Transactions of the TSTU

Four-Language Scientific-Theoretical and Applied Multidisciplinary Journal

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Automation. Information.Control. Instruments

Bannikov A.N., Chernyshova T.I. Method of Non-Destructive Control of Metalfluoroplastic Materials (p 8)
Chertkova E.A. Application of Project Patterns for Designing of Computer-Aided Systems (p 13)
Mordasov M.M., Barshutina M.N., Mordasov D.M. Improvement of Accuracy of Barbotage Method of Measuring Liquid Density (p 20)
Alexandrov D.V., Zhebrun N.N. Ontological Approach to the Creation of Knowledge-Based System of Control over Company Business Processes (p 26)
Íorîub Íazem Khaled, Muromtsev Yu.L., Selivanova Z.M. Designing of Client-Oriented Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (p 33)
Mainikova N.F., Zhukov N.P., Chekh A.S., Nikulin S.S. Modeling of Heat Transfer in Non-Destructive Thermophysikal Control. Part I. Heating Stage (p 39)
Buzin A.Yu., Zarubin A.Yu., Malyshev I.I. Indexes of Data Communication Fidelity in Adaptive Short Wave Channels of Communication (p 46)
Kilimnik A.B., Yarmolenko V.V. Conductimetric Cell for Measuring Reactive Components of Impedance (p 51)
Sakulin S.A. Aggregation Operators in Fuzzy Diagnostic Models of Production Processes of Extended Objects (p 57)
Karpov I.G., Ovsyannikov S.V. Mutual Approximation of Discrete and Continuous Laws of Distribution (p 71)
Dmitrievsky B.S. Development and Organization of Automated Information System for High Technology Chemical Enterprise Management (synopsis of Preprint No. 20) (p 368)
Nemtinov V.A., Nemtinova Yu.V., Russkikh D.S. Administrating Control over Production Output Using the System of Modeling Dynamic Processes (p 372)
Bugaev Yu.V., Polushina O.L. Methods of Selection of Conflicting Criteria Set (p 379)
Sakharov S.V., Yarushkin M.M., Dmitriev D.A. Adaptive Algorithm of Radar Image Auto-Focusing (p 392)
Levin V.I. Identification of Dynamic Automats (p 400)
Morozov D.V. Representation of Diverse Knowledge in the Systems of Decision-Making Support (p 410)
Chetvertnova V.V. System Analysis of Operate Reliability of Extended Transport Objects (p 419)
Grigoryev A.S., Dakhnovich A.A., Storozhev P.A., Krechetov D.A. Radio Transmission of Super-Weak Radio Signals on the Basis of General-Purpose Micro-Controllers (p 425)
Vinokurov S.A. Conceptual Model of Optimal Designing of Electro-Mechanical Systems with Brushless Direct Current Motor (p 433)
Alexandrov D.V., Fadin D.N. Methodology of Translation of Graphic Presentation of Company Business Process in Colored Petri Net (p 439)
Lebedev K.S. Method of Designing Software for the System of I.PORTAL Websites Control (p 445)
Ahmad H.M. Detection of Beginning and End of Speech in Waveform Using its Magnitude (p 449)
Ivashkin R.V., Chernyshova T.I. Identification of Maximum Value of Metrological Characteristic of Analogue Block of Measuring Channel of Designed Electronic Measuring Device (p 452)
Malkov N.A. Microwave Method of Measuring Dielectric Penetrability and Dielectric Losses of Rubber Mixtures (p 460)
Kilimnik A.B., Yarmolenko V.V. Influence of Electrode Surface Areaon the Accuracy of Reactive Components of Impedance (p 467)
Shelokhovstov V.P., Chernyshov V.N. Methods and Means of Control over the Parameters of Condensed Media Containing Nano-Structural Components (synopsis of Preprint No. 20) (p 670)
Muromtsev Yu. L., Machikhin A.I. Algorithm of Operative Solution the Task of Optimal Energy-Saving Control over Electric Furnaces Set (p 674)
Panov A.A., Fedyunin P.A.,
Dmitriev D.A.
Microwave Testing under Nondestructive Control over Quality of Magnet Dielectric Materials and Coatings (p 680)
Levin V.I. Continuous Logic Algorithms of Solution to Combined Tasks (p 687)
Buzin A.Yu., Zarubin A.Yu., Malyshev I.I. Generalized Stochastic Model of Multiplicative Disturbances in Communication Channels (p 699)
Svechnikov C.V. Application of Algorithms for Search and Analysis of Information for Websites Categorization (p 702)
Akhmad Kh.M. Identification of Pitch via Method of Production of Speech Signal Spectrum Harmonics (p 712)
Solovyov V.D., Margulis I.S. Classification of Symbols Recognition Mistakes in Printed Editions in Old-Time Orthography (p 715)
Silaev A.V. Some Aspects of Open Architecture of Vertical Educational Portals (p 728)
Muromtsev D.Yu. Information Technologies of Designing Energy-Saving Control Systems (p 735)
Muromtsev Yu.L., Pogonin V.A., Grebennikov R.V. Analysis of Energy-Saving Control over Multidimensional Objects (p 838)
Levin V.I. Modeling of Historical and Biblical Processes and Events (p 847)
Afanasenko A.S., Timofeev B.S. Research into Features for Determination of the Number of Cars in Rolling Stock through TV Image (p 862)
Shtefan A.B. Research into Tractive Characteristics of Electromagnet of Hydroacoustic Equipment Release (p 874)
Gavrichenko A.I., Chernyshov V.A., Pechagin E.A. Safety Improvement of Electrical Equipment of Electric Networks with Isolated Neutral under One-Phase Partial Ground (p 881)
Akhmad Kh.M. Comparative Research into Efficiency of Various Methods of Cepstral Description of Speech Signals in Tasks of Recognition (p 887)
Kashirin D.I. ICF-Ontology for Analysis of Documents via Semantic Web Technology (p 892)
Epifanov S.V., Mordasov D.M., Bulgakov N.A., Trofimov A.V. Aerodynamic Control over the Density of Granular Materials (p 902)
Yarmolenko V.V. Temperature Influence on Reactive Components of Conductimetric Cell Impedance (p 908)
Degtyareva E.E., Kilimnik A.B. Device for Studying the Mechanism of Electrode Processes by Method of Oscilloscope Voltamperemetry (p 913)
Grigoryev A.S., Dakhnovich A.A. Interference Margin of Algorithm of Wireless Data Transfer on the Basis of Modulation of Noise Type Signal Repetition Interval (p 919)

Chemical and related engineering. Chemistry

Utrobin N.P. Technology of Belofor KD-2 Production in Micro-Granular Form (p 79)
Bukatin A.I., Ferapontov Yu.A., Ulyanova M.A., Shubin I.N., Tkachev A.G. Determination of Particles Size of Carbon Nano-Structural Materials Produced by Pyrolysis of Propane Butane Mixture on Metal Catalyst (p 85)
Ostrikov A.N., Kuznetsova I.V., Glukhov M.A., Rudometkin A.S. Differential Thermal Analysis of Wheat and Bean Mixture (p 95)
Kuzmin A.P., Lyashkov V.I., Kuzmin A.A. Determination of Heat Conduction of Manganese Dioxide Powder (p 101)
Vigdorovich V.I., Vervekina N.V., Pudovkina A.Yu., Evseev A.S. Air Pollution on the Highways of Tambov (p 106)
Dvoretsky D.S., Peshkova E.V. Mathematic Modeling and Optimization of the Processes of Fine Organic Synthesis in Terms of Uncertainty (p 119)
Petrenko V.E., Abakumova N.A., Antipova M.L., Borovkov A.V., Ved O.V., Gurina D.L. Topology and Dynamics of Hydrogen Bond Nets in the Water. Computer Modeling Results (p 130)
Glyantsev N.I., Kotov V.V., Stekolnikova N.M., Polyansky K.K. Anodic Oxidation of Copper in Acidic Solutions of Chlorides (p 140)
Peglow M., Kettner Ch., Metzger T., Tsotsas E. An Analytical Population Balance Model for Continuous Fluidized Bed Drying (in German) (p 474)
Ryazhskikh V.I., Nikiforova O.Yu. Mathematical Model of the Process of Continuous Gas Preparation of Cryogenic Connecting Pipelines (p 490)
Antipov S.T., Kitaev S.Yu. Application of Neuron Net in the Course of Statistical Analysis of Quail Eggs Smoking in the Electrostatic Field Apparatus (p 497)
Kostrikin A.V., Kuznetsova R.V., Spiridonov F.M., Linko I.V., Komissarova L.N.,
Ezhov A.I.
Solubility in the System K2O–HfO2·aq-H2O under 25 C (p 502)
Tkachev A.G., Maslov S.V., Pershin V.F. Mechanical Classification of a Catalyst for Manufacturing Carbonic Nanomaterials (p 741)
Shapkin K.V., Stelmakh L.S., Stolin A.M., Baronin G.S. Mathematical Modeling of Reo-Dynamics under Plunger Extrusion of Polymer Materials (p 747)
Kondakova E.Yu., Kombarova P.V., Kilimnik A.B. Electrochemical Behavior of Cobalt Tetrachloro-Disulfophthalocyanin on Glass Carbon (p 755)
Vigdorovich V.I., Zarapina I.V., Lebedeva N.E. Possibilities and Limitations of Method of Evaluation of Constants of Molecular and Anion Compounds by Means of Measuring Limit Cathode Current of Hydrogen Ions Reduction (p 761)
Zhavrin Yu.I., Mukamedenkyzy V., Poyarkov I.V. Instability of Mechanical Equilibrium of Three-Component Gaseous Mixtures in a Two-Channel System (p 925)
Ilyasov L.V., Strekalova M.A. Mathematical Model of Signal of Diffusive Membrane Analyzer of Liquid Media Molecular Mass (p 930)
Tkachev A.G, Tugolukov E.N., Ramm M.S., Karpov S.Yu. Mathematical Modeling of the Process of Carbon Nanostructures Process in Capacitor Type Reactors (p 936)
Popov G.V., Igumenova T.I., Kleymenova N.L., Goryacheva T.P., Meshcheryakova D.V. Research into Properties of Polymer Compositions Using Fullerene-Containing Technical Carbon (p 951)

Mathematics. Physics.

Sazanov A.A. Superposition of Pseudo-Euclidean Metric Properties upon the Complex Plane (p 146)
Minaev A.M., Tyalina L.N. To the Problem of Conductivity of Some Semiconductor Materials (p 159)
Brusentsov Yu.A., Ozarenko A.V., Korolev A.P., Ðopov S.A. Modeling of Conduction Processes in Semiconductor Structures under Ultrasound Effect (p 164)
Kulikov G.M. On the First-Order Seven-Parameter Plate Theory (in English) (p 518)
Fomin V.I. On a Family of Solutions for a Second-Order Linear Differen-tial Equation with Constant Unbounded Operator Coefficients in a Banach Space (p 529)
Sazanov A.A. Isotropic Directions and Pseudo-Orthonormalized Bases on Complex Pseudo-Euclidian Plane (p 549)
Pchelintsev A.N. About Designing Quasi-Periodical Motions of Continuous Periodic Systems (p 564)
Ivanov V.M., Lanovaya A.V., Pechagin E.A., Vinokurov E.B., Manushkin A.A. Research into Magnetic Field of Cracked Conductor by Electronic Optical Moire Images (p 574)
Dzyuba S.M., Repina Yu.E. Quasi-Periodic Solutions in Non-Smoth Dynamic Systems (p 772)
Ivanov V.M, Lanovaja A.V., Pechagin E.A., Vinokurov E.B., Lozenkov A.A. Fractal Structure Genesis of Electron-Optical Moire on Small Extension Magnetic Dispersion Fields (in English) (p 781)
Minaev A.M., Tjalina L.N. To Some Peculiarities of Electronic States in Macro- and Nano-Sized Structures (p 785)
Vasilyeva T.V. Method of Etalon Function for Finding Distribution Function (p 955)
Ivanov V.M., Pechagin E.A., Vinokurov E.B., Lanovaya A.V. Research into Electric Fields of Electrical Equipment in Radio-Electronic (in English) (p 963)
Kuzmin A.Yu., Brusentsov Yu.A., Polyakov E.V., Ilyin V.I., Malikov V.S. Development of Optical Gas Analyzer on the Basis of Selective Transformer of Ray Flows of Low Energy (p 969)

Machine-building. Building-construction. Material science. Metal-working

Mordovin E.D., Nogotkov V.K. Methodology of Identification of Static Indetermination in Conjugations of Disk with Ring Hub and Tyre (p 178)
Ledenev V.V., Savinov Ya.V., Shchukin D.Ð., Peredelkin A.V. Cracked Walls Durability under Combined Effect of Vertical and Horizontal Shearing Loads (p 185)
Zubkov A.F. Development of Production Processes for Construction of Hot-Mixed Asphalt Pavement (synopsis of Preprint No. 18) (p 194)
Ledeneva G.L. Social and Historical Aspects of Forming Architect’s Per-ception (on the Example of Tambov Architects’ Work in the Late 19th – Early 20th Centuries) (p 197)
Ukrainets V.N. Effect of Movable Regular Loads on Thin-Walled Facing of Shallow Tunnel (p 203)
Ledenev V.V., Savinov Ya.V. Stressed Deformation State of Rectangular Walls with Diagonal Smooth Crack (p 578)
Zubkov A.F. About Non-Steady Heat Transfer in the Process of Construction of Pavement of Soft Type (p 589)
Moskvitin S.P., Pudovkin A.P. Ways of Control over Durability of Bimetal Layers Cohesion in the Course of Rolling. (p 789)
Legostaev V.L., Mordovin E.D. Method of Calculation of Torus-Shaped Shells by Membrane and General Theories of Strength (p 795)
Tyu Tkhi Khoang An, Ledenev V.V. Calculation of Bearing Capacity of Pier Foundations (p 802)
Strulev V.M., Voevodkin V.Yu. Bearing Capacity of Sand Bed and Tense Deformation State of Round and Ring-Shaped Foundations (p 809)
Umnova O.V., Yartsev V.P. Load-Carrying and Deformation Ability of Glass Plastic Dowel Joints in Wood Structures with Regard for Time and Temperature of Operation. (p 974)
Vigdorovich V.I., Mishchenko S.V., Tkachev A.G. Nano-Structural Materials and Nano-Technologies. Present-Day State, Problems and Possibilities (Synopsis of Preprint No. 22) (p 983)
Timiryazev V.A., Astakhov V.G. Organization of CAD Dialogue for Machine-Tool Devices (p 986)


Aksenovsky A.V., Gordeev A.S. Peculiarities of Infra-Red Laser Radiation Propagation in the Top of a Tree (p 212)
Smykov R.A. Investment Peculiarities of Broiler Poultry in Russia (p 217)
Kastornov N.P. Pricing Regulation in Regional Dairy Subcomplex (p 223)
Alalina O.N. Use of Agricultural Land in Tambov Region (p 229)
Mishchenko S.V., Odnolko V.G., Vorobyov Yu.V., Rodionov Yu.V., Popova I.V., Bukin A.A., Skripnikov Yu.G., Mitrokhin M.A. Maintenance of Long Storage of Fruit and Vegetable Products Using Vacuum Technique with Preliminary Ozone Processing (p 598)
Kopytkov V.V. Compositions for Plant Root System Processing and their Viscosity (p 605)
Gumarov G.S., Vedishchev S.M. Technological Calculation of Watering Place on the Basis of Small Rate Shaft (p 611)
Kapustin V.P., Krenavi A.M., Komarova E.A. Effect of Automotive-Tractor Park on the Environment (p 619)
Kulyaev A.V., Shipovskiy A.K. Role of Spring Barley Sort and Farming Practices for the Yield and its Quality under the Conditions of Tambov Region (p 624)
Zharikov V.D., Zharikov R.V. Priorities in Development of Agriculture in Region (p 814)

Engineering pedagogics

Malygin E.N., Krasnyansky M.N., Karpushkin S.V., Ostroukh A.V., Chaukin Yu.V. Àpplication of Virtual Simulators for Training Students of the Chemical Technology Type and Improvement of Professional Skills of Chemical Enterprises Personnel (in English) (p 233)
Bazavova T.V., Glazunov A.T. Teachers’ Staff Formation in Terms of Program-Oriented Management of Professional School (p 239)
Popov G.V., Zabegalina T.V., Nazina L.I. Information Technologies in Education (p 991)

Economics and social sciences

Kapitonov E.N., Kapitonov I.E. 125th Anniversary of Ivan Aleksandrovich Tishchenko (p 248)
Mishchenko S.V., Ponomarev S.V., Trofimov A.V., Pekina S.S. Procedure of Internal Audit of Quality Control System at Engineering Industrial Enterprise (p 253)
Serebrennikov G.G. System and Component Analysis of Company Business Media (p 264)
Kalinin V.F., Ivanova S.A., Ermolaev A.E. Universities and Research Institutes as Infrastructure for Transition to Innovation Economics (p 275)
Mishchenko E.S. Informatization of Education in the Context of Innova-tion Processes (p 285)
Chernavsky M.Yu. M.N. Katkov and B.N. Chicherin: Conservative and Liberal Interpretation of Gegel’s Dialectics (p 291)
Zharikova M.V. Improvement of People’s Quality of Life: Gender Approach (p 300)
Bershadsky A.M., Epp V.V. Forecasting of Regional Demand for Highly Qualified Specialists (p 303)
Riabtseva E.V., Arestova A.A. Îrganization of Reading Comprehension Control for Students Studying a Foreign Language at Technical Institute of Higher Education (in English) (p 308)
Makeeva M.N., Tsilenko L.P., Kopelnik V.I. The Urgent Need of Modern Engineer (in English) (p 317)
Pozhilova V.E., Grigoryeva V.S. Special Lexis in Publicist Discourse: Normative Aspect (in German) (p 324)
Laiko I.E. Ways of Presenting Author’s View in Vladimir Maximov’s Plays (p 330)
Burakhina O.A., Slezin A.A. Economic Results of Students’ Construc-tion Units Work in Tambov Region (p 336)
Groshev I.V. Sexual, Gender and Individual Differences in Sickness Rate: Medical and Sociological Aspect (synopsis of Preprint No. 19) (p 346)
Frolov S.V., Frolova T.A., Tyutyunnik V.M. Nobel Prize and the Development of Medical and Technical Science (p 630)
Chikireva V.M. University Norms and Standards of Consumption as Constituting Elements of Global Middle Class (p 644)
Galyukova M.I. Man’s Health as Social and Philosophical Value (p 654)
Slezin A.A. State Function of Political Control: Peculiarities of Law Enforcement Action 821
Kopelnik V.I., Tsilenko L.P. England in Art Interpretation of the World of E.I. Zamyatin (in English) 826
Belyaev A.A. Komsomol Members’ Pastime in Early 1950s Reflected by Local Press (p 999)
Minaev A.M., Tyalina L.N. Information Approach to the Problem of Didactics in Technical University (p 1004)

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