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Automation. Information. Control. Instruments

Development and Organization of Automated Information System for High Technology Chemical Enterprise Management
B.S. Dmitrievsky
Departaments «Information processes and management», TSTU

Key words and phrases: automated information system; business process; decomposition; functional information model; high technology chemical enterprise; information flow.
Abstract: Matters of methodology of building-up automated information systems of high technology chemical enterprise management are considered; those are based on the process approach. Recommendations on the construction of functional information models for high technology production are given.

Administrating Control over Production Output Using the System of Modeling Dynamic Processes
V.A. Nemtinov, Yu.V. Nemtinova, D.S. Russkikh
Department «Automated Designing of Production Equipment», TSTU

Key words and phrases: industrial production; modeling of discrete dynamic systems; SIMUL8 system.
Abstract: The approach enabling to organize administrating control over the process of manufacturing target products with the help of the system of imitation modeling of discrete dynamic processes on the example of multi-assortment chemical production is considered.

Methods of Selection of Conflicting Criteria Set
Yu.V. Bugaev, O.L. Polushina
Department of Mathematical Modeling of Information and Technology Systems, Voronezh State Technological Academy

Key words and phrases: criteria conflict; Pareto set.
Abstract: The method of reducing the number of criteria of the task of multi-criteria optimization is proposed. The result is the complex of really conflicting criteria, i.e. the group of such criteria, in which the improvement of any of them leads to deterioration of the others.

Adaptive Algorithm of Radar Image Auto-Focusing
S.V. Sakharov1, M.M. Yarushkin1, D.A. Dmitriev1,2
Tambov Higher Military Aviation Engineering College of Radio-electronics (Military Institute) (1);
Department «Automated Systems and Devices», TSTU (2)

Key words and phrases: inverse synthesis of aperture; radar image; resolution
Abstract: Recurrent algorithm of auto-focusing on the basis of multi-channel adaptive system is developed; it enables to form stable evaluation of phase change to the resolution element with most intensity in radiolocation system with inverse synthesis of aerial aperture.

Identification of Dynamic Automats
V.I. Levin
Department Penza State Technological Academy

Key words and phrases: automated control; automated devices; Boolean functions.
Abstract: The task of identification of logic functions realized in discrete dynamic systems (automats) is considered. The conditions of existence and uniqueness of the solution to the task are found. It is shown, that the solution is based on the construction of the system of logical Boolean functions by automat table, showing the given correlation «input processes – output processes» of the discrete system.

Representation of Diverse Knowledge in the Systems of Decision-Making Support
D.V. Morozov
Department «Automated Systems of Control», Tambov Higher Military Aviation Engineering College of Radio-Electronics (Military Institute)

Key words and phrases: diverse data; identity function; knowledge representation; stochastic indicators.
Abstract: The problems of accurate, probable and fuzzy data reduction to single formal representation for further processing in the systems of decision-making support are considered.

System Analysis of Operate Reliability of Extended Transport Objects
V.V. Chetvertnova
Irkutsk State University of Railroad Service

Key words and phrases: factor analysis; geo-deformation influence; improvement of the object system; reliability of railroad; system analysis.
Abstract: The system approach enables to project the findings of the past decades in the area of geodynamics to the operate reliability of transport system of railroads. The evaluation of the possibility of control over the factor «geo-deformation influence» is given.

Radio Transmission of Super-Weak Radio Signals on the Basis of General-Purpose Micro-Controllers
A.S. Grigoryev, A.A. Dakhnovich, P.A. Storozhev, D.A. Krechetov
Department «Radioelectronic Home Appliances», TSTU

Key words and phrases: digital processing of signals; frequency and phase manipulations; micro-controller; radio transmission of super-weak radio signals; quad-rature processing of incoherent signals.
Abstract: The possibility of designing devices for radio transmission of data with the help of super-weak radio signals and types of transmission and reception of such signals on the basis of general-purpose micro-controllers is studied.

Conceptual Model of Optimal Designing of Electro-Ìechanical Systems with Brushless Direct Current Motor
S.A. Vinokurov
Department of Automatics and Information Science in Technical Systems, Voronezh State technical University

Key words and phrases: brushless direct current motor; conceptual model; electro-mechanical system.
Abstract: The methodology of optimal designing of electro-mechanical systems with brushless direct current motor is developed. The algorithm of optimal designing is proposed; generalized mathematical dependences are given and analyzed.

Methodology of Translation of Graphic Presentation of Company Business Process in Colored Petri Net
D.V. Alexandrov, D.N. Fadin
Department of Information Systems and Information Management, Vladimir State University

Key words and phrases: business processes; business processes transformantion; colored Petri nets; XML.
Abstract: The paper deals with matters associated with transformation of company business processes into the form acceptable for simulation modeling. The method of such transformation is proposed; the algorithm of converting business process description from XDPL format into XCPNL format is presented.

Method of Designing Software for the System of i.PORTAL Websites Control
K.S. Lebedev
Department «Automated Systems», Irkutsk State Technical University

Key words and phrases: Internet applications; method of designing applications for i.Portal MSE; the system of control over i.Portal websites.
Abstract: The structure and advantages of the method of designing software for the Internet on the basis of the system of control over i.Portal websites are considered; this method enables to formalize the organization of the work in the course of designing software. The method includes three levels: requirements control, quality control and application design.

Detection of Beginning and End of Speech in Waveform Using its Magnitude
H.M. Ahmad
Department of Computer Science, Vladimir State University

Key words and phrases: beginning of the phrase; end of the phrases; speech information.
Abstract: The problem of identification of speech limits in waveform and the proposed algorithm of its solution using the medium-sized waveform magnitude are considered.

Identification of Maximum Value of Metrological Characteristic of Analogue Block of Measuring Channel of Designed Electronic Measuring Device
R.V. Ivashkin, T.I. Chernyshova
Department «Radio-Ålectronic Home Appliances», TSTU

Key words and phrases: metrological characteristic; metrological reliability.
Abstract: The methodology of identification maximum value of metrological characteristic of analogue blocks is presented.

Microwave Method of Measuring Dielectric Penetrability and Dielectric Losses of Rubber Mixtures
N.A. Malkov
Department «Radio-Electronic Home Appliances», TSTU

Key words and phrases: dielectric penetrability; microwave frequencies; resonator method; rubber mixture.
Abstract: Resonant microwave method of measuring dielectric penetrability and dielectric losses under the research into technological parameters of rubber mixtures quality is considered. The correlation between resonant frequencies, geometric parameters of the sample and its dielectric penetrability are obtained.

Influence of Electrode Surface Area on the Accuracy of Reactive Components of Impedance
A.B. Kilimnik, V.V. Yarmolenko
Department «Chemistry», TSTU

Key words and phrases: electrode surface area; impedance; medium ionic resonant frequencies.
Abstract: The influence of the area of electrodes surface of conductimetric cell on the results of calculation of reactive components of impedance and medium ionic resonant frequency of hydrated ions fluctuations is studied. It is shown, that the minimum calculation error of reactive components of impedance and medium ionic resonant frequency equals to geometric area of electrode surface, which accounts to 0,5 sm2 approximately.

Chemical and related engineering. Chemistry.

An Analytical Population Balance Model for Continuous Fluidized Bed Drying
M. Peglow, Ch. Kettner, T. Metzger, E. Tsotsas
Otto-von-Guericke-Universitat, Magdeburg, Germany

Key words and phrases: drying; fluidized bed; moisture measurement; nu-clear-magnetic-resonance; population balance.
Abstract: Drying in fluidized beds is of great practical significance because of good performance, low investment and maintenance costs and robustness of the respec-tive equipment. Traditional modeling approaches for continuous dryers consider the disperse solids as a phase with average properties such as particle size, moisture content and enthalpy. To gain a better understanding of the interaction between process condi-tions, material properties and product quality the traditional drying models basing on averages need to be extended to describe the effect of distributed material properties. For this extension the concept of population balances provides the adequate framework. In this paper the simplest possible analytical solution for particle moisture distribution in a continuous, well mixed fluidized bed dryer is presented. These solutions enable to easily investigate and discuss the influence of parameters like single-particle drying curve and particle flow rate (residence time) on the distribution of residual moisture in the product. Additionally a new technique is presented to measure the moisture distribu-tions of the dried solids. The experimental results are compared with the population balance model.

Mathematical Model of the Process of Continuous Gas Preparation of Cryogenic Connecting Pipelines
V.I. Ryazhskikh, O.Yu. Nikiforova
Department «Higher Mathematiccs», Voronezh State Technological Academy

Key words and phrases: connecting fittings; continuous gas preparation; cryogenic liquid.
Abstract: On the basis of representations of flow structure (combination of zones of ideal mixing and displacing) the model with concentrated parameters is proposed; it enables to forecast the dynamics of changes in concentration of connecting pipelines of cryogenic systems.

Application of Neuron Net in the Course of Statistical Analysis of Quail Eggs Smoking in the Electrostatic Field Apparatus
S.T. Antipov, S.Yu. Kitaev
Voronezh State Technological Academy

Key words and phrases: electrical smoking; neuron nets; research results processing; smoking.
Abstract: The process of smoking pickled quail eggs in electrostatic field apparatus is studied. As a result of experimental data processing we’ve created neuron net which adequately describes the examined process of smoking in electrostatic field. To model the process we’ve carried out optimization of the produced network. Optimal intervals of input parameters providing the greatest intensity of the process under minimum energy costs are determined according to its results.

Solubility in the System K2O–HfO2·aq–H2O under 25 °C
A.V. Kostrikin1, R.V. Kuznetsova1, F.M. Spiridonov2, I.V. Linko3, L.N. Komissarova2,
A.I. Ezhov3

Michurinsk State Agrarian University, Michurinsk (1);
Moscow State University after M.V. Lomonosov (2);
Russian University of People’s Friendship, Moscow (3)

Key words and phrases: hydrated hafnium dioxide; solid phase; solubility isotherm; thermal decomposition sceme.
Abstract: The solubility in the system K2O–HfO2·aq-H2O under 25 °C is studied. Forming the compounds HfO2·H2O; K2Hf2O5·9H2O and K2Hf(OH)2·0,5H2O is found out. These compounds are characterized by physical and chemical methods of analysis.

Mathematics. Physics.

On The First-Order Seven-Parameter Plate Theory
G.M. Kulikov
Department of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, TSTU

Key words and phrases: finite rotations; first-order plate theory; large rigid-body motion.
Abstract: A first-order seven-parameter theory of plates undergoing finite rota-tions is developed. The precise representation of large rigid-body motions in the dis-placement patterns of the plate elements is considered. The fundamental unknowns con-sist of six in-plane and transverse displacements of the face planes and an additional transverse displacement of the midplane. Because of thickness stretching the 3D equa-tions of Hooke's law are utilized. However, no thickness locking can be observed in the proposed plate model. This is demonstrated by analytical and numerical studies of the isotropic plate bending.

On a Family of Solutions for a Second-Order Linear Differential Equation with Constant Unbounded Operator Coefficients in a Banach Space
V.I. Fomin
Department of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, TSTU

Key words and phrases: Banach space; characteristic operator; generator of semi-group; operator-function; operator discriminant; resolvent; semi-group.
Abstract: Two-parameter families of solutions for the above-mentioned equation under the operator discriminant being positive or equal to null are found.

Isotropic Directions and Pseudo-Orthonormalized Bases on Complex Pseudo-Euclidian Plane
A.A. Sazanov
Department «High and Applied Mathematics», Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology after M.V. Lomonosov

Key words and phrases: isotropic vectors; main basis vectors; main coefficients of directions; pseudo-orthogonal vectors; pseudo-orthonormalized bases.
Abstract: Metrical characteristics of isotropic vectors and pseudoorthonormalized bases on the pseudo-Euclidian plane are considered in connection with complex linear relations with complex linear relations between vectors. Invariability of isotropic directions as well as symmetry of pseudo-orthogonal two-way directions related to iso-tropic direction separating them are revealed. Deterministic dependence of vector’s coordinates related to arbitrary pseudo-orthonormalized right basis upon the complex coordinate of the same vector in relation to the first main basis vector of the complex pseudo-Euclidian plane is obtained.

About Designing Quasi-Periodical Motions of Continuous Periodic Systems
A.N. Pchelintsev
Department of Distributed Computing Systems, TSTU

Key words and phrases: continuous periodic systems; discrete dynamic system; periodic shift operator; Poisson’s stability; quasi-periodic motion.
Abstract: The description of the general method of designing quasi-periodic motions of continuous periodic systems is given. The example of designing such motions in the system, describing the process of heat distribution in unlimited plate is shown.

Research into Magnetic Field of Cracked Conductor by Electronic Optical Moire Images
V.M. Ivanov, A.V. Lanovaya, E.A. Pechagin, E.B. Vinokurov, A.A. Manushkin
Department «Electrical Equipment and Automation», TSTU

Key words and phrases: electro-magnetic field; field distortion with defects; moire.
Abstract: Information criteria of evaluation of inhomogeneous magnetic fields in small volumes in the form of asymmetry coefficient of moire pattern and fractal dimensionality are proposed. Dependencies of these criteria on the length of edge crack in flat current conductor are found out. It is shown, that changes in the asymmetry coefficient of moire pattern around the defects of hole type edge crack is similar to the known distribution of electro-magnetic energy in these areas, that can be a measure of evaluation of this energy around non-conducting defects.

Machine-Building. Construction.Material Science. Metal-Working

Stressed Deformation State of Rectangular Walls with Diagonal Smooth Crack
V.V. Ledenev, Ya.V. Savinov
Department «Construction of Buildings and Structures», TSTU

Key words and phrases: bearing capacity; crack; stressed deformation state; wall model.
Abstract: Ìethodology of accounting the reduction in the bearing capacity of brick and concrete walls with through crack is developed. The number of experiments aimed at identification of the functions of the influence of crack parameters on walls durability is carried out. The results of mathematical modeling of walls with stepped crack are given. The comparative analysis of the results of experimental and mathematical modeling is given.

About Non-Steady Heat Transfer in the Process of Construction of Pavement of Soft Type
A.F. Zubkov
Department «Civil Construction and Highways», TSTU

Key words and phrases: asphalt-concrete mixture; pavement; pavement placement duration; temperature of layer.
Abstract: The process of cooling pavement made from hot asphalt-concrete mixtures in the course of highways construction is studied. As a result of modeling heat processes in pavement it is found out that cooling of hot mixture fits the laws of non-steady heat transfer. It is necessary to calculate temperature modes by average tempera-ture of placed layer of pavement. The calculation temperature can be that of the layer within one-thirds from the surface of placed layer.


Maintenance of Long Storage of Fruit and Vegetable Products Using Vacuum Technique with Preliminary Ozone Processing
S.V. Mishchenko1, V.G. Odnolko2, Yu.V. Vorobyov3, Yu.V. Rodionov3, I.V. Popova3, A.A. Bukin4, Yu.G. Skripnikov5, M.A. Mitrokhin5
Departments: «Automated Systems and Apparatus» (1), «Construction of Buildings» (2), «Theory of Machines, Mechanisms and Machine Elements» (3), «Polymeric Manufacturing Engineering and Packing Production» (4), TSTU; department «Technologe of Storing and Processing of Plants Products» (5), Michurinsk State Agrarian University

Key words and phrases: vacuum containers; vacuum characteristics of medium; regulated atmosphere; ozone treatment.
Abstract: The review of the conditions of storing fruit and vegetable products is given. The main drawbacks of the existing methods are revealed. The new way of storing is proposed; experimental device for its instrumentation is developed.

Compositions for Plant Root System Processing and their Viscosity
V.V. Kopytkov
Institute of Engineering Metal Polymer Systems after V.A. Belyi, NAN Belarus, Gomel, Belarus

Key words and phrases: conventional viscosity; polymer composition; root system; temperature; water-soluble polymer.
Abstract: The efficiency of using the developed compositions in the course of planting woods is established. The equations describing dependencies of viscosity of compositions for root systems processing under different temperatures and concentra-tions of target additives are obtained. The results of calculations are compared to experimental data.

Technological Calculation of Watering Place on the Basis of Small Rate Shaft
G.S. Gumarov1, S.M. Vedishchev2
Department «Òechnologies and Means of Agriculture Mechanization», Western Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University after Zhangir khan (1); Department «Mechanization of Agriculture», TSTU (2)

Key words and phrases: calculated livestock; pressure pipe; water consumption; water discharge; watering place.
Abstract: The results of research into establishing functional parametrical links between elements of watering place are given. The obtained analytical expressions are recommended for technological calculation of watering place on the basis of small rate shaft.

Effect of Automotive-Òractor Park on the Environment
V.P. Kapustin, A.M. Krenavi, E.A. Komarova
Department «Mechanization of Agriculture», TSTU

Key words and phrases: carbon oxide; exhaust gas; hydrocarbons; nitrogen oxide; pollution; smoke.
Abstract: The kinds of automotive-tractor machines effect on the environment as well as the ways of reducing the harmful effect of exhaust gas are considered. The scheme of classifying the ways and means of reducing harmful effect of automo-tive-tractors on the environment is given.

Role of Spring Barley Sort and Farming Practices for the Yield and its Quality under the Conditions of Tambov Region
A.V. Kulyaev1, A.K. Shipovskiy2
Inspectorate of Tambov region, FGU «Gossortkomissiya» (1); Department of Land Farming and Melioration, Michurisnk State Agrarian University (2)

Key words and phrases: agrarian machinery; extractivity; fertilizers; grain.
Abstract: The results of the research into productivity and the quality of grain of new and future sorts of spring barley are given. It is found out that the following sorts: Annabel, Astoria, Chakinskiy 221, Euro prestige, Priazovskiy 9 give the grain yield higher than standard or at its level and they can be recommended for production. The number of sorts, such as Gonar, Ataman, Annabel, Astoria, Odesskiy 115, Pria-zovskiy 9, Chakinskiy 221 give the yield of 35–40 centners per hectare and meet the requirements of national standards 5060-86 for brewing sorts.

Economics and Social Sciences

Nobel Prize and the Development of Medical and Technical Science
S.V. Frolov1, T.A. Frolova2, V.M. Tyutyunnik3
Department: «Biomedical Equipment» (1), «Computer-aided Design of the Process Equipment» (2), TSTU; Tambov Branch of MGUKI (3)

Key words and phrases: computer topography; crystallographic electronic microscope; cyclotron; electrocardiogram; electrophoretic method of analysis of biological liquids; front chromatography; laser; magnet resonant topography; scanning tunneling microscope; string galvanometer; translucent electronic microscope; X-ray radiation.
Abstract: It is shown, that thanks to the achievements of Nobel prize winners in the area of natural science, i.e. chemistry, physics, physiology and medicine medical and technical sciences were formed and developed. Having analyzed the works of six-teen scientists, Nobel Prize winners the integration of medical and technical sciences is shown.

University Norms and Standards of Consumption as Constituting Elements of Global Middle Class
V.M. Chikireva
D Institute of Social and Economic Problems, Russian Academy of Science, Moskow

Key words and phrases: globalization; investment consumption behavior; middle class; social stratification; universal standards of consumption.
Abstract: The analysis of general results of deep interviewing of Russian middle class representatives, which was carried out by the author in 2007 is presented. The hypothesis about dominant and determining character of consumption in investment saving strategy of the majority of this social strata representatives is put forward; the problem of the key role of consumption standards in the system of value universals is considered.

Man’s Health as Social and Philosophical Value
M.I. Galyukova
Urals Branch of Russian Academy of Justice

Key words and phrases: health; individual; norm.
Abstract: The examined problem of man’s health belongs to inter-disciplinary ones. Theoretical and practical tasks connected with it are raised in psychology, medicine, neurophysiology, cybernetics, jurisprudence, pedagogiocs, etc. Integrative synthetic and philosophical methodological approach to the problem is used.

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