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Automation. Information. Control. Instruments

Designing of Energy-Saving Regulators for Objects of Small Power Engineering
D.Yu. Muromtsev, I.V. Tyrin, R.V. Grebennikov
Departments: «Designing of Radio Electronic and Microprocessor Systems», TSTU;

Key words and phrases: additional source of thermal energy; energy saving; energy saving regulator; helio systems; modular boiler-houses; optimum control; solar water-heating installations.
Abstract: The paper deals with the problems of energy-saving management of thermal apparatuses in small power engineering and the basic ways of their solution. The methods of designing energy saving regulators aimed at the improvement of energy efficiency installations for small power engineering are observed.

Technique for Determination of Thermo-Physical Properties of Non-Newton Liquid Materials under Shift Flow with Regard for Dissipation of Mechanical Energy of “Viscous Friction”
A.G. Divin1, S.V. Ponomarev1, S.V. Mishchenko1, A.I. Urusov2, M.A. Petrasheva1, D.A. Divina1
Departments: “Quality Management and Certification”, (1); “Higher Mathematics”, (2), TSTU;

Key words and phrases: dissipation; measuring device; non-Newton liquids; shift flow; temperature conductivity; heat capacity; heat conductivity.
Abstract: The paper presents the physical model of measuring device enabling to implement the technique for determining thermo-physical properties of non-Newton liquid materials in conditions of shift flow by dividing the original task of heat conductivity into two ones – referring to stationary and non-stationary stages of the experiment.

Knowledge Representation in Computer-Aided Designing and Management of Production Processes
B.V. Palyukh, G.B. Burdo
Department “Technology and Automation of Engineering”, Tver State Technical University;

Key words and phrases: automated designing; artificial intelligence; knowledge description; technological process.
Abstract: The paper presents the results of research into knowledge description in computer-aided systems of designing and management for machine-building plant with individual and small-scale production from the position of artificial intelligence.

Present-Day Tendencies in the Development of Medical Information Systems
S.V. Frolov, S.N. Makoveev, S.V. Semenova, S.G. Farea
Department «Biomedical Engineering», TSTU;

Key words and phrases: automation of medical-diagnostic process; decision support system; medical information system.
Abstract: The paper deals with the estimation a present-day condition of the market of medical information systems; the list of cores MIS and their classification are given. The tendency of growth of medical-diagnostic medical information systems over the past years has been observed.

Designing of Intelligent Data-Measuring Control Systems for Thermo-Physical Properties of Materials
Z.M. Selivanova, A.A. Samokhvalov
Department “Designing of Radio-Electronic and Microprocessor Systems”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: conceptual model; intellectual control system; measuring situation; model of measurement process; thermo-physical properties of materials.
Abstract: The paper presents the conceptual model and the process model for designing of intellectual control systems, which enable to develop the algorithm to design the systems based on the alteration of architecture configuration of intellectual data-measuring control systems depending on the measuring situation.

Performance Calculation of Semiwave Balance Transformer of Microwave Range
S.A. Goncharov, V.B. Malinkin
Siberia State University of Telecommunication and Computing, Novosibirsk;

Key words and phrases: balance transformers microwave range; microstrip transformers; microwave range transformers; power adder circuit; tuners.
Abstract: The paper presents the experimental data, methods and results of the calculation for balanced transformers on microstrip lines. The improvement the design of the device, enabling to produce the calibration of the balance of the transformer is proposed.

V.G. Mokrozub, Yu.V. Nemtinova, S.V. Morozov
Department "Automated Designing of Technological Equipment", TSTU;
Represented by a Member of the Editorial Board Professor V.I. Konovalov

Key words and phrases: information system; relational database; user’s query; output format.
Abstract: The article considers dialogue organization between users and information systems based on relational databases, using programming language understandable to users. It also describes the means of conversion of a query line to operators of SQL language.

Theoretical Substantiation of the Technique of Non-Destructive Control over Thermo-Physical Properties of Materials
N.P. Zhukov1, N.F. Mainikova2, I.V. Rogov1, O.N. Popov1
Departments: “Hydraulics and Heat Engineering” (1);
“Theory of Machines, Mechanisms and Machine Parts” (2); TSTU

Key words and phrases: non-destructive control; thermal influence; thermo-physical properties.
Abstract: The technique of non-destructive control over thermo-physical properties of solid materials is developed. The technique is applied to the model of cylindrical semi-sphere. Non-dimensional representation of temperature function is produced. The analysis of numeric examination of the results aimed at the development of experiment modes is carried out.

Microwave Method and Device for Measuring Electro-Physical Parameters of Ferromagnetic Liquids Based on Sensitive Waveguide
I.O. Kotov, V.N. Chernyshov
Department “Criminal Law and Computerization of Legal Activity”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: complex dielectric constant; particles concentration; critical wavelength; round waveguide; magnetic permeability; Faraday effect.
Abstract: The paper examines microwave technique and waveguide device enabling to control electro-physical parameters and concentration of ferromagnetic particles in heterogeneous liquid media – ferromagnetic liquids. The developed technicque and the implementing device enable to increase the accuracy of measuring complex dielectric permeability and concentration of ferromagnetic particles on account of electromagnetic wave loss in waveguide line of transmission and alteration of magnetic sensitivity of ferromagnetic particles.

Modeling of Control over Particles Flow in Non-Stationary Mode of Gas Flow in Slit Systems
L.V. Pletnev
Belarus-Russian University, Mogilev, Belarus;

Key words and phrases: particles escaping; modeling; non-stationary flow mode.
Abstract: The timing of frequency distributions of particles emitted from the slit-type systems into vacuum is obtained. The distributions are produced for different models of particle interactions with the walls of systems and the timing of departure of particles from the surface of the condensed phase. The Monte Carlo method of direct simulation has been used.

Chemical and related engineering. Chemistry.

Internal Mass Transfer of Substances under Extrusion of Homogeneous Porous Materials
Yu.A. Teplyakov1, S.P. Rudobashta2, V.M. Nechayev3, A.M. Klimov4
Department “Applied Geometry and Computer Graphics”, TSTU (1);
Department “Heat Engineering and Plan Power Supply”, Moscow State Agroengineering University named after V.P. Goryachkin (2);
Departments: “Chemical Engineering” (3);
“Technological Equipment and Food Technologies” (4), TSTU;

Key words and phrases: internal mass transfer; diffusion equilibrium; capillary porous materials; sinuosity coefficients; pore shapes; molecular diffusion efficiency; porosity.
Abstract: The paper presents the results of research into internal mass transfer under the extrusion; the dependency for calculation of effective diffusion coefficient related to the structural parameters of materials is proposed.

Research into Drying of Half-Finished Products of Organic Pigments under Suction
A.I. Leontyeva, K.V. Bryankin, A.A. Degtyarev
Department “Chemical Technologies of Organic Substances”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: vacuum rowing dryer; pellet formation; critical temperature; half-finished products of organic pigments; thermolabile characteristics.
Abstract: The paper presents the results into the research of kinetic characteristics of drying under suction in the fixed bed in mixing mode. The influence of foreign substances on the intensity of dehydration process has been estimated. The recommendations on the choice of drying technique for pastelike half-finished organic pigments of naphthalene and benzol derivatives possessing thermolabile characteristics have been given.

Modern Technologies in Fruit and Berry Powders Production
S.T. Antipov, A.A. Zhashkov
Voronezh State Technological Academy;

Key words and phrases: effect of induction; fruit and berry powders; vacuum drying.
Abstract: The paper presents the technique of drying of concentrated fruit and berry puree. The vacuum induction combined dryer is designed. As a result, the products have a porous structure which is good for reconditioning, as well as the high value of the main vitamins, protein complex, taste, color and scent preservation.

Research into Activation of Metal Oxide Catalysts for Synthesis of Multilayer Carbon Nanotubes
E.A. Burakova, A.E. Burakov, I.V. Ivanova, A.G. Tkachev, Z.A. Mikhaleva, V.P. Tarov
Department “Equipment and Technologies of Nano-Productsen Manufacturing”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: activation; carbon nanotubes; catalyst; electromagnetic field; intensification; thermal decomposition.
Abstract: The method of activation of the Ni/Mg catalyst under the influence of the variable electromagnetic field has been proposed; its application in the process of synthesis of multilayer carbon nanotubes allows increasing a product yield by 20–60%.

Temperature Influence on Resonance Frequency of the Intercommunication Oscillations of Hydrated Ions Na+ and
A.B. Kilimnik, E.S. Slobina
Corporation “Roslhimzashchita”, Tambov (1)

Department “Chemistry”, TSTU,

Key words and phrases: capacity; inductance; resonance frequency; sulfate sodium.
Abstract: It is stated that the resonance frequency of the intercommunication oscillations of hydrated ions Na+ and increases linearly and inductance decreases linearly with the rise in solutions temperature. The capacity, corresponding to the resonance frequency of the intercommunication oscillations, doesn’t depend on the solutions temperature. The equations of dependencies of inductance and resonance frequency of the intercommunication oscillations of hydrated ions Na+ and on the temperature are given.

Corrosion and Alkaline Chemical Sources of Current
Yu.E. Mamontova, Yu.A. Stekolnikov
Department “Chemistry”, Yelets State University named after I.A. Bunin;

Key words and phrases: alkaline electrolyte; corrosion; chemical sources of current; inhibitors; zinc anode.
Abstract: The paper studies the ways of perfection of chemical sources of current, providing their working capacity and the possibility for reducing the ecological pressure on the environment and facilitating their subsequent recycling.

Mathematics. Physics.

Optimal Control over Single-Class of Nonlinear Systems via Quadratic Criterion
A.P. Afanasyev1, S.M. Dzyuba2, A.N. Pchelintsev2, S.M. Lobanov3
Institute of System Analysis of Russian Academy of Sciences (1),
Departments “Distributed Computer Systems” (2),
“Information Systems and Data Protection”(3), Tambov State Technical University;

Key words and phrases: feedback control law; method of successive approximations; nonlinear system.
Abstract: The paper presetns the theorem of solutions to the general problem of stabilization for single-class of nonlinear systems. The feedback control law is the solution to this problem. The scheme of consecutive approximations allowing to obtain this law is established.

Application of Three-Dimension Shell Element for Analysis of Composite Structures with Piezoelectric Patches
S.V. Plotnikova, M.G. Kulikov
Department “Applied Mathematics and Mechanics”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: composite shell; finite element method; piezoelectric patches; 7-parameter shell model.
Abstract: Mathematical model of electroelasticity for multilayered anisotropic shells with piezoelectric patches, based on 7-parameter shell theory and used 3D constitutive equations is presented in this paper. Mixed geometrically exact four-node piezoelectric shell element is developed. Numerical examples demonstrated the validity of the proposed model are reported.

Mathematical Modeling of Elastic Pressure and Temperature Effects on the Form of Signals of Magnetostrictive Converters of Movements
O.N. Pchelintseva, E.S. Demin, S.B. Demin
Departament «Electronics and Electrical Engineering», Penza State Technological Academy;

Key words and phrases: elastic pressure; magnetostrictive converters of movements; mathematical modeling; temperature.
Abstract: The paper studies the influence of elastic pressure and temperature on output parameters of magnetostrictive converters of movements using the technique of mathematical modeling. Recommendations on the improvement of their metrological and operational characteristics are developed.

Machine-building. Construction.Material Science. Metal-Working

Optimization of Design Factors of Liquid-Ring Vacuum Pumps
Yu.V. Vorobyov1, Yu.V. Rodionov1, D.V. Nikitin1, V.Yu. Popov2, A.A. Nishchev1
Departments: “Theory of Mechanisms, Machines and Details of Machines” (1),
“Systems of Computer Aided Design” (2), TSTU;

Key words and phrases: action speed; coefficient of action speed; fluid velocity; power density.
Abstract: The paper presents the method of optimization of design factors of liquid ring vacuum pumps which is based on the choice of the functional providing minimum of specific capacity of liquid ring vacuum pump with regard for different physical factors.

Split Hermetical Compounds
G.V. Bozhko
Department of UNESCO “Wholesome Production Enginering” Moscow State University of Engineering Ecology;

Key words and phrases: Hermetical ability of split hermetical compounds of technological equipment depends on their construction, physical and mechanical properties of the materials of construction elements, their condensing surfaces, condensed sphere pressure and temperature conditions, etc. Split hermetical compounds (SHC) are primarily subdivided into mobile and immobile ones. Suggestions on their classification have been developed and submitted. Some aspects concerning SHC calculation methods have been considered as well as the recommendations on their upgrading and development have been given.

Engineering Pedagogics

Training of Engineering, Scientific and Teaching Staff in Conditions of Research University of Cluster Type. Part II
S.V. Mishchenko, S.I. Dvoretsky, E.I. Muratova
Department of Science, TSTU

Key words and phrases: engineering, scientific and teaching staff; innovative development; innovation-oriented training; research university; prior directions in science, engineering and technology development; specialist scientific educational cluster.
Abstract: The paper proposes conceptual approaches to innovation-oriented training of engineering, scientific and teaching staff in conditions of research university of cluster type. The model of the research university of cluster type is presented as academic, scientific and innovative complex. The links between flexible integrated scientific educational system and other subsystems of research university, as well as external environment enabling to complete its target function, i.e. training of highly-qualified innovation-oriented staff, integration of educational, innovative and manufacturing activities and reproduction of specific type of intellectual potential. New approaches to designing specialist scientific educational cluster are illustrated by the example of Research University of Noosphere Safety and Technology Development named after V.I. Vernadsky on the basis of TSTU. Structural peculiarities of research university are considered from the system approach; its main activities (educational, scientific and innovative) implemented in the framework of specialist scientific educational cluster of research university are analyzed.

Economics and Social Sciences

Influence of the Three-Component Concept of International Specialist Training on the Quality of Further Professional Education
E.S. Mishchenko1, I.V. Shelenkova2
Departments “Management of Organization” (1);
“Foreign Languages” (2), TSTU

Key words and phrases: Bologna Process; educational quality; international specialist; three-component concept of training.
Abstract: The paper presents the necessity of constant improvement of educational quality and its conformity with international standards. The main content of the three-component concept of international specialist training at Tambov State Technical University is shown. Influence of the concept on the quality of further professional education training is demonstrated.

Science in Nazi Germany Guidance for Boosting Competitiveness of Products and Quality System of Industrial Enterprise
M.M. Abusafia1, A.P. Romanov1, À.S. Emelyanov2
Department “Economics and Management” (1), TSTU;
Management Academy of Ministry of Home Affairs RF (2), Moscow

Key words and phrases: competitiveness; quality management system; products.
Abstract: The paper analyses the complex of theoretical and methodical theses on the improvement of the level of competitiveness of industrial enterprise through the development of its technological elements

Methodological Aspects of Development, Introduction and Application of Quality Management System of Higher Professional Educational Establishments
E.S. Mishchenko
Department “Management of Organization”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: higher professional educational establishment; quality management system; development; introduction; application; causes of troubles; processes; measures of performance; conceptual scheme; problem-solving methodology.
Abstract: On the basis of brief review of publications the tasks of higher professional educational establishments (HPEE) concerning quality management, possibility of quality management system application, total quality management (TQM) and improvement models as the basis for the provision and improvement of education services quality are considered. The problems and experience of the development and application of quality management system, matters of performance measurement in the quality management system of HPEE including the recommended approach to the evaluation of effectiveness and productivity of quality management system processes are discussed.

Factor of Improvement of Road Transport Services Competitiveness on Account of Costs Reduction on Higher Category Roads
N.V. Penshin, S.A. Parshin
Department “Transport Management and Road Safety”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: competitiveness; road transport services; transportation of goods.
Abstract: The paper presents the calculation of costs reduction of road transport services on account of the development and density of road networks in agriculture by bringing them to level of category IV.

Main Problems and Opportunities of Practical Evaluation of Company Competitiveness
T.M. Plotitsina
Department “Transport Management and Road Safety”,TSTU;

Key words and phrases: company’s competitiveness; integral indexes; information; marketing activity; management; methods of evaluation; sales; financial state; production process effectiveness.
Abstract: The paper studies the main problems and opportunities for practical evaluation of company competitiveness. In order to evaluate the company competitiveness the system of indexes is recommended; the index of competitiveness is the index of effective use of its financial, production, scientific and labor potential.

Reception of Goethe in L.N. Andreev’s Dramaturgy
I.M. Popova, D.A. Koltsov
Department of Russian Philology, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: Bible intertext; notionally philosophical content; reminiscence; reception; structural components; teaching Russian Literature at university.
Abstract: The paper analyzes typological creative parallels of two classical writers in world’s literature (Goethe and L.N. Andreev) in the context of similarities and differences in the solution of “faustiana” subject.

Military Training of Recruits and Draft Management in Red Army Forces on the Eve of Great Patriotic War
A.Yu. Puzyrev, A.A. Slezin
Department “History and Philosophy”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: army; military training; military training location; operational reserve; Osoaviakhim; recruit.
Abstract: The paper is devoted to the 65th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic war; it is based on the materials of Tambov region and analyzes the state of military training of recruits to the Red Army and organization of draft campaigns in conditions of Russian (Soviet) province. The important changes in the content of recruit training influencing the factor of Victory in the Great patriotic war.

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