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Automation. Information. Control. Instruments

N.F. Mainikova1, N.P. Zhukov2, A.A. Balashov2, S.S. Nikulin2
Identification of Conditions of Heat Distribution Model Adequacy in Flat Semi-Space to the Real Process by Thermophysical Control
Departments "Theory of Machines and Machine Parts"(1), "Hydraulics and Heating Engineering" (2), TSTU

Key words and phrases: non-destructive control; temperature field; thermo-physical properties.
Abstract: Conditions of adequacy of mathematical model of heat distribution in flat semi-space to the real heat process in the course of non-destructive control over thermophysical properties of materials are shown. The numeric modeling of temperature fields by finite elements methods is used.

I.G. Karpov1, S.V. Ovsyannikov2
Generalized Law of Discrete Random One-Side Variable Distribution
Tambov State Technical University (1); Department "Impulse Equipment and Electronic Gadgets", Tambov Military Aviation Engineering College of Radioelectronics (Military Institute) (2)

Key words and phrases: discrete laws of distribution; models of signals and noises fluctuations; random variables.
Abstract: As a result of the solution to difference equation of the first order with variable coefficients the formula of generalized discrete law of distribution is obtained; it enables to identify laws of one-side discrete random variable both with zero and non-zero shift parameter; its numerical characteristics are studied. The technique of identification of basic kinds of discrete laws of distribution is proposed.

A.N. Sergievsky
Concept of Designing Models for Analysis and Synthesis of Monitoring System
Moscow University of Physics and Engineering

Key words and phrases: effeciency evaluation; model of functioning; monitoring system.
Abstract: The concept of designing of models for functioning and evaluation of efficiency of information management system is considered. The concept is implemented using the methods based on the theory of mass service.

V.I. Levin
Synthesis of Optimal Schedules in Sequential Systems with Variable Procedures. Part II
Penza State Technological Academy

Key words and phrases: optimal schedule; sequential system; synthesis method.
Abstract: The algorithms of converging the task of schedules optimization in conveyor systems with variable procedures to finite number k of similar tasks with permanent procedures are constructed. Number k is evaluated. The examples proving the necessity of changing the sequence of procedures in the systems are given.

K.P. Latyshenko
Analysis of Basic Schemes of Contact Conductometers
Moscow State University of Engineering Ecology

Key words and phrases: mathematical model of conductometer; root-mean-square error; structural optimization.
Abstract: Basic measuring schemes of conductometers, realizing amplitude method of measuring are studied. Mathematical models of their statistic characteristics are obtained. Basic metrological characteristics of conductometer are found out. The formula of root-mean-square error is used as a quantitative criterion of quality of conductometer schemes.

N.A. Sazonov, V.N. Shcherbinin
Identification of Total Velocity of Moving Ground-Based Targets by Means of Three-Frequency Radiolocation Station
Tambov Military Aviation Engineering College of Radioelectronics (Military Institute)

Key words and phrases: total velocity; angle of incidence of radio waves; movement direction; observation angle; radial velocity; selection of moving targets; synthetic aperture radar.
Abstract: One of the ways of determining the absolute velocity and movement direction of moving ground-based targets by means of three-frequency radiolocation station with synthetic aperture aerial installed on the aircraft is studied. Mathematical relations allowing for calculation of the vector of total speed of moving ground-based targets as well as estimation of errors are obtained and analyzed.

D.Yu. Muromtsev, E.N. Yashin
To the Question of Practical Efficacy of Management Systems
Department "Designing of Radio-Electronic and Microprocessor Systems", TSTU

Key words and phrases: dynamic system; manageability; management strategy; optimal management.
Abstract: The notions of practical efficacy and manageability are given. The analysis and evaluation of the degree of manageability with regard for limited management are implemented.

Chemical and related engineering. Chemistry.

Zhanyong Li1, Jingsheng Ye1, Hongtai Wang2, Ruifang Wang1
Drying Characteristics of Green Peas in Fluidized Beds
College of Mechanical Engineering, Tianjin University of Science and Technology, Tianjin, P. R. China (1); School of Material Science & Chemical Engineering, , Tianjin University of Science and Technology, Tianjin, P. R. China (2)

Key words and phrases: dispersion of solids; fluidizing air; pulsating air stream.
Abstract: A modified fluidized bed, termed the pulsed fluidized bed (PFB), was developed to eliminate some limitations of the conventional fluidized bed by superposing a pulsating air stream on the continuously flowing fluidizing air. Drying of green peas was carried out to assess the advantages of such a pulsed fluid bed over the conventional fluid bed. Due to good dispersion of solids by the pulsing air flow, a higher drying rate is realized in PFB with lesser color degradation. The solids shrinkage and sorption isotherms are also presented.

A.I. Leontyeva, V.S. Orekhov, N.V. Voyakina, A.V. Markov
Research into Kinetics of the Process of Water-Soluble Salts Crystallization from Multi-Component Solutions and Suspensions of Semi-Products of Organic Dyes
Department "Chemical Technology of Organic Substances", TSTU

Key words and phrases: equilibrium concentration; isohydrarch crystallization; multi-component solutions of suspensions; sodium and potassium sulfate.
Abstract: The results of research into the process of crystallization are given; the way of removing sodium and potassium sulfate from multi-component solutions of suspensions is proposed. Empirical dependencies characterizing changes in equilibrium concentration of sodium sulfate are given. The influence of additives and temperature on the solubility of sodium and potassium sulfate is found out. The effect of suspension solution components and production parameters (the rate of cooling and media mixing) on the kinetics of the process of crystallization of water-soluble salts is studied.

I.N. Ishchuk
Solution of the Problem of Heat Conduction for Periodic Heat Flow on the Basis of Telegraphy Equation
Department "Impulse Equipment and Electronic Gadgets", Tambov Military Aviation Engineering College of Radioelectronics (Military Institute)

Key words and phrases: telegrapher’s equation; heat conduction equation of hyperbolic type; periodic heating-cooling.
Abstract: The task of heat distribution along limited heat insulating rod with alternating heat flow is studied. The heat conduction equation of hyperbolic type is applied. The solution to the task is obtained as a complex, representing macroscopic heat waves.

V.Ya. Borshñhov2, V.N. Dolgunin1, R.A. Shubin1
The Conveyor Shear Cell for Determination of Particle Tendency to Segregation and Mixing During Shear Flow of Particulate Solids
Departaments: "Tehnological Equipmet and Food Tecnologies" (1) "Machines and Devices of Chemical Manufactures", TSTU (2)

Key words and phrases: granular medium; shear deformation; quasi-diffusion mixing.
Abstract: An original experimental unit for investigation of segregation and mixing effects during two-dimensional shear flow of particulate solids for a wide range of shear rates is developed. An analytical approach is suggested in order to calculate the coefficient of quasidiffusional mixing during shear flow of particulate solids.

; B.E. Petrenko1, M.L. Antipova1, O.V. Ved1, N.A. Abakumova2
New Effective Potential of Pair Interaction for Molecule Dynamic Modeling of Sub- and Supercritical Water
The Institute of Chemical Solutions of RAS, Ivanovo (1); Department of Chemistry, TSTU (2)

Key words and phrases: hydrogen bonds; internal energy; molecular interaction potential; radial distribution function.
Abstract: In order to model water in sub- and supercritical conditions the parameters of potential interaction with regard for the contribution of non-electrostatic interactions in hydrogen bond formation have been changed. Structural characteristics, internal energy, average number of hydrogen bonds and other properties of water in a wide interval of temperature under pressure of 100 MPa are calculated using the method of molecular dynamics. The analysis of obtained properties dependence on the temperature is carried out.

; V.I. Karavaev, Yu.V. Litovka
Solution to the Task of Obtaining Uniform Electrodeposited Coating with Regard for Changes of Electrolyte Components Concentration
Department "Systems of Automated Designing", TSTU

Key words and phrases: irregularity of coating; polarization curves.
Abstract: The task of optimization of electrodeposited coating by the criterion of irregularity with regard for the influence of electrolyte components concentration on polarization is set. The adequacy of the developed mathematical model is proved. The solution to the task of various galvanic processes is obtained. It is shown that without considering the changes of concentration worsens the quality of coating and defects. Multi-criterion task of optimization according to coating uniformity and process productivity is set and solved.

; N.F. Gladyshev1, T.V. Gladysheva1, S.I. Dvoretsky2, N.Yu. Kholodilin2
Constructive Development of the Device for Additional Oxygen Feed into Self-Saver
Corporation "Roskhimzashchita" (1); Department "Technological Equipment and Food Technologies", TSTU (2)

Key words and phrases: oxygen extraction; self-saver; starting unit.
Abstract: It is shown, that during testing of “Artificial Lungs” unit, the concentration of oxygen is oversized due to experiments peculiarities. The design of the device for additional oxygen feed into self-saver at the initial stage of work is proposed.

; A.N. Ilyin1, S.V. Matveev2, I.V. Milovanov1, S.B. Putin2
Mathematical Description of Air Regeneration Process Using the Means of Respiratory Apparatus Protection of Isolated Type
Department "Systems of Automated Designing", TSTU (1); Corporation "Roskhmzashchita" plc (2)

Key words and phrases: air regeneration process; bio-technical complex; means of respiratory apparatus protection; pressure-tight volume.
Abstract: The paper presents the formation of mathematical model of air regeneration process in pressure-tight volume using the means of respiratory apparatus protection of isolated type. All stages of mathematical model construction are given sequentially: elements influencing the regeneration process are identified; structural identification of each of these elements is done; parametrical identification and evaluation of the significance of some of this elements is im-plemented; the adequacy of the model to the process of air regeneration within the framework of designing and control tasks is proved.

; D.A. Ilichev, E.N. Tugolukov, A.G. Tkachev
Development of Mathematical Model and Heat Calculation Method for Apparatuses with Cooling Jackets
Department "Equipment and Technology of Machine-Building Engineering", TSTU

Key words and phrases: cooling ducts; cooling jacke.
Abstract: The results of field research into heat emission in strip and dimple jackets of bulk capacity tanks are represented. The mathematical model, describing the temperature pattern of the coolant flow and the flown about wall of the bulk capacity tank casing is formulated. The non-dimensional formulas that can be used for calculation of coefficients of heat transfer in the ducts of strip and dimple jackets of bulk capacity tanks are given.

Mathematics. Physics

M.U. Murzakmatov
To the Question of Identification Methods of Aquifers Permeability
Issykkul State University after K. Tynynstanov, Kyrgyz Republic

Key words and phrases: aquifer; filtration; ground water; hydro-geological parameters; permeability; porous media.
Abstract: The algorithms of three methods of identification of aquifers permeability are given. Results of solution to the test task are compared.

; V.I. Barsukov, O.S. Dmitriev
About Some Parameters of Sampling Evaporation from the Surface of Electro-Thermal Atomizer
Department of Physics, TSTU

Key words and phrases: dry residue of sampling; evaporation surface; evaporation temperature; mass rate of evaporation.
Abstract: An attempt of mathematical description of some parameters of evaporation of analyzed sampling (individual particles and dry sampling) from the surface of electro-thermal atomizer in the course of atomic-adsorption analysis has been made.

Machine-building. Building-construction. Material science. Metal-working

V.I. Galaev
Dynamics of Non-Linear Free Oscillations of Rotor in Radial Clearance Supports
Department "Theoretical Mechanics", TSTU

Key words and phrases: averaging method; fluctuations amplitude; free oscillations; journal; natural frequency; pendulous frequency; radial clearance; rigidity; small parameter.
Abstract: The task of natural oscillations of rotor when the size of radial clearance in its supports is much smaller than their statistic deformation in horizontal direction from rotor gravitational force is studied. Using averaging method, which is chosen as mathematical research tool, dynamic characteristics of rotor showing the interconnection of its oscillations are identified.

Yu.V. Rodionov
Liquid Ring Vane Vacuum Pumps. Trends in Development of Vacuum Technology
Department "Theory of Machines Mechanisms and Machine Parts", TSTU

Key words and phrases: liquid ring vane vacuum pump; power; pump capacity; specific capacity; specific mass.
Abstract: The operating conditions of liquid ring vacuum pumps and factors, which influence the vacuum treatment process efficiency have been considered. Trends in liquid ring vacuum pump designing, allowing to build optimal models illustrated by the concrete example have been suggested.

V.F. Kalinin1, A.M. Shuvalov2, S.V. Kochergin1, P.A. Telegin2, N.P. Motorina1
Improvement of Efficiency of Self-Regulated Electric Heating
Department "Electrical Equipment and Automation", TSTU (1); Laboratory "Alternative Energy Sources", (2)

Key words and phrases: electric heating; internal combustion engine; posistor.
Abstract: The criterion of evaluating the efficiency of electric heating unit with self-regulated power is proposed; experimental characteristics are given; the ways of improving the unit efficiency are studied.

B.N. Khvatov
Effect of Mechanical Processing on Electro-Chemical Properties of Surface Layer and Performance of Items in Corrosive Media
Department "Technology of Machine Building, Metal-Cut Machines and Instruments", TSTU

Key words and phrases: electro-chemical properties of surface; electrode potential; fatigue-and-corrosive durability; hardening by surface plastic deformation; hydro-machines; the quality of surface layer; surface roughness.
Abstract: The mechanism of forming electro-chemical inhomogeneity of metal surface layer of hydro-machines parts under mechanical processing is explained; the role of electro-chemical factor in the nature of fatigue-and-corrosive durability of items is shown. The results of experimental research into the effect of parameters of physico-mechanical state of surface layer on the electrode potential of hydro-turbine steel in corrosive media are given. The direct dependence of electrode potential on deformation-and-tense state of metal surface layer is shown; it makes metal less refined. The recommendations on the choice of methods and modes of finished processing of hydro-machines parts, in particular, hydro-turbine blades, aimed at their high performance with regard for the influence of electro-chemical state of surface layer are given.

I.V. Shrubchenko
Introduction of Correction Factor on Dimensional Stability of Cutting Instrument when Processing Tires of Rotating Technological Machines
Belgorod State Technological University after V.G. Shukhov

Key words and phrases: dimensional instrument deterioration; centerless scheme of processing; factor of instrument stability; radial deterioration; tires of rotating technological machines.
Abstract: When processing large-size tires of rotating technological machines the running time of one working stroke can reach more than 400 minutes. Taking into account the fact, that centerless scheme of processing involves changes in the depth of cutting within the limits of one turn of the tire we introduce the correction factor of stability. The value of this factor depends on the original form of the processed surface, the center size of supporting rollers and the depth of cutting.

A.F. Zubkov
Identification of Possible Duration of Non-Rigid Pavement Compaction in Course of Highways Construction
Department "Civil Engineering and Highways", TSTU

Key words and phrases: asphalt mixture; compaction duration; layer temperature; pavement.
Abstract: The process of compacting hot asphalt mixtures in the course of construction of highway pavements is studied. The influence of climatic and production factors on the possible duration of compaction of non-rigid pavement is determined. Dependence for calculation of possible duration of mixture compaction with regard for the effect of climatic and production factors is proposed.


A.V. Nikitin
Development of Agricultural Companies of Russia in 1990-2000
Michurinsk State Agrarian University

Key words and phrases: causes of crisis in agriculture; conditions of agricultural companies functioning; financial economic and social situation; financial reanimation; structure of agricultural companies.
Abstract: The paper deals with economic and political conditions of agricultural companies functioning before the beginning of reforms; it exposes the causes of crisis in agriculture, which has led to the necessity of radical reforms in agrarian and food sector as a whole. The analysis of changes in legislation after the year of 1990 has enabled to ground more accurately the new structure of agricultural companies; the evaluation of financial economic and social situation allowed for classification of its financial reanimation direction. A particular attention is given to the state policy in the sphere of financial reanimation of agricultural companies.

Engineering Pedagogic

E.M. Kolomeitseva, M.N. Makeyeva
The Use of Portfolios in Language Assessment
Department of Foreign Languages, TSTU

Key words and phrases: interaction; language accomplishments; portfolio; questionnaires; personal responsibility.
Abstract: The article deals with one of the ways of evaluating language proficiency, i.e. a portfolio of students’ papers. A few techniques of compiling instructing materials are shown here. A primary focus is on the discussion of learners’ achievements and methods of involving students in assessing their progress in language acquisition.

N.L. Nikulshina
Conceptualization of Instruction Content in Designing an "English for Research Purposes" Course
Department of Foreign Languages, TSTU

Key words and phrases: course design; English for research purposes; instruction content; language of science; post-graduate foreign language education; professional communication; research discourse.
Abstract: The paper is concerned with the central framework component of “English for Research Purposes” course development, namely, conceptualization of instruction content. Language of science, research discourse and performance in scientific setting have been categorized as the most adequate, basic content elements. Their further structuring and detailed description are proposed.

Economics and social sciences

L.V. Parkhomenko
Model of Forecasting the Changes in the Living Standards of Region’s Population
Department "Accounting and Audit", TSTU

Key words and phrases: economic growth; modeling of living standards; people’s economic status; region.
Abstract: The principles of optimization of people’s living standards are studied; recommendations on the directions of social policy of the region are given.

S.A. Pakhomova
Classification of Expenses for Quality of Educational Services of Technical University
Department "Accounting and Audit", TSTU

Key words and phrases: classification and record; educational services; expenses for quality; quality control system.
Abstract: The information about the existing and proposed classification of expenses for quality in the system of quality control over educational institution is given. Basic elements of expenses for quality within the framework of five basic categories of the proposed classification are studied.

I.A. Savina
Analysis of Quality Control over Housing and Communal Services
Department "Economic Analysis", TSTU

Key words and phrases: housing and communal services; quality paradigm.
Abstract: The matters of interconnection between the development of housing and communal services as the institute of services quality and the dynamic processes forming the “starting” quality of its development are studied.

O.I. Torbina
Matters of Creating Methods of Auditing Quality Control System at Industrial Enterprise
Department "Economic Analysis", TSTU

Key words and phrases: company functioning; quality certification
Abstract: The mechanisms contributing to the improvement of means of recording, control and evaluation of costs effectiveness are studied; those are aimed at practical implementation of economic methods of auditing in the system of quality control of industrial enterprise.

E.V. Nizhegorodov
Methods of Evaluating the Influence of Official Institutional Reserves on the Improvement of Living Standards and of Institutional Reserves Quality
Department "Economic Analysis", TSTU

Key words and phrases: institutional media; official institutional reserve; unofficial institutional reserve.
Abstract: The methods of evaluating the influence of official institutional reserves on the improvement of living standards are proposed. The methods of evaluating the quality of official institutional media are proposed.

O.S. Shchukin
Self-Evaluation and Other Categories of Company Performance Evaluation
Department "Labour Economy and Basics of Management", Voronezh State University

Key words and phrases: categories of performance evaluation; comparison of evaluation methods.
Abstract: The categories of company performance evaluation, such as self-evaluation, effectiveness, productivity, necessity and efficiency are studied. The comparison of these parameters has shown the advantages of company performance self-evaluation by all examined parameters.

I.M. Popova, I.V. Alekhina
Philosophical Esthetic Paradigm of V.E. Maksimov’s Fiction
Department of Russian Philology, TSTU

Key words and phrases: bible context; dynamics of precedence phenomena; the concepts of sin and repentance; Christian axiology; esthetic world’s picture.
Abstract: The problem of incarnation of Christian system of spiritual values in V.E. Maksimov’s fiction is studied. Narrative cycles of 1960-s "The man is alive" (1961), "We settled down on the land" (1961); "Ballad about Savva" (1963), "Stand over the line" (1967), "The Road" (1966), as well as novels of 1970-s "Seven days of creation" (1971). "Quarantine" (1973), "A Farewell form Nowhere" (1974), "The ark for the uninvited" (1978) within the framework of precedence phenomena belonging to philosophical esthetic paradigm of writer’s fiction are analyzed.

A.I. Klyukin
The Court Corps in Tambov Province During the NewEconomic Policy Period: Problems of Personnel Policy
Department of History and Philosophy , TSTU

Key words and phrases: court; court members; justice; morality; professionalism.
Abstract: The paper looks into the problems of personnel policy in judicial bodies of the Soviet State in 1920-s on the example of Tambov Province.

L.V. Kalashnikova
Cognition and Conceptualization of Reality by Means of Metaphors
Department of Foreign Languages, Orel State Agricultural University

Key words and phrases: cognitive models, concept, concept sphere, representation, subjective experience.
Abstract: The role of metaphors in psycho-linguistic models is analyzed.

E.V. Lyubeznaya
Expression of Esthetic Modality in Tatyana Tolstaya’s Works
Department of Russian Philology, TSTU

Key words and phrases: author’s intention; author’s irony; intertextuality; essay; esthetic modality; symbols of metaphorization.
Abstract: The paper studies the esthetic modality of Tatyana Tolstaya’s essays within the framework of the problem of historical memory. Artistic means supporting the author’s intention are identified.

Khoang Thi Vinj
The Woman as a Means of Russian Spirit Impersonation in Vladimir Maximov’s Drama Works
Department of Russian Philology, TSTU

Key words and phrases: author’s remarks; characterology of drama; folklore means; image impersonation.
Abstract: The characterology of V.E. Maximov’s drama works within the framework of of national typology impersonation in its female hypostasis is studied on the example of his plays "The House without a Number", "Echo at the End of August", "Stand over the Line", "Call-Signs of your Parallels".

V.O. Sayapin
Computer Reality as a New Form of Virtual Reality
Department of Philosophy and Science Methodology, TSU after G.R. Derzhavin

Key words and phrases: computer systems; converted form; information space; virtual reality.
Abstract: The matters connected with the explanation of computer virtual reality, the mechanism of its formation, processual converted operational form of existence and human’s attitude to this reality are studied.

A.P. Obukhov
Principles of Development of Neuronal Network Model of University PR-Process
Department "Information Systems in Economics", Vyatka State University

Key words and phrases: artificial neuronal networks; modeling of economic objects; PR-process.
Abstract: The principles of neuronal network modeling of university PR-process with regard for recommendations of ISO 9000:2005 are proposed. The model is a structural element of intelligence management system, providing the improvement of two-side, symmetrical PR-communications at the university.

R.V. Skorochkin
Material Resources of Newspapers Editorials in Tambov Region in 1953 – 1957
Department of History and Philosophy, TSTU

Key words and phrases: material base; royalty; bonus; editorial; the editor; local newspapers; a printing office.
Abstract: Material resources of regional, town and district newspapers of Tambov region at the initial stage of "thawing weather" are studied in the paper.

L.E. Vakulova, Yu.V. Shcherbinina
Social Status and Legal Standing of Russian Soldier in the XVIII-XIX Centuries (in English)
Department of History and Philosophy, TSTU

Key words and phrases: recruitment system; retirement; Russian army; social maintenance; social status and legal standing.
Abstract: The article reconstructs Russian soldier’s social status and legal standing during the period of conscription, as well as soldier’s life after retirement, their social adaptation.

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