezh State Medical Academy (1); Department “Information and Control Systems”, Voronezh State Technological Academy, (2)

Key words and phrases: assemblage of universal distributions; moment method; multi-modal distributions; parameters of distribution; Pirson distribution; task of distributing resources; working schedule of diagnostics room.
Abstract: The problem of planning the working schedule of medical centers is considered. Several ways of solv-ing the task based on the analysis of their advantages and disadvantages are proposed; as a result, the technique of iden-tification of distribution of working schedule by the family of universal distributions is selected. The expedience of the selected technique is verified by the given example.

Power and Human Existence
Z.A. Badretdinov1, V.Z. Badretdinov2
Bashkiria State University (1); Ufa State Aviation Technical University (2)

Key words and phrases: management; political philosophy; power.
Abstract: The paper deals with the power as the way of control over oneself and other people in the course of self-affirmation through the co-creative work in public relations. Political philosophy is aimed at understanding of trag-ic nature and finiteness of human existence despite our desire to strengthen power. On the other hand, it is the human power that characterizes our significance in society and the possibility of escaping from reality. The power is not aimed at structural transformations but feelings of other people who have to meet our requirements.

Deviated Behavior as the Subject of Psychological and Pedagogical Research
E.N. Veretko
Southern Federal University

Key words and phrases: deviated behavior; signs of deviated behavior; standard behavior.
Abstract: Deviated behavior as the subject of psychological and pedagogical research is studied. The analysis and generalization of some psychological and pedagogical approaches to behavior definition is carried out. Basic characteristics of deviated behavior are identified. Generalization of the signs of deviated behavior is made.

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