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Transactions of the TSTU

Four-Language Scientific-Theoretical and Applied Multidisciplinary Journal

(by the main topics; in the authors alphabet)

Automation. Information. Control. Instruments

Analysis of Energy-Saving Control over Multidimensional Objects
Yu.L. Muromtsev1, V.A. Pogonin2, R.V. Grebennikov1
Departments: “Designing of Radio-Electronic Devices and Microprocessor Systems” (1), “Information Process and Management” (2), TSTU

Key words and phrases: hybrid model; method of synthesizing variables; multidimensional object.
Abstract: The set of tasks of energy-saving control over multidimensional objects is studied; the approach based on the principle of maximum and the method of synthesizing variables are proposed for their analysis. Conceptual propositions of this approach are given.

Modeling of Historical and Biblical Processes and Events
V.I. Levin
Department “Scientific Technologies”, Penza State Technological Academy

Key words and phrases: flows characteristics; generation flow; historical process; influence-controlled.
Abstract: The problem of the link between characteristics of generation flows and external influence on them is studied. Theorems determining the possible types of characteristics under stationary effects are proved. Under non-stationary effects algorithms for determining characteristics of the flow by given effects and reverse are given. The examples are given.

Research into Features for Determination of the Number of Cars in Rolling Stock through TV Image
A.S. Afanasenko, B.S. Timofeev
St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrument Engineering

Key words and phrases: experimental results processing; image processing; video examination on railway transport.
Abstract: The paper is devoted to the analysis of television imaging of moving rolling stock in order to identify the number of cars and division of video materials into fragments corresponding to separate cars. The quantitative features, enabling to identify the moment of cars joint, are studied. On the basis of processing real video data the dependencies of true and false identification of joint by every feature from the threshold operation are obtained. Possible ways of improving the system reliability are proposed, options for decision-making by a feature set are considered.

Research into Tractive Characteristics of Electromagnet of Hydroacoustic Equipment Release
A.B. Shtefan
“Yuzhmorgeologia”, Gelendzhik

Key words and phrases: electromagnet with high tractive characteristic; membrane; release.
Abstract: Theoretical and experimental research into designed plunger electro-magnet of direct current is carried out. Electromechanical characteristics for different magnetizing coils enabling to choose the one necessary for reliable work of executive mechanism of release are developed.

Safety Improvement of Electrical Equipment of Electric Networks with Isolated Neutral under One-Ðhase Partial Ground
A.I. Gavrichenko1, V.A. Chernyshov1, E.A. Pechagin2
Orel State Agrarian University (1); Department «Electrical Equipment and Automation», TSTU (2)

Key words and phrases: electrical equipment operation; electrical safety; isolated neutral; labor protection; one-phase partial ground; step voltage; village electri-cal networks.
Abstract: The method and device for its implementation are proposed; they ensure safe operation of electrical networks with isolated neutral under tension through one-phase partial ground. The design of register indicator enabling to carry out effective detection of damage point in the line of electric power transmission under tapped off voltage is shown.

Comparative Research into Efficiency of Various Methods of Cepstral Description of Speech Signals in Tasks of Recognition
Kh.M. Akhmad
Department of Computing, Vladimir State University

Key words and phrases: methods of cepster analysis; speech signal.
Abstract: Various methods of cepster analysis of speech signals and their efficiency for recognition tasks are considered.

ICF-Ontology for Analysis of Documents via Semantic Web Technology
D.I. Kashirin
Ryazan State Radio-technical University

Key words and phrases: descriptive logics; documents analysis; formal systems; ontology; pertinent document search; ALC grammar; ICF ontology; OWL; Semantic Web.
Abstract: Application of general ICF ontology oriented at the description and analysis of the system of various subject areas examining these notions at different angels is considered. DL logic and ALC grammar modification non-destructing the semantics of logic with regard for resolution property and enabling to use the taxonomy introduced in ICF ontology is given.

Aerodynamic Control over the Density of Granular Materials
S.V. Epifanov1, D.M. Mordasov1, N.A. Bulgakov2, A.V. Trofimov1
Departments: “Automated Systems and Devices”(1); “Physics” (2) TSTU

Key words and phrases: density measurement; granular material; porosity.
Abstract: Aerodynamic (jet) method of control over density of granular materials is considered; it enables to exclude the operation of measuring the sample mass and to determine the set of parameters like porosity, bulk density and density of grain material particles through experimental research. The description of the structure and principle of operation of the device realizing the designed method is given.

Temperature Influence on Reactive Components of Conductimetric Cell Impedance
V.V. Yarmolenko
Department of Chemistry, TSTU

Key words and phrases: average resonant frequency of hydrated ions fluctuations; capacity; inductance.
Abstract: The influence of temperature on the values of reactive components of conductimetric cell impedance containing potassium chloride is stated; capacity component of impedance doesn’t depend on the temperature; inductance component reduces linearly and average resonant frequency of hydrated potassium and chlorine ions fluctuations goes up with temperature increase. The equations of dependence of inductive resonance and average resonant frequency of hydrated potassium and chlorine ions fluctuations on temperature are given.

Device for Studying the Mechanism of Electrode Processes by Method of Oscilloscope Voltamperemetry
E.E. Degtyareva, A.B. Kilimnik
Department of Chemistry, TSTU

Key words and phrases: module «ÀÑÐ-ÑÀÐ 16/16 Sigma USB»; oscilloscope voltamperemetry; platinum microelectrode.
Abstract: On the basis of the Module «ÀÑÐ-ÑÀÐ 16/16 Sigma USB» and personal computer the device for studying the mechanism of electrode processes by method of oscilloscope voltamperemetry on platinum microelectrode is developed. It is shown that when applying signals form electrochemical cell to inputs 1 and 2 of Module «ÀÑÐ-ÑÀÐ 16/16 Sigma USB» in the mode «oscillograph – X, Y» the values of time t, tension E and derivative dE/dt is recorded in digital format into the computer memory. With the help of Microsoft Excel package the produced values are used to construct the plot of E as a function of t and dE/dt as a function of E necessary to examine the electrode process.

Interference Margin of Algorithm of Wireless Data Transfer on the Basis of Modulation of Noise Type Signal Repetition Interval
A.S. Grigoryev, A.A. Dakhnovich
Department “Radioelectronic Home Appliances”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: autocorrelation function; digital processing of signals; interference margin; noise type signals; possibility of symbol error.
Abstract:Interference margin of the way of data transfer on the basis of modula-tion of the noise type signal repetition interval is described. The comparison of interfer-ence margin of the described method and the traditional one is carried out.

Chemical and related engineering. Chemistry.

Instability of Mechanical Equilibrium of Three-Ñomponent Gaseous Mixtures in a Two-Ñhannel System
Yu.I. Zhavrin, V. Mukamedenkyzy, I.V. Ðoyarkov
Kazakh National University named after al-Faraby, Almaty

Key words and phrases: concentration convection; gas diffusion; molecular diffusion; multi-component diffusion; unstable diffusion process.
Abstract: Applying two-flask apparatus the mixing processes of binary mixtures of propane and hydrocarbon dioxide into nitrous oxide are studied. The experiments have been carried out on a variety of initial gases arranged in the flasks of diffusion channel according to pressure, concentration of mixing components and geometrical sizes of diffusion channel. The mixing conditions and limits of transfer within the frame “molecular diffusion – concentration convection” under certain thermo-dynamical and geometrical parameters are identified.

Mathematical Model of Signal of Diffusive Membrane Analyzer of Liquid Media Molecular Mass
L.V. Ilyasov, M.A. Strekalova
Department “Automation of production Processes”, Tver State Technical University

Key words and phrases: knudsen diffusion; porous membrane; thermo-conductimetric gas detector.
Abstract: Mathematical model of signal of diffusive membrane analyzer for liquid media molecular mass is described; it is based on the phenomenon of Knudsen diffusion of substance fumes through porous membrane. The conditions of carried out experimental testing of mathematical model of analyzer signal are described.

Mathematical Modeling of the Process of Carbon Nanostructures Process in Capacitor Type Reactors
A.G. Tkachev1, E.N. Tugolukov1, M.S. Ramm2, S.Yu. Karpov3
Department “Equipment and Technology of Mechanical Engineering”, TSTU (1); Physical Òechnical Institute after A.F. Ioffe of RAS (2); “Soft Impact” Ltd., St. Petersburg (3)

Key words and phrases: capacitor type reactor; catalytic pyrolysis of hydrocarbons; metal catalyst; synthesis of carbon nanomaterials.
Abstract: Peculiarities of formation mechanism and growth of carbon nanostructures are studied under the realization of the method of gas-phase chemical carbon sedimentation in the course of catalytic pyrolisis of hydrocarbons in the experimental reactor of capacitor type. The approach to mathematical modeling of the process of carbon nanomaterials synthesis in the reactor with motionless layer of catalyst is presented.

Research into Properties of Polymer Compositions Using Fullerene-Containing Technical Carbon
G.V. Popov1, T.I. Igumenova2, N.L. Kleymenova1, T.P. Goryacheva1, D.V. Meshcherekova1
Departments: “Quality Control and Engineering Technologies” (1), “Technology of Polymers Processing” (2), Voronezh State Technological Academy

Key words and phrases: crystallization; fullerene; fullerene-containing technical carbon; physical mechanical properties; rubber mixture; shungite.
Abstract: The effect of modification of nanocarbon additives on physical mechanical properties of rubber mixtures is studied. As a result, the deposit produced under electric arc synthesis from carbon cores in the atmosphere of purified helium is used as a modification.

Mathematics. Physics.

Method of Etalon Function for Finding Distribution Function
T.V. Vasilyeva
Department “Automated Systems”, Irkutsk State Technical University

Key words and phrases: distribution function; Fourier row; Legendre polynomial; the task of function restoration.
Abstract: The method of distribution function restoration by empirical data through decomposition into Fourier row in orthogonal system of space functions L2 is proposed. Two sufficient criteria are proved; on their basis the conclusion is made about empirical data belonging to a certain type of distribution function.

Research into Electric Fields of Electrical Equipment in Radio-Electronic (in English)
Ivanov V.M., Pechagin E.A., Vinokurov E.B., Lanovaya A.V.
Departments: «Electrical Equipment and Automation» (1), «Higher Mathematics» (2), TSTU

Key words and phrases: electron optical moire effect; moire pattern.
Abstract: In this article electric field density is measured with the help of electron optical moire effect. Experimental research was carried out to obtain shadow electron-optical views of uniform and non-uniform extraneous fields, which enable to visualize the topology picture of the given field, whereas deflection amount of distorted grid shadow view on the screen serves as disturbing field measuring value. It was stated out that obtained topological moire model of investigated fields can be used as measurement assurance in field investigation.

Development of Optical Gas Analyzer on the Basis of Selective Transformer of Ray Flows of Low Energy
A.Yu. Kuzmin, Yu.A. Brusentsov, E.V. Polyakov, V.I. Ilyin, V.S. Malikov
Department “Materials and Technology”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: infrared spectrum; narrow zone semiconductor; optical gas analyzer; spectrum distribution.
Abstract: The design of optical gas analyzer on the basis of selective initial measuring transformer for registration of gas absorption spectra is proposed.

Machine-Building. Construction.Material Science. Metal-Working

Load-Carrying and Deformation Ability of Glass Plastic Dowel Joints in Wood Structures with Regard for Time and Temperature of Operation
O.V. Umnova, V.P. Yartsev
Department “Construction of Buildings and Structures”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: dowel curve; dowel joints; glass plastic; long-term resistance coefficient; operation mode coefficient; pinhole bearing; stressed state; thermo-activation concept of deformation and destruction of solid body.
Abstract: Mechanisms of deformation and destruction of dowel joints in wooden structures under thermo-mechanical load are identified. Empirical equations of dependence of load-carrying and deformation ability of glass plastic dowel joints on temperature are proposed. The equations of durability of glass plastic dowel joints depending on the level of stress in regular temperature and humidity conditions from the point of thermo-activation concept of deformation and destruction of solid body are produced. The method of calculation of dowel joints in wooden structures with regard for increased temperature and time of operation effect is developed.

Nano-Structural Materials and Nano-Technologies. Present-Day State, Problems and Possibilities
V.I. Vigdorovich, S.V. Mishchenko, A.G. Tkachev
Department: “Chemical Technology of Organic Substances” (1), “Automated Systems and Devices” (2), “Technics and Manufacturing Engineering Production” (3), TSTU

Key words and phrases: carbon nano-tubes; fullerenes; nano-fibers; nano-films; nano-metals; nano-structural materials; nano-technologies; reacting power; self-organization.
Abstract: Theoretical and practical aspects of nano-structural materials production as well as existing and potential technologies and their application are con-sidered. Matters of synthesis and application of nano-structural materials, their deriva-tives, fullerenes, nano-carbon tubes and fibers, their chemical properties and reacting power are represented.

Organization of CAD Dialogue for Machine-Tool Devices
V.A. Timiryazev, V.G. Astakhov
Moscow State Technological University «STANKIN»

Key words and phrases: dialogue; information; maintenance.
Abstract: The paper deals with the process of preparing data, which is to be input and output in the system of automated designing of machine-tool devices. Input and output of information is based on the dialogue, which is regulated by the task itself. Meeting the requirements stated in the given paper enables to design devices quickly and efficiently and produce a set of designing documents for machine-tool devices.

Engineering Pedagogic

Information Technologies in Education
G.V. Popov, T.V. Zabegalina, L.I. Nazina
Department “Quality Control and Engineering Industry Technologies”, Voronezh State Technological Academy

Key words and phrases: control map; correlation analysis; scattering diagram; statistic stability; succession.
Abstract: The methodology of evaluation of quality control over educational process at university with the help of statistic control instruments is proposed. The methodology is based on the analysis of students’ performance using Shukhart’s control maps to evaluate statistic stability of educational process, reproducibility indexes and its suitability to meet the existing requirements, as well as correlation analysis to reveal and establish interdisciplinary links. It is proposed to launch at Voronezh State Techno-logical Academy as a separate element «Dean’s Office».

Economics and Social Sciences

Komsomol Members’ Pastime in Early 1950s Reflected by Local Press
A.A. Belyaev
Department of History and Philosophy, TSTU

Key words and phrases: content analysis; Komsomol; newspaper; pastime; youth.
Abstract: On the basis of content analysis of publications from local Komsomol newspaper «Molodoi Stalinets» main features of Tambov youth’s pastime in early 1950s are revealed.

Information Approach to the Problem of Didactics in Technical University
A.M. Minaev, L.N. Tyalina
Department of Foreign Languages, TSTU

Key words and phrases: the degree of abstraction; didactic systems; formal and effective volumes of academic information; the level of learning; a piece of academic information; the speed of learning.
Abstract: The matters linked to the statement of the task of teaching, grounding for sufficient volume of academic information, the speed of learning and the time required to learn this information are discussed. The results of research into the given didactic parameters on the example of the subject «Physical Metallurgy» are given.

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