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Automation. Information. Control. Instruments

Technique of Solutions Synthesis in Designing of Technology Processes for Complex Systems CAD – PCS
D.B.V. Palyukh, G.B. Burdo
Departments: «Technology and Automation of Engineering»,
Tver State Technical University;

Key words and phrases: artificial intelligence; automated design system of technological processes; system analysis.
Abstract: The paper shows the results of the research on the connection between the elements of the technological processes automated design system for small-series production enterprises from the position of the system analysis.

Approach to the Creation of Information Structure of Parallel Statistic Experiment
I.V. Tikhonov
Departments: “Automated Systems”, Irkutsk State Technical University;

Key words and phrases: parallel computing; statistical tests.
Abstract: The article considers the possibility and the principles of the statistical tests set organization, performing in parallel on a set of the computer cross points with the single communication media. The sequence of stages of the statistical tests method for the purpose of their possible parallelization without the significant restriction of the generality is analyzed.

Substantiation Technique for Reliability Indexes of Data Transmission Systems via Radio Channel at the Stage of their Designing
V.V. Shayakhmetov
Department “Information Security”, Bashkir State University;

Key words and phrases: It is shown that at the designing stage if there is limited a priori information on the law of the critical distribution of the random variable of the connecting time of the functional fallback circuit instead of the non-functional one, the significance of the guaranteed least average losses and the variable of the float time are determined on the basis of the calculation of two-stage cumulative distribution function with two points of growth and do not result in the disruption of operation of the communication system.

Method of Tests Generating for Debugging of Neuron Networks Expert Systems
O.N. Dolinina, A.K. Kuzmin
Department «Applied Information Technology», Saratov State Technical University;

Key words and phrases: artificial neuron networks; errors in the database; debugging of neuron networks; method of engineering diagnostics.
Abstract: The article presents the key stages of the life cycle of neuron network systems as well as the analysis of errors occurred in the data base of the expert systems. Methods of their debugging are analyzed. The article considers the approach to the task solution of the exhaustive patterns generation, based on the conversion of the knowledge representation structure into the type of the logic network and application of the engineering diagnostics methods. The method of testing of neuron network expert systems based on the spreading of the approach to the model of the laminated perceptron is proposed.

Evaluation of Pulse-Duration System Stability through Approximation Analysis
S.S. Abramov
Department of Radio-Transmitting Devices and Electrical Power Supply, Siberian State University of Telecommunication and Computing, Novosibirsk;

Key words and phrases: amplitude-pulse systems; complex linear chain; nonlinear distortion; pulse-duration systems.
Abstract: The paper presents the results of the study of the pulse-duration system encompassed with the chain of negative feedback. On the basis of asymptotic method of the reduction in the linear system order it offers the techniques of bringing pulse-duration system to the equivalent nonlinear amplitude-pulsed system, for which the established research methods can be applied.

The Choice of Optimal Measuring Conditions of Moisture Transfer in Thin Sheet Capillary Porous Materials by the Technique of “Prompt” Moisture Source
S.N. Mochalin, I.N. Isaeva, S.V. Ponomarev
Department “Quality Management and Certification”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: moisture transfer; moisture content of the examined material; moisture transfer coefficient; diffusion coefficient; relative mean-square errors; material density; thin sheet capillary porous material.
Abstract: The paper offers the calculations, dependencies and algorithms for computation of moisture diffusion coefficient in a thin sheet capillary porous material. The mathematical models of measuring errors are used to determine of the optimal mode parameters for the measuring technique and rational design sizes of the device for moisture transfer characteristics measurement.

Automated System for Determination of Dependencies of Thermal Physical Properties of Solid Polymer Materials on Temperature and Pressure
I.N. Akulinin1, P.S. Belyaev2
Departments: «Electrical Equipment and Automation» (1),
«Polymer Processing and Packaging» (2), TSTU;

Key words and phrases: automated system; axis symmetric compression; hydrostatic pressure; measurement cell; polymer materials; temperature; thermal physical properties.
Abstract: Automated system for determination of dependencies of thermal physical properties of solid polymer materials on temperature and pressure, description of measurement cell, experiments result are represented.

Miguel A. Garay Garcell
Departments: Havana Institute of Technology, Marianao, Havana, Cuba
Represented by a Member of the Editorial Board Professor S.V. Mishchenko

Key words and phrases: ambiguity; interface; Internet; hypermedia intelligent system; mathematical model; model building; modeling formulation.
Abstract: Intelligent interface design and e-learning have been a focus of multiple scientific researchers at the last years. At the present paper, a new approach based on application of Artificial Intelligence, Hypermedia tools, Systems Theory and e-learning is developed. In this relation, a hypermedia intelligent system applied to OR modelling on Internet has been developed. It has as objectives to help learners in model building. One of the most important modules of the system is a Hypermedia Problem Generator It is known that ambiguity constitutes one of the most serious and complex problems in modelling formulation. In order to minimize the ambiguity in problem statement and contributes to improve the student comprehension several intelligent user interfaces were designed and introduced successfully at Havana Institute of Technology. The system has been implemented in .net technology using C# computer language and web services. With its application several disciplines can be benefited notably, between them can be named: Artificial Intelligence, Operations Research, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Physics, Chemistry, and others in which it is necessary formulate mathematical models.

Chemical and related engineering. Chemistry.

Liquid Flow in the Centrifugal Field between Rotating Perforated and Stationary Impermeable Disks under Pressure Constancy along the Disk Radius
A.A. Koptev, V.B. Kopteva
Department “Engineering and Technology of Nanoproduction”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: dimensionless variables; Karman substitution; Navier–Stokes equation; ordinary nonlinear differential equations; radial thrust coefficient.
Abstract: The article examines the solution of Navier-Stokes equations in the cylindrical system of coordinates in case of the liquid flow between rotating perforated and stationary solid disks. The ambiguity of solutions under the vanishing radial thrust gradient is shown. The substitution of the transformation of variables in Karman equations is used in the solution.

Parallel Algorithm of Solving Three Dimensional Non-Stationary Equation of Heat Conductivity Using Explicit Difference Scheme
A.B. Borisenko, S.V. Karpushkin, A.O. Glebov
Department “Automated Designing of Technological Equipment”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: analysis of acceleration and efficiency; explicit difference scheme; parallel computations; three-dimensional non-stationary equation of heat conductivity.
Abstract: The paper presents the analysis of acceleration and efficiency of the parallel program of solution to the three-dimensional non-stationary equation of heat conductivity with the boundary conditions of the first type on the basis of explicit difference approximation.

Designing of Rolling Auger Device and Combined Engineering Process for Utilization of Plastic Containers and Packagers
D.L. Polushkin, A.S. Klinkov, P.V. Makeev, S.S. Gureev
Department “Processing of Polymers and Packaging”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: IR-spectroscopy; rolling auger device; physical and mechanical indexes of the recycled material; plastic containers and packagers utilization; total value of the shear; X-ray diffraction analysis.
Abstract: The article presents the engineering process of the plastic containers and packagers utilization into the recycled granulated material, which makes it possible to reduce the labor and energy costs to produce 1 kg of the recycled material. The laboratory stand for the study of the roll-auger utilization process is made and assembled.

The Development of Operation Principles for Segregated Technological Flows of Granular Materials
V.I. Karev, V.N. Dolgunin
Department «Technological Equipment and Food Technologies», TSTU;

Key words and phrases: controlled segregated flow; mixing; modeling; time distribution.
Abstract: It was found out, that the mixing efficiency essentially increases if the mixing process for materials with high inclination to segregation is realized in two stages: mixing by the longitudinal counteracting impulses in the first stage and mixing by the transversal counteracting impulses in the second stage. The experimental research and mathematical modeling are carried out in order to explain and to forecast the difference between the time distribution functions of particulate solids differing in size in a drum apparatus with and without the segregated flow operation.

Processes and Products for Air Regeneration and Chemical Protection

Kinetics of Dioxide Carbon Interactions with the Regenerative Product on RPK-P Matrix
D.S. Dvoretsky, M.Yu. Plotnikov
Departament «Technological Equipment and Food Technologies», TSTU;

Key words and phrases: dioxide carbon; equation of compressed sphere; kinetics; regenerative product; potassium superoxide; transformation degree.
Abstract: The kinetics of interactions of regenerative RPK-P product on a matrix with humidified dioxide carbon is investigated. The constants of speed of carbon dioxide absorption and oxygen allocation depending on conditions of the experiment are defined.

Mathematical Modelling of Adsorption Carbonic Acid Process
V.G. Matveikin1,2, S.B. Putin1,2, S.A. Skvortsov1, S.S. Tolstoshein1
Department «Information Processes and Management», TSTU (1);
Joint Stock Company «Corporation Roskhimzashchita», Tambov (2)

Key words and phrases: cyclic adsorptive process; mathematical modelling; parametric identification.
Abstract: Mathematical modelling of adsorption carbonic acid process is developed. Features of algorithm calculation of the mathematical model equations are shown; the problem of parametrical identification of unknown parameters is solved.

Mathematics. Physics.

Coupled Problem of Electroelasticity for Laminated Composite Shell
G.M. Kulikov, S.V. Plotnikova, M.G. Kulikov
Department “Applied Mathematics and Mechanics”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: geometrically exact shell element; laminated composite shell; piezoelectricity.
Abstract: Based on the 7-parameter shell model, a numerical algorithm has been developed for solving the coupled problem of piezoelectricity for a laminated composite shell subjected to electromechanical loading. A new geometrically exact bilinear solid-shell element with distributed piezoelectric sensors and actuators has been formulated by using non-conventional analytical integration. With the help of this finite element, solutions of coupled problems of electroelasticity for a piezoelectric spiral shell and a composite plate with piezoelectric patches have been obtained.

Detection of Defining Relationships of Non-Symmetric Theory of Elasticity via Averaging of Heterogeneous Elastic Material
A.V. Leonov
Department “Composite Mechanics”, Lomonosov Moscow State University;

Key words and phrases: non-symmetric theory of elasticity; Kosser continuum; defining relationships; composite materials; averaging.
Abstract: The elastic constants included in the defining relationships of the non-symmetric theory of elasticity are produced; they reflect the connection between the tension and deformation of heterogeneous elastic material.

Experimental Research on the Influence Efficiency of the Ultrasonic Acoustic Vibrations on Airdrop Dispersions
V.N. Khmelev, A.V. Shalunov, S.N. Tsyganok, K.V. Shalunova
Department “Methods and Means of Measurement and Automation” Biysk Nanotechnology Institute (Affiliate) Altay State Technical University named after I.I. Polzunov;

Key words and phrases: acoustic vibrations; fog; radiators; ultrasound.
Abstract: The aim of this work is the development of ultrasonic radiators for destruction of fogs. The constructions of radiators in the form of titanium disks (with the diameter up to 420 mm) generated by piezoelectric transducers have been created. In order to define the effectiveness of fog destruction the experimental investigations have been carried out in the aerosol chamber with the volume of 250 m3. The fog was generated by ultrasonic atomizers. The results of the experiments have showed that radiators working at the frequency of more than 25 kHz and at the sound pressure of 150 dB provide reduction of the destruction time of droplet dispersion in the aerosol chamber in 11,5 time if the power consumption is no more than 2,4 W/m3. As a result of the investigations recommendations on construction and industrial application of ultrasonic radiators in the form of titanium disks for fog destruction have been

Machine-building. Construction.Material Science. Metal-Working

Design Engineering of Foaming Machine for Latex Composition and the Technique of its Calculation
A.S. Kulbashniy, A.S. Klinkov
Department “Processing of Polymers and Packaging”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: coagulant; foaming machine; foam rubber; latex composition.
Abstract: The article describes the design of the foaming machine for the latex composition used for the foam rubber production. The article establishes the equation for the calculation of the blobs average quantity in the foam, the impact of the process parameters on them, and the operating mode of the foaming machine.

Material Science. Nano Technology

Application of Carbon Nanotubes for the Improvement of the Overall Performance of Fibrous Filters for Superfine Dust Control of Gases
A.E. Burakov, I.V. Ivanova, E.A. Burakova, A.G. Tkachev, V.P. Tarov
Department “Equipment and Technologies of Nanoproduction”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: carbon nanotubes; catalyst; filter; hyperfine clearing; impregnation; porosity; quality of trapping; submicron particles.
Abstract: The paper considers the problem of creation of highly effective filters for superfine refinement of gases from the suspended submicron particles. It is shown that the presence of a porous permeable homogeneous shell from carbon nanotubes on non-organic superfine filter fibers considerably increases the quality of trapping of submicron aerosol particles. The technology of formation of carbon nanotubes layer with the optimal characteristics is developed, pilot samples of filters are obtained and investigated.

G.S. Baronin1, P.V. Kombarova1, D.Å. Kobzev1, À.Ê. Razinin1, A.S. Loseva2
Departments: «Theory of Machines, Mechanisms and Machine Parts» (1); «CAD Systems» (2), TSTU;
Represented by a Member of the Editorial Board Professor V.I. Konovalov

Key words and phrases: diffusive properties; microhardness; nanocomposites; plastic deformation; relaxation properties; polysulfone; solid phase; solid phase extrusion; X-ray diffraction technique.
Abstract: On the base of studying the structural mechanical relaxational properties and X-ray structural analysis PSF-nanocomposites, manufactured by liquid- and solid-phase technology, the regularities of structure formation and performance characteristics of the nanocomposites, processed by pressure in solid phase were revealed.

Kinetics of Real Heterogeneous Processes and Nano Condition of Substance
V.I. Vigdorovich, E.V. Aleksashina
Department «Chemistry», TSTU;

Key words and phrases: lateral interaction of reagents; nano condition activation; nano condition of the substance; surface heterogeneity; reaction velocity.
Abstract: The paper generalizes historical data on kinetics of heterogeneous chemical processes from the point of the theory of absolute reaction rate theory. The energetic heterogeneity of the surface, lateral interaction of absorber particles for gas reactions and processes in the liquid phase are taken into account. The ways to achieve the nano condition of the substance and its maintenance in the processes of chemical interactions are considered. The link between the nano condition of the substance and their nano size effects is postulated.

Influence of Temperature and Operating Time on Deformation and Strength Characteristics of Wood Substance under Torsion
V.P. Yartsev1, G.M. Kulikov2, O.N. Kozhukhina3
Departments: «Construction of Buildings and Structures» (1),
«Applied Mathematics and Mechanics» (2),
«Civil Engineering and Automobile Roads» (3), TSTU;

Key words and phrases: deformation; molding; prolonged resistance; strength; temperature; time; torsion; wood.
Abstract: The regulatory documents have no information on the deformation and strength characteristics of wood under torsion. The influence of the working length of a sample (structural element), temperature and time on the strength and deformation characteristics of wood under torsion is studied. The recommendations on the determination of computational mechanical characteristics of wood with regard to the real operating conditions are given.

Modelling of Rheological Processes in Litharge Glycerol Composites
A.N. Bormotov, I.A. Proshin, A.Yu. Kirsanov, E.M. Borodin
Department of Automation and Control, PSTA;

Key words and phrases: composite materials; mathematical modelling; optimization of structure and properties; quality management; rheological composites; structuring.
Abstract: The results of modelling and research on rheological characteristics of a composite on the basis litharge glycerol cement are presented. The dynamic model of rheological properties of litharge glycerol composites of special purpose is justified. The influence of surfactant admixtures on rheological and strength properties of composites and the influence on rheological models are investigated. The model of rheological properties is investigated. On the basis of the analysis of experimental data the adequacy of the proposed models is checked. The authors offer a new method of structural-parametrical synthesis of models by kinds of transformation of the coordinates, enabling to make the automated choice of structure of nonlinear model on a set of experimental data. The new materials produced through the application of the specified approaches can be used effectively on various objects for the personnel and the equipment protection from penetrating radiations of a different nature.

Power Engineering. Energy Saving. Ecology

V.F. Kalinin, N.P. Motorina, E.B. Vinokurov, Zh.A. Zarandia
Department “Electrical Equipment and Automatization», TSTU;

Key words and phrases:automatic velocity control; induction motor drive; structure of velocity regulator; technical optimum.
Abstract: Some topical aspects of frequency-controlled induction motor drives application are studied in the article. It is pointed out that due to the increase of the ac-curacy requirements the sphere of simple control techniques is reduced and automatic velocity control by runaway and by perturbation action is gaining in importance. Veloc-ity circuit adjustment on a technical optimum is paid special attention to.

Analysis of Reliability of Power-Supply Systems for Telecommunications Equipment
L.G. Rogulina
Department “Wireless Data Systems and Networks”, Siberia State University of Telecommunications and Computing;

Key words and phrases: uninterruptable power-supply; reliability index; fault-tolerance of structures.
Abstract: The article describes the schemes for the calculation of the reliability indexes of the 4 structures of the power-supply systems for telecommunications equipment: guaranteed power-supply in the alternating current circuit with its own power plant; uninterruptable power-supply in the alternating current circuit with the bypass; uninterruptable power in the alternating current circuit with its own power plant and the bypass; uninterruptable power in the direct current circuit. The analysis of the fault- tolerance of the structures is carried out.

Ecological Safety of Russia and Sustainable Development
S.R. Gosteva
Department “Philosophy Sociology and History”, Moscow State University of Communications, Voronezh Affiliate of MIIT,
gosteva 73@

Key words and phrases: ecological safety; sustainable development.
Abstract: The article considers the problems of the ecological safety of Russia. The need for the removal of the ecological threats on the way to the sustainable development is substantiated.


Basic Approaches to Biogas Units Designing
Î.À. Yurina1,2, Î.Î. Ivanov1
Department “Production Equipment and Food Technologies”, TSTU (1);
ZAO «Signal», Tambov (2);

Key words and phrases:bioenergetics device; biogas; cultivation of microorganisms; mathematical model.
Abstract: The paper describes the ÀBED-20 autonomous bioenergetics device designed for biogas production on the basis of molasses vinasse; the main parameters and characteristics of bio device are given. The kinetic models widely used in practical tasks of calculation of the microorganisms’ cultivation process. The mathematical model of continuous process of anaerobic cultivation of microorganisms with biogas production is developed. The experimental research is described.

Engineering Pedagogics

University Strategic Management Information System
I.G. Akhmetov1, V.V. Bratishchenko2
Department “Computing”, Chita Institute (Affiliate), Baikal State University of Economy and Law, Chita (1);
Department “Computing and Cybernetics”, Baikal State University of Economy and Law, Irkutsk (2);

Key words and phrases: Balanced Scorecard; higher educational institution; information system; strategic management.
Abstract: The article covers the approach to the university strategic management information system construction. The strategic maps construction method is briefly described. The scope definition on the data and the data decomposition to the level of the division and the staff of the university are considered. Principles of the information system organization and operation are shown. Modules of the information system are described.

Economics and Social Sciences

Analysis of First Notions in Research on Economic Effectiveness of Network Systems
G.A. Petrov1, D.G. Petrov2
Department “Electrical Equipment and Automation”, TSTU (1);;
Post of Russia, Moscow (2)

Key words and phrases: business network organization; economic effectiveness; marketing; market; market terminology.
Abstract: The article presents the analysis of the notion of business network organization from the point of its economic effectiveness assessment in present-day market conditions. The article studies the differences in the interpretations of the main definition of the net by various the economic schools.

Science in Nazi Germany Anthropological Data on Ethnic Mutual Relationships of Armenian Highlands and Eurasia Population in Early Bronze Age (Craniometrical Characteristics)
A.Yu. Khudaverdyan
Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia;

Key words and phrases: Armenian highlands; Bronze Age; Eastern Europe; Siberia.
Abstract: Multidimensional craniometrical analysis of more than 70 ethnic groups from Eurasia territory has been conducted. New anthropological data enable to allocate the alien Mediterranean component as a part of separate groups of Europe and to connect it with a migratory stream from West Asia, the Armenian highlands and the Caucasus. The anthropological cover of Eurasia generated throughout the extremely difficult historical events is shown. The research of this kind gives new data for the deeper insight into ethno genetic processes in Eurasia.

Poeteme in the System of the Expressive Means
N.G. Serebrennikova
Department «Russian Philology», Tambov State Technical University;

Key words and phrases: simile; epithet; expressive means; metaphor; metonymy; neutralization; opposition; poeteme; synecdoche.
Abstract: The mechanism of the poeteme formation is studied. Poeteme is considered as the result of the neutralization of an epithet and a metaphor, a metonymy and a metaphor, and also other expressive means.

Theme of «Random Family» in Vladimir Maksimov’s Novel «Walkabout to Death»
A.E. Umnov
Department “Russian Philology”, Tambov State Technical University

Key words and phrases: degradation; random family; crisis; fatherlessness; hopelessness; loneliness; prospect; relations; reminiscences; the Soviet validity.
Abstract: The paper studies the theme of «random family» in V.E.Maksimov’s novel «Walkabout to Death». The given theme is typical of Maksimov and is developed in many works of the author. It deals with the reminiscences from Dostoevsky's novels, decline of institute in the family of a Soviet society as well as the decadence of the person and morals. The attempts of the author to find out the way out of the existing situation which is hopeless and his unfavorable forecast of the society’s development are analyzed.

Russian Idea: Past and Present
À.À. Ostrovskaya, G.L. Terekhova
Department “History and Philosophy” TSTU;

Key words and phrases: art; Christianity; freedom; rationality; religion; Russian idea; Russian philosophy of history and culture.
Abstract: The article focuses on the problem of Russian idea, which has been one of the central problems of Russian philosophy of history and culture. The importance of this theme is obvious even today. The article investigates the ancient annals about Prince Vladimir, the ideas of Russian philosophers of the XIX century (P. Chaadaev, A. Homyakov, A. Herzen) and the ideas of modern philosophers.

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