Transactions of the TSTU

Four-Language Scientific-Theoretical and Applied Multidisciplinary Journal

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Automation. Information.Control. Instruments

Mishchenko S.V., Ponomarev S.V., Trofimov A.V., Samorodov V.A Methodology of Development of Quality Management System of Enterprise (p 8)
Shcheglov I.T. Basic Approaches to Creation and Realization of System for Quality Management of Scientific-Industrial Potential in Tambov Region (synopsis) (p 22)
Hubert K. Rampersad. Continuous Improvement of Business Processes (in English) (p 25)
Zhukov N.P., Muromtsev Yu.L., Mainikova N.F., Rogov I.V. To the Thermal Resistance of Thermo-Physical Characteristics of Materials at Non-Destructive Control (p 43)
Fedorov N.P., Fedyunin P.A., Dmitriev D.A., Kaberov S.R. Long-Range Methods of Measuring Complex of Electro-Physical and Thermo-Physical Parameters of Radio-Absorbing Coverings (p 47)
Kulakov Yu.V., Shamkin V.N. Calculation of Initial Estimate at Parametrical Identification of Mathematical Models of Static Modes for Complex Technological Systems (p 58)
Afanasyev A.P., Dzyuba S.M., Zausonina T.B., Lobanov S.M The Existence, Stability and Structural Stability of Single Periodical Solution (p 70)
Muromtsev Yu.L. Problems of Power Saving Control (p 358)
Afanasyev A.P., Dzyuba S.M., Zausonina T.B., Lobanov S.M. Some Solutions Properties of Linear on Controlling Actions Problems of Optimum Control (p 367)
Dvoretsky D.S., Dvoretsky S.I. Integrated Design of Flexible Automated Chemical Processes under Uncertainty. Part 2 (p 379)
Bityukov V.K., Vostrikov S.V., Prihoday V.A., Tarasov M.N. Structure of Main Components of Economic-Consulting Control System of Alcohol Production (p 397)
Zyryanov Yu.T., Malykov K.A. Planning of Preventive Maintenance in Organizational-Technical Systems (p 410)
Hanuni S.S., Dryazgov A.N., Ponomarev S.V., Vedeshkina L.A. Continuous Measurement and the Control of Liquid Thermal Properties by the Method of the Laminar Mode (p 421)
Suslin M.A., Tetushkin V.A., Chernyshov V.N., Dmitriev D.A. Microwave Thermo-Moisture Method of Organic Matters Control (p 428)
Akulinin I.N., Belyaev P.S., Mishchenko S.V. Method of Determination of Dependencies of Thermal Physical Properties of Solid Polymer Materials on Temperature and Pressure (p 642)
Kudryashov V.S., Bityukov V.K., Ryazantsev S.V. Algorithm of Current Identification at Synthesis of Adaptive Digital Systems of Control by Multi-Measuring Objects (p 647)
Muromtsev D.Yu. Two Approaches to Analysis and Synthesis of Energy-Saving Control in Conditions of Uncertainty (p 656)
Mordasov D.M. Pneumo-Dynamic Non-Contact Control of Liquid Substances Density (p 666)
Pudovkin A.P., Chernyshov V.N. Method of Non-Destructive Control over Quality of Metal Fluoroplastic Materials (p 675)
Blokhin A.N. About the Way of Increasing Reliability of Taken Decisionsin Terms of Uncertainty (p 682)
Afanasyev A.P., Dzyuba S.M., Lobanov S.M. On General Task of Control over Non-linear Systems Using Quadric Criterion (p 896)
Konstantinov I.S., Eremenko V.T. Algorithm of Threat Search in the State Space of Information Exchange for Distributed Control System (p 912)
Skuratov A.K., Bezrukavny D.S. Administration of Telecommunication Network on the Basis of Statistic Analysis of Traffic (p 919)
Levin V.I. Interval Logic and Super-Fuzzy Sets. Theory and Application (p 924)
Kalinin V.F., Ivanov V.M., Pechagin E.A., Limonov D.N., Uvarov A.N. Criteria for Sorting Measuring-Calculating System of Quality Control over Magnetic Systems (p 930)
Fokin V.M., Chernyshov V.N. Theoretical Grounds for Determining Temperature Conductivity of Construction Materials by Means of Non-Destructive Control (p 936)
Kudryashov V.S., Alekseev M.V., Kitaev S.Yu. Automated Synthesis of Adjusting Boundaries of Digital Control (p 946)
Bolshakov A.A. Synthesis of Intelligent Organizational Technical Control Systems (p 954)
Pasechnikov I.I. The Influence of Cohesion of Space Way on the State Modification of Loaded Information Net (p 960)

Chemical and related engineering. Chemistry

Gatapova N.Z., Konovalov V.I Unified Approach to Kinetics and Modeling of Drying of Solvents, Coatings, Liquid Dispersions, Crystal-Forming Solutions and Fibrous Materials (synopsis). (p 80)
Huang Lixin, K. Kumar, Arun S. Mujumdar. Simulation of Spray Evaporation Using Pressure and Ultrasonic Atomizer – a Comparative Analysis (in English). (p 83)
Beissner H., Tsotsas E. Influence of a Gas-Liquid Interface on Washing Kinetics of Porous Bodies in Case of Miscibility Between Loading and Washing Liquid (in German) (p 101)
Kudra Tadeusz. An Integrated Approach to Drying Technologies (in English). (p 114)
Perre P. Drying of Deforming Materials: Formulation, Physical-Mechanical Characteristics, Modeling and Simulation (in French). (p 120)
Dolgunin V.N., Kudy A.N., Yushkova O.B., Ananyev A.N. Some Ways to Control Segregation and Mixing in Gravity Flows of Particulate Solids (in English) (p 140)
Promtov M.A. Foundations of Method of Calculating Rotor Impulse-Cavitation Apparatus (p 149)
Kui Jiao, Xiliang Luo, Wei Sun, Zhenyong Wang. Preparation and Properties of the Poly (Neutral Red) Horseradish Peroxidase Enzyme Electrode (in English). (p 155)
Rakitin O.I. Local Non-Equilibrium Processes on Condensation Medium (p 166)
Urusov A.I. Scheduled Models of Wave Hydrodynamics (p 434)
Vieira M.G.A., Donida M.W., Rocha S.C.S. Fluid-Dynamic, Coating Efficiency and Adhesion of an Aqueous Polymeric Suspension to Inert Particles in a Spouted Bed (in English) (p 441)
Tomas J. Nanoparticle Adhesion and Flow Properties of Cohesive Nanopowders (in English) (p 452)
Benali M. The Gas-Solid-Solid Packed Contactor: Mechanistic and Macroscopic Analysis of the Interactive Forces (in English) (p 470)
Piskova E., Mitev D., Morl L., Kruger G. The Area of Stable Fluidization in Various Designs of Apparatuses of Spouted Bed (in German). (p 495)
Borshchov V.Ya., Dolgunin V.N., Ivanov P.A. Rapid Gravity Flow of Nonsphemcal Particles on a Rough Chute (p 513)
Dolgunin V.N., Borshchov V.Ya., Ivanov P.A. Òhå Research on Rapid Gravity Flows of Particulate Solids (in English) (p 689)
Nashchyokina Ya.R., Tsygankova L.E. Inhibition of Steel Corrosion in Slightly Acidic Hydrogen Sulphide and Carbonic Acid Media (p 697)
Shuvalov A.M., Nabatov K.A., Maximov A.S. Modes of Chemical Cleaning of Boiler Scale (p 705)
Gatapova N.Z., Konovalov V.I., Koliukh A.N., Pakhomov A.N. About Temperature Plateaux under High-Temperature and Low-Temperature Conductive Drum Drying of Wet Materials (p 968)
Dmitriev V.M., Tarova L.S., Sergeyeva E.A., Rudobashta S.P. Zone Method of Determining Diffusive Properties of Polydisperse Carrying Agents, Catalysts and Adsorbing Materials Used in Environmental Protection (p 978)
Sakulin S.A. To the Problem of Quality Control of Half-Finished Product and Diagnostics of Equipment in Cotton Spinning by Means of Artificial Intelligence (p 985)
Bychenock V.I., Mozgovoy N.V. Thermal Hydroacoustic Resistance of Autooscillation Processes in Pulsating Combustion Apparatuses (p 995)
Dvoretsky S.I., Yermakov A.A., Gurova A.S. On the Development of Calculation Method and Forecasting of Maintenance Characteristics of Designed Granular Zeolite Sorbents (p 1009)
Petrenko V.E., Abakumova N.A., Antipova M.L., Kessler Yu.M., Borovkov A.V., Ved O.V. Molecular-Dynamic Modeling of Liquid Water with Empiric Potential of Hydrogen Bonds (p 1027)

Mathematics. Physics.

Kulikov G.M., Plotnikova S.V., Kazakov D.V. Contact Problem for the Elastic Plate and Rigid Body. 1. Geometrically Linear Formulation (p 180)
Dmitriev O.S., Mishchenko S.V., Kirillov V.N., Dmitriev A.O. Examination of Correlation between Dielectric and Calorimetric Curing Degree for Carbon Plastics (p 195)
Plotnikov P.V., Shurshalov L.V. A Hail from Space: More Dangerous than an Asteroid (in English). (p 201)
Kulikov G.M., Plotnikova S.V. Contact Problem for the Elastic Plate and Rigid Body. 2 Geometrically Nonlinear Formulation (p 519)
Savelyev A.M. To the Behavior of Monocrystal Ferrite under Thermal Influence (p 535)
Bulgakov A.I., Puchkov N.P., Skomorokhov V.V., Grigorenko A.A., Belyaeva O.P. To Some Problems of Disturbed Inclusions and theirApplications to Differential Inclusions. Part 1 (p 712)
Fomin V.I. On Euler Equation of the Second Order with BoundedOperator Coefficients in Banach Space (p 731)
Kulikov G.M., Plotnikova S.V. În the Use of 6-Parameter Multilayered Shell Models in Structural Mechanics (in English) (p 1042)
Bulgakov A.I., Puchkov N.P., Skomorokhov V.V., Grigorenko A.A., Belyaeva O.P. To Some Problems of Disturbed Inclusions and their Applications to Differential Inclusions. Part 2 (p 1053)
Barsukov V.I. Investigation of Mutual Influence of the Basis and Detecting Element in Atomic Adsorption Analyses of Steel on Molybdenum and Tungsten (p 1073)

Machine-building. Building-construction. Material science. Metal-working

Vorobyov Yu.V., Kovergin A.D Designing of Gear Transmission on Durability with Regard for Friction (p 205)
Bakhadirov G.A. Research of Mechanism of Sheet Materials Straightening (p 212)
Varechkin S.A., Evdokimtsev O.V., Ledenev V.V Tense-Deformed State of Ï-shaped Steel Frame (p 220)
Brusentzov Yu.A., Minaev A.M Examination of Structure and Properties of Powdered Alloy (p 228)
Alexandrov V.I., Glinkin E.I., Egorov A.V., Rudenko D.A. Electrical Characteristics of Micro-, Macro- and Integral Contacts of Wiring Instrument with Product and Chip (p 234)
Antonov A.I., Zhdanov A.E., Ledenyov V.I. Automation of Noise Fields Calculation in Industrial Buildings (in English). (p 245)
Amelyantz A.A., Kulikov A.S Classification of Architectural Ensembles by the Type of Origin (p 251)
Yartsev V.P., Kiselyova O.A. Borders of Serviceability of Composite Construction Materials (p 543)
Legostayev V.L., Mordovin Å.D. Design Procedure of Rods in Crank-Rod Drive Gears of Movement of Upper Half-Molds of Shapers- Vulcanizers of Pneumatic Autotyres (p 548)
Snyatkov N.M., Alexeyev D.S. Calculation of Ferro-Concrete Elements, Reinforced under Loading (p 556)
Antonov V.M., Vyazovov V.B., Vybornov S.N., Diavara S. Usage of Rod Reinforcing for Rise of Bearing Ability of the Basis (in French) (p 567)
Galaev V.I. Vibro-Activity of Interaction System of Unbalanced Shafts Rolling in Elastic-Mass Bearing (p 747)
Ledenev V.V., Strulev V.M., Yarkin R.A. Restoration of Workability of Bending Ferroconcrete Elements (p 755)
Vanin V.A., Evlampiev S.V., Potapochkina M.I., Kuleshov Yu.V. Designing of Kinematics Structure of Gear-Processing Machines Using Inner Hydraulic Links (p 762)
Yartsev V.P., Dolzhenkova M.V. The Influence of Maintenance Factors on the Life Cycle of Roof Bitum Materials (p 1088)
Ledenev V.V., Emelyanov V.P., Savinov Ya.V. Common Types of Wall Damage and Methods of Account of their Influence on Permanent Strength (p 1094)
Ledenev V.I., Matveeva I.V., Makarov A.M. Technique of an Estimation of Sound Absorbing Characteristics of the Process Equipment Placed Inside Industrial Premises (in English) (p 1103)
Zarandiya Zh.A., Rogachev V.D., Nechayev V.V. Diagnosis of Generating Plant (p 1109)
Amelyantz A.A., Kulikov A.S. Principles of Forming and Developing Architectural Ensemble (p 1113)


Kapustin V.P., Kunakov S.A. Analysis of Losses When Gathering Sunflowers (p 773)
Vorobyov Yu.V., Kovergin A.D., Nikitina L.Kh. Designing of Drum Type Devices for Preliminary Cleaning of Root Tuber-Bearing Plant (p 779)
Melisarov V.M., Milovanov A.V., Bespalko P.P., Beshnikhin A.Yu. Factors Influencing the Choice of Fuel with Certain Octane Number. (p 787)

Engineering pedagogic

Popov A.I The System of Olympiad Movement of Students in Technical University (p 256)
Kapustin Yu.I., Egorov A.F., Savitskaya T.V., Dudarov S.P., Goransky A.V. Automation of Self-Inspection and Certification Processes of High School Educational Institutions. (p 578)
Koskin A.V. Information Macromodel of the Educational Environment Development (p 586)
Dvoretsky S.I., Puchkov N.P., Muratova E.I., Tarov V.P. Scientific Grounds and Practice of Innovation-Oriented Professional Education (p 790)
Egorov A.F., Dudarov S.P., Kapustin Yu.I., Savitskaya T.V.,Goransky A.V. Information Analytical System for Automated Support of the Processes of Self-Examination and Certification of Educational Institutions (p 806)
Lobachyov S.L. Analysis of Putting into Effect Information Educative Medium of Open Education: Main Results, Trends and Conclusions (p 814)
Tsilenko L.P., Gvozdeva A.A., Riabtseva E.V. Lingvoprofessional Competence of Engineer (in English) (p 826)
Dvoretsky S.I., Muratova E.I., Zyuzina O.V., Ivanov O.O. Designing the Contents of National Regional Component of State Educational Standards (on the Example of Speciality 240902 «Food Biotechnology») (p 1117)
Trofimova E.I. Regularities of Designing Information Educational Techniques in Professional Training (p 1137)
Riabtseva E.V., Gvozdeva A.A., Tsilenko L.P. Advantages and Disadvantages of Testing Foreign Language Ability (in English) (p 1144)

Economics and social sciences

Serebrennikov G.G. Heterogeneity of Production and Management Enterprise Structures and Problem of their Efficiency (p 264)
Matytzin A.K. Organizational Management Aspects of Vertical Integrated Oil Companies Performance in Terms of Globalization (p 272)
Voronkova O.V. Assessment of Consumers Motivation in the System of Management of Products Sales Efficiency (p 286)
Byckovskaya E.V. Methodological Approach to Mathematical Modeling of Optimization Process of Investment Programs of Federation Subjects (p 294)
Mishchenko E.S. System of Monitoring Processes of Innovative Programs Fulfillment (p 300)
Dick A.A., Slezin A.A Komsomol of the 1920-s as the Institute of Political Socialization (in German) (p 306)
Kolodina N.I., Makeyeva M.N. The Structure of Our Knowledge (in English) (p 317)
Popova I.M. Literature at the End of 20th Century: in the Light of the Theory of Artistic Expression (p 326)
Popova T.G. To the Notion of Conceptual Category “Culture” (p 330)
Shesterina A.M. Provoking Constructions in Polemic Publications in Press (p 338)
Kremneva T.L. Methodological Basis for Training Social Workers in New Zealand. (p 343)
Molotkova N.V., Rodina L.N. Modern Tendencies for Labour Market Creation in Conditions of Regionalization (p 591)
Zajchenko V.N., Khrapov I.V. System Approach to Effective Organization of Maintenance of Fuel Bases (p 601)
Arhipenkov S.M. Solution Method of Economic Tasks of Mathematical Programming with Fractional Creteria Functions (p 607)
Voronkova O.V. Methods of Determining Economic Efficiency of Products Promotion (p 626)
Drobzheva G.M., Repnikov V. The Military as the Ideal Citizen in the Social Conception of K.N. Leontyev (in English). (p 300)
Medvedev N.V. Problem of Communication in the Context of Language-Games (in English). (p 629)
Levin V.I. Problem of Corruption in Modern Russia: Current Situation and Prospects of Solution (p 831)
Korolkova E.M. Market Research as the Tool of Stabilization of Financial System of Enterprise (p 840)
Zharikov V.V. Assortment Policy of Industrial Enterprise in Conditions of Unstable Demand (p 849)
Esikova M.M. Human Being as the Object of Self-Destruction (p 853)
Ivanov A.I. World War I and Russian Artistic Intelligentsia: Modern Problems of Study (p 860)
Nikulin R.L. Regulation of Social Staff of Komsomol Organizations as the Form of Po-litical Control over Communist Youth (p 870)
Zheltova N.Yu. Poetics of Russian National Character (Theoretical Aspect) (p 875)
Bykovsky V.V. Concept, Basic Elements and Mechanism of Forming Investment Policy of the Region (p 1150)
Serebrennikov G.G. Structural Analysis of Company Business Environment (p 1158)
Pashnanov E.L. Program-Target Forecasting of Regional Agroindustrial Complex Development (p 1169)
Minko L.V. Evaluation of Investment Attractiveness of Regional Industrial Branches (p 1176)
Zaichenko V.N., Khrapov I.V. System Approach to Evaluation of Operation Effectiveness of Hydrocarbon Fuel Bases (p 1184)
Smagina V.V. Model of Forming Economic Interests of Managed Subjects of Post-Industrial Society (p 1190)
Katzuk O.A. Methodological Fundamentals of Employment Regulation as Integral Social-Economic System (p 1194)
Mamontov V.D. State and Small Business: Problems of Interaction (p 1198)
Karmyshev Yu.A. Factors of Innovative Development of Depressed Region (on the Example of Tambov Region) (p 1202)
Penshin N.V. The Influence of State Regulation on the Road Safety (p 1206)
Kosov R.V. The Theory of Power Sharing as Political Legal Principle and Scientific Theory (p 1211)
Bezgin V.B. Village Power in Routine Perception of Peasantry at the End of XIX – XX Centuries (p 1217)
Abdyrov K.A. Peculiarities of Self-Conscientiousness of Islam Civilization (p 1227)
Shcherbinin P.P. Reflection of Routine Life of Soldiers’ Families in Russian Folklore in the XIX Century (p 1230)
Ushkova N.V. Research of Verb Semantics in German Analytical Structures (in German) (p 1235)
Makhracheva T.V., Golovashin V.A. Lexical-Semantic Interconnections of Southern Russian Calendar in the Context of Spiritual Culture (on the Example of Opposition Dry-Damp) (p 1244)
Novikova N.V. Foreseeing Future of Ancient Russian Annalists and its Creators (p 1251)

Our new professors, doctors and candidates of sciences (p 1258)

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