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Automation. Information. Control. Instruments

Methodology of Forecasting and Maintenance of Technical Systems Reliability for Multi-Assortment Chemical Production
M.N. Krasnyanskiy, E.N. Malygin, S.V. Karpushkin
Departments: “Automated Designing of Production Equipment”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: information analytical regulations; information systems; multi-assortment chemical production; reliability of functioning; designing of technical systems.
Abstract: The paper studies the approaches to providing reliability of technical systems for multi-assortment production. The notion of information analytical regulation as information basis for the description of the existing system is introduced. The directions for decrease in human factor impact on system reliability are proposed.

Application of Multi-Functional Technical Means of Control over Condition of Energy Units of Nuclear Power Stations through Monitoring and Diagnostics System Development
S.B. Arkhangelsky, V.K. Shemelin
Department “Computer Based Management Systems”, Moscow State Technological University STANKIN;

Key words and phrases: control and diagnostic procedures; energy units of nuclear power stations; measurement of secondary processes parameters; quality and safety improvement.
Abstract: The paper proposes the solution aimed at the improvement of quality management and safety level of energy units at nuclear power stations in the context of in-core control system modernization using equipment diagnostics on the basis of measuring parameters of secondary static and dynamic processes.

Harmonic Oscillator of Gas Consumption
M.M. Mordasov, E.V. Podshivalina, A.P. Savenkov
Department “Automated Systems and Devices”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: consumption regulation; dependence of frequency on consumption; resonator; signal spectrum; signal form; two-diaphragm sound forming element.
Abstract: The paper presents the scheme of harmonic oscillator of gas consumption with reverse feedback and the description of its working principle. The possibility of applying two-diaphragm sound-forming element as the flow sensor in the harmonic oscillator with reverse feedback is found out. The results of the research into two-diaphragm sound-forming element are presented.

Determination of Amount Concentration of Oil Solutions and Methyl Ethers in Diesel Fuel by Photocolormetric Method ms
D.O. Mokhov, V.I. Lyashkov
Department “Hydraulics and Heat Engineering”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: amount concentration; photocolormetric method; fuel mixtures.
Abstract: The paper presents the results of study into fuel mixtures on the basis of photocolormetric method. The efficiency of the given technique for the analysis of the quality of fuel mixtures has been proved; the caliber curves for determination of per-centage content of additives in the mixture by its optical density have been produced.

Chemical and related engineering. Chemistry.

The Mixing and Segregation Effects During Shear Deformation of Cohesionless Particulate Solids (in English) Text of paper (pdf-file)
V.N. Dolgunin1, V.Ya. Borschev2, R.A. Shubin2
Department «Technological Equipment and Food Techcnologies» (1), «Machines and Devices of Chemical Manufactures» (2), TSTU;
Represented by a Member of the Editorial Board Professor V.I. Konovalov

Key words and phrases: the mixing and segregation kinetics; segregation coefficient; shear cell; shear deformation.
Abstract: The mixing and segregation kinetics in the course of shear flow of particulate solids at low shear rates is studied analytically and experimentally. Only one experimental constant (segregation coefficient) is used to forecast the segregation and mixing dynamics of nonelastic cohesionless rough spherical particles.

Dust Particles Precipitation in Electro Cyclone
V.A. Petrov, N.V. Inyushkin, S.A. Ermakov
Department “Processes and Devices Chemical Engineering” Ural State Technical University - Ural Polytechnic Institute named after First President of Russia B.N. Eltsin, Ekaterinburg

Key words and phrases: active zone; discharge electron; electro cyclone; flying ash; precipitation velocity; purification degree.
Abstract: The paper presents the explanation of the achievements of highly efficient achievement of gas purification of flying ash particles of Ekibastuz coal in the electro cyclone.

System of Computerized Heat Calculations for Heat Transfer Equipment (in German)
A.B. Borisenko, S.V. Karpushkin, I.E. Zimnuchova
Lehrstuhl "Die rechnergestutzte Projektierung der technologischen Anlagen", TSTU;
Vorgelegt vom Mitglied des Redaktionskollegiums Professor W.I. Konowalow

Kennworter und Phrasen: die automatisierte Rechnungssysteme; die Berech-nung der Warmeanlagen; die Berechnung der Warmetauschern; die thermischen Be-rechnungen.
Zusammenfassung: Es ist das System fur die Automatisierung der thermischen Berechnungen der Haupttypen von industriellen Warmetauschern vorgestellt. Das Sys-tem enthalt die Software-Moduln, die in der Entwicklungsumgebung Microsoft Visual C# entwickelt sind. Zum Bestand des Programmkomplexes gehort auch die elektroni-sche Datenbank fur thermophysikalische Stoffdaten, die die Abhangigkeiten der ther-modynamischen Eigenschaften von Produkten und Warmetragern von den Temperatu-ren enthalt.

Modeling of Processes of Powder Coating Sintering under Heat and Mechanical Effects
V.A. Zhornik, Yu.A. Prokopenko
Department of General and Theoretical Physics, Taganrog State Teachers’ Training Institute;

Key words and phrases: deformation; porosity; sintering; tension.
Abstract: The paper presents the calculation of sintering and shrinking of powder coating on the inner surface of metal tube by centrifugal induction method. Powder coating is modeled by continuum with viscoelastic constants dependent on porosity. The calculated amounts of powder coating shrinkage and the experimental data are compared.

Intensification of Calcium Peroxide Production Process
N.F. Gladyshev1, T.V. Gladysheva1, N.Z. Gatapova2, E.V. Solomonenko1,2
Corporation “Roslhimzashchita”, Tambov (1)
Department “Chemical Engineering” (2), TSTU

Key words and phrases: calcium hydroxide; energy expenses; hydrogen peroxide; paste; suspension.
Abstract: The paper studies the process of calcium peroxide CaO2 production and gives recommendations on the improvement of industrial technology of its production. The effect of mole ratio of initial components of H2O2:Ca(OH)2, holding time of the suspension CaO2 on the quality of the finished product is studied. The energy expenses calculation is made for the two ways of industrial manufacturing of calcium peroxide. The carried out research has resulted into recommendations on the al-terations into the existing process regulations.

Device for Studying Electrode Processes on the Sinusoidal Alternative Ñurrent
A.B. Kilimnik, E.Yu. Nikiforova
Department «Chemistry», TSTU;

Key words and phrases: alternative current; electrode process; generator of low-frequency signals; module «ACP-CAP 16/16 Sigma USB»; personal computer; potentiostate EP-22; reference electrode.
Abstract: On the basis of the generator of low-frequency signals GS-118, the potentiostate EP-22, module «ACP-CAP 16/16 Sigma USB» and personal computer the device for studying the electrode processes on the metals electrode on the various frequencies sinusoidal alternative current is developed. It is shown that when applying signals from polarization set and from potentiostate EP-22 to inputs 1 and 2 of module «ACP-CAP 16/16 Sigma USB» in the mode «oscillograph – X, Y» the values of time ?, electrode potentials E and electrical current I, flowing from measuring cell is recorded in digital format into the computer memory. With the help of Microsoft Excel package the produced values are used to construct the plot I – E, E – ? è I – ? necessary to examine the electrode processes.

Amalgamate Methods of Producing and Refining Metals Using Bipolar Electrodes. Part II
S.P. Bukhman, B.A. Sotnikov, Yu.A. Stekolnikov
Department of Chemistry of Yelets State University named after I.A. Bunin;

Key words and phrases: amalgams; amalgamate methods; bipolar electrodes; cementation; electrolysis; mercury; metal solubility in mercury; metals inert to mercury and alloys; mercury film; microelectrodes; refining.
Abstract: The paper describes amalgamate methods of producing and refining metals using bipolar electrodes. The behavior of metals of iron class and alloys on their basis in mercury exposed to high temperatures up to 300 °C is examined. The research has revealed the high inertia of metals and alloys to mercury thus enabling to use them in manufacturing of contact devices in magnetically operated sealed switches and stationary microelectrodes.

Aminoethanamidine Effect on Hydrogen Release and Diffusion
V.I. Vigdorovich1, L.E. Tsygankova2, D.V. Balybin2, D.V. Krylsky3, V.A. Yakovleva2
Department of Chemistry, TSTU (1);
Department of Analytical and Non-Organic Chemistry, TSU named after G.R. Derzhavin (2); Voronezh State University (3)

Key words and phrases: diffusion through membrane; ethylene-glycol solution; hydrogen release reaction; iron cathode.
Abstract: The paper studies the effect of the aminoethanamidine concentration on the velocity of hydrogen release reaction on iron in ethylene-glycol and ethylene-glycol-water solutions (50 % of water) in HCl solutions with permanent ion force. In ethylene-glycol environment aminoethanamidine doesn’t change the velocity of hydrogen release reaction and the character of the slowed down stage but increases the flow of hydrogen diffusion through steel membrane. In the media with binary solvent containing 50% of ethylene-glycol (the rest is water) and the same composition of electrolyte the velocity of (NH2)2 ions charge determines the first stage of hydrogen release reaction, the second is Tafel reaction. The increase of the original concentration of aminoethanamidine fuels the hydrogen release reaction and chages slightly the hydrogen diffusion flow into the metal.

Mathematics. Physics.

New Task Setting for Non-Symmetric Theory of Elasticity
B.E. Pobedrya, A.V. Leonov
Department “Composite Materials”, Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov;

Key words and phrases: compatibility equation; equilibrium equation; Kosser medium; non-symmetric theory of elasticity; system ellipticity.
Abstract: Studies the new setting of deformation task in Kosser medium. The conditions for the right ellipticity of the compatibility equations system are produced.

Logical Methods in Reliability Theory. II. Mathematical Models of Reliability
A.V.I. Levin
Penza State Technological Academy;

Key words and phrases: binary operator; dynamic machine; logic theory of reliability; operator structure; reliability process; switching process.
Abstract: The paper proposes machine logical model of system reliability. The input processes of the machine model reliability processes in system blocks, and output process of the machine model reliability process of the system.

About Some Properties of Lorenz System Solutions
A.N. Pchelintsev1, V.E. Podolsky2, A.Yu. Povetyev2
Department: “Distributed Computer Systems” (1), “Computer-Aided Design Systems” (2), TSTU;

Key words and phrases: Barbashin–Krasovsky theorem; Bendixon criterion; convergence area; Lorenz system; power series.
Abstract: The paper describes the technique enabling to construct approximate so-lutions to Lorenz dynamic system with the power series aid. The way to determine the convergence area of the power series is proposed. Some properties of Lorenz system so-lutions like asymptotic steadiness on the whole and the existence of periodical solutions to Lorenz system under certain correlation of system parameters are analyzed as well.

Machine-building. Construction.Material Science. Metal-Working

Determination of Action Speed Index for Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
Yu.V. Vorobyov, Yu.V. Rodionov, P.A. Galkin, D.V. Nikitin
Department “Theory of Machines, Mechanisms and Machine Parts”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: boundless quantities; suction pressure; justification method; designing; working liquid.
Abstract: The paper analyzes the changes in the speed of liquid ring vacuum pump depending on consumption of additionally submitted working liquid and suction pressure. The empirical dependence of the determination of the action speed depending on consumption of additionally submitted working liquid and suction pressure is pro-duced; it enables to specify the coefficient of the speed action used in the calculation of liquid ring vacuum pump at the designing stage.


Ways and Technology of Storing Elite Industrial Crops Seed Fund
V.M. Dmitriev, E.A. Sergeeva, V.F. Egorov, V.N. Makarova, L.A. Kharkevich
Department “Life Safety” TSTU;

Key words and phrases: adsorption isotherms; environment humidity stabilization; first and second type adsorbents; storage technology.
Abstract: The paper presents the technique for storing crops in two-layer cover which stabilizes the humidity content over the whole period of storage.

Identification of Remains of Parathion-Methyl (Metaphos) in Soil by Gas Liquid Chromatography Technique
D.N. Muratov, Yu.A. Stekolnikov, N.Yu. Stekolnikova
Department of Chemistry, Yelets State University named after I.A. Bunin;

Key words and phrases: benzol; extraction degree; extraction; gas liquid chromatography; hexane; methanol; o-xylol; parathion-methyl.
Abstract: The paper presents the results of the extraction of soil samples for the content of remains of parathion-methyl (metaphos) with various organic solvents. The effective extracting agent with high degree of extraction is offered. The technique extraction is proposed.

Engineering Pedagogics

Main Trends in Innovative Development of Teacher and Researcher Training System. Part I
S.I. Dvoretsky1, E.I. Muratova1, I.V. Fedorov2, V.P. Tarov3
Departement of Research, TSTU (1); Center for Innovations in Engeneering Education of Moscow Automobile and Road State Technical University (MADI) (2); Faculty of Advanced Teacher Training of TSTU (3);

Key words and phrases: cluster; innovation-oriented training; innovative educational programmes; research university; research and education system; teaching and research staff.
Abstract: The article presents the evaluation of the current state of Russian system of undergraduate, postgraduate and further professional education, and highlights the evolutional tendencies within the framework of innovative development. Conceptual approaches to forming a flexible integrated research and education system (FIRES) for innovation – oriented training of engineering, teaching and research university, teaching and research staff within a cluster-type research university are suggested. It is determined how FIRES interrelates with other subsystems and environment. Its goal function consists in training highly-qualified innovation-oriented staff, integrating educational, research, innovation and industrial activities, and in reproducing specific forms of intellectual potential. The paper proves that, due to supreme role of innovation trends in the development of high tech and base economic areas, educational content and research basis of FIRES should be enlarged with substantial innovation components; integrated research and education and innovative technology centers can be organized on the basis of specific research and education cluster. Development and application of a research university model as an integrated system of research and education clusters may solve major problems of transfer of high technologies into industry and business, as well as the subsequent problems of staff training.

Economics and Social Sciences

Domestic Life of Postwar Komsomol: Provincial Style Features
A.A. Belyaev, A.A. Slezin
Department of History and Philosophy, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: communist party; Komsomol; party leadership; postwar society; youth.
Abstract: The paper analyzes the domestic life of Komsomol organizations of Russian provinces in 1945–1954 on the basis of the materials of Russian state archive of socio-political history and State archive of socio-political history of Tambov region as well as numerous published resources.

Science in Nazi Germany
V.I. Levin
Penza State Technological Academy;

Key words and phrases: anti Semitism; German science; Nazism.
Abstract: The paper shows that the Nazi led the German science to the catastrophe of the unprecedented scale and the country has never come over it.

Company Competitiveness Determination
T.M. Plotitsina
Department “Transportation and Road Safety”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: commercial element of competitiveness; company com-petitiveness; internal and external company performance.
Abstract: The paper presents the brief analysis of the existing definitions of com-pany competitiveness. The definition of the competitiveness taking into account tempo-rary drawbacks is formulated.

Philosophical and Pedagogical Reflection of Visualization Concept
A.A. Belyakov, L.A. Burovkina
Department of Painting and Composition, Moscow City Teachers’ Training University;

Key words and phrases: creative and visual thinking; emotional impact; visual aids; visualization; sensorial perception; teaching process organization.
Abstract: The paper studies the matters of the history of the development and the state of the theory and practical application of visual aid in teaching schoolchildren. The theoretical basics of the visualization in the teaching process at art classes are considered; the classification of visual aids is presented.

Model of Designing Quality Management System of Educational Organization
E.S. Mishchenko
Department “Management of Organization”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: designing; model; quality.
Abstract: The paper studies the model and peculiarities of the technology of designing quality management systems in educational organizations. The main features of the process are analyzed. The unit-module mechanism of forming the structures of quality management systems is proposed.

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