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Automation. Information.Control. Instruments

Kulakov Yu.V., Shamkin V.N. Research into Initial Estimate when Solving the Task of Parametrical Identification of a Mathematical Model of Static Modes for Complex Technological System (p 8)
Akhmad Ibrakhim Iad, Groshev V.N. Decision Making in Terms of Strategic Partnership (p 17)
Volodin V.V., Mokrova N.V. Reasons for the Choice of Methods for Solving Tasks of Optimum Control over Complex Processes (p 22)
Sazonov N.A., Shcherbinin V.N. Synthesis of Optimum Algorithm of Selection and Measurement of Velocity of Moving Targets (p 29)
Latyshenko K.P. The State and Prospects of Contact Low Frequency Conductivity Measurement Development (p 42)
Wornle Frank, Grainger Steven, Kotousov Andrei. Methodology for Determining the Efficiency of Energy Harvesting by PZ Elements (in English) (p 46)
Fokin V.M., Chernyshov V.N. Method of Control over Materials Thermal Diffusivity Based on the Regularities of Ordered Heat Mode in the Examined Objects (p 55)
Churikov A.A., Shishkina G.V., Antonova L.L. Methodology of Analysis and Recording of the Influence of Contact Thermal Resistances of Measuring Device on the Results of Determining of Thermal Physical Properties of Disperse Materials (p 298)
Levin V.I. Synthesis of Optimal Schedules in Sequential Systems with Changeable Work Order. Part I (p 312)
Volodin V.M., Mokrova Ways of Constructing Mathematical Model of Reactors Cascade (p 323)
Fedyunin P.A., Dmitriev D.A. Analysis and Classification of the Developed Microwave Methods and Devices of Non-Destructive Control over Properties, Materials and Items. Part II (p 329)
Latyshenko K.P. Research into Electro-Physical Characteristics of Latex, its Foam and Washing Water (p 339)
Malygin E.N., Egorov S.Ya., Nemtinov V.A., Gromov M.S. Methodology of Automated Designing of Equipment Arrangement for Chemical Production (p 344)
Mainikova N.F., Zhukov N.P., Balashov A.A., Nikulin S.S. Identification of Conditions of Heat Distribution Model Adequacy in Flat Semi-Space to the Real Process by Thermophysical Control (p 610)
Karpov I.G., Ovsyannikov S.V. Generalized Law of Discrete Random One-Side Variable Distribution (p 617)
Sergievsky A.N. Concept of Designing Models for Analysis and Synthesis of Monitoring System (p 625)
Levin V.I. Synthesis of Optimal Schedules in Sequential Systems with Variable Pro-cedures. Part II (p 637)
Latyshenko K.P. Analysis of Basic Schemes of Contact Conductometers (p 647)
Sazonov N.A., Shcherbinin V.N. Identification of Total Velocity of Moving Ground-Based Targets by Means of Three-Frequency Radiolocation Station (p 654)
Muromtsev D.Yu., Yashin E.N. To the Question of Practical Efficacy of Management Systems (p 667)
Milovanov I.V., Dyakov I.À., Korobova I.L. Automated Designing of Microprocessor System of Transport Robots Control for Electroplating Lines (in English) (p 936)
Borisenko A.B., Karpushkin S.V., Grishin R.V. System of Development of Control Programs for Machines with Numeric Programmed Control when Designing Printing Plates (p 947)
Zhukov V.M. Research into Stability of Two-Ring Digital Automatic Device for Aerial Matching in Transitive Mode (p 952)
Zhilkin V.M. Errors Analysis when Determining the Reduction Index of Water-Holding Properties of Green Herbs in the Process of their Preparation for Dehydration (p 963)
Artemova S.V., Gribkov A.N. Mathematical Model of Multi-Sectional Drying Unit on the Set of Working States (p 969)
Chelyadinov D.V., Zhukov E.M. Application of Roughness Control Device during Mechanical Processing of Small Diameter Holes (p 975)

Chemical and related engineering. Chemistry

Volynsky V.Yu., Zaitsev V.A., Mizonov V.E Non-linear Mathematical Model of Interconnected Heat and Mass Transfer in Flat Section of Optional Configuration (p 64)
Ryazhskikh V.I., Slyusarev M.I., Zaitsev V.A. Forecasting the Time of Non-Drainage Storage of Cryogenic Liquids. (p 70)
Polushkin D.L., Klinkov A.S., Sokolov M.V., Shashkov I.V. New Technology of Recycling and Salvaging of Film Polymer Materials (p 76)
Ulyanova M.A., Gurova A.S., Shreder V.E. Waterproof Silica Gels and their Field of Application. (p 83)
Kilimnik A.B., Degtyareva E.E. Electro-Ñhemical Processes in Alternate Current (p 92)
Promtov M.A., Akulin V.V. Mechanisms of Heat Generating in the Rotor Impulse Apparatus (p 364)
Yakovlev P.V. Heat Transfer when Melting Hard Sulphur (p 370)
Sakulin S.A. Control and Diagnosis of Production Processes of Extensive Items Based on Linguistic Approach (p 377)
Ostrikov A.N., Popov A.S., Pavlov I.O. Modeling of Motion of the Product Melt for Optimization of Structure of Pre-Matrix Zone of Two-Screw Extruder (p 392)
Borshchov V.Ya., Dolgunin V.N. Characteristics of Raped Shear Flow and Recommendations for Production Process (p 401)
Belyaev D.S., Putin S.V., Skvortsov S.A. Mathematic Modeling of the Adsorption Process of Gas Mixture Separation by Laminated Mine Loading (p 409)
Li Zhanyong, Ye Jingsheng, Wang Hongtai, Wang Ruifang. Drying Characteristics of Green Peas in Fluidized Beds (in English) (p 668)
Leontyeva A.I., Orekhov V.S., Voyakina N.V., Markov A.V. Research into Kinetics of the Process of Water-Soluble Salts Crystallization from Multi-Component Solutions and Suspensions of Semi-Products of Organic Dyes (p 675)
Ishchuk I.N. Solution of the Problem of Heat Conduction for Periodic Heat Flow on the Basis of Telegraphy Equation (p 690)
Borshchov V.Ya., Dolgunin V.N., Shubin R.A. The Conveyor Shear Cell for Determination of Particle Tendency to Segregation and Mixing During Shear Flow of Particulate Solids (in English) (p 695)
Petrenko B.E., Antipova M.L., Ved O.V., Abakumova N.A. New Effective Potential of Pair Interaction for Molecule Dynamic Modeling of Sub- and Supercritical Water (p 700)
Karavaev V.I., Litovka Yu.V. Solution to the Task of Obtaining Uniform Electrodeposited Coating with Regard for Changes of Electrolyte Components Concentration (p 715)
Gladyshev N.F., Gladysheva T.V., Dvoretsky S.I., Kholodilin N.Yu. Constructive Development of the Device for Additional Oxygen Feed into Self-Saver (p 727)
Ilyin A.N., Matveev S.V., Milovanov I.V., Putin S.B. Mathematical Description of Air Regeneration Process Using the Means of Respiratory Apparatus Protection of Isolated Type (in German) (p 731)
Ilichev D.A., Tugolukov E.N., Tkachev A.G. Development of Mathematical Model and Heat Calculation Method for Apparatuses with Cooling Jackets (p 745)
Sokolov M.V. Calculation of Worm-Type Leveling Device for Rubber Mixtures Processing under the Given Quality of Extrudate (p 979)
Safin R.R. Research into Vacuum Drying of Timber Using Convective Techniques of Heat Supply (p 987)
Kudimov Yu.N.
, Kazub V.T., Martirosyan K.V., Smolenskay G.V.
Raw Materials Grinding during Extraction under the Influence of Electric Charge (p 994)
Ostrikov A.N., Abramov O.V. Cereal Extruded Sticks: Properties, Modeling and Technology (p 999)
Vigdorovich V.I Present-Day State and Practicability of Using Universal Inhibitors of Hydrogen Sulfide and Carbonic Acid Corrosion (p 1007)
Kondrakova E.Yu., Kilimnik A.B., Rapoport Yu.M. Combination of Cobalt Phthalocyanine Production Process from o-Phthalic Acid and its Anhydride (p 1018)
Boyarshinov A.V., Dmitriev V.M., Mikhailov V.B., Sergeeva E.A., Tarova L.S. Modeling of the Process of Static Electrical Charges Production in the Apparatus with Dielectric Fluidized Bed (p 1024)

Processes and Products for Air¢s Regeneration and Chemical Protection

Editoral (p 1030)
Dvoretsky S.I., Putin S.B., Samarin V.D., Tarov V.P. About the Work of Scientific Educational Center “TSTU – Tambov Scientific Chemical Research Institute” (Corporation “Roskhimzashchita”) (p 1031)
Gladyshev N.F., Dvoretsky S.I., Putin S.B. Technology and Equipment for Regenerative Products of New Generation and Means of Individual Protection (synopsis of Preprint No. 17) (p 1035)
Ilyin A.N., Matveev S.V., Milovanov I.V., Putin S.B. To the Problem of Designing Systems of Optimum Control over Air Regeneration Process on the Set of States of Bio-Technical Complex (p 1038)
Chernykh V.N. Kinetics of Mixed Diffusive Sorption Process (p 1051)
Gladyshev N.F., Gladysheva T.V., Dvoretsky S.I., Dorokhov R.V., Simanenkov E.I. Intensification of the Process of Production of Regenerative Product on Matrix (p 1057)
Gladyshev N.F., Gladysheva T.V., Dvoretsky S.I., Arkhipova M.P. Research into Possibility of Treating Porous Materials with Calcium Hydroxide (p 1065)
Gladyshev N.F., Gladysheva T.V., Dvoretsky S.I., Putin S.B., Simanenkov E.I., Kholodilin N.Yu. Examination and Development of Oxygen Self-Rescuer for Civil Population (p 1071)

Mathematics. Physics.

Kulikov G.M., Plotnikova S.V. Assumed Stress-Strain Quadrilateral Plate Elements Based On Analytical and Numerical Integration (in English) (p 107)
Brusentsov Yu.A., Korolev A.P., Ozarenko A.V. Research into Electro-physical Processes in Field Semiconductor Structures for Measuring Thermo-Physical Characteristics (p 122)
Afanasyev A.P., Dzyuba S.M., Pyanov A.P. To the Construction of Quasi-Periodic Movements of Dynamic Systems (p 418)
Murzakmatov M.U., Baibolotov B.A. Identification of the Filtration Coefficient of Soil Ground by Regularization Method (p 424)
Murzakmatov M.U. To the Question of Identification Methods of Aquifers Permeability (p 751)
Barsukov V.I., Dmitriev O.S. About Some Parameters of Sampling Evaporation from the Surface of Electro-Thermal Atomizer (p 760)
Afanasyev A.P., Dzyuba S.M., Pyanov A.P. To Poisson Stability of Motion in Discrete Dynamic Systems (p 1079)
Kuleshov Yu.V. Non-Linear Oscillations of Multi-Layer Plates with Localized Masses (p 1084)
Polikarpov V.M., Ushakov I.V., Kalabushkin A.E., Pluzhnikova T.N. Research into Influence of Furnace and Laser Annealing on Some Mechanical Characteristics of Amorphous Metal Alloy 82K3XCP in Terms of Local Loading on Polymer Bases (p 1091)
Ermakov A.V., Molotkov N.Ya.Ermakov A.V., Molotkov N.Ya. Computer Modeling of Electromagnetic Waves Interaction with Elliptical, Round or Linear Polarizations (p 1097)

Machine-building. Building-construction. Material science. Metal-working

Rodionov Yu.V., Vorobiev Yu.V., Nikitin D.V., Shlykova I.V. Influence of Configuration of Liquid Ring on the Working Parameters of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps (p 120)
Berlyavsky G.P., Kantsedalov V.G., Gazarov R.A., Kasub V.T. Development of Effective Means of Primary Grinding of Frozen and Large Rock Coal Fuel at Thermal Power Station (p 137)
Yartsev V.P., Kiselev O.A., Sashin M.A. Forecasting Strength and Deformation Ability of Wood and Wood Composites (in French) (p 145)
Legostaev V.L., Mordovin. Methodology of Identifying Static Uncertainty in the Junction Knots between the Torus-Shaped Shells and the Ring Bottoms (p 430)
Ledenev V.V., Savinov Ya.V., Peredelkin A.V. Effect of Stepped Cracks Shape on the Walls Durability (p 438)
Penshin N.V. Automobile Transport in Terms of the Market Economy (p 448)
Galaev V.I. Dynamics of Non-Linear Free Oscillations of Rotor in Radial Clearance Supports (p 772)
Rodionov Yu.V. Liquid Ring Vane Vacuum Pumps. Trends in Development of Vacuum Technology (in English). (p 779)
Kalinin V.F., Shuvalov A.M., Kochergin S.V., Telegin P.A., Moto- rina N.P. Improvement of Efficiency of Self-Regulated Electric Heating (p 785)
Khvatov B.N. Effect of Mechanical Processing on Electro-Chemical Properties of Surface Layer and Performance of Items in Corrosive Media (p 792)
Shrubchenko I.V. Introduction of Correction Factor on Dimensional Stability of Cutting Instrument when Processing Tires of Rotating Technological Machines (p 800)
Zubkov A.F. Identification of Possible Duration of Non-Rigid Pavement Compaction in Course of Highways Construction (p 806)
Baronin G.S., Stolin A.M., Olkhov Yu.A., Shapkin K.V., Pugachev D.V. Molecular Relaxation and Structural Mechanical Characteristics of ABS-Composites Obtained through Liquid and Solid-Phase Extrusion (p 1112)
Umnova O.V., Yartsev V.P. Durability and Deformability of Thermosetting Glass-Reinforced Plastics in Nagel Compounds of Wooden Structures with Regard for Operating Time and Temperature (p 1122)
Barshutin S.N., Shelokhvostov V.P., Chernyshov V.N. Method of Control over Cationic Composition of Oxide Semiconductors Blend (p 1130)
Bobakov D.A., Pudovkin A.P. Control over the Complex of Geometric Parameters of Shells in Production Process (p 1137)
Khvatov B.N. Calculated-Experimental Grounding of Rational Thickness of Hard-Faced Metal Layers in the Course of Carriage Beams Recovery (p 1142)
Shrubchenko I.V. Mathematical Model of Forming the Error of Band Processing by Dynamic Self-Adjusting Support (p 1150)
Zubkov A.F. Analysis of Methods of Production Development of Hot-Mixed Asphalt Covering Compaction (p 1158)


Kapustin V.P., Kunakov S.A. The Choice of Parameters of Reaping Machine Reel (p 162)
Kapustin V.P., Kunakov S.A. The Results of Experimental Testing of the Slot Sprayers (p 466)
Nikitin A.V. Development of Agricultural Companies of Russia in 1990-2000. (p 818)
Zharikov V.D., Zharikov R.V. State and Forecast of Agricultural Production Development (p 1162)

Engineering pedagogics

Mishchenko S.V., Molotkova N.V., Korneeva O.S. Didactic Fundamentals of Designing the System of Continuous Professional Training of Managers (p 170)
Egorov A.F., Savitskaya T.V., Kapustin Yu.I., Dudarov S.P., Goransky A.V. Automated Laboratory Complex – Integrated Information Educational Media for Training Chemical Lab Workers (p 174)
Sazonova Z.S. System-Oriented Quality Control over Training in Technical Subjects (p 189)
Riabtseva E.V., Arestova A.A. Some Problems of Teaching English for Special Purposes to Students of Technical Specialities at University Level (in English). (p 196)
Astafyeva N.G., Kalyagina O.Yu. Formation of Professional Competence in the Area of Project Activity on the Basis of Designing Individual Directions of Personality Development (p 205)
Karavaeva Yu.V., Samokrutova L.V., Shmarion Yu.V. Development of Organizational and Teaching Skills of Teachers’ Training Universities Students (p 209)
Mishchenko S.V., Molotkova N.V., Razuvaeva I.S. Selecting and Designing of the Content of Course «Legal Support of Professional Activity» in the Context of Formation of Specialist’s Legal Culture (p 473)
Egorov A.F., Savitskaya T.V., Kapustin Yu.I., Dudarov S.P., Goransky A.V. Organization of the Education and Knowledge Control Using Automated Laboratory Complex for Training Chemical Technologists (p 477)
Solopova N.K., Tkach T.V. Some Aspects of the Formation of Information and Communication Competence of School Leavers (p 486)
Smirnova O.I., Teplyakova E.K. Presenting Teaching Points of Business Foreign Language in the Development of Communicative Skills through the Use of Company?s Financial Materials (in English) (p 496)
Nikulshina N.L. Determining Goals and Objectives in Designing an «English for Research Purposes» Course (in English) (p 496)
Kolomeitseva E.M., Makeyeva M.N. The Use of Portfolios in Language Assessment (in English) (p 833)
Nikulshina N.L. Conceptualization of Instruction Content in Designing an “English for Research Purposes” Course (in English) (p 838)
Muratova E.I., Osina S.V. Methodology of Engineering and Technology Masters’ Preparation for Innovative Activity (p 1171)
Usacheva O.V. Problems of Improving the System of a Foreign Language Teacher’s Training (in French) (p 1176)
Zolotareva G.M. Application of Active Teaching Methods in Managers’ Training (p 1181)
Zagrebelnaya S.V. Tutor’s Work in the System of Further Professional Training (p 1187)

Economics and social sciences

Zharikov V.D., Zharikov R.V. Improvement of Organizational Structures on the Basis of Cluster Approach (p 213)
Ten V.V. Evaluation of the Quality of the Organizational Management Model as a Tool of Estimation of Company-Borrower Solvency (p 220)
Pirozhkov G.P. Ethnography: the Code of the Analysis from the Point of View of Scientific Studies (in English) (p 227)
Bredikhin V.E. The Content of Mass Culture Activities of Komsomol at the Time of the Great Patriotic War (p 235)
Antimonov M.Yu. Homelessness and State Social Policy (based on materials of Tambov region of late 1930s) (p 239)
Dvukhzhilova I.V. Boris Nickolaevich Chicherin: Characteristic Traits of Zemstvo Outstanding Figure (p 244)
Borodulina N.Yu. Metaphoric Models of Linguistic Representation of Economic Notions (synopsis of Preprint No 15) (p 242)
Nachernaya S.V. Period. Cause and Effect Topics Logical and Syntactical Structure (p 253)
Sharina E.V. Ambivalent Interpretation of Participle Constructions in the German and Russian Languages (p 262)
Kremneva T.L. Analysis of Research into the Social Workers Training Programs in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales) (p 266)
Gunina N.A., Shipovskaya A.A. Representation of the Category “Person” in English and Russian Net Jargon (p 275)
Guskov A.V. The System of Quality Control of Educational Organization as the Basis of its Competitiveness on the Market of Business Education Services (p 279)
Ulyakhin T.M. Conceptual Aspects of Improving the System of Positioning Industrial Enterprise in Terms of Competitive Media (p 283)
Zharikov V.V. Improvement of Quality of Machine-Building Products: Reserves and Mechanisms (synopsis of Preprint No 16) (p 504)
Parkhomenko L.V., Rodina L.N. Past and Present of the Audit (p 507)
Chainikova L.N. Integrated Structures and their Role in Improving Competitiveness of Agricultural and Industrial Products (p 514)
Slezin A.A. Komsomol Tragifarcical Play to Stalin’s Applause (p 520)
Zatsepina G.N. Problem of Effective Management of Agricultural Production (p 531)
Volostnykh I.A. Anthropomorphic Metaphor as the Main Way of Explication of Emotional Concepts “Fear” and “Sorrow” in Russian and French Linguistic World Pictures (p 534)
Gulshina A.E. Lingvo-Stylistic Peculiarities of Text Perception from Web-Site (p 538)
Bastrykin D.V. Process Systematic Matters of Formation of Quality Control Systems of Enterprises and Organizations (p 542)
Evseychev A.I. Matters of Monitoring Projects and Processes of Quality Control System of Industrial Enterprise (p 545)
Bubko E.V. Timber Industry Enterprises and Management Systems (p 548)
Zamiralova E.V. Methodological Approaches to the Development of Additively Integrated System of Quality Control over Educational Institution (p 553)
Kornev V.M. Social and Economic Preconditions of Formation of Module-Hierarchical System of Quality Control System of Educational Institution (p 558)
Koshkareva N.V. Monitoring of Business Processes of Educational Institution (p 563)
Levshin L.M. Influence of Synergetic Effect on the Quality Control System of Industrial Enterprise (p 568)
Sinkova N.G. Estimate of Costs of Educational Institution Quality (p 573)
Antonyuk S.D., Makarova L.N., Mukina E.Yu., Mistryukova M.N. The Grou nds of Personality’s Motional Culture Space on the Basis of Integration Principle (p 577)
Arestova A.A., Riabtseva E.V. Colour in Science, Culture and Language (in English) (p 582)
Koroleva L.Yu. Professional Programmers’ Discourse in Present-Day Society (p 595)
Parkhomenko L.V. Model of Forecasting the Changes in the Living Standards of Region’s Population (p 845)
Pakhomova S.A. Classification of Expenses for Quality of Educational Services of Technical University (p 849)
Savina I.A. Analysis of Quality Control over Housing and Communal Services (p 854)
Torbina O.I. Matters of Creating Methods of Auditing Quality Control System at Industrial Enterprise (p 857)
Nizhegorodov E.V. Methods of Evaluating the Influence of Official Institutional Reserves on the Improvement of Living Standards and of Institutional Reserves Quality (p 860)
Shchukin O.S. Self-Evaluation and Other Categories of Company Performance Evaluation (p 863)
Popova I.M., Alekhina I.V. Philosophical Esthetic Paradigm of V.E. Maksimov’s Fiction (in French) (p 874)
Klyukin A.I. The Court Corps in Tambov Province During the New Economic Policy Period: Problems of Personnel Policy (in English) (p 885)
Kalashnikova L.V. Cognition and Conceptualization of Reality by Means of Metaphors (in English) (p 889)
Lyubeznaya E.V. Expression of Esthetic Modality in Tatyana Tolstaya’s Works (p 893)
Thi Vinj Khoang. The Woman as a Means of Russian Spirit Impersonation in Vladimir Maximov’s Drama Works (p 899)
Sayapin V.O. Computer Reality as a New Form of Virtual Reality (p 904)
Obukhov A.P. Principles of Development of Neuronal Network Model of University PR-Process (p 909)
Skorochkin R.V. Material Resources of Newspapers Editorials in Tambov Region in 1953 – 1957 (in English) (p 914)
Vakulova L.E., Shcherbinina Yu.V. Social Status and Legal Standing of Russian Soldier in the XVIII-XIX Centuries (in English) (p 918)
Egorov S.Ya. The Technique for Calculation of Lower Estimate of Connection Cost in the Task of Industrial Objects Location (p 1191)
Nemtiniva Yu.V., Gerasimov B.I. Complex Evaluation of Decision-Making Alternatives on the Investment Project Quality (p 1200)
Chainikova L.N., Chainikov V.N. Evaluation of Service Component of Industrial and Technical Products Competitiveness (p 1212)
Toroptseva A.N. Economic Aspects in the System of Control over Eco-Quality of Industrial Enterprise (p 1219)
Zabuzov O.N. Military Information Policy: Model and Peculiarities of its Implementation by Ministry of Defense of Russia (p 1223)
Zdolnik A.V. Legal Grounds for Bringing Motor Vehicles to a Stop to Check Legitimacy of their Use (p 1228)
Lysikova E.Yu. Role and Place of Regional Component in Education Legislation (p 1232)
Vlasova N.V. The Problem of Transparency of Political Relations in Present-day Russia (p 1238)
Pashchenko A.S. Riskiness of Polymorphous Political Regimes (p 1248)
Simonova M.D. Some Methods of Statistic Examination of National Economic Accounting Indexes in Macroeconomic Tendencies Analysis (p 1249)
Egorova E.S., Kulikov N.I. Quality Loop in Social Insurance Service (p 1260)
Zhmyrova E.Yu. To the Notion of «Tolerance» (p 1265)
Mashkova S.G. Factors of Internet Mass Media Effectiveness (p 1270)
Kolodina N.I., Lyabina O.G. Subjectivity of an Individual and its Representation in Speech (p 1276)
Popova I.M., Nachernaya S.V., Shakhova L.A. The Role of Intertext in the Novel «The Ark for the Uninvited» by V. Maximov (in English) (p 1280)
Gruzdev A.N. Forming of Physical Culture as the Component of Engineers’ Professional Culture (p 1286)
Nesterova E.I. Evaluation of Sensitivity Indexes to Particular Parameters Determining the Quality of Image (p 1290)

Our new professors, doctors and candidates of sciences (p 1296)
Indexes to Volume 12, 2006 (p 1300)
Contents to Volume 12, 2006 (p 1300)
Author Index (p 1315)

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