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Automation. Information. Control. Instruments

Methods and Means of Control over the Parameters of Condensed Media Containing Nano-Structural Components
V.P. Shelokhvostov, V.N. Chernyshov
Departments: «Materials and Technology» (1), «Criminal Law and Computerization of Legal Activity» (2), TSTU

Key words and phrases: condensed media; clusters; energy streams; excitons; methods and means of control; metrological analysis; nano-sized objects; quantum pits; resonant interactions; stable energy levels; structural states.
Abstract: Methods and means of control over the state of condensed media con-taining nano-structural components are considered; their classification is given; peculi-arities of control over the parameters of media, containing nano-structural objects are shown. Physical and mathematical models, describing structural states, energy streams and resonant interactions in condensed media are created. The complex of original methods of carrying out research into parameters of condensed media, containing nano-structural components is developed. The method of optical resonant determination of additives of super-small concentrations in pure media as well as resonant conductimetric method of detection and identification of carbon nano-objects and the method of identification nano-objects on the basis of electronic optical moire are proposed. Experimental results verifying the adequacy of these models and operating capacity of the proposed methods and means of control over the state of condensed media containing nano-objects are given. Metrological analysis of the developed methods and means of control over the condensed media is carried out for the first time; it is based on the use of natural stan-dards described through fundamental physical characteristics with regard for primary standards. Metrological support of cumulative measurements used in the identification (characterization) of nano-objects in condensed media is proposed.

Algorithm of Operative Solution the Task of Optimal Energy-Saving Control over Electric Furnaces Set
Yu. L. Muromtsev, A.I. Machikhin
Department «Construction of Radio-Electronic Means and Microprocessor System», TSTU

Key words and phrases: electric furnaces set; energy-saving control; Johnson’s algorithm; operative solution to the task; quasi-optimal schedule of thermal processing; simulated modeling; vector criterion of optimality.
Abstract: Algorithm for operative compiling of optimal schedule of thermal processing of parts in electric furnaces is proposed. Minimization if total time of planned task completion and total energy expenses is chosen as criterion for optimality. The results of simulated modeling show that using this algorithm of schedules the criteria values differ from those under optimal schedule by 5 % at least.

Microwave Nondestructive Testing under Nondestructive Control over Quality of Magnet Dielectric Materials and Coatings
A.A. Panov1, P.A. Fedyunin1,
D.A. Dmitriev1, 2

Tambov Higher Military Aviation Engineering College of Radio-electronics (Military Institute) (1); Department “Automated Systems and Devices”, TSTU (2)

Key words and phrases: dielectric penetrability; fractal dimension; Holder’s index; magnet penetrability; microwave nondestructive testing; nondestructive control; surface slow wave.
Abstract: Methods enabling to control the surface quality, localization and visualization of inhomogeneities are given. The task of determination of geometric and electro-physical parameters of surfaces is solved. The possibility of analysis of interconnection of the surface structural levels by a wide scope of identifying values of Holder’s indexes is given.

Continuous Logic Algorithms of Solution to Combined Tasks
V.I. Levin
Penza State Technological Academy

Key words and phrases: continuous logic; final dynamic automat; interposi-tion of intervals sequences.
Abstract: The class of combined tasks equivalent to the task of determination of interposition of n interval sequences is formulated. It is shown that adequate mathematical model of solution to the given task is final dynamic automat without memory and adequate mathematical apparatus is continuous logic. Algorithms of solution are constructed. The example is given.

Generalized Stochastic Model of Multiplicative Disturbances in Communication Channels
A.Yu. Buzin1, A.Yu. Zarubin2, I.I. Malyshev3
Voronezh Military Institute of Radio-electronics (1); Tambov Military Aviation Engineering Institute (2); «Concern «Sozvezdie» plc, Voronezh (3)

Key words and phrases: additive noise; generalized stochastic models; multiplicative disturbances.
Abstract: generalized stochastic model of transmission coefficient of non-Gaussian radio channel taking into account multi-beam distribution of radio waves and effect of multiplicative disturbances is proposed.

Application of Algorithms for Search and Analysis of Information for Websites Categorization
C.V. Svechnikov
Federal State Institution “National Research Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications” (“Informika”), Moscow

Key words and phrases: content filtration; information processing; text analy-sis; thematic categorization system; websites categorization; websites search.
Abstract: The approach to creating algorithms of search, analysis and categoriza-tion of websied is proposed. The solution to the task of indexation and automated cate-gorization of Internet websites through terms individualization and giving weight coef-ficients to them is presented; thus enabling to evaluate the content of the website quickly and efficiently. Matters associated with the evaluation of categorization quality as well as tasks of selecting and processing websites data are considered.

Identification of Pitch via Method of Production of Speech Signal Spectrum Harmonics
H.M. Ahmad
Department of Computer Science, Vladimir State University

Key words and phrases: age; gender; identification; speaker.
Abstract: The approaches to the solution of the task of pitch identification in speech signal by means of production of signal spectrum harmonics are considered.

Classification of Symbols Recognition Mistakes in Printed Editions in Old-Time Orthography
V.D. Solovyov1,2, I.S. Margulis2
Kazan State University (1); Institute of Information Problems of Science Academy of Republic of Tatarstan (2)

Key words and phrases: old Russian text; old-time Russian orthography; text recognition.
Abstract: The given statistics and analysis can be of use for automated post-correction of recognized documents and improvement of recognition algorithms.

Some Aspect of Open Architecture of Vertical Educational Portals
A.V. Silaev
Federal State Institution «National Research Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications» («Informika»), Moscow

Key words and phrases: information demand; open architecture; search machine; service interaction; vertical educational portal.
Abstract: In the course of further development and improvement of the system of federal educational Internet portals the most promising is the task of information integration of vertical educational portals (VEP) with various educational portals/websites and horizontal portal «Rusian education». Application of the principles of open architecture for VEP gives a number of advantages like access to educational resources through search machines of global search, unification and distribution of VEP services.

Information Technologies of Designing Energy-Saving Control Systems
D.Yu. Muromtsev
Department «Designing of Radio-Electronic and Microprocessor Systems», TSTU

Key words and phrases: complete task analysis; model of control task; a set of functioning states; synthesis tasks.
Abstract: Matters of developing information technologies for designing algorithmic maintenance of energy-saving systems of control over dynamic objects are considered. Results of the analysis and synthesis of optimal control on the set of functioning states are given.

Chemical and related engineering. Chemistry.

Mechanical Classification ofa Catalyst for Manufacturing Carbonic Nanomaterials
Tkachev A.G., Maslov S.V., Pershin V.F.
The Department “Machinery and Technology of Engineering Industry” (1), Applied Mechanics and Strength of Materials (2)

Key words and phrases: grating; Markov chains; mechanical classification.
Abstract: The task of mechanical classification of a catalyst, which is used in the production of carbonic nanomaterials, is considered.

Mathematical Modeling of Reo-Dynamics under Plunger Extrusion of Polymer Materials
Shapkin K.V., Stelmakh L.S., Stolin A.M., Baronin G.S.
Department “Theory of Machines, Mechanisms and Machine Parts”, TSTU (1); Institute of Chemical Physics Problems of RAS, Chernogolovka (2); Institute of Structural Macro-kinetics and Problems of Material Science of RAS, Chernogolovka (3)

Key words and phrases: compression kinetics; reo-dynamic model of flow; solid phase extrusion.
Abstract: Solid phase technology enables to solve fundamental tasks of creating new composite materials with improved physical and mechanical properties and wide opportunities of application in industry. Method of mathematical modeling is rather effective under optimization of experimental schemes of processes of solid phase plunger extrusion. The most favorable practical modes of distribution of material den-sity after solid phase extrusion are installed.

Electrochemical Behavior of Cobalt Tetrachloro-Disulfophthalocyanin on Glass Carbon
Kondakova E.Yu., Kombarova P.V., Kilimnik A.B.
Department of Chemistry, TSTU

Key words and phrases: glass carbon; cobalt tetrachlordisulphophtalotsianin; cycle voltamperemetry.
Abstract: Applying the method of cycle voltamperemetry at the temperature 298,301,303, 308 K, the sweep speed of potential reaching 20 and 50 mVps and the number of electrode revolutions350 min–1 electrochemical behavior of cobalt Tetra-chloro-disulfophthalocyanin on disk electrode from glass carbon is studied. It is stated that central cobalt ion in cobalt Tetrachloro-disulfophthalocyanin is reconstructed into two reversible single electron stages. Ĺ1/2, I = 0,05V, Ĺ1/2, II = –0,14V at the sweep speed of 20 mVps, and at the sweep speed of 50 mVps semi-waves potentials shift by 0,02 V in the negative direction. The dependence of limiting current of cathode waves on the concentration of cobalt Tetrachloro-disulfophthalocyanin is linear and goes through the origin of coordinates. The scheme of reconstruction reactions – cobalt ion oxidation in cobalt Tetrachloro-disulfophthalocyanin is proposed. The obtained results can be used for development of the processes of electrochemical synthesis of cobalt Tetrachloro-disulfophthalocyanin with various degree of central cobalt ion oxidation.

Possibilities and Limitations of Method of Evaluation of Constants of Molecular and Anion Compounds by Means of Measuring Limit Cathode Current of Hydrogen Ions Reduction
A.V. Vigdorovich V.I., Zarapina I.V., Lebedeva N.E.
Department «Chemical Technologies of Organic Substances», TSTU

Key words and phrases: arsenic acid; dehydroarsenate; hydroarsenate;
Abstract: Method of calculation of constant protoning using limit cathode current is developed. Constants of pyridine protoning as the functions of solution composition in the system of ethylene glycol – water are produced. Possibilities of the method are evaluated.

Mathematics. Physics.

Quasi-Periodic Solutions in Non Smooth Dynamic Systems
S.M. Dzyuba, Yu.E. Repina
Departments: «Distributed Computing Systems» (1), «Information Processes and Control» (2), TSTU

Key words and phrases: quasi-periodic solutions; recurrent trajectories and minimal sets; non smooth dynamic systems.
Abstract: Definition of quasi-periodic solution to scored dynamic system is introduces. It is shown that recurrent trajectories, which can be found in compact minimal set, are the ones described by quasi-periodic solutions. That’s why every compact minimal set consists of trajectories described by quasi-periodic solutions.

Fractal Structure Genesis of Electron-Optical Moire on Small Extension Magnetic Dispersion Fields (in English)
Ivanov V.M, Lanovaja A.V., Pechagin E.A., Vinokurov E.B., Lozenkov A.A.
Department «Electrical Equipment and Automation», (1); «Higher Mathematics» (2), ĂÎÓ ÂĎÎ «ŇĂŇÓ»

Key words and phrases: electromagnetic field; field distortion by defects; moire.
Abstract: Information criteria for small volume non-uniform magnetic field evaluation as the factor of moire pattern and fractal dimension asymmetry were sug-gested. Dependence of these criteria on crack edge length in flat current conductor was found. It was shown that alteration of moire pattern asymmetry round hole-type distor-tions and edge cracks are similar to known electromagnetic energy distribution in these regions. This fact can serve as grade dimension of energy concentration round non-conducting distortions.

To Some Peculiarities of Electronic States in Macro- and Nano-Sized Structures
Minaev A.M., Tjalina L.N.
Department “Materials and Technology”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: electron energy; electron wavelength; wave function; the number of allowed energies in nano-and macro-crystals; wave vector.
Abstract: Matters of application of classical physical theory for description of electron states in nano-sized crystal structures as well as physical content of such notions as wave function, electron wave, de Broglie wave are discussed.

Machine-Building. Construction.Material Science. Metal-Working

Ways of Control over Durability of Bimetal Layers Cohesion in the Course of Rolling
S.P. Moskvitin, A.P. Pudovkin
Department «Radio-Electronic Home Appliances», TSTU

Key words and phrases: bimetal; microprocessor measuring system; quality control.
Abstract: The way of control over durability of bimetal layers cohesion in the course of rolling on the basis of microprocessor measuring system is considered.

Method of Calculation of Torus-Shaped Shells by Membrane and General Theories of Strength
V.L. Legostaev, E.D. Mordovin
«Tambovpolimermash» plc, Tambov

Key words and phrases: main and equivalent stresses; membrane and flexural meridional and circular stresses; torus-shaped shells.
Abstract: Method for calculating stresses in torus-shaped shells working simultaneously under the effect of internal pressure, axial unbalanced forces and edge loads is described.

Calculation of Bearing Capacity of Pier Foundations
Tu Tkhi Khoang An, V.V. Ledenev
Department “Construction of Buildings and Structures”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: bearing capacity; bed; contact tangent stress; contact normal stress; foundation; instantaneous center of rotation; loads.
Abstract: The method of calculation of rigid cylinder pier foundation under the effect of flat system of forces is given. Configurations of contact stresses are taken by the results of the experiments. The dependencies of bearing capacity of foundations under different forms of contact stress diagrams are produced.

Bearing Capacity of Sand Bed and Tense Deformation State of Round and Ring-Shaped Foundations
V.M. Strulev, V.Yu. Voevodkin
Department “Construction of Buildings and Structures”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: bearing capacity; foundation settlement; sloping cantilever verge; tense deformation state of foundations.
Abstract: Experimental researches into determination of optimal relation between internal and external die diameters, overhang of round and ring-shaped dies with sloping cantilever verge, load transfer conditions and bed humidity are carried out


Priorities in Development of Agriculture in Region
S.V. V.D. Zharikov, R.V. Zharikov
Departments: «Department «Economic Analysis», TSTU

Key words and phrases: agriculture; engineering technological stations; farms; leasing fund; population farms.
Abstract: The comparative analysis of the efficiency of agricultural production and provision of agricultural enterprises with main assets is carried out; main trends in the development of agriculture in the region are grounded.

Economics and Social Sciences

State Function of Political Control: Peculiarities of Law Enforcement Action
Department of History and Philosophy, TSTU

Key words and phrases: constitutional regime; youth; political control; public organizations; state legal regime; state function.
Abstract: With regard for achievements of modern historical and jurisprudential research the author’s interpretation of the notion “political control” as state function is given. The conclusions on the peculiarities of political control in democratic, authoritarian and totalitarian states as well as on the specific role of political control over the youth are made.

England in Art Interpretation of the World of E. I. Zamyatin
V.I Kopelnik., L.P. Tsilenko
Department of Foreign Languages, TSTU

Key words and phrases: art interpretation of the world; characteristic features of his English style; English theme; personal experience.
Abstract: The article describes some peculiarities in art interpretation of the world of E. I. Zamyatin. It is devoted to the English theme in his works. The comments of his contemporaries are given. The fragments from his letters are presented. The at-tempt is made to analyze the most characteristic features of his English style.

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