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Automation. Information. Control. Instruments

S.V. Frolov, I.A. Elizarov, M.N. Soludanov
Self-Adjustable Neuron Network Control System
Department “Information Processes and Control”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: neuron network; self-adjustable system; control for non-stationary objects.
Abstract: Self-adjustable control system created on the basis of neuron network of Multi-Layer Perception type is presented. The algorithm of self-adjustable control system work is described. The advantages of neuron network system of control over the ones based on the linear regulators are shown. Neuron network system is implemented on the industrial programmable controller I-8437

P.A. Fedyunin, D.A. Dmitriev
Analysis and Classification of Developed Microwave Methods and Equipment for Non-Destructive Control of Properties, Materials and Products. Part I
Departments: Tambov Higher Military Aviation Engineering School of Radioelectronics (Military Institute)

Key words and phrases: waveguides; wave resistance; dielectric penetrability; magnetic penetrability; microwave methods of measurements; non-destructive control; surface wave; thermo-moisture meter.
Abstract:Multi-connected classification systemizes developed by the authors microwave methods and equipment of non-destructive control for properties, materials and products into appropriate rubrics of classifier, thus presenting an opportunity to solve effectively the metrological task of measuring the media parameters.

V.K. Belyakov
Prospects of Application of xDSL-Technologies in the Organization of Information Support of Public Health Services System
OOO “International Telemedicine Center”, Moscow

Key words and phrases: video required materials; distant education; telemedicine; data compression technology.
Abstract: Matters of applying present-day telemedicine technologies aimed at providing treatment and diagnosis of patients are considered. The ways and methods of using data compression xDSL-Technology to solve the problem of transferring bulky medical data are shown.

I.L. Korobova
Analysis of Knowledge in Expert System of Fuzzi Decision-Making
Department “System of Automated Design”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: linguistic variable; lexical analysis; fuzzi set; fuzzi variable; knowledge representation; syntactical analysis
Abstract: Matters of developing the expert system in terms of fuzzi decision-making are considered. The structure of expert system and the forms of knowledge representation are shown. The description of software developed at the department of SAD is given; it allows filling the expert system with information, analyzing and editing it, as well as making decisions.

A.N. Pchelyntsev, A.N. Kasyanov
Paralleling of Algorithm of Solving the Task of Analyzing Dangerous Competitions in Combinational Digital Schemes
Department “Systems of Automated Designing”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: analysis of asynchronous digital schemes on failure risks; independent transitions; optimum set decomposition; parallel calculations mode.
Abstract: The principle of paralleling the algorithm of analyzing the logical scheme on failure risks is proposed.

Chemical and related engineering. Chemistry.

A.I. Sokolsky
Dryers with Uprising Twisted Flow of Gas-Disperse Phase
Ivanovo State Academy of Architecture and Construction, Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology

Key words and phrases: swirl chamber; uprising twisted flow; gas-disperse phase; hydro-dynamic mode; heat processing.
Abstract: Evolutional development of constructive design of swirl-type apparatuses with uprising twisted flow of gas-disperse flow is presented. The design of apparatuses enables to regulate effectively the time of keeping the material in drying zone, thus reducing the costs of heat processing of disperse product.

V.Yu. Volynsky, V.A. Zaitsev, V.E. Mizonov
Mathematical Simulation of the Process of Clay Baking for Expanded Clay in Drum-Type Furnace
Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology; Ivanovo State Power Engineering University

Key words and phrases: clay upwarp; clayey material; expanded clay; optimum control for the process; countercurrent drum-type furnace; Markov’s chain; cell model.
Abstract: The complete cell model of countercurrent heat and mass transfer between grain materials and gas is presented. The task of optimum control for the process parameters along the drum for maximum approximation of material heating kinetics to the required kinetic curve is set and solved as well. The most effective way of clay baking for expanded clay in two-stage drum is proved numerically.

G.V. Zhmatova1, A.N. Nefedov1, A.S. Gordeev1, A.B. Kilimnik2
To the Problem of Ultrasound Application for Liquid Fraction Infusion from Recycled Raw Materials in the Production of Fruit-and-Vegetable Juices
Department of Mechanization and Automation of Production Processes, MichGAU (1); Department of Chemistry, TSTU (2)

Key words and phrases: fruit juices production; ultrasound; infusion.
Abstract: It is shown, that ultrasound processing of apples, beets and carrots pulp influences the state and structure of tissue and increases the yielding of dry extracted substances (DES). After the secondary squeezing and ultrasound processing of pulp DESapples = 5,4%, DESbeets=5,2%, DEScarrots=5,0%

V.Ya. Borshchev1, V.N. Dolgunin2, M.Yu. Dronova2
Cascade Gravity Separation of Particulate Solids: Technological Peculiarities and Mathematical Modeling
Departments: “Machines and Apparatuses of Chemical Engineering” (1); “Technological Equipment and Food Technologies” (2), TSTU

Key words and phrases: rapid gravity flow; particulate solids; dynamics model; segregation effects.
Abstract: The technology and equipment for particulate solids separation by the set of physical and mechanical properties are proposed. The technology is based on the use of segregation effects under cascade rapid flow of particulate solids. The model of dynamics of particulate mixtures separation by gravitation separator cascades is developed

; L.E. Tsygankova, E.S. Kosyanenko, A.S. Protasov
Regularities of Hydrogen Evolution Reaction and Hydrogen Diffusion into Steel in the Acidic Sulphate Solutions. Potassium Rodanide Influence
Department of Non-organic and Physical Chemistry, TSU after G.R. Derzhavin

Key words and phrases: hydrogen diffusion; kinetics; steel; stimulator
Abstract: The hydrogen evolution reaction and hydrogen diffusion into St3 steel have been studied in the acidic sulphate solutions without and with potassium rodanide. The constants of the main steps of these processes, the hydrogen surface coverage have been calculated on base of IPZ analysis developed by Pickerring with collaborators.

P.S. Belyaev, M.V. Zabavnikov, O.G. Malikov, D.S. Volkov
Research into the Influence of Rubber Chips on Physical and Mechanical Indexes of Oil Bitumen in the Process of its Modification
Department “Processing of Polymers and Packaging Production”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: bitumen-rubber composition; road covering; paddle mixer; bitumen modification; oil bitumen; rubber chips.
Abstract: Basis trends in road bitumen modification and the mechanism of influencing rubber chips as modifier on the oil bitumen properties are studied. The research into the process of oil road bitumen modification in paddle mixer of periodic type with Z-shaped paddles is implemented; the influence of technological parameters of the process on the quality of bitumen-rubber composition is studied.

Mathematics. Physics

V.I. Fomin
On Case of Multiple Roots of Characteristic Operator Polynomial of the n-Order Linear Homogeneous Differential Equation with Constant Bounded Operator Coefficients in Banach Space
Department “Applied Mathematics and Mechanics”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: Banach space; characteristic operator polynomial; multiple root; Cauchy problem; operator determinant; operator-vector Cramer’s rule; general solution.
Abstract: Formula for general solution of the linear homogeneous differential equation of the n-order in Banach space in case of multiple roots of a characteristic operational polynominal is obtained.

Machine-building. Building-construction. Material science. Metal-working

V.I. Galayev
Interconnection between Equivalent Angular Rigidity and Radial Clearance of Support Unit of Loaded Rotor
Department “Theoretical Mechanics”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: amplitude; oscillation; support; radial rigidity; radial clearance; rotor; angular rigidity; equivalent rigidity; trunnion.
Abstract: Analytical research into determination of angular rigid characteristics of non-linear mechanical system of loaded rotor – elastic support with radial clearance is carried out.

V.M. Antonov, Sonda Diavara, V.V. Ledenev
Experimental Research into Reinforced Foundations
Department “Construction of Buildings and Structures”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: reinforced ground; bearing capacity of the foundation; model displacement; reinforcement percentage.
Abstract: The results of laboratory research of bearing capacity of reinforced sand foundation are presented. Multi-factor analysis of the influence of reinforcement on the durability and deformability of earth foundation is implemented. The dependence of upsetting and breaking load on the different reinforcement parameters are presented. The methodology of experiments and basic conclusions are given.

Engineering Pedagogic

N.P. Puchkov1, E.A. Petrova2
Self-Control as a Mechanism of Ensuring Quality of Specialist’s Training in the System of Higher Professional Education

Departments: “Higher Mathematics” (1), “Applied Mathematics and Mechanics” (2), TSTU

Key words and phrases: quality of specialist’s training; self-control; self-evaluation; testing as the form of control and self-control.
Abstract: The task of forming the system of self-control as the leading mechanism of self-regulation of learner’s activity is set and formulated. Typical features of forming self-control and control and their links with the ability of self-evaluation are revealed. Basic forms, indexes of self-control efficiency are determined. Organizational training conditions of introducing the system of self-control in educational activity of university are studied.

A.I. Popov
Implementation of Innovation Policy Using the Possibilities of Olympiad Movement
Department Foreign Languages, TSTU

Key words and phrases: innovative policy; specialist’s creative competence; creativity; students’ Olympiad movement.
Abstract: Theoretical and methodological aspects of organizing innovative activity at the university using the system of students’ Olympiad movement as a means of forming specialist’s creative competence are studied; the structure of control over Olympiad movement at technical university is developed.

S.I. Dvoretsky1, V.P. Tarov2
Methodology of Integrated Design of Educational Systems
Departments: “Technological Equipment and Food Technology” (1), “Machinery and Technology of Machine-Building Industry” (2), TSTU

Key words and phrases: educational system; specialists’ training; integration; innovation-oriented professional education; technical university teacher; readiness formation; professional educational program.
Abstract: Methodology of integrated design of professional education systems is proposed and its principles are formulated. System-integrated approach to combination of educational programs of different levels is developed. The classification of requirements to specialists is given. The analysis of professional activity of technical university teachers is implemented; the model of the formation of their readiness to innovative activity is developed.

A.M. Minaev, L.N. Tyalina
Present-Day Physical Representations in the Formation of Technical University Students’ Engineering Ideology
Department “Materials and Technology”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: probability amplitude; wave function; engineering ideology; interference; quantum mechanics; corpuscular-wave dualism; micro-objects; quantum-size structures; relation of uncertainties.
Abstract: The paper discusses the problems of engineering ideology formation in pedagogics of technical university. The link between present-day physical representations and technical subjects is considered; contradictions occurring when using methods of classical physics in the systems with micro-objects as well as thoughtless application of quantum-mechanical notions in explanations of effects linked to microelectronic processes are discussed. Special attention is paid to the content of such fundamental scientific notions as corpuscular-wave dualism, probability wave, wave function, relation of uncertainties, wave properties of micro-objects and their interference.

O.A. Artemyeva
New Approaches in the English Language Teaching: English for Specific Purposes – Role-Plays and Projects
Department Foreign languages, TSTU

Key words and phrases: genuine communication; English for Specific Purposes (ESP); creativity; teacher`s project culture; role-play; language skills.
Abstract: Nowadays because of modernization of education in Russia the whole English Language Teaching (ELT) community is entering a new stage of interactive learning by means of new technologies. The article discusses one of the most effective teaching approaches in ELT. Role-plays, video situations, projects can greatly widen our horizons of creation within the suggested methods. ESP project is a valuable approach, it integrates all the language skills and takes an opportunity of using performances in the learning process. From the point of view of research work the project takes language learning out of the classroom into the real world. Culminating moment of the game is presentation of the project in public. This approach to ELT is closely connected with the problem of developing the teacher`s project culture concerning the formulation of goals, selecting ESP material professionalized situations and spheres of future specialist`s activity.

Economics and social sciences

V.A. Nemtinov1, A.A. Gorelov2, M.I. Kudryavtsev1, K.V. Nemtinov3
Information Analysis of the Objects of Cultural Heritage Using GIS-Technologies
Departments: “Automated Design of Technological Equipment” (1), “Applied Geometry and Computer Graphics” (2), TSTU; Tambov Classical Gymnasium, Tambov (3)

Key words and phrases: GIS-technologies; information system; objects of cultural heritage.
Abstract: The methodology of creating information system aimed at retrospective analysis of objects of cultural heritage in small and middle-size towns of Russia is studied on the example of Tambov.

V.V. Zharikov, R.V. Zharikov
Competitiveness of Industrial Enterprise and the Ways of its Increasing
Department “Economics and Management”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: product differentiation; overheads; integration; innovations; competitiveness; oligopoly; labor productivity; industrial enterprise; game theory; market types; product price.
Abstract: Based on theoretical grounds the factors influencing enterprise competitiveness are revealed; on the basis of game theory competitive relations between two competitors on the market of machine engineering production are studied; the ways of increasing enterprise competitiveness by reducing overheads and product differentiation are proposed

Agostino Massa
Training as a Strategic Management Tool for University Organization
Dispos, University of Genoa

Key words and phrases: îrganization; training; university.
Abstract: Universities, as every organisations operating in an evolving environment, can be successful just adopting proper strategies and relying on skilled and motivated human resource. The article, divided in two parts, at first shows the organizational change experienced by leading universities in Western European countries, which are shifting from the Institution-Bureaucracy (IB) model to the Business-Professional Network (BPN) model. In the frame of this new managerial perspective, University sets the mission to deliver education and research services and is considered as a source of innovation and change. Its main goal is to train proactive professionals, adopting customer focus and quality orientation. In the relations with the environment it looks for a strong interdependence with all the stakeholders and network partners. The change from IB to BPN model is going on mainly because of more organisational and managerial autonomy, more competition for attracting students and a change in social attitudes towards university, considered as a centre delivering services. In the second part, some guidelines are indicated for the setting up of an effective training process to develop university human resources. Attention is paid to the four steps of the training process.

G.P. Pirozhkov
Regional Studies: About the Periodization tf the Discipline
Department «History and philosophy», TSTU

Key words and phrases: an ethnographical thought; genesis and the development of regional studies; information institutions; informatization; a scientific and educational discipline; scientific studies.
Abstract: The periodization of regional studies as a scientific and educatinal discipline from the ethnographical point of view is examined in the article for the first time.

E.V. Sharina
The Role of Transformation Method when Studying Participial Constructions and Synonymous to them Subordinate Clauses
Department of German Philology and Methodology, Moscow Humanitarian Teachers’ Training Institute

Key words and phrases: transformation method; participial construction; participial II construction; attributive meaning; adverbial meaning; co-predicative meaning; synonymy.
Abstract: The role of transformation method when studying the synonymy of participial constructions and subordinate clauses is analyzed. The author gives the definition of transformation method and studies the conditions and factors influencing the transformation of participial constructions and subordinate clauses.

A.A. Dick, A.A. Slezin
Review of Political States of Public Opinion as the Source for Studying Social-Political History in 1920-s
Department «History and Philosophy», TSTU

Key words and phrases: OGPU; archive; political states of public opinion; political bulletins; grassing.
Abstract: The paper deals with the methodology of studying the reviews of political states of public mind as unique archive resources for studying social-political history of the Soviet period and that of 1920s in particular.

V.V. Krasnikov
Organization and Functioning of Local Authority Organs of Tambov Region in the 1920-s: Theory and Practice
Department «History and Philosophy», TSTU

Key words and phrases: «military communism», a Bolshevik, a board, an executive committee, enlargement, disenlargement, reorganization.
Abstract: The nature of the reorganization of local authority organs of Tambov region in 1921-1925 is described, the results of this reorganization are analyzed, the reasons, which led to other, than it was supposed, results of the reorganization of local government are examined.

V.B. Bezgin
Traditions of Peasants’ Lifestyle at the End of XIX – Beginning of XX Centuries (Food, Dwelling, Clothes)
Department of History and Philosophy, TSTU

Key words and phrases: famine; home-made cloth; peasant’s log hut; bast shoes; food; food consumption; stove; utensils; shirt; dwelling condition.
Abstract: The state of main components of Russian village culture at the end of XIX – beginning of XX centuries is studied. The everyday peasants’ food, living conditions, specific features of their clothes and the influence of town trends in fashion are analyzed.

I.E. Ilyina, M.N. Makeeva
Body Language
Department of Foreign Languages, TSTU

Key words and phrases: gestures; sign; intonation; kinesics; communication; culture; mimicry; emotion.
Abstract: Matters of verbal and non-verbal communication, elements of body language, and functions of non-verbal communication are considered. Body language involves movement of the body, gestures, mimicry, poses and intonation to some extent. Body language is influenced by various factors, for example, culture, person’s individual peculiarities, etc.

A.A. Pudovkin, V.N. Chernyshov
Law Transformation of Fraud Contents at Different Stages of Historical Development of Russian Criminal
Department “Criminal Law and Informatization of Legal Activity”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: fraud; crime; criminal law.
Abstract: Basic stages of historical development of fraud legislation are considered.

Sh. Erenburg, O. Ponomareva
Public Capital and Private Sector performance: VAR/ECM modeling
Department of Economics, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI, USA

Key words and phrases: 2-step Engle-Granger procedure; Impulse Response Functions; Granger Causality test; Public Capital; Private Sector Performance; Vector Autoregressive Model (VAR); Vector Error Correction Model (VECM).
Abstract: Empirical evidence on the dynamic effects of public capital on real economic growth in the United States is presented in this paper. The sample period covers the years 1971–2001. A five-variable VAR model and a Vector Error Correction (VEC) model are estimated using the following variables: public net capital stock, private net capital stock, the number of employed persons, an energy to all commodities price index ratio, real gross domestic product.

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