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Transactions of the TSTU

Four-Language Scientific-Theoretical and Applied Multidisciplinary Journal

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Automation. Information. Control. Instruments

I.N. Akulinin, P.S. Belyaev, S.V. Mishchenko
Departments: "Electrical Equipment and Automation" (1), "Polymer Processing and Packaging" (2), "Automated Systems and Device" (3), TSTU

Key words and phrases:axis symmetric compression; Boltsman transformation; polymer materials; thermal physical properties.
Abstract: Method for determination dependence of thermal physical properties of polymer materials on temperature and pressure based on calculated dependencies obtained from the solution of non-linear boundary task of heat conduction using Boltsman transformation is discussed.

V.S. Kudryashov, V.K. Bityukov, S.V. Ryazantsev
Department of Information and Control Systems, Voronezh State Technological Academy

Key words and phrases: algorithm of models identification; discrete dynamic models; rectification control.
Abstract: Method of current identification of discrete dynamic models is offered. It is different from the known ones by the fact that in the process of obtaining evaluations digital notions of specific variables of the criterion by two notions of evaluations of object model parameters obtained at the preliminary stages are used. Comparative results of examination by recurrent method of the smallest number of squares are represented

D.Yu. Muromtsev
Department “Designing of Radio-Electronic and Microprocessor Systems”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: complete analysis of optimum management; methods of artificial intelligence; method of synthesizing variables; model of TOM; reverse TOM; set of functioning conditions; task of optimum management (TOM).
Abstract: Comparative characteristics of two concepts of analysis and synthesis of energy-saving control systems is given. The one is based on the complete analysis of the task of optimum control, the other – on the examination of the system using methods of artificial intelligence. Basic problems of analysis and synthesis of optimum control on the set of functioning conditions are studied.

D.M. Mordasov
Department “Automated Systems and Devices”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: kinetic influence of gas stream; liquids density; non-contact methods of measurement; principle of measurement by replacement.
Abstract: Pneumo-dynamic non-contact methods of control over liquids density and the device used for their implementation are considered. The methods are based on dependence of measurement time of indentation depth in the liquid surface on the given quantity and the dependence of pressure quantity at the inlet of pneumo-metric pipe at the moment when the indentation in the liquid surface reaches the given point on the liquid density.

A.P. Pudovkin, V.N. Chernyshov
Department “ Criminal Law and Legal Activity Computerization”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: bimetal line with ferromagnetic base; metal fluoroplastic materials; porosity; bronze framework.
Abstract: Parameters of technology and the scheme of production line of anti-friction metal fluoroplastic materials are given. Methods of non-destructive control over quality of metal fluoroplastic materilas are described.

A.N. Blokhin
Department “Information Processes and Management”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: measure of confidence; measure of uncertainty; Stanford’s theory of confidence factor; confidence factor.
Abstract: Matters of increasing reliability of solving the problem of taking management decision under incomplete input data using Shotrlife-Buchanan model are considered. The index of reliability based on experts’ opinion concerning conditional probabilities values is introduced. The algorithm of sequential improvement of reliability index allowing to decrease the volume of calculations.

Chemical and related engineering. Chemistry

V.N. Dolgunin, V.Ya. Borshchov, P.A. Ivanov
Department of Machines and Apparatus of Chemical engineering, TSTU

Key words and phrases: concentration profiles; rapid gravity flow; X-ray method.
Abstract: An experimental method of the uncontact investigation of concentration profiles during rapid gravity flow of particulate solids is suggested. The method supposes the simultaneous X-ray examination of both particulate solids distribution in the flow and control samples, having certain concentrations of particles, by means of the use of the common X-ray radiogram. The method developed was used to investigate the concentration profiles in the course of rapid gravity flows of spherical ceramic particles on a rough chute. The accuracy of the earlier developed experimental and analytical method supposing the formal analogy between the granular medium under rapid shear and dense gas is checked up by the X-ray method.

Ya.R. Nashchyokina, L.E. Tsygankova
Department of Non-Organic and Physical Chemistry, TSU after G.R. Derzhavin

Key words and phrases: acidic media; inhibition of corrosion; steel corrosion.
Abstract: The influence of inhibitor AMDOR IC-7 on St3 steel in sligtly acidic media containing NaCl (5,8 g/l) in the presence of hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide has been studied. The protective action of AMDOR IC-7 increases with the reduction in pH and introduction of H2S and CO2. The investigated inhibitor slows down the anodic reaction of steel ionization.

A.M. Shuvalov, K.A. Nabatov, A.S. Maximov
Laboratory “Alternative Sources of Energy”, All-Russian Scientific Research and Technology Designing Institute of Eguipment and Oil Product Application in Agriculture, Tambov (1);
Department “Electrical equipment and Automation”, TSTU (2)

Key words and phrases: acid concentration; boiler; chemical cleaning; modes; scale.
Abstract: TThe results of studying the process of scale removal from working surfaces of boiler units and other heat technology equipment are given. The interconnection factors influencing the velocity of scale removal is shown. The optimum modes of acid cleaning of working surfaces are suggested.

Mathematics. Physics

A.I. Bulgakov, N.P. Puchkov, V.V. Skomorokhov, A.A. Grigorenko, O.P. Belyaeva
Departments: “Higher Mathematics” TSTU (1); “Algebra and geometry” TSU after G.R. Derzhavin (2)

Key words and phrases: approximation of mapping; differential inclusions; disturbed inclusions; functional inclusions; multi-valued mapping.
Abstract: The paper deals with inclusion, the right part of which consists of the algebraic sum of values of “good” (having closed images) and “bad” (without property of closeness and convexity of values) of multi-valued mappings. Such inclusions are called disturbed. The first part of the paper formulates basic theories of such inclusions and proves that collection of solutions for such inclusions can lose the property of stability (“insignificant” changes of the first part can lead to significant changes in the collection of solutions). The necessary and sufficient condition to provide the property of stability of the solutions collection is formulated.

V.I. Fomin
Department “Applied Mathematics and Mechanics”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: Banach space; singular differentiation equation; small stabilization perturbation; bounded solution; degenerate point; operator spectrum; operator discriminant; cosine operator function; sine operator function
Abstract: In the Banach space we can find the solution of the equation form the title of the article, bounded in a generate point, by means of the method of small stabilization perturbation.

Machine-building. Building-construction. Material science. Metal-working

V.I. Galaev
Department “Theoretical Mechanics”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: forced vibrations; vibro-loading; processing shaft; pressure roller; rotor machine; static and moment unbalance.
Abstract: Analytical research of forced vibrations caused by unbalance of one of the two shafts and elastic layer between them is carried out. The distribution of the levels of shafts vibro-loading on their length in cases of static and moment unbalances is obtained.

V.V. Ledenev, V.M. Strulev, R.A. Yarkin
Department “Construction of Buildings and Structures”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: bearing load; durability and rigidity of ferroconcrete beams; ferroconcrete yoke; tension concentrator.
Abstract: Experimental research aimed at restoration of indexes of durability and rigidity of ferroconcrete beams having significant damages of both compressed and stretched zones of concrete are carried out; efficient ways of strengthening beams are developed.

V.A. Vanin, S.V. Evlampiev, M.I. Potapochkina, Yu.V. Kuleshov
Departments: “Technology of Machine Building, Metal-Cut Machines and Instruments” (1), “Theoretical mechanics” (2), TSTU

Key words and phrases: gear-processing machines; hydraulic links; hydraulic step drive; module principle of equipment design.
Abstract: The possibility of using hydraulic links on the basis of hydraulic øàãîâûé drive in inner chains of gear-processing machines for cutting cylinder and conic gear wheels in order to increase accuracy, reduce specific quantity of metal and create optimum structure of kinematics chain using modular principle of designing kinematics chains is considered


V.P. Kapustin, S.A. Kunakov
Department “Mechanization of Agriculture”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: device; losses; sunflower.
Abstract: The results of studying losses when gathering sunflowers are presented, the main reasons for losses when gathering sunflowers using devices PSP-1,5 and 34-103A are found out.

Yu.V. Vorobyov, A.D. Kovergin, L.Kh. Nikitina
Department “Theory of Machine Mechanisms and Machine Parts”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: distribution of indexes for micro-unevenness for friction bodies; designing of devices for cleaning goods; intensity of deterioration; friction fatigue; non-liquid cleaning of products and goods.
Abstract: Matters of designing devices of drum type for non-liquid cleaning of products are considered. The model of designing taking into account qualities of elastic contact of interacting bodies is offered.

V.M. Melisarov, A.V. Milovanov, P.P. Bespalko, A.Yu. Beshnikhin
Department «Mechanization of Agriculture», TSTU

Key words and phrases: detonation; combustion chamber; compression; octane number; degree of compression.
Abstract: The feasibility study of possible transfer of internal combustion engine from high-octane gasoline to the one with lower-octane number is conducted.

Engineering pedagogic

S.I. Dvoretsky, N.P. Puchkov, E.I. Muratova, V.P. Tarov
Departments: “Technological Equipment and Food Technologies” (1), “Higher Mathematics” (2), “Methods and Technology of Machine Building” (3), TSTU

Key words and phrases: innovative activity; innovation-oriented professional education; innovative potential; innovative technological center; quality management of specialist training; research university.
Abstract: The structure and contents of innovative activity are considered. The concept of innovation-oriented professional education, providing forming of innovation component scientific technical activity of graduate is presented. The complex of educational technologies, improving the quality of professional training, as well as innovative potential of University is analyzed. The role of innovative technological centers in training elite specialists and development of region economy is shown.

A.F. Egorov, S.P. Dudarov, Yu.I. Kapustin, T.V. Savitskaya, A.V. Goransky
Department “Computer-Integrated Systems in Chemical Technology (1), Educational Department (2), University of Chemical Technology of Russia, Moscow

Key words and phrases: certification of educational institutions; database; information analytical system; software; self-examination.
Abstract: The description of information analytical system for automated support of educational institutions certification is represented. The structure of database is given. The examples of interface windows of application of information analytical system are represented. The list of functions of the system including interactive support, making reports and diagrams etc., is given.

S.L. Lobachyov
Russian Institute of Open Education, Moscow

Key words and phrases: educational institutions; information educative medium; system of open education.
Abstract: The results of creating information educative medium of open education, the achieved success, the structure of educational institutions and the processes occurring in this medium are represented in the paper. The review of integration of medium technologies into educational process of different higher educational institutions is carried out, the number of conclusions are made on its basis.

L.P. Tsilenko, A.A. Gvozdeva, E.V. Riabtseva
Department of Foreign Languages, TSTU

Key words and phrases: competitive products; foreign language; future engineers; labor market; lingvoprofessional competence.
Abstract: The presentation focuses on recent shifts in the foreign language learning paradigm and reviews intellectual realignments of future engineers that follow from these shifts. It then takes a fresh look at the role that foreign language (English) can play in the formation of lingvoprofessional competence.

Economics and social sciences

V.I. Levin
Penza State Technological Academy

Key words and phrases: corruption; science of corrumetry; indexes of corruption.
Abstract: Typical features of corruption in modern Russia are considered. The corresponding quantitative data are given. The foundations of corrumetry – the science concentration on measuring the level of corruption and its revealing are stated.

E.M. Korolkova
Department “Financial management”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: algorithm of market research; analysis of enterprise potential; analysis of market; consumer potential of the market; efficiency of market research; marketing information system of the enterprise; market research; polygon of competitiveness; production potential of the market.
Abstract: The essence of market research is revealed. The complete scheme of planning market research, including possible alternative approaches to analysis of different subjects of the market is represented. Methodological grounds for “room” market research such as analysis of enterprise potential, analysis of competitors are studied in detail. Principle schemes of calculating production and consumer potentials of the market are given. The peculiarities of formation marketing information system of the enterprise are discussed. The problems in the area of market research which still remain open are formulated

V.V. Zharikov
Department “Economics and Management”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: assortment policy; logistics chains; matrix of standardized coefficients; industrial enterprises.
Abstract: Method of choosing nomenclature of produced goods using the comparative multi-measuring analysis by matrix method is offered. Basic principles of assortment policy are outlined: minimization of production volume, maximization of profits, flexibility and continuity of production processes..

M.M. Esikova
Department “History and Philosophy”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: death; life; purpose of life; suicide.
Abstract: Philosophical and psychological analysis of interaction of the purpose of life, its loss and suicide is carried out. As special object of research the notion of suicide studied from philosophical view is chosen. The idea of the right for life as the right for the purpose of life is explained

A.I. Ivanov
Department of Russian Literature, TSU after G.R. Derzhavin

Key words and phrases: morale; society; all-human valuables; World War I; Russian culture.
Abstract: Reference to dramatic period in the history of Russian culture is caused by the necessity of true evaluation of the role and place of creative intelligentsia of the period of World War I (1914-1918). The literature, the press, the science and the art of the years of war fought for all-human valuables, opposed to the split in society and growth of cruelty.

R.L. Nikulin
Department “History and Philosophy”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: : class fight; Komsomol; political control; regulation of social staff; serednyak.
Abstract: AThe essence of such specific form of political control over the youth as regulation of social staff of Komsomol organizations is revealed; its ideological and political factors are analyzed; mechanism of implementation are considered.

N.Yu. Zheltova
Department of Russian Literature History, Tambov State University after G.R. Derzhavin

Key words and phrases: : concept; ethno-literary study; fractal; mentality.
Abstract: Theoretical problems of Russian national mentality and character are considered.

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