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Automation. Information. Control. Instruments

A.A. Churikov, G.V. Shishkina, L.L. Antonova
Methodology of Analysis and Recording of the Influence of Contact Thermal Resistances of Measuring Device on the Results of Determining of Thermal Physical Properties of Disperse Materials
Department “Automated Systems and Devices”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: disperse materials; extra protective cell; integral characteristics; contact thermal resistance; flat sample; Laplas transformation; thermo-physical properties.
Abstract: The method of determining of thermo-physical properties of flat samples of solid and disperse materials is shown. The measuring device represents a three-layer system. The plate made of the examined material makes contact on the one side with the packet of two etalon materials with temperature sensing elements inside. There is a flat heater between the etalon plates while permanent temperature is kept on external borders of measuring device. The methodology of analysis and recording contact thermal resistances in a measuring device is developed, thus enabling to take into account structural drawbacks and errors in calculating dependences. The structure of protective measuring cell for the examined material, which allows maintaining primary moisture content of the examined disperse material during the whole experiment, is shown.

V.I. Levin
Synthesis of Optimal Schedules in Sequential Systems with Changeable Work Order. Part I
Department «Designing of Radio-electronic and Microprocessor Systems», TSTU

Key words and phrases: analysis method; optimal schedule; sequential system.
Abstract: The task of synthesizing optimal quick decision for conveyor systems with changeable work order dependent on the number of system step and finite time of changing this order is formulated. Mathematic model of the system is made. The solution to the task by reducing it to the finite number of similar tasks with permanent work order is proposed.

V.M. Volodin, N.V. Mokrova
Ways of Constructing Mathematical Model of Reactors Cascade
Department of Applied Mathematics and Computing Moscow Sate University of Engineering Ecology

Key words and phrases: approximation of subsystems characteristics; block principle; group calculation of arguments; individual polynomials; parameters of mathematical model; process of cobalt production.
Abstract: Ways of constructing mathematical model of reactors cascade at the stage of fine cleaning of cobalt solutions from iron and copper are considered. The task of mathematical modeling by block principle is solved. Reactors models consisting of blocks of chemical kinetics, hydrodynamics and material balances are constructed. Concentration of intermediate unstable compounds and constants of reactions velocity are determined by method of sequential approximation. Method of group calculation of arguments according to which mathematical model is presented in the form of polynomial of segment of Taylor’s row is realized; experimental data are divided into subsets: training, testing and controlling sequences. Individual polynomials are formed; their coefficients are determined according to data of training sequence; solution procedure is finished by the choice of the best individual polynomials. The advantages and disadvantages of modeling methods are given

P.A. Fedyunin, D.A. Dmitriev
Analysis and Classification of the Developed Microwave Methods and Devices of Non-Destructive Control over Properties, Materials and Items. Part II
Tambov Higher Military Aviation Engineering School of Radio-electronics (Military Institute)

Key words and phrases: dielectric constant; magnetic permeability; microwave methods of measuring; non-destructive control; surface wave; thermohydrometry; wave guides; wave resistance.
Abstract: Multi-related classification of microwave methods and devices of non-destructive control over properties, materials and items developed by the authors is presented; it systemizes them adequately by classifier rubrics and enables to solve effectively metrological tasks of measuring media parameters.

K.P. Latyshenko
Research into Electro-Physical Characteristics of Latex, its Foam and Washing Water
Moscow State University of Engineering Ecology

Key words and phrases: conductivity apparatus; electro-physical characteristics; specific electrical conductivity.
Abstract: The paper studies such electro-physical parameters of latex, foam and industrial water, as specific electrical conductivity (SEC), dielectric constant and the loss tangent of a dielectric. On the basis of this research SEC is chosen as informative parameter; conductivity apparatuses for continuous control over ratio of latex foam KLP-201, the device for control over the gelatinization duration of latex foam PKL-101I and conductivity apparatus for control over washing sponge items KPL-203 are created.

E.N. Malygin, S.Ya. Egorov, V.A. Nemtinov, M.S. Gromov
Methodology of Automated Designing of Equipment Arrangement for Chemical Production
Department “Automated Designing of Production Equipment”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: automated designing; equipment placement; information-graphic system; pipeline fixtures; pipelines layout.
Abstract: Methodology of automated designing of equipment arrangement for the most typical case – designing of new production. New general mathematical model of making designing decisions on equipment arrangement is developed. The possibility of modeling a wide scale of tasks of arranging industrial objects on the basis of generalized mathematical model, in particular the tasks of equipment placement and pipelines layout in multi-storied and hangarage workshops is shown. Interactive graphical system of arrangement is developed; it enables to set and solve automatically the set of industrial tasks of equipment placement and pipelines layout.

Chemical and related engineering. Chemistry.

M.A. Promtov, V.V. Akulin
Mechanisms of Heat Generating in the Rotor Impulse Apparatus
Department “Machines and Apparatuses of Chemical Production”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: cavitation; energy dissipation; heat formation; rotor impulse apparatus.
Abstract: The analysis of mechanisms of heating liquid in rotor impulse apparatus is carried out. The process of heating water in one- and multi-step rotor impulse apparatuses is studied experimentally.

P.V. Yakovlev
Heat Transfer when Melting Hard Sulphur
Department of Life Safety and Hydromechanics, Asrakhan State Technical University

Key words and phrases: melting; sulphur; heat and mass transfer.
Abstract: The model describing the process of heat transfer when melting hard sulphur in a bath with fusion is proposed. Matters of motion and peculiarities of heat and mass transfer of sulphur fusion in the area of hard sulphur loading are studied. Interaction between fusion and hard particles under different parameters of loading device operation, temperature and particles size is studied. Dependencies determining the intensity of heat transfer in the examined range of change of influencing parameters and the lack of particles sticking in the fusion are received.

S.A. Sakulin
Control and Diagnosis of Production Processes of Extensive Items Based on Linguistic Approach
Moscow State Technical University after N.E. Bauman

Key words and phrases: extensive items production; fuzzy sets; linguistic approach; production process analysis; wavelet transforming.
Abstract: Production of extensive items integrated by common approach to control automation and diagnosis is considered; method of control and diagnosis of this type of production processes based on formation of diagnostic features by transforming dependencies of measured parameters on time (by products length) is studied. Modification of the structure of evaluation system of production process using fuzzy sets and linguistic variables is proposed. Peculiarities of realization of this type of system are studied.

A.N. Ostrikov, A.S. Popov, I.O. Pavlov
Modeling of Motion of the Product Melt for Optimization of Structure of Pre-Matrix Zone of Two-Screw Extruder
Voronezh State Technological Academy

Key words and phrases: extrusion; forming knot; melt; modeling extrusion process; pre-matrix zone; two-screw extruder.
Abstract: Numerical solution to the mathematical model of viscous liquid flow in pre-matrix zone of two-screw extruder is given. Fields of velocity and pressure in the examined area are determined; it enabled to optimize the forming knot of two-screw extruder. In optimized forming matrix stagnant zones are eliminated, the time of melt product in pre-matrix zone is reduced and the uniformity of extrudate formation is increased, thus enabling to improve the quality of finished product.

; V.Ya. Borshchev1, V.N. Dolgunin2
Characteristics of Raped Shear Flow and Recommendations for Production Process
Departments: “Machines and Apparatuses of Chemical Production” (1), “Technological Equipment and Food Technology” (2), TSTU

Key words and phrases: granular material; rapid shear flow; segregation and mixing effects; temperature of granular material.
Abstract: The effect of structural and kinematical characteristics of shear flow on the granular material temperature is analyzed. It is shown that mixing and separating intensity depends on granular material temperature. The unified approach to intensify production process by increasing shear flow through high temperature is proposed.

; D.S. Belyaev1, S.V. Putin1,2, S.A. Skvortsov1
Mathematic Modeling of the Adsorption Process of Gas Mixture Separation by Laminated Mine Loading
Department “Information Processes and Control”, TSTU (1); Corporation “Roskhimzashchita” plc (2)

Key words and phrases: adsorption separation of gas mixtures; low-temperature short-cycle adsorption; mathematic modeling.
Abstract: Mathematic model of multi-component gas mixture separation process is worked out according to short-cycle low-temperature adsorption method. The model enables to calculate multi-adsorbent units with complicated adsorbers geometry and laminated mine loading.

Mathematics. Physics

A.P. Afanasyev1, S.M. Dzyuba2, A.P. Pyanov2
To the Construction of Quasi-Periodic Movements of Dynamic Systems
Institute of System Analysis RAS, Moscow (1); Department of Distributed Calculating System, TSTU (2)

Key words and phrases: dynamic systems; minimal sets; motions formation; quasi-periodic movements.
Abstract: The general method of construction of quasi-periodic movements of dynamic systems in compact metric spaces is given.

; M.U. Murzakmatov, B.A. Baibolotov
Identification of the Filtration Coefficient of Soil Ground by Regularization Method
Issyk-Kul State University (Kyrgyz Republic)

Key words and phrases: filtration coefficient; identification; regularization; finite elements method; subsoil waters.
Abstract: Application of A.N. Tikhonov’s regularization method to identification of filtration coefficient in two-dimension Bussinesk’s equation is considered.

Machine-building. Building-construction. Material science. Metal-working

V.L. Legostaev, E.F. Mordovin
Methodology of Identifying Static Uncertainty in the Junction Knots between the Torus-Shaped Shells and the Ring Bottoms
“Tambovpolimermash” PLC, Tambov

Key words and phrases: membrane and couple plane stress states; ring plate; pulsating load; tracking functions; torus-shaped shell; fatigue fracture; equivalent stress.
Abstract: Methodology is developed for calculating stress-fracture state of torus-shaped shells and ring bottoms of under-pressing device of shaper-vulcanizer with bayonet lock of vulcanizing moulds, such as FV1-500, used at “Yaroslavl Tyre Plant” PLC.

V.V. Ledenev, Ya.V. Savinov, A.V. Peredelkin
Effect of Stepped Cracks Shape on the Walls Durability
Department “Construction of Buildings and Structures”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: affecting parameters; concentration of tension; stepped oblique crack.
Abstract: Methodology of taking into account the reduction of carrier of brick and concrete through-cracked walls is given. Basic affecting parameters of cracks are identified. Series of experiments in order to find out the functions of influence of cracks basic parameters on the walls durability are taken. The results of mathematical modeling of walls with stepped cracks are given. Comparative analysis of the results of experimental and mathematical modeling is presented.

N.V. Penshin
Automobile Transport in Terms of the Market Economy

Key words and phrases: automobile transport; economic damage of road casualties; licensing of motor transport work; state regulation and self-regulation of market economy.
Abstract: Brief analysis of motor transport state, peculiarities and specificity of motor transport service in Tambov region is given. Directions aimed at the development of licensing in the motor transport system are proposed, thus improving transportation and providing ecological and road safety.


V.P. Kapustin, E.V. Biryukova
The Results of Experimental Testing of the Slot Sprayers
Department “Mechanization of Agriculture”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: liquid discharge; medium-mass droplet diameter; optimal parameters; pesticides; slot sprayers; spraying; spray quality.
Abstract: The model of operation mode of disk spray atomizer with input parameters of disk canal, disk height, liquid pressure and output parameters of liquid discharge and medium-mass droplet diameter is considered. The results of testing are given.

Engineering Pedagogic

S.V. Mishchenko1, N.V. Molotkova2, I.S. Razuvaeva3
Selecting and Designing of the Content of Course «Legal Support of Professional Activity» in the Context of Formation of Specialist’s Legal Culture
Departments: Departments «Automated Systems and Apparatus» (1), “Technology and Organization of Commercial Activity” (2), TSTU; School No 4, Tambov (3)

Key words and phrases: legal awareness; legal culture; professional training.
Abstract: Aspects of formation of legal culture and legal awareness in the system of professional education at different stages of specialist’s training are discussed.

A.F. Egorov, T.V. Savitskaya, Yu.I. Kapustin, S.P. Dudarov, A.V. Goransky
Organization of the Education and Knowledge Control Using Automated Laboratory Complex for Training Chemical Technologists
Russian Chemical Technological University after D.I. Mendeleev, Moscow

Key words and phrases: automated laboratory complex; automated knowledge control; automated systems of teaching; automated testing; distant teaching; information model of teaching; distant interaction.
Abstract: Automated laboratory complex for training chemical technologists developed by the authors is considered. The methodology of teaching realized in the complex as well as the content of teaching informational, research and methodological resources are described. Organization of the process of interaction between the complex users (teachers and students) and knowledge control is shown. Description of technologies realized in the complex for permanent control and self-control is given.

N.K. Solopova1, T.V. Tkach2
Some Aspects of the Formation of Information and Communication Competence of School Leavers
Tambov Regional Institute of Teacher’s Professional Skill Improvement (1); Lyceum No 14 (2)

Key words and phrases: information and communication competence; information technologies; specialist training of students.
Abstract: Approach to the formation of information and communication competence of school leavers in the course of specialist training is given.

O.I. Smirnova, E.K. Teplyakova
Presenting Teaching Points of Business Foreign Language in the Development of Communicative Skills through the Use of Company?S Financial Materials
Department of Foreign Languages, TSTU

Key words and phrases: annual reports; authentic material; company-specific materials; communicative skills; foreign language of business; job area; pre-experience learners; teaching points.
Abstract: The problem of development communicative skills making use of company?s specific financial materials in teaching Professional Foreign Language is considered. The sample pattern of applying functional, structural and vocabulary language components for organizing the message is given.

N.L. Nikulshina
Determining Goals and Objectives in Designing an «English for Research Purposes» Course
Department of Foreign Languages, TSTU

Key words and phrases: awareness, knowledge and skills; course design; language, context and strategies approach; post-graduate foreign language education; research discourse competence.
Abstract: The paper focuses on the basic framework component of “English for Research Purposes” course development, namely, determining its goals and objectives. To describe the goal of the course the notion of research discourse competence is introduced. Its structure and content are specified and detailed in terms of awareness, knowledge and skills of discourse behavior in the international scientific community. A three-dimensional approach to objectives and their relationships is proposed.

Economics and social sciences

V.V. Zharikov
Improvement of Quality of Machine-Building Products: Reserves and Mechanisms
Department “Economics and Management”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: machine-building products; methodology of evaluation and improvement of quality; personnel motivation; reserves for quality improvement; the concept of quality improvement.
Abstract: The concept of improving the quality of machine-building products on the basis of adaptation to the “total quality control” principles is developed. Principles, methods, figures and criterion of evaluating the quality of machine-building products – the financial duration reserve – as well as the methodology for its forecasting are proposed. The quality of machine building products and the reserves for its improvement are studied. The influence of personnel’s motivation on the quality of machine-building products is shown.

L.V. Parkhomenko, L.N. Rodina
Past and Present of the Audit
Department “Accounting and Audit”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: audit; certified public accountants; entrepreneur risk; four-level system of regulating auditing activity; judicial accounting expertise; method of organizing audit; stages of audit’s formation.
Abstract: Historical stages of forming auditing activity in different countries both in Russia and in the whole world are considered. Comparative characteristic of foreign countries audit and Russian audit is given.

L.N. Chainikova
Integrated Structures and their Role in Improving Competitiveness of Agricultural and Industrial Products
Department “Finance and Credit”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: effectiveness of agro-industrial complex; functioning; investments into main assets; products competitiveness; foodstuffs market.
Abstract: A number of problems connected with increasing the volume of foodstuffs production is determined. Dynamics of investments into main assets of agro-industrial complex (AIC) in Tambov region is analyzed. Sources of investment reserves based on integration are proposed, their use will enable to improve competitiveness of AIC products.

A.A. Slezin
Komsomol Tragifarcical Play to Stalin’s Applause
Department of History and Philosophy; TSTU

Key words and phrases: campaign; combing-out; Komsomol; moral terror; people’s enemies; redemption; reflex political culture; Stalin.
Abstract: The paper deals with the details of campaign aimed at the struggle against people’s enemies in Komsomol in 1937 – 1938. The material is based on archive documents from the Documents Center of Modern History in Tambov region.

G.N. Zatsepina
Problem of Effective Management of Agricultural Production
Department of Organization and Management of Production, Michurinsk State Agricultural University

Key words and phrases: agro-industrial complex (AIC); management system of AIC; region and district levels of management.
Abstract: The reasons for controllability loss of agricultural production are given. The problems are studied; measures of improving management system of AIC are proposed.

I.A. Volostnykh
Anthropomorphic Metaphor as the Main Way of Explication of Emotional Concepts “Fear” and “Sorrow” in Russian and French Linguistic World Pictures
Department of Foreign Languages, TSTU

Key words and phrases: anthropomorphic metaphor; emotional concept; emotional linguistic world picture; lingvoculturological analysis.
Abstract: Complex lingvoculturological study of the fragment of emotional linguistic world picture of Russian and French lingvocultural communities represented by verbalized emotional oncepts “fear” and “sorrow” is carried out. Structural semantic types of metaphors, coding these emotions in Russian and French fiction are revealed.

A.E. Gulshina
Lingvo-Stylistic Peculiarities of Text Perception from Web-Site
Department of Foreign Languages, Tambov State Technical University

Key words and phrases: global image of text’s content; keywords; perception; print media; web-site.
Abstract: In our work we have researched the perception of the presentation text from different media: web-site/computer and print media. According to our experimental results, the perception of such kind of text is more successful from web-site/computer.

D.V. Bastrykin
Process Systematic Matters of Formation of Quality Control Systems of Enterprises and Organizations
Department “Economic Analysis”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: deming cycle; quality control systems.
Abstract: Problems of formation of quality control system of enterprises and organizations on the basis of international standards of quality ISO 9000:2000 are considered.

A.I. Evseychev
Matters of Monitoring Projects and Processes of Quality Control System of Industrial Enterprise
Department “Economic Analysis”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: concept of total quality control.
Abstract: Matters of creating quality control system corresponding the requirements of ISO 9000:2000 standards at industrial enterprise are considered.

E.V. Bubko
Timber Industry Enterprises and Management Systems
Department “Quality Control and Mathematical Methods of Economics”, Siberia State Technological University, Krasnoyarsk

Key words and phrases: ecological management system; integrated system of management; quality control system; the system of tracing product origin; timber management system.
Abstract: Possible ways of improving timber industry enterprises competitiveness by means of creating integrates management systems and their certification are studied.

E.V. Zamiralova
Methodological Approaches to the Development of Additively Integrated System of Quality Control over Educational Institution
Department “Quality Control and Mathematical Methods of Economics”, Siberia State Technological University, Krasnoyarsk

Key words and phrases: process maturity; providing processes; vertical parallel processes; vertical ramified processes.
Abstract: Matters associated with the development of additively integrated system of quality control on the basis of providing processes on the example of one educational institution are considered.

V.M. Kornev
Social and Economic Preconditions of Formation of Module-Hierarchical System of Quality Control System of Educational Institution
Siberia State Technological University, Krasnoyarsk

Key words and phrases: education control hierarchy; education control system; gradual integration process.
Abstract: Matters of integration of state higher and secondary special educational institutions are considered. Quality control system of such educational institution is presented in the form of module-hierarchical model.

N.V. Koshkareva
Monitoring of Business Processes of Educational Institution
Department “Quality Control and Mathematical Methods of Economics”, Siberia State Technological University, Krasnoyarsk

Key words and phrases: monitoring objects; processes net; process maturity; process owner.
Abstract: The methodology of creating the system of monitoring the net of business processes of educational institution is proposed.

L.M. Levshin
Influence of Synergetic Effect on the Quality Control System of Industrial Enterprise
Department “Quality Control and Mathematical Methods of Economics”, Siberia State Technological University, Krasnoyarsk

Key words and phrases: labor protection control system; quality control system; synergetic effect.
Abstract: The influence of synergetic effect on the quality control system of industrial enterprise on the example of small business company is considered.

N.G. Sinkova
Estimate of Costs of Educational Institution Quality
Department “Quality Control and Mathematical Methods of Economics”, Siberia State Technological University, Krasnoyarsk

Key words and phrases: cost model of the process; PAF model; quality control systems.
Abstract: For business processes of quality control system of higher educational institution cost model of quality costs estimate and the model of warning, evaluation and refusal are applied; mechanism of determining effectiveness of educational institution activity is proposed.

S.D. Antonyuk, L.N. Makarova, E.Yu. Mukina, M.N. Mistryukova
The Grounds of Personality’s Motional Culture Space on the Basis of Integration Principle
Tambov State University after G.R. Derzhavin

Key words and phrases: field structures content; motional culture; physical culture and sport.
Abstract: The necessity for integration principle application in pedagogical research work is grounded. The personality’s motional culture space is revealed through filed structures: educational, social, esthetic, motor-functional, axiological and sanitary.

A.A. Arestova, E.V. Riabtseva
Colour in Science, Culture and Language
Department of Foreign Languages, TSTU

Key words and phrases: basic colour terms; colour name; colour perception; colour universalities; cultural differences; native language; primary colours; theory of colours.
Abstract: This article deals with the problem of basic colour terms, their universality and evolution in different cultures and languages. The linguistic significance of theory of colours is described in detail.

L.Yu. Koroleva
Professional Programmers’ Discourse in Present-Day Society
Department of Foreign Languages, TSTU

Key words and phrases: communication situation; discourse categories; discourse; global computerization; professional programmers’ discourse; types of discourse.
Abstract: The effect of global computerization on present-day society is considered; it is reflected in the changing of discourses of different socio-professional groups; characteristics of discourse in linguistics are studied; types and categories of discourse are identified; the notion of professional discourse is given. Peculiarities of professional programmers’ discourse as one of the most popular are revealed.

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