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Automation. Information. Control. Instruments

Automated Designing of Microprocessor System of Transport Robots Control for Electroplating Lines (in English)
I.V. Milovanov, I.À. Dyakov, I.L. Korobova
Department «System of Automated Design», TSTU

Key words and phrases: electroplating automated production line; microprocessor control system; transport robots.
Abstract: The standard structure of transport robots control system on the electroplating automated production lines is offered. Function and operation features of structural units are considered. The example of the microprocessor control system is shown.

System of Development of Control Programs for Machines with Numeric Programmed Control when Designing Printing Plates
A.B. Borisenko, S.V. Karpushkin, R.V. Grishin
Department “Automated Designing of Production Equipment”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: development of control programs for machines with numeric programmable control; system of automated designing of printing plates.
Abstract: The automated system of development control programs for machines with numeric programmable control when designing printing plates is presented. The system includes program modules developed in Microsoft Visual Basic for Application, built-in Autodesk AutoCAD 2002. The example of system application for determination of optimum sequence of holes drilling is given.

Research into Stability of Two-Ring Digital Automatic Device for Aerial Matching in Transitive Mode
V.M. Zhukov
“Tambov Plant “Oktyabr” plc, Tambov

Key words and phrases: aerial matching devices; computational algorithm; digital automatic devices; phase and module measurers.
Abstract: Mathematical expressions for determination of correlation function and error dispersion for the digital automatic device of aerial matching in transitive mode are produced. Tuning of aerial matching devices is done by computational algorithm.

Errors Analysis when Determining the Reduction Index of Water-Holding Properties of Green Herbs in the Process of their Preparation for Dehydration
V.M. Zhilkin
Department “Automated Systems and Devices”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: green herbs; indexes of dehydration intensification; measurement errors; preparation for dehydration; reduction in water-holding properties.
Abstract: The errors analysis for determination of integral index of reduction in water-holding properties of green herbs in the course of their preparation for dehydration is given. The index is the result of calculation of ratio between measured quantity of electrical signal phase shift in the material in the course of processing and the quantity of maximum possible value of phase shift for this material.

Mathematical Model of Multi-Sectional Drying Unit on the Set of Working States
S.V. Artemova, A.N. Gribkov
Department “Designing of Radio-Electronic and Microprocessor Systems”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: set of serviceability states; set of working states; energy-saving control; multi-sectional drying unit.
Abstract: Mattes of development of mathematical model of multi-sectional drying unit with regard for possible change in working state in the course of operation are considered.

Application of Roughness Control Device during Mechanical Processing of Small Diameter Holes
D.V. Chelyadinov1, E.M. Zhukov2
“Stary Oskol Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise” plc (1); BSTU after V.G. Shukhov (2)

Key words and phrases: roughness measuring control; small holes processing.
Abstract: The development and application of roughness control device for small diameter holes of fuel fittings are studied. The structural scheme of the device and Simulink-model for the process of measurement data processing are given.

Chemical and related engineering. Chemistry.

Calculation of Worm-Type Leveling Device for Rubber Mixtures Processing under the Given Quality of Extrudate
M.V. Sokolov
Department “Polymers Processing and Packaging”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: dispersion of solids; fluidizing air; pulsating air stream.
Abstract: A modified fluidized bed, termed the pulsed fluidized bed (PFB), was developed to eliminate some limitations of the conventional fluidized bed by superposing a pulsating air stream on the continuously flowing fluidizing air. Drying of green peas was carried out to assess the advantages of such a pulsed fluid bed over the conventional fluid bed. Due to good dispersion of solids by the pulsing air flow, a higher drying rate is realized in PFB with lesser color degradation. The solids shrinkage and sorption isotherms are also presented.

Research into Vacuum Drying of Timber Using Convective Techniques of Heat Supply
Safin R.R.
Department «Timber Processing», Kazan State Technological University

Key words and phrases: drying; superheated steam; timber.
Abstract: The technology of vacuum-oscillating drying of timber is proposed; superheated steam is used at the heating stage in order to intensify heat transfer processes and relax drying stress. The results of mathematical modeling are given; those can be used for recommendations on mode parameters of the process.

Raw Materials Grinding during Extraction under the Influence of Electric Charge
Yu.N. Kudimov
, V.T. Kazub, K.V. Martirosyan, G.V. Smolenskaya
Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy

Key words and phrases: electric charge; extraction; grinding.
Abstract: The results of the analysis of granular-metric composition of ground oil-cake produced after vegetable raw material extraction under the influence of electric charge are described

Cereal Extruded Sticks: Properties, Modeling and Technology
A.N. Ostrikov, O.V. Abramov
Department “Processes and Apparatuses of Chemical and Food Ðroduction”, Voronezh State Technological Academy

Key words and phrases: extrusion process modeling; pre-matrix zone; protein-containing extrudates; quality indexes; rheological properties; twin-screw extruder.
Abstract: The results of rheological research into extruded grain mixture are presented; they are put into basis of mathematical model describing the change in the velocity of product melting in pre-matrix zone of extruder. It is found out that produced cereal sticks have balanced composition, good consumer characteristics and can be recommended for everyday nutrition especially for school children.

Present-Day State and Practicability of Using Universal Inhibitors of Hydrogen Sulfide and Carbonic Acid Corrosion
V.I. Vigdorovich
Department of Analytical Chemistry and Ecology, TSU after G.R. Derzhavin

Key words and phrases: carbon dioxide medium; carbon steel; hydrogen sulfide medium; universal inhibitor of corrosion.
Abstract: The requirements for universal inhibitors of hydrogen sulfide and carbonic acid corrosion have been formulated. The effect of both well-known and newly created additives based on domestic raw materials and products is studied.

Combination of Cobalt Phthalocyanine Production Process from o-Phthalic Acid and its Anhydride
E.Yu. Kondrakova, A.B. Kilimnik, Yu.M. Rapoport
Department of Chemistry (1), “Nature Management and Environmental Protection” (2), TSTU

Key words and phrases: cobalt phthalocyanine; derivatography; mixer with Z-shaped mixing paddles.
Abstract: The results of derivatorgaphic research into monosodium salt of chloro-phthalic acid and its interaction with carbamide and phthalic anhydride are presented; the synthesis of chlorine-containing cobalt phthalocyanine in the presence of ammonium molybdate as a catalyst is made. The possibility of having combined process of phthalimide production and its chlorine derivatives in the mixers with Z-shaped mixing paddles is stated experimentally. It is shown that existing phase conversions do not cause significant increase in drive load, however, they produce foaming of reaction mass. It is stated that the size of foam and its stability grow when the content of phthalic anhydride increases in the reaction mass.

Modeling of the Process of Static Electrical Charges Production in the Apparatus with Dielectric Fluidized Bed
A.V. Boyarshinov, V.M. Dmitriev, V.B. Mikhailov, E.A. Sergeeva, L.S. Tarova
Department «Nature Management and Environment Protection», ÒSÒU

Key words and phrases: fluidized bed; static electricity.
Abstract: The risk appraisal of inflammation from static electrical charges in the course of dielectric materials processing in the fluidized bed is given.

Processes and Products for Air¢s Regeneration and Chemical Protection

The occasional rubric of “TSTU Transactions”, which contains a collection of papers on the processes, equipment and products for air regeneration and means of human chemical protection, is presented.
The rubric is introduced due to the organization of Scientific Educational Center of TSTU and Tambov Scientific Chemical Research Institute (Corporation “Roskhimzashchita”) in 2005 as well as the significant amount of works done by scientists and engineers of TSTU and SCRI in this area and the need for their urgent publication.
The previous issues of “TSTU Transactions” published the papers on water-resistant silica gels (No. 1À, 2006), modeling of adsorption in the course of multi-layer furnace charge (No. 2À, 2006), improvement of individual self-rescuers and modeling of air regeneration using the means of collective protection of isolated type (No. 3À, 2006). The given Part starts with the review of Scientific Educational Center activities and then goes the abstract of Preprint No. 17 published together with this issue; it is devoted to regenerative products of a new generation and means of individual protection.
Besides, the given rubric publishes the papers on optimum control over air regeneration process, diffusive kinetics of sorption, production of regenerative products on matrix, application of calcium hydroxide to porous materials, oxygen self-rescuer for civil population. On the whole these publications characterize the main directions and types of the accomplished work.

About the Work of Scientific Educational Center “TSTU – Tambov Scientific Chemical Research Institute” (Corporation “Roskhimzashchita”)
S.I. Dvoretsky1, S.B. Putin3, V.D. Samarin3, V.P. Tarov2
Departments: “Technological Equipment and Advanced Technologies” (1), “Equipment and Technology of Machine-Building Production” (2), TSTU; Corporation “Roskhimzashchita”, Tambov (3)

Key words and phrases:innovative activity; isolating respiratory apparatus; new chemical technologies; post-graduate students and students; regenerative products; scientific educational center; young scientists.
Abstract Brief information on scientific educational center (SEC) created by TSTU and Corporation “Roskhimzashchita” in 2005 and its work in the area of new chemical technologies is given. The evolutional development of the center supposes further integration of scientific educational institutions in order to complete educational programs and do scientific research into foreground directions of science and technology development.

Technology and Equipment for Regenerative Products of New Generation and Means of Individual Protection
N.F. Gladyshev1, S.I. Dvoretsky2, S.B. Putin1 Corporation «Roskhimzashchita», Tambov (1); Department «Technological Equipment and Advanced Technologies», TSTU (2)

Key words and phrases: carbon dioxide; isolating respiratory apparatus (self-rescuer); peroxycompounds potassium peroxide diperoxyhydrate; potassium superoxide; peroxocompounds; regenerative product on matrix; sorption kinetics.
Abstract:The new technology of production of regenerative product – potassium superoxide – by treating porous matrix with alkaline solution of hydrogen peroxide and its further dehydration is developed. Absorption kinetics of carbon dioxide by potassium superoxide on porous matrix is studied. It is shown that regenerative product on matrix has better sorption characteristics compared to stock-produced ones. Using the regenerative product we’ve developed lightweight self-rescuers conforming to international standards.

To the Problem of Designing Systems of Optimum Control over Air Regeneration Process on the Set of States of Bio-Technical Complex
A.N. Ilyin1, S.V. Matveev2, I.V. Milovanov1, S.B. Putin2
Department “Systems of Automated Designing”, TSTU (1); Corporation “Roskhimzashchita”, Tambov (2)

Key words and phrases: air regeneration process; bio-technical complex; linear-quadratic task of control; optimum control; vacuum-sealed enclosed space.
Abstract:The development of methods of optimum control over air regeneration process in vacuum-sealed enclosed space is presented. The methods are based on sequential consideration of ideal, normal and extreme conditions of bio-technical complex; for each of them the task of optimum control is formulated and the algorithm of its solution is proposed. For ideal modes of functioning the schemes of optimum control systems with clearly marked negative feedback are offered. The advantage of the suggested methods is permanent maintenance of the given gas content of the air medium in vacuum-sealed enclosed space when using effectively the resources of regenerative equipment.

Kinetics of Mixed Diffusive Sorption Process
V.N. Chernykh
Corporation “Roskhimzashchita”, Tambov

Key words and phrases: adsorbent; carbon dioxide; external and internal mass-transfer; grain radius; mass-transfer; sorbent.
Abstract:The equation of mixed diffusive kinetics is considered; it takes into account external and internal diffusion.

Intensification of the Process of Production of Regenerative Product on Matrix
N.F. Gladyshev1, T.V. Gladysheva1, S.I. Dvoretsky2, R.V. Dorokhov2, E.I. Simanenkov1
Corporation “Roskhimzashchita”, Tambov (1); Department «Production Equipment and Food Technologies»,TSTU (2)

Key words and phrases: âûñîêîâëàæíûé ìàòåðèàë; âûñîêîïîðèñòàÿ ìàòðèöà; äèñïðîïîðöèîíèðîâàíèå; íàäïåðîêñèä êàëèÿ; ïåðîêñîñîëüâàò; ðåãåíåðàòèâíûé ïðîäóêò íà ìàòðèöå; ñóøêà èíôðàêðàñíûì èçëó÷åíèåì.
Abstract:The possibility of producing regenerative product KO2 on glass-fiber matrix in vacuum-drying chamber with infrared radiation is studied. Ceramic heating elements enabling to create adjustable and steady infrared radiation on the whole surface of drying matrix are used. Technological modes of production process of regenerative product KO2 of the given quality are studied.

Research into Possibility of Treating Porous Materials with Calcium Hydroxide
N.F. Gladyshev1, T.V. Gladysheva1, S.I. Dvoretsky2, M.P. Arkhipova2
Corporation “Roskhimzashchita”, Tambov (1); Department “Production Equipment and Food Technologies”, TSTU (2)

Key words and phrases: calcium hydroxide; carbon dioxide; chemical absorber; lime milk.
Abstract:The possibility of applying calcium hydroxide from lime milk solutions of various concentrations to porous materials is studied. The calculation of the main substance going into porous matrix is done; recommendations on further research into possibility of creating a new material – chemical absorber of acid gases – are given.

Examination and Development of Oxygen Self-Rescuer for Civil Population
N.F. Gladyshev1, T.V. Gladysheva1, S.I. Dvoretsky2, S.B. Putin1, E.I. Simanenkov1, N.Yu. Kholodilin2
Corporation “Roskhimzashchita”, Tambov (1); Department «Production Equipment and Food Technologies»,TSTU (2)

Key words and phrases: isolating self-rescuer; regenerative product on matrix.
Abstract:The results of the development of isolating self-rescuer on chemically bounded oxygen are presented; it possesses improved mass and size characteristics and meets the requirements of European and Russian standards.

Mathematics. Physics.

To Poisson Stability of Motion in Discrete Dynamic Systems
A.P. Afanasyev1, S.M. Dzyuba2, A.P. Pyanov2
Institute of System Analysis RAS, Moscow (1); Department «Distributional Computing Systems»,TSTU (2)

Key words and phrases: discrete dynamic systems; Poisson stability of motion.
Abstract: The criterion of Poisson stability of motion in discrete dynamic systems is given.

Non-Linear Oscillations of Multi-Layer Plates with Localized Masses
Yu.V. Kuleshov
Department “Theoretical Mechanics”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: amplitude frequency equation; Bubnov-Galerkin’s method; free and forced non-linear oscillations; localized masses; multi-layer rectangular plate.
Abstract: Free and forced non-linear oscillations of multi-layer rectangular plate composed of transversally isotropic layers are considered. The localized mass is fixed rigidly on the plate; the other localized mass is connected to the first one by prism rod, the axis of which is normal to the plate surface. Using Bubnov-Galerkin’s method amplitude frequency equations of oscillations are produced. Different passages to the limit in amplitude frequency equations according to the parameters of the system connected to the plate are made. There some cases when the connected system is inertial damper of plate oscillations.

Research into Influence of Furnace and Laser Annealing on Some Mechanical Characteristics of Amorphous Metal Alloy 82K3XCP in Terms of Local Loading on Polymer Bases
V.M. Polikarpov1, I.V. Ushakov2, A.E. Kalabushkin3, T.N. Pluzhnikova2
Department of Physics, TSTU (1); Tambov State University after G.R. Derzhavin (2); St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (3)

Key words and phrases: composite; laser processing; mechanical properties; metal glass.
Abstract: Deformation and destruction of metal glass is studied experimentally. Exponential character of dependence of loading value required for formation of deformed zones in the form of local splits-off and dips from the annealing temperature of samples is determined. Linear character of dependence of the number of split-off sections of metal glass from the loading quantity in the course of indentation is established. The methodology of laser annealing of metal glass and further determination of its mechanical properties is developed. It is shown that samples of metal glass subject to laser annealing on polymer base have similar features to those subject to furnace annealing.

Computer Modeling of Electromagnetic Waves Interaction with Elliptical, Round or Linear Polarizations
A.V. Ermakov, N.Ya. Molotkov
Departament of Physics, TSTU

Key words and phrases: experiment; interference; training.
Abstract: The general mathematical formula of the examined interaction is given. Particular cases of waves interaction are modeled. The comparative analysis of the results with those of natural experiment is carried out.

Machine-building. Ñonstruction.Material Science. Metal-Working

Molecular Relaxation and Structural Mechanical Characteristics of ABS-Composites Obtained through Liquid and Solid-Phase Extrusion
G.S. Baronin1, A.M. Stolin2, Yu.A. Olkhov3, K.V. Shapkin1, D.V. Pugachev1
Department “Theory of Machines, Mechanisms and Machine Parts”, TSTU (1); Institute of Structural Macrokinetics and Problems of Material Science RAS (2); Institute of Chemical Physics Problems RAS (3)

Key words and phrases: amorphous matrix; cluster block; molecular relaxation characteristics; orientation crystallization; plastic deformation; processes of structure transformations; liquid and degree of crystallinity; thermo-mechanical spectroscopy.
Abstract: The comparative analysis of molecular relaxation, structural and physic-mechanical characteristics of ABS-copolymer composites produced by liquid and solid-phase extrusion is carried out; general regularities of forming molecular-topological structure and properties of amorphous crystal polymers with false cross-linked structure as a result of their processing in solid phase are proposed. The obtained experimental results are explained from the view of thermo-mechanical spectroscopy and proved in the course of production process of solid-phase extrusion of ABS-polymer composites.

Durability and Deformability of Thermosetting Glass-Reinforced Plastics in Nagel Compounds of Wooden Structures with Regard for Operating Time and Temperature
O.V. Umnova, V.P. Yartsev
Department “Construction of Buildings and Structures”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: glass-reinforced plastics; operating temperature; stressed condition; thermosetting concept of deformation and destruction of solid body; Nagel compound.
Abstract: Matters of the effect of temperature on the durability and deformability of glass-reinforced plastics ÀÃ-4ÍÑ and ÑÑÖÎ in terms of short and long loading as materials for nagel compounds of wooden structures are studied. Regularities of deformation and destruction of glass-reinforced plastics in condition of thermo-mechanical loading are identified. Empirical equations of dependence of short- and long-term duration as well as deformation characteristics of glass-reinforces plastics are proposed.

Method of Control over Cationic Composition of Oxide Semiconductors Blend
S.N. Barshutin1, V.P. Shelokhvostov1, V.N. Chernyshov2
Departments: “Materials and Technology” (1); “Criminal Law and Legal Activity Computerization” (2), TSTU

Key words and phrases: cationic and phase compositions; derivatography; phase composition; thermal analysis.
Abstract: Derivatographic method of measuring phase and cationic composition of oxide semiconductors is studied. Phase and cationic composition of oxide manganese blend is determined. The comparison of dereivatograpic and chemical methods of determining cationic composition of oxide manganese blend is carried out. The possibility of using derivatographic method for quantitative evaluation of phase and cationic composition of oxide semiconductors is determined.

Control over the Complex of Geometric Parameters of Shells Production Process
D.A. Bobakov, A.P. Pudovkin
Department «Designing of Radio-Electronics and Microprocessor Systems», TSTU

Key words and phrases: bimetallic shells; shells.
Abstract: The technique and measuring system of control over the complex of geometric parameters of shells in the production process are studied.

Calculated-Experimental Grounding of Rational Thickness of Hard-Faced Metal Layers in the Course of Carriage Beams Recovery
B.N. Khvatov
Department “Technology of Machine Building, Metal-Cut Machines and Instruments”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: calculated and standard allowance; carriage-supporting beam; hard facing; mechanical processing.
Abstract: The results of experimental research into macrogeometry, hardness and structure of hard-faced metal layers and the area of their fusion with the main metal in the course of repair work of worn-out beam surfaces of carriage connectors are given. On the basis of produced data using analytical calculations the required and sufficient values of allowance for mechanical processing of recovered surfaces through hard facing are identified; the sufficient number of hard-faced layers is grounded, thus enabling to save labor, energy and material resources at carriage repair works compared to oversized values of standard allowance.

Mathematical Model of Forming the Error of Band Processing by Dynamic Self-Adjusting Support
I.V. Shrubchenko
Belgorod State Technological University after V.G. Shukhov

Key words and phrases: dynamic self-adjusting support; portable built-in machine; processing drum; radius vector; support rollers; the surface of support rolling.
Abstract: ÏDesign of dynamics self-adjusting support is proposed for processing the surface of support rolling of drums in unstable zones of shaping. Mathematical model enabling to vary the process of changing the shape of rolling surface in the course of processing according to the base of dynamic self-adjusting support and the given depth of cutting is presented.

Analysis of Methods of Production Development of Hot-Mixed Asphalt Covering Compaction
A.F. Zubkov
Department “Construction Engineering and Highways”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: construction duration; hot-mixed asphalt; roadway covering.
Abstract: Analysis of the processes of placement and compaction of hot-mixed asphalt roadway covering is presented. The necessity for specification of machines parameters in terms of duration of mixture placement and compaction is stated.


State and Forecast of Agricultural Production Development
V.D. Zharikov1, R.V. Zharikov2
Departament «Economicsand Management», TSTU (1) Tambov Regional Institute of Teacher’s Professional SUV Improvement (2)

Key words and phrases: agricultural production; area under crops; head of livestock.
Abstract: The state of agricultural production in the region is considered; on the basis of obtained mathematical dependencies and program product the forecast of main indexes of agriculture is made, thus enabling to make reasonable managerial decisions on further development.

Engineering Pedagogic

Methodology of Engineering and Technology Masters’ Preparation for Innovative Activity
E.I. Muratova, S.V. Osina
Department “Production Equipment and Food Technologies”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: innovative activity; masters’ training; scientific and pedagogical training.
Abstract: The technique of arranging masters’ independent work in the course of scientific and pedagogical training as well as research work is proposed; it provides the effectiveness of engineering and technology masters’ training for innovative scientific and pedagogical activity. The results of practical implementation of the developed technique in the course of masters’ training at TSTU are presented.

Problems of Improving the System of a Foreign Language Teacher’s Training
O.V. Usacheva
Department of French Philology, TSU after G.R. Derzhavin

Key words and phrases: combination of subject and object functions; competence approach to education; independent application of skills; quality of education; specialists’ training; level of knowledge.
Abstract: The shift from traditional educational paradigm to personality-oriented one requires from higher educational staff the improvement of specialists’ training. Some students are not prepared well enough for professional pedagogic work; the divide between the level of their theoretical and practical preparation is great. The problem under discussion involves finding the ways of improving methodological skills of students – future teachers of a foreign language – in the course of their professional training.

Application of Active Teaching Methods in Managers’ Training
G.M. Zolotareva
Department “Organization Management”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: competence of specialist; professional training.
Abstract: Methods of managers’ active teaching are considered; these are aimed at preparation of potential managers for complicated and creative interaction in the course of industrial work.

Tutor’s Work in the System of Further Professional Training
S.V. Zagrebelnaya
Tambov Regional Institute of Teacher’s Professional Skill Improvement

Key words and phrases: further training; tutorships functions; types of activity.
Abstract: The paper deals with the examination into the place, functions content and types of tutor’s work in the system of further professional training.

Economics and Social Sciences

The Technique for Calculation of Lower Estimate of Connection Cost in the Task of Industrial Objects Location
S.Ya. Egorov
Department “Automated Designing of Technological Equipment”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: automated designing; graph theory; industrial objects location.
Abstract: Matters associated with the development of algorithms for the search of optimum solutions to the tasks of industrial objects location are studied. The technique for estimation of total cost of connections in the tasks of certain objects location on the well-ordered set of positions suitable for location is proposed.

Complex Evaluation of Decision-Making Alternatives on the Investment Project Quality
Yu.V. Nemtiniva, B.I. Gerasimov
Department “Economic Analysis”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: hierarchical systems; industrial production; investment project quality; models of decision-making.
Abstract: The approach to the evaluation of investment project quality in industrial production is proposed, thus enabling to study each of the variants from the point of economic, production and ecological views; it takes into account complex evaluation of alternatives in the course of decision-making, the possibility of using different production techniques and types of equipment in manufacturing target product and waste disposal, as well as the peculiarities of its territorial location and product distribution.

Evaluation of Service Component of Industrial and Technical Products Competitiveness
L.N. Chainikova1, V.N. Chainikov2
Department “Finance and Credit”, TSTU (1); Department “Management and Standardization”, Chuvashiya State University after I.N. Ulyanov (2)

Key words and phrases: customer service; industrial and technical products; quality indexes.
Abstract: The types of industrial and technical products customer service are studied. The algorithm of supporting forecasted level of service component of developed product competitiveness is developed; the dependencies for its determination are proposed.

Economic Aspects in the System of Control over Eco-Quality of Industrial Enterprise
A.N. Toroptseva
Department “Economic Analysis’, TSTU

Key words and phrases: eco-quality; quality control system.
Abstract: Economic analysis of eco-quality of industrial enterprise has been conducted; technique of forming the system of eco-quality control over industrial enterprise has been proposed.

Military Information Policy: Model and Peculiarities of its Implementation by Ministry of Defense of Russia
O.N. Zabuzov
Department of Politology, Military University of Ministry of Defense of RF, Moscow

Key words and phrases: information policy; Ministry of Defense, Model of implementation.
Abstract: The model of implementation of national information policy by Ministry of Defense of Russia is proposed. The peculiarities of military information policy implementation by Ministry of Defense of Russia are found out.

Legal Grounds for Bringing Motor Vehicles to a Stop to Check Legitimacy of their Use
A.V. Zdolnik
Training Center of Internal Affairs Ministry of Tambov Region, Tambov

Key words and phrases: bringing motor vehicles to a stop; militia official; motor vehicle driver; traffic rules.
Abstract: It is grounded that bringing motor vehicles to a stop to check the legitimacy of their use is the prevailing measure in law enforcement action of road patrol service. Components of traffic crimes with regard for the enforcement of this law are analyzed.

Role and Place of Regional Component in Education Legislation
E.Yu. Lysikova
Department “Theory and History of State and Law”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: educational standard; Federation entity.
Abstract: The representation of regional component in education legislation of Federation entities is considered. The ways of its improvement in order to create a single legislation area are proposed

The Problem of Transparency of Political Relations in Present-Day Russia
N.V. Vlasova
Governmental Institution “Regional TV and Radio Broadcasting Company “Tambov Province”

Key words and phrases: political relations; transparency.
Abstract: The paper deals with the problem of governing bodies’ openness as well as interaction of the government with the institutes of civil society in present-day Russia.

Riskiness of Polymorphous Political Regimes
A.S. Pashchenko
Department of Political Science, Saratov State University

Key words and phrases: political reality; political regimes; power restriction; social systems.
Abstract: The relationship between political regimes and political risks is studied.

Some Methods of Statistic Examination of National Economic Accounting Indexes in Macroeconomic Tendencies Analysis
M.D. Simonova
Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Moscow

Key words and phrases: deflation; gross domestic product; gross value added; national economic accounting.
Abstract: The author has analyzed the industrial structure of gross value added (GVA) in current prices of Italy, Germany and the USA as well as their gross value added calculated by deflation method. The trend towards non-inflation growth of agriculture share of GVA in the countries under the study has been discovered. Regression analysis of correlation between export, import and GDP of France and Germany shows the stable trend of dependence of GDP growth from export growth in current prices (close relation) and fixed ones (linear relation).

Quality Loop in Social Insurance Service
E.S. Egorova, N.I. Kulikov
Department “Finance and Credit”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: living standards; quality loop; service quality; social insurance; social risk.
Abstract: The analysis of the quality of social insurance services on the basis of quality loop is carried out. The stages of the process of offering social insurance services are described. Recommendations on quality assurance are made.

To the Notion of “Tolerance”
E.Yu. Zhmyrova
Tambov State University after G.R. Derzhavin

Key words and phrases: tolerance; non-tolerance; types of tolerance.
Abstract: The notion of “tolerance’ hasn’t been defined clearly yet. It covers a variety of aspects. The paper deals with the main ones. Attempt to give the definition to the notion of “tolerance” has been made.

Factors of Internet Mass Media Effectiveness
S.G. Mashkova
Department of Public Relations, TSTU

Key words and phrases: Internet-journalism; Internet mass media; journalism in information society; net mass media; peculiarities of Internet mass media; problems of net mass media.
Abstract: Factors influencing the effectiveness of Internet mass media are identified and analyzed.

Subjectivity of an Individual and its Representation in Speech
N.I. Kolodina, O.G. Lyabina
Department of Foreign Languages, ÒSTU

Key words and phrases: apperception; emotional experience; factors of the subjectivity; lexical and stylistic representation; previous experience; process of social development.
Abstract: Òhis paper tackles the problem of the subjectivity of human’s perception and its lexical and stylistic representation. Some peculiar factors of the subjectivity are determined. Experience is considered to be a basic factor including social, cultural, emotional and individual parts. The very factors are the characteristic of any human and the factors unique combination makes a human inimitable. The factors affect the perception and reveal via speech

The Role of Intertext in the Novel «The Ark for the Uninvited» by V. Maximov (in English)
I.M. Popova, S.V. Nachernaya, L.A. Shakhova
The Department of Russian philology, TSTU

Key words and phrases: art creation; bible context; culmination point; the sphere of culture.
Abstract: The paper deals with the intertextuality of the novels written by the outstanding Russian writer of the second half of the XX century Vladimir Maximov, the representative of the “third wave” of emigration. The novels intertextuality is studied on the example of his novel “The Ark for the Uninvited”, which was the first one written by the author abroad, where he could express his ideas freely without being afraid of the censorship. Supported by the ideas of Russian classical literature the writer could take advantage of the innovative aesthetic techniques, the most important of which was the use of the bible context. Thus, he was able to analyze deeply the past, interpret the present and anticipate the future of Russia.

Forming of Physical Culture as the Component of Engineers’ Professional Culture
A.N. Gruzdev
Department of Physical Education, TSTU

Key words and phrases: Department of Physical Education, TSTU
Abstract: Aspects of forming of physical culture as a component of specialist’s professional culture in technical university are shown.

Evaluation of Sensitivity Indexes to Particular Parameters Determining the Quality of Image
E.I. Nesterova
Department of Precision Technologies and Cinema and Video Equipment Certification, St. Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television

Key words and phrases: audio-visual systems; intelligent qualimetric methods; ponderability coefficients; psycho-physical qualimetric methods; qualimetric characteristics; sensitivity coefficients.
Abstract: The possibilities of using psycho-physical subjective qualimetric expert examinations for evaluation of the results of transformations in audio-visual systems are considered. Experimental methodology of evaluation of sensitivity coefficients to particular qualimetric characteristics of image provided by audio-visual system is given; it is based on the possibility of visual analyzer to detect changes in evaluated characteristics.

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