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Automation. Information. Control. Instruments

Method of Non-Destructive Control of Metalfluoroplastic Materials
A.N. Bannikov, T.I. Chernyshova
Department «Radioelectronic Home Appliences», TSTU

Key words and phrases: material heat conduction; metalfluoroplastic material; running-in layer.
Abstract: Method of control over runningin layer thickness of metalfluoroplastic banded material as well as concentrations of its components are described.

Application of Project Patterns for Designing of Computer-Aided Systems
E.A. Chertkova
Department “Òechnical Cybernetics and Automatics”, Moscow State University of Engineering Ecology

Key words and phrases: architecture; artefact; objectoriented designing; pat-tern; repetitive application.
Abstract: The strategy of repetitive application of patterns in the course of objectoriented designing of programming systems is studied. Application of one of the patterns categories, i.e. project patterns (Decorator and Strategy) in the models of computer-aided systems is described.

Improvement of Accuracy of Barbotage Method of Measuring Liquid Density
M.M. Mordasov, M.N. Barshutina, D.M. Mordasov
Department “Automated Systems and Devices”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: accuracy improvement; barbotage method; control liquid; density measurement; dipping depth; gas feed tube; maximum pressure in gas bubble; the number of bubbles.
Abstract: Theoretical and experimental research into the influence of dipping depth of gas feed tube in control liquid on the accuracy of liquid density measurement using barbotage method is carried out. Method improving the accuracy of density meas-urement under small dipping depth of gas feed tube on the account of measuring maxi-mum pressure in gas bubble and the number of bubbles coming through the liquid layer is proposed. The results of experimental research of the proposed method are given; conclusions on the degree of its accuracy are made.

Ontological Approach to the Creation of Knowledge-Based System of Control over Company Business Processes
D.V. Alexandrov, N.N. Zhebrun
Department of Information Systems and Information Management, Vladimir State University

Key words and phrases: business processes; knowledge; ontological systems of control over business processes.
Abstract: The paper deals with the matters of control over company business processes. Model of business processes based on the formalized subject areas is considered; conceptual model of knowledge-based system of control over business processes is presented.

Designing of Client-Oriented Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals
Horoub Hazem Khaled, Yu.L. Muromtsev, Z.M. Selivanova
Department “Designing of Radioelectronic and Microprocessor Systems”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: clients classification; conceptual model; testing algorithm.
Abstract: Conceptual model applied to designing client-oriented interactive electronic technical manuals is proposed; on its basis clients classes, model structure and its components are determined. Testing algorithm enabling to determine the level of user training and the required manual is designed.

Modeling of Heat Transfer in Non-Destructive Thermophysical Control. Part I. Heating Stage
N.F. Mainikova1, N.P. Zhukov2, A.S. Chekh2, S.S. Nikulin2
Departments: “Theory of Machine Mechanisms and Machine Parts” (1), “Hydraulics and Heat Engineering” (2), TSTU

Key words and phrases: heat capacity; heat conduction; non-destructive con-trol; spherical semi-space; temperature field; thermal activity.
Abstract: Adequacy of mathematicl model of heat transfer in spherical semi-space to actual heat process under non-destructive thermo-physical control is studied. Heating stage from flat round heating source of permanent power is considered. Visu-alization of temperature fields in the item – probe system is implemented.

Indexes of Data Communication Fidelity in Adaptive Short Wave Channels of Communication
A.Yu. Buzin1, A.Yu. Zarubin2, I.I. Malyshev3
Voronezh Military Institute of Radioelectronics (1); Tambov Military Aviation Engineering Institute (2); “Concern “Constellation” PLC, Voronezh (3)

Key words and phrases: channel of communication; control results; fading of received signal; particular fidelity criteria.
Abstract: Production of statistic characteristics of errors grouping in short-wave radio channel and the selection of the possibility of error signal reception or the equiva-lent possibility of error as the fidelity index enables to obtain true results of control of discrete data communication fidelity in the course of short-wave radio communication session and apply multi-parameter methods of adaptation effectively.

Conductimetric Cell for Measuring Reactive Components of Impedance
A.B. Kilimnik, V.V. Yarmolenko
Department of Chemistry, TSTU

Key words and phrases: conductometric cell; impedance; inductance; me-dium-ion resonant frequency; potassium chloride; capacitance.
Abstract: The effect of conductometric cell design on the results of measuring reactive components of impedance and medium-ion resonant frequency of oscillations of hydrated ions is studied. It is shown, that linearity of dependence C –1 on f 2 takes place only in the cell of the first type. This effect is explained by lumped resistance in the area with small inner tube diameter in the cell of the first type; it weakens the inter-connection of two oscillatory circuits formed by cell electrodes. Measurement results in the cell of this type enable to calculate reactive components of impedance and medium-ion resonant frequency. Relative error of measurements doesn’t exceed 5 %.

Aggregation Operators in Fuzzy Diagnostic Models of Production Processes of Extended Objects
S.A. Sakulin
Moscow State Technical University after N.E. Bauman

Key words and phrases: Choquet integral of the 2nd order; ambiguous diagnos-tic model; aggregation operator; extended objects production; theory of fuzzy measures.
Abstract: The set of fuzzy diagnostic models based on the aggregation operators applied to production processes of extended objects is studied. Aggregation operators obtained through the theory of fuzzy measures and Choquet integral are considered. The general form of aggregation operator for the examined set of fuzzy diagnostic models is obtained. The method of visualization for aggregation operator on the basis of Choquet integral of the 2nd order is proposed.

Mutual Approximation of Discrete and Continuous Laws of Distribution
I.G. Karpov1, S.V. Ovsyannikov2
Department Desighning of Radioelectronic Devices and Microprocessor Systems”, TSTU (1); Department of Radio Communication (Aviation), Tambov Higher Military Aviation Engineering School of Radioelectronics (Military Institute) (2)

Key words and phrases: continuous and discrete laws of distribution; random variables.
Abstract: The new approach to mutual approximation of discrete and continuous laws is proposed as the result of comparative analysis of their basic numerical character-istics.

Chemical and related engineering. Chemistry.

Technology of Belofor KD-2 Production in Micro-Granular Form
N.P. Utrobin
Department “Chemical Technology of Organic Substances”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: granular drying; nano-materials additives; optical bleaching agents; recycle; thermal decomposition.
Abstract: Matters of micro-granulation of optical bleaching agent (belofor KD-2) through layer-by-layer deposition of shallow fraction using materials improving adhe-sive properties of thin disperse particles are considered. Mathematical description, which allows calculating production parameters of the process under minimum destruc-tion of controlled substance, is proposed.

Determination of Particles Size of Carbon Nano-Structural Materials Produced by Pyrolysis of Propane Butane Mixture on Metal Catalyst
A.I. Bukatin, Yu.A. Ferapontov, M.A. Ulyanova, I.N. Shubin, A.G. Tkachev
Corporation “Roskhimzashchita” PLC (1), Department «Technics and Manufacturing Engineering Production», TSTU (2)

Key words and phrases: carbon nanomaterials; disperse composition; inertial separation of particles.
Abstract: The research into disperse composition of carbon nano-structural mate-rials produced by pyrolisis of propane butane mixture on metal catalyst by the method based on inertial separation of particles is done.

Differential Thermal Analysis of Wheat and Bean Mixture
A.N. Ostrikov1, I.V. Kuznetsova1, M.A. Glukhov1, A.S. Rudometkin2
Voronezh State Technological Academy (1); “United Bakers – Pskov” PLC, Pskov (2)

Key words and phrases: dehydration process; differential thermal analysis; endothermic effect peaks; thermolysis process kinetics; wheat and bean mixture.
Abstract: Evaluation of water state in grain mixture of wheat and bean designed for extrusion is made through differential thermal and thermogravimetric analyses. The research into the dependences of wheat and bean mixture decomposition has determined the beginning and the end of dehydration process, its maximum velocity, endothermic effect peaks accompanied by evaporation. The analysis of obtained data has enabled to identify temperature zones, which correspond to evaporation with different energy pro-duced in the course of thermal decomposition of wheat and bean mixture.

Determination of Heat Conduction of Manganese Dioxide Powder
A.P. Kuzmin1, V.I. Lyashkov2, A.A. Kuzmin3
Departments: “Chemistry” (1), “Hydraulics and Heat Engineering” (2), TSTU Moscow Engineering Physical Institute (3)

Key words and phrases: heat conduction; manganese dioxide.
Abstract: Evaluation of heat conduction of manganese dioxide MnO2 for mono- crystals is carried out through the comparison of properties of substances with similar structure and for powder – through the method of generalized conductivity. Experimen-tal research into heat conductivity is implemented. Acceptable fit of estimated and ex-perimental results is obtained.

Air Pollution on the Highways of Tambov
V.I. Vigdorovich, N.V. Vervekina, A.Yu. Pudovkina, A.S. Evseev
Department “Analytical Chemistry and Ecology”, Tambow State University after G.R. Derzhavin

Key words and phrases:air; ecotoxines; gasoline, diesel engines; maximum permissible concentrations; meteorological conditions.
Abstract The content of the number of ecotoxines in the air of Tambov is studied. The results of real concentration of polluters are presented in the form of average maximum permissible concentrations of ecotoxines. The influence of meteoro-logical conditions including the speed of wind on actual concentration of polluters in the air is considered.

Mathematic Modeling and Optimization of the Processes of Fine Organic Synthesis in Terms of Uncertainty
D.S. Dvoretsky, E.V. Peshkova
Department “Production Equipment and Food Technologies”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: allowed mode areas; azopigments; diazotization; sta-tionary mode; turbulent tube reactors; uncertain parameters.
Abstract:The approach to modeling and optimization of chemical and techno-logical systems in terms of uncertainty is considered. The equations of mathematical model of continuous process of diazotization taking place in tube reactor are given. The research into allowed mode areas is done; one- and two-stage tasks of stochastic optimi-zation of diazotization reactor unit of tube type with “rigid’ and “soft” limits are formu-lated. The results of the solution to the tasks of optimization in terms of uncertainty are discussed.

Topology and Dynamics of Hydrogen Bond Nets in the Water. Computer Modeling Results
V.E. Petrenko1, N.A. Abakumova2, M.L. Antipova1, A.V. Borovkov1, O.V. Ved1, D.L. Gurina1
Institute of Chemistry of Solutions RAS, Ivanovo (1); Department of Chemistry, TSTU (2)

Key words and phrases: hydrogen bonds; molecular interactions; molecular dynamics method; structural and thermo-dynamic properties of liquid water.
Abstract: Topological and dynamic characteristics of hydrogen bond nets in the water are calculated through the method of classical molecular dynamics using different model potentials. It is found out that taking into account specific molecular interactions of oxygen and hydrogen atoms leads to the increase in average number of hydrogen bonds per water molecule owing to extra stabilization of tetrahedrally coordinated molecules. It is shown that life cycle of hydrogen bonds characterizes correlation of motion of closely located molecules in coordinated spheres of central molecule.

Anodic Oxidation of Copper in Acidic Solutions of Chlorides
N.I. Glyantsev, V.V. Kotov, N.M. Stekolnikova, K.K. Polyansky
Department of Chemistry, Voronezh State Agrarian University named after K.D. Glinka

Key words and phrases: complex ion of copper; diffusion area; ionization stage; polirizarion curves; rotating disk electrode.
Abstract: Oxidation of copper in chloride solutions on the rotating disk electrode is studied through the method of polarization curves. It is shown, that controlling process in diffusion area of oxidation is removal of complex ions of copper. While the potential increases, diffusion control transmits into mixed one with the controlling stage of electrons chipping. Instability constants of complex copper compounds, transfer co-efficient and exchange current at ionization stage are determined.

Mathematics. Physics.

Superposition of Pseudo-Euclidean Metric Properties upon the Complex Plane
A.A. Sazanov
Department of High and Applied Mathematics, Lomonosov State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology, Moscow

Key words and phrases: complex plane; complex pseudo-Euclidean multiplication of vectors; main basis vectors; main directions on the complex pseudo-Euclidean plane; the space of Minkowski.
Abstract: Pseudo-Euclidean metrical properties may be superimposed on the complex plane by determining the commutative operation of complex pseudo-Euclidean multiplication of vectors. This operation does not ensure real positive value of the complex pseudo-Euclidean square of vector, but the first component of complex pseudo-Euclidean product of any vectors is identified with the scalar pseudo-Euclidean product of these vectors, that allows to apply the ordinary formulae as axiomatic definitions for length and angle. Thus we reveal that pseudo-Euclidean metrical properties of the plane are bound with the complex linear relations between its vectors.

Òî the Problem of Conductivity of Some Semiconductor Materials
A.M. Minaev, L.N. Tyalina
Department “Materials and Technology”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: conduction mechanism; covalent semiconductors; ion compounds; nickel oxide; photo effect; spinel; zone structure.
Abstract: Problems associated with conduction mechanisms of covalent semi-conductors such as germanium and ion chemical compounds on the example of nickel oxide and manganese nickel spinel are discussed. Experimental results of these materials photoconduction are given.

Modeling of Conduction Processes in Semiconductor Structures under Ultrasound Effect
Yu.A. Brusentsov, A.V. Ozarenko, A.P. Korolev, S.A. Ðopov
Department Materials and Technology, TSTU

Key words and phrases: electrical conduction of semiconductor; primary measurement transducer; ultrasound effect.
Abstract: It is proposed to use semiconductor materials as sensor elements of primary measurement transducers of mechanical deformations produced under ultra-sound effect. The possibility of using these materials in designing of deformation sen-sors and ultrasound fluctuations detectors is shown.

Machine-building. Ñonstruction.Material Science. Metal-Working

Methodology of Identification of Static Indetermination in Conjugations of Disk with Ring Hub and Tyre
E.D. Mordovin, V.K. Nogotkov
“Zavod Tambovpolimermash PLC, Tambov

Key words and phrases: central perture disk; closed round ring; Lame formu-las; steam chambers of vulcanizers; bayonet lock.
Abstract: The given method is designed to reveal static indetermination in nodes of disk conjugations with ring hub and tyre under steady axis symmetrical irregular heating.

Cracked Walls Durability under Combined Effect of Vertical and Horizontal Shearing Loads
V.V. Ledenev, Ya.V. Savinov, D.Ð. Shchukin, A.V. Peredelkin
Department “Construction of Buildings and Structures”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: destruction mechanism; load-carrying ability; stepped shearing crack; stress concentration; wall.
Abstract: Åxperimental results with cracked wall models are given. Experimental series aimed at revealing the function of basic crack parameters influence on walls du-rability are described. Wall deformation mechanism is studied.

Development of Production Processes for Construction of Hot-Mixed Asphalt Pavement
A.F. Zubkov
Department “Construction Engineering and Highways”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: asphalt concrete mixture; pavement; rollers; contact stress; temperature mode; construction technology.
Abstract: Methodology of developing production processes for construction of hot-mixed asphalt pavement is proposed; it’s based on the correlation between the limit of the ultimate strength of hot-laid mixture and contact stress under the roller. Stress-strain relations are produced; those help select machines parameters with regard for recommended temperature modes for hot-laid mixtures.

Social and Historical Aspects of Forming Architect’s Perception (on the Example of Tambov Architects’ Work in the Late 19th – Early 20th Centuries)
G.L. Ledeneva
Department “Architecture and Construction of Buildings, TSTU

Key words and phrases: Tambov architects; the end of XIX – beginning of XX centuries; social and historical aspects; specific character of creative work.
Abstract: We proceed from the assumption that architects’ work is the results of their perception of the creative method and other aspects of the world. Social and historical prerequisites determining the specific character of designing creative work are described. The analysis is carried out on the basis of biographical data, archive resources and the works of Tambov architects at the end of XIX – beginning of XX centuries.

Effect of Movable Regular Loads on Thin-Walled Facing of Shallow Tunnel
V.N. Ukrainets
Pavlodar State University, Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakh Republic

Key words and phrases: cylinder function; elastic semi-space; Fourier inte-grals; Fourier rows; Lame potentials; movable load; shallow tunnel.
Abstract: Using the solution to the task of elastic semi-space reaction to regular load moving along stiffened thin-walled shell of round cavity we’ve studied elastically deformed state of the shallow tunnel under the influence of stepped regular load sym-metrical over vertical diameter of cross-section tunnel. The results of calculations are presented in the form of diagrams of elastically deformed state of working contour and earth surface.


Peculiarities of Infra-Red Laser Radiation Propagation in the Top of a Tree
A.V. Aksenovsky1, A.S. Gordeev2
Departments: “Mechanization of Production and Processing of Agricultural Products” (1),“Electrification and Automation of Agriculture” (2), Michurinsk State Agrarian University

Key words and phrases: laser radiation; the top of a tree.
Abstract: Infra-red radiation propagation in the top of a tree is considered. The research data enabling to draw a conclusion about the use of laser propagation process-ing of tree fruits are presented; they are aimed at designing methods of processing which can increase the storage time of the products.

Investment Peculiarities of Broiler Poultry in Russia
R.A. Smykov
Department of Economics of Agro Industrial Complex, Michurinsk State Agrarian University

Key words and phrases: broiler poultry; development of inter-economic coop-eration; integrated agro-industrial corporations; principles of investment projects or-ganization.
Abstract: The results of analysis of broiler poultry conditions in Russia are given. The directions of its development on the basis of big integrated agro-industrial corporations using foreign investments are considered. The versions of investment pro-jects in broiler poultry in Russia with regard for the particularity of their organization are proposed.

Pricing Regulation in Regional Dairy Subcomplex
N.P. Kastornov
Department of Economics of Agro Industrial Complex, Michurinsk State Agrarian University

Key words and phrases: dairy subcomplex; pricing regulation; recommended price.
Abstract: Taking into account the cost of products the farms having the biggest specific output in dairy production have been selected from agricultural enterprises groups of Tambov region; thus the recommended price have been calculated.

Use of Agricultural Land in Tambov region
O.N. Alalina
Administration of Federal Agency of Real Estate Cadastre in Tambov Region

Key words and phrases: agricultural land; agricultural meliorated land; crop-land; soil degradation.
Abstract: The use of agricultural land is considered. Main users of agricultural land are identified. Basic reasons for agricultural land degradation are given. Meliorated land state is shown.

Engineering Pedagogic

Àpplication of Virtual Simulators for Training Students of the Chemical Technology Type and Improvement of Professional Skills of Chemical Enterprises Personnel (in English)
E.N. Malygin1, M.N. Krasnyansky1, S.V. Karpushkin1, A.V. Ostroukh2, Yu.V. Chaukin1
Department “Computer-aided Design of the Process Equipment”, TSTU (1); Department “Automated Control Systems”, Moscow State Automobile & Road Technical University (2)

Key words and phrases: distant education; virtual simulator.
Abstract: The structure and contents of training and control system formed on the basis of LabVIEW programming environment are presented. The system can be used in training students of chemical technology type and chemical enterprises personnel.

Teachers’ Staff Formation in Terms of Program-Oriented Management of Professional School
T.V. Bazavova1, A.T. Glazunov2
Volgodonsk College of Energetic Engineering (1); Institute of Teaching Content and Methods, Russian Academy of Education, Moscow (2)

Key words and phrases: development program of educational institution; educational audit; innovation processes; teaching competence improvement.
Abstract: Educational management involves construction of teaching process on the basis of strategic planning, which includes the objective and criteria of its achievement. All the criteria should be quantitative and qualitative. They can form the basis for external educational audit, which enhances optimal and effective modernization of educational institution giving benefits to all participants of educational market. Introduction of any innovation in the development of educational institution requires constant training and re-training of teaching and managerial staff. This training should be aimed at the solution to individual problems of professional development.

Economics and Social Sciences

125th Anniversary of Ivan Aleksandrovich Tishchenko
E.N. Kapitonov, I.E. Kapitonov
Department “Machinery and Technology of Engineering Industry”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: biography; development of a scientist; sugar-beet production.
Abstract: Biographical data and main stages of development of one of the organizers of chemical engineering specialists’ training in USSR, professor Ivan Aleksandrovich Tishchenko are given.

Procedure of Internal Audit of Quality Control System at Engineering Industrial Enterprise
S.V. Mishchenko, S.V. Ponomarev, A.V. Trofimov, S.S. Pekina
Department “Automated Systems and Devices”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: engineering industrial enterprise; internal audit; quality control system.
Abstract: The analysis of existing methods of internal audit is carried out. The procedure of internal audit of quality control system with regard for engineering industrial enterprise is developed.

System and Component Analysis of Company Business Media
G.G. Serebrennikov
Department “Economics and Management, TSTU

Key words and phrases: component analysis; structure analysis; system analy-sis; system entropy.
Abstract: Distinguishing features of system element and component analysis of economic processes are considered. It is suggested to unite these two methods within the framework of structure analysis of company micro-media. Practical results of struc-ture analysis of companies’ micro-media of the actual economy sector are given.

Universities and Research Institutes as Infrastructure for Transition to Innovation Economics
V.F. Kalinin1, S.A. Ivanova2, A.E. Ermolaev3
Departments: «Electrical Equipment and Automation» (1), «Company Management» (2), «Analytical Center of Economic Development» (3), TSTU

Key words and phrases: advanced technology sectors of economy; federal target programs; higher educational institutions; innovation clusters; national projects; regional scientific, industrial and educational infrastructure; research and engineering organizations; specific economic zones; techno parks.
Abstract: Possible strategy within the framework of state policy based on the ex-isting scientific and educational resources and legislative regulations is described; it is aimed at changes in the economic structure in favor of advanced technology industries.

Informatization of Education in the Context of Innovation Processes
E.S. Mishchenko
Department Company Management», TSTU

Key words and phrases: education; information approach; innovation.
Abstract: Basic approaches to the development of the concept and instruments of innovation investments in training specialists of innovation sphere are considered. The requirements to information media of the process are formulated. Main models of education informatization in innovation sphere are shown.

M.N. Katkov and B.N. Chicherin: Conservative and Liberal Interpretation of Gegel’s Dialectics
M.Yu. Chernavsky
Department of Philosophy, Moscow Pedagogical State University

Key words and phrases: civil society; conservative dialectics; dialectics; dia-lectic triad and tetrad; individuality; legitimate state; national spirit; self-awareness.
Abstract: The paper is devoted to the analysis of M.N. Katkov’s and B.N. Chicherin’s views on the dialectic ideas. The synthesis of Gegel’s dialectic triad and the number of conservative ideas to provide coherent reasoning for autocratic government is considered (M.N. Katkov); the analysis of modernized dialectics – the tetrad, which contains classical dialectic triad and the fourth element, liberal principles is given (B.N. Chicherin).

Improvement of People’s Quality of Life: Gender Approach
M.V. Zharikova
Department Economic Analysis, TSTU

Key words and phrases: employment; gender measurement; income; state sup-port.
Abstract: Possibilities of improving quality of life of retired women and unwed mothers are considered.

Forecasting of Regional Demand for Highly Qualified Specialists
A.M. Bershadsky, V.V. Epp
Department of CAD, Penza State University

Key words and phrases: educational services; employment; labor market; social and economic sphere.
Abstract: Matters of harmonization of regional demand for highly qualified specialists and their supply as well as methods of short-term and medium-term forecast are considered.

Îrganization of Reading Comprehension Control for Students Studying a Foreign Language at Technical Institute of Higher Education (in English)
E.V. Riabtseva, A.A. Arestova
Department of Foreign Languages, TSTU

Key words and phrases: Detailed Questions; Detail Questions about What Is Not in the Passage; Inference Questions; Main Idea Questions; Reading Comprehension Skills; Reading for Details; Reading for Inference; Reading for Main Ideas; Questions for Locating Details; Reference Questions; Reading for Reference and Vocabulary; Vo-cabulary Questions.
Abstract: The main problems connected with teaching and examining Reading Comprehension Skills in a foreign language at university level are overviewed. The aims for each type of questions checking-up Reading Skills of students of technical spe-cialities are formulated. The strategies for answering reading comprehension questions are introduced. The sample test is given as an example.

The Urgent Need of Modern Engineer (in English)
Makeeva M.N., Tsilenko L.P., Kopelnik V.I.
Department of Foreign Languages, TSTU

Key words and phrases: language for special purposes; the global language theory; world-wide qualification of ingineering graduates.
Abstract: This article explores how English Education in technical university should be renewned and is based on the belief that language mediation plays a signifi-cant role for human development and learning. This paper supports the idea that English has become the global language because it has become a vital part of international soci-ety, culture and the economy. Whether you're aiming to be a professor or a reporter, a doctor or a banker, comunicative competence can give you what it takes to succeed. Teaching should not only focus on the development of linguistic knowledge but also help to foster students' abilities to learn and think independently as their awareness of identity.

Special Lexis in Publicist Discourse: Normative Aspect
V.E. Pozhilova, V.S. Grigoryeva
Department of German Philology, Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin (1); Department of Foreign Languages, TSTU (2)

Key words and phrases: abstract nouns; interpretation; language subsystem; lexical rating; metalanguage means; norm-creative reflection; publicist discourse; spe-cialist languages; special word.
Abstract: The paper is devoted to the research into the problem of lexical rating in modern German. The object of description is special words and phrases possessing socio-cultural value in publicist written discourse of the past decades. Such words as Postmodernismus, Diskurs, das Biedermeier, Vorurteil, Multie-Options-Gesellschaft reflect the text producer’s ability of cultural reference. The given lexis is considered from the point of linguistic pragmatics. The attention is given to typological description of metalanguage means of interpretation of semantic and pragmatic contents of special words.

Ways of Ðresenting Author’s View in Vladimir Maximov’s Plays
I.E. Laiko
Department of Russian Philology, TSTU

Key words and phrases: artistic means dynamics; author’s intention; concep-tual domain; heading symbolism; motive structure; semantic dominant.
Abstract: The problem of revealing the author’s intention in the works of foreign Russian writer V.E. Maximov is studied on the basis of his plays “Call Signs of your Parallels”, “Echo at the End of August”, “Stand over the Line”, “Man is Alive”.

Economic Results of Students’ Construction Units Work in Tambov Region
O.A. Burakhina, A.A. Slezin
Department of History and Philosophy, TSTU

Key words and phrases: construction unit; fighter; patriotism; self-support; time link; voluntary labor.
Abstract: The paper summarizes the results of production work of students con-struction units in Tambov region in 1968–1991.

Sexual, Gender and Individual Differences in Sickness Rate: Medical and Sociological Aspect
I.V. Groshev
Tambov State University after G.R. Derzhavin

Key words and phrases: anamnesis; anatomic feature; causal determinacy; clinical problem; organism systems; somatic diseases.
Abstract: The problem of relation between gender and different diseases is studied on the basis of integrated approach. Age, sexual and gender differences in sickness rate typology, anamnesis and consequences of diseases are analyzed. It’s the first time the attempt to analyze systematically and generalize the data on the given problem has been made; causal determinacy has been explained.

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