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New Methods, Devices and Sets for Thermophysical Research

Mishchenko S.V., Ponomarev S.V., Divin A.G., Mozgova G.V., Khodilin S.V. Method and Measuring Device for the Research of Thermal Physical Properties of Liquid Polymer Materials under Shift Flow (p 14)
Kovalyova I.V., Korablyov I.V., Azima Yu.I. Method of Non-Destructive Control over Thermal Conductivity of HeatInsulating Materials on the Basis of Integral Form of Fourier Equation (đ 23)
Belyaev Yu.I., Korablyov I.V., Vent D.P., Veprentseva O.N. Measuring Instruments of Heat Conductivity of Solid Materials of the KB “Teplofon” System (đ 33)
Blokhin A.N. Decision Making Tasks when Managing Regional Gas Distribution Companey (p 38)
Belousov O.A., Muromtsev Yu.L. The Use of Virtual Indicator in the System of Control over Objects with Changing Thermo-Physical Properties (p 48)
Dmitriev O.S., Mishchenko S.V., Dmitriev A.O. Method of Research of Binder Flow Parameters During the Process of Composites Curing (p 53)
Chernyshov A.V., Churikov A.A. Method of Non-Destructive Control of Thermal Physical Characteristics of Multi-Layer Construction Materials and Structures (p 62)
Mishchenko S.V., Mainikova N.F. Method of Non-Destructive Control over Structural Transformations in Polymer Materials (p 69)
Mordasov M.M. Control of Physical Mechanical Properties of Heterogeneous Stringy Liquid Substances (p 76)
Grebennikova N.M., Mordasov M.M. Pneumatic Method of Control over Liquid Viscosity (p 81)
Mordasov D.M. Stream-Acoustic Control over Gas Phase Concentration in the Particulate Material Layer (p 88)
Zhavrin Yu.I., Seleznev V.D., Poyarkov I.V., Fedorenko O.V. Abnormal Gravitational Convection of Three-Component Gaseous Mixture in Vertical Cylinder of Finite Height (p 94)
Nechaev V.M. Automation of Mass Measurement Processes in Air Flows with High Turbulent Fluctuations (p 103)

Thermo-Physical Providing of Technological Processes of Heat-Mass Transfer and Environmental Problems

Fedyunin P.A., Vorobyev A.A., Dmitriev D.A. Waveguides of Surface Waves as Measuring Converters of Electrical and Thermal Physical Properties (p 108)
Shuklin S.G., Didik A.A., Shuklin D.S. Thermal Physics of Swelling Coatings Containing Nano-Structures (p 118)
Pechenegov Yu.A., Denisov V.A. About Calculation of Heat Exchange and Gas Flow Resistance in the Pipe under High Temperature (p 126)

Up-to-Date Energy Saving Heat Technologies, Drying and Thermo-Humid Materials Processing

Gatapova N.Ts., Konovalov V.I. Complex Methodology of Experimental Research and Thermo-Physical Measurements in the Drying Processes of Materials with Essential Temperature Kinetics (p 133)
Rudobashta S.P. The Role of Mathematical Modeling under Quality Control of Particulate Drying Products (p 151)
Avdeev A.V. The State and Perspectives of Grain Drying (p 161)
Mishchenko S.V., Zhilkin V.M. Grounds, Perspectives and Problems of Resource- and Energy-Saving Techniques for Production of Partly or Fully Dehydrated Feed from Highly-Humid Green Herbs (p 169)
Rudobashta S.P., Zhukov N.P., Dmitriev V.M., Churilin A.V. Research of Kinetics of Convection Drying of Impregnated Abrasive Tools (p 177)
Yartsev V.P. Dependencies of Life Cycle (Period before Destruction) of Fiber Boards on Tension and Temperature (p 186)

Metrology, Standardization and Quality Control

Mishchenko S.V., Puchkov N.P., Ponomarev S.V. Development of Mission, Vision and Policy in the Area of Quality, Objectives and Strategic Plans when Introducing Quality Control System in Company (p 198)
Gregory F. Gruska. Measurement Systems (in English) (p 212)
Gregory F. Gruska. The Development of Adjustment Factors for the Distribution of Ranges (in English) (p 226)
Koch W.H., Ponomareva E.S. Cutting Values Decision Making for Extended Machining Process Quality (in English) (p 231)
Chernyshova T.I., Ignatov D.V. Estimation of Metrology Resource of Processor Means of Thermo-Physical Measurements with Regard for Temperature Mode (p 241)

Engineering Pedagogic

Nakhman A.D. Boolean Algebras as the Basis for the Study of Mathematical Logic, Sets Theory, Probabilities Theory (p 246)
Putchkov N.P. To the Problem of Strategic Planning of Educational Activities in Higher Educational Institutions (in English). (p 499)
Molotkova N.V., Khrennikov A.O. Didactic Grounds of Designing the System of Professional Training in Organization and Safety of Trans-portation (p 507)
Romanenko A.V., Popov A.I. Application of the Systems of Remote Automated Training while Forming Specialist’s Creative Competence (p 512)
Kolomeitseva E.M., Makeeva M.N. Teacher’s Behavior While Conducting a Role Play (in English) (p 518)
Kolomeitseva E.M., Makeyeva M.N. Approaches to Writing and Thinking (in English). (p 769)
Naletova I.V. Globalization and Internationalization in Present-Day Higher Education (p 777)
Puchkov N.P., Petrova E.A. Self-Control as a Mechanism of Ensuring Quality of Specialist’s Training in the System of Higher Professional Education (p 956)
Popov A.I. Implementation of Innovation Policy Using the Possibilities of Olympiad Movement (p 967)
Dvoretsky S.I., Tarov V.P. Methodology of Integrated Design of Educational Systems (p 975)
Minaev A.M., Tyalina L.N. Present-Day Physical Representations in the Formation of Technical University Students’ Engineering Ideology (p 984)
Artemyeva O.A. New Approaches in the English Language Teaching: English for Specific Purposes – Role-Plays and Projects (in English) (p 992)

Economics and social sciences

Kapitonov I.E., Kapitonov E.N. Some Problems of Science Development in Present Russia (p 254)
Parkhomenko L.V. Methodological Grounds of Development of Regional Programs Aimed at Improving Region Attractiveness (p 258)
Voronkova O.V. Ways of Implementation of Regional Program of Qua-lity Control over Products and Services (synopsis) (p 263)
Terekhin D.V. Principles of Managing Investment Development of Regions Industrial Complex (p 266)
Bocharov V.P. Forms of Commercial Use of State Property Abroad (p 275)
Abdyrov K.A. Peculiarities of Nomadic Statehood and its Roots (in the Light of Turkic Kaganath and Kazakh Khanstvo) (p 282)
Belorusov V.B. The Role of the Public in Public Order Maintenance: Chronology of Formation (p 286)
Gvozdeva A.A., Riabtseva E.V., Tsilenko L.P. Third Wave Feminist Linguistics (in English) (p 300)
Groshev I.V., Pozdnyakov A.A. Gender, Sex and Personality Differences in Behavioural Patterns in Company Conflicts and their Effect on the Corporate Culture (synopsis) (p 310)
Kapitonov E.N., Kapitonov I.E. To the History of Manufacturing Shaper-Vulcanizers for Tire Industry in Tambov (p 524)
Mishchenko S.V., Pakhomova S.A., Ponomarev S.V., Savelyeva L.I., Samodurov V.A. Experts’ Evaluation of Expenditures on Quality of Educational Services of Technical Universities (p 531)
Zharikov V.V. Main Trends in Industrial Enterprises Adaptation to New Economic Situation (p 539)
Borodin A.I. About the Problem of Long-Term Environment-Oriented Development of Economy (p 546)
Cheremisina N.V., Drobyshev G.N. About the Performance of Sole Traders and their Role for Informal Trade of the Region (p 554)
Minko L.V. Monitoring in the System of Structural Investment Policy of the Region (p 563)
Gerasimova E.B. Analytical Procedures of Managing Credit Organization (p 569)Zharikov V.V.
Seltser D.G., Crosston M.D. Mutating Power: Tracking the Changes in Authority of the Sub-Regional Communist Party Nomenclature during Late-Stage Soviet and Post-Soviet Socialism (1985-2005) (in English) (p 578)
Kulikov V.G. Kulikov V.G. Modification of Syllable Formation Schemes in Dialects of English (p 590)
Dubrovina S.Yu. Methodology of Research into Lexis on the Basis of Micro-Fields Modeling (p 599)
Kapitonov E.N., Kapitonov I.E. The Problem of Science and Education Financing in Russia and Germany under Existing Crisis (p 783)
Cheremisina N.V., Drobyshev G.N. People’s Subsidiary Small-Holdings as Part of Unobserved Economy of the Region (p 789)
Zemskov V.V. Statistical Analysis of Cost-Effectiveness Management (p 796)
Pirozhkova I.G. Provincial Town Market of Building Services in XIX Century (on the Tambov) (in English). (p 805)
Penshin N.V. About State Regulation of Motor Transport Activity (p 811)
Popkova N.V. Methodology of Philosophical Analysis of Techno Sphere (p 817)
Golovashin V.A., Makhrachova T.V. Annunciation of Holy Virgin Theotokos: Terminology, Ceremonials and Convictions (p 826)
Serova I.G. Gender Category across Languages: at the Crossroads of Linguistic, Natural and Cultural Categorization (p 833)
Nemtinov V.A., Gorelov A.A., Kudryavtsev M.I., Nemtinov K.V. Information Analysis of the Objects of Cultural Heritage Using GIS-Technologies (p 1001)
Zharikov V.V., Zharikov R.V. Competitiveness of Industrial Enterprise and the Ways of its Increasing (p 1013)
Massa Agostino. Training as a Strategic Management Tool for University Organization (in English) (p 1021)
Pirozhkov G.P. Regional Studies: ŕbout the Periodization of the Discipline (in English) (p 1030)
Sharina E.V. The Role of Transformation Method when Studying Participial Constructions and Synonymous to them Subordinate Clauses. (p 1039)
Dick A.A., Slezin A.A. Review of Political States of Public Opinion as the Source for Studying Social-Political History in 1920-s (in German) (p 1044)
Krasnikov V.V. Organization and Functioning of Local Authority Organs of Tambov Region in the 1920-s: Theory and Practice (in English) (p 1047)
Bezgin V.B. Traditions of Peasants’ Lifestyle at the End of XIX – Beginning of XX Centuries (Food, Dwelling, Clothes) (p 1052)
Ilyina I.E., Makeeva M.N. Body Language (in German) (p 1062)
Pudovkin A.A., Chernyshov V.N. Transformation of Fraud Contents at Different Stages of Historical DevelopmeRnt of Russian Criminal Law (p 1073)
Erenburg Sh., Ponomareva O. Public Capital and Private Sector Performance: VAR/ECM modeling (in English) (p 1078)

Automation. Information. Control. Instruments

Frolov S.V., Frolova M.S. Telemedicine Technologies Development in Russian Federation .(p 328)
Levin V.I. Some Ideas about the Schedule Theory (p 341)
Gordeev L.S., Lazarev P.I., Khavrunyak I.V. Mathematical Division of Overlapped Peaks in Liquid Chromatography. (p 348)
Muromtsev Yu.L., Selivanova Z.M. About One Intellectual Operative Method of Non-Destructive Control over Thermal Physical Properties of Solid Materials (p 355)
Mordasov D.M. Air-Dynamic Numeric Impulse Method Liquid Density Control (p 363)
Pchelintsev A.N., Kasyanov A.N. The Analysis of Dangerous Competitions in Combinational Digital Schemes During Automated Designing. (p 368)
Muromtsev D.Yu. Analysis and Synthesis of Optimum Energy-Saving Control. Determinate Systems (synopsis of Preprints No. 13) (p 372)
Churikov A.A., Antonova L.L. Method of Non-Destructive Thermophisical Control over Samples of Small Geometrical Size Made from Solid Materials (p 618)
Nemtinov V.A., Litvinov A.A., Nemtinova Yu.V. Application of GIS-Technologies when Evaluating the Quality of Underground Water Resources of Industrial Unit (p 625)
Karpov I.G., Ovsyannikov S.V., Koziratsky A.Yu. Generalized Probabilistic Description of Bilateral Discrete Random Variables (p 632)
Popov R.V., Chernyshov V.N., Sysoev E.V. Method of Contact-Free Non-Destructive Control over Thermophysical Properties of Solid Materials (p 641)
Veselov A.A. Instrumental System of Modeling Functional Schemes of Digital Devices by Petry’s Nets (p 649)
Blokhin A.N., Matveykin V.G., Muromtsev Yu.L. Making Managerial Decisions in Indefinite Conditions (synopsis of Preprint No. 14) (p 655)
Frolov S.V., Elizarov I.A., Soludanov M.N. Self-Adjustable Neuron Network Control System (p 848)
Fedyunin P.A., Dmitriev D.A. Analysis and Classification of Developed Microwave Methods and Equipment for Non-Destructive Control of Pro-perties, Materials and Products. Part I (p 855)
Belyakov V.K. Prospects of Application of xDSL-Technologies in the Organization of Information Support of Public Health Services System (p 869)
Korobova I.L. Analysis of Knowledge in Expert System of Fuzzi Decision-Making (p 873)
Pchelyntsev A.N., Kasyanov A.N. Paralleling of Algorithm of Solving the Task of Analyzing Dangerous Competitions in Combinational Digital Schemes (p 882)

Chemical and related engineering. Chemistry.

Koptev A.A., Shershukov A.V., Kozodaev V.V. The Solution to the Problem of Liquid Movement Near the Surface of Rotating Disk in Complex Variables. (p 375)
Volynsky V.Yu., Mizonov V.E., Zaitsev V.A., Sukhanov S.B. Cell Model of Drying Plate with Moving Zone of Vaporization (p 381)
Litovka Yu.V., Elizarov A.M. About the Method of Calculation of Covering Thickness on the Cathode for Chromium Plating Electrolyte with Non-Monotonous Curve of Cathode Polarization (p 389)
Chervyakov V.M., Yudaev V.F., Vorobyov Yu.V., Alekseev V.A., Chicheva-Filatova L.V., Akulov N.I. Operation Modes of Technological Equipment Using Cavitation Stimulation (p 399)
Ukolov A.A., Dolgunin V.N., Ivanov O.O. Segregation Kinetics of Particle Rapid Gravity Flow (in English). (p 404)
Karpushkin S.V., Krasnyansky M.N., Afanasyeva N.N. The System of Selecting Design of a Mechanical Mixing Unit of a Vertical Vessels . (p 423)
Baronin G.S., Kerber M.L., Shapkin K.V. Solid-Phase Technology of Polymer Nanomaterials Processing (p 432)
Dvoretsky S.I., Gladyshev N.F., Zhdanov D.V., Ulyanova M.A., Ferapontov Yu.A. Development of Continuous Resource-Saving Process of Potassium Superoxide Synthesis (p 658)
Gordeev L.S., Lazarev P.I., Khavrounyak I.V. Optimization of Organic Dye Composition for Film Polarizers in the Manufacturing Process (p 673)
Chervyakov V.M., Vorobyov Yu.V., Yudaev V.F. Generalized Metho-dology of Calculating Rotor Apparatus with Regard for Acoustic Impulse Cavitation(p 683)
Brekhov A.F., Ryazhskikh V.I., Boger A.A. Heating of Non-Newtonian Media in Plasticizing Extruder Zone (p 690)
Sokolsky A.I. Heat-Mass Exchange in Gas-Solid Mixture Flow (p 696)
Zhmatova G.V., Nefedov A.N., Gordeev A.S., Kilimnik A.B. Intensification Methods of Extracting Biologically Active Substances from Vegetative Raw Materials (p 701)
Glyantsev N.I., Burdykina R.I., Stekolnikova N.M., Kotov V.V. Electroreduction of Chromate Anions from Diluted Electrolytes Solutions (p 701)
Sokolsky A.I. Dryers with Uprising Twisted Flow of Gas-Disperse Phase (p 884)
Volynsky V.Yu., Zaitsev V.A., Mizonov V.E. Mathematical Simulation of the Process of Clay Baking for Expanded Clay in Drum-Type Furnace (p 890)
Zhmatova G.V., Nefedov A.N., Gordeev A.S., Kilimnik A.B. To the Problem of Ultrasound Application for Liquid Fraction Infusion from Recycled Raw Materials in the Production of Fruit-and-Vegetable Juices (p 896)
Borshchev V.Ya., Dolgunin V.N., Dronova M.Yu. Cascade Gravity Separation of Particulate Solids: Technological Peculiarities and Mathematical Modeling (p 903)
Tsygankova L.E., Kosyanenko E.S., Protasov A.S. Regularities of Hydrogen Evolution Reaction and Hydrogen Diffusion into Steel in the Acidic Sulphate Solutions. Potassium Rodanide Influence (p 910)
Belyaev P.S., Zabavnikov M.V., Malikov O.G., Volkov D.S. Research into the Influence of Rubber Chips on Physical and Mechanical Indexes of Oil Bitumen in the Process of its Modification (p 923)

Mathematics. Physics

Grigolyuk E.I., Kulikov G.M. Development of the Theory of Elastic Multilayered Plates and Shells (p 439)
Barsukov V.I. Examination of Mutual Influence of Base and Determined Element under Atomi c Absorption Analysis of Steel on Manganese, Nickel and Chrome (p 449)
Vasilyev V.V., Ivanov V.E. Linear-Fractional Functions over the Algebra of Dual Numbers (p 717)
Fomin V.I. On Case of Multiple Roots of Characteristic Operator Polynomial of the n-Order Linear Homogeneous Differential Equation with Constant Bounded Operator Coefficients in Banach Space (p 931)

Machine-building. Building-construction. Material science. Metal-working

Vanin V.A., Trifonov O.N., Ivanov V.I. Tread Processing Machines with Internal Hydraulic Links for Cutting Threads with Irregular Pitch (p 455)
Kochergin S.V., Nabatov K.A., Korshunov I.V., Zuikov M.V. Warming up of the Combustion Engine by Means of Steam and Gas Generator with Self-Regulating Capacity (p 464)
Yartsev V.P. Ageing and Destruction of Stabilized Thermoplastics in Intense State. (p 470)
Dedov V.L., Evdokimtsev O.V., Ledenev V.V. The Effect of Repetitive Loadings on the Deformation Property and Durability of Binder Earth (p 475)
Kurochkin I.M., Konovalov D.N. Optimization of Design-Mode Parameters of Wheel Propeller with Improved Operation Characteristics (p 722)
Brusentsov Yu.A., Minaev A.M., Pruchkin V.A., Tyalina. Research into Physical and Technological Properties of Powder Alloy UN14 (p 731)
Khvatov B.N. The Effect of State Parameters of Upper Layer on Corrosion-Fatigue Durability of Hydraulic Turbines Blades and the Choice of Method of their Finish Processing (p 738)
Diavara Sonda, Komarov I.V., Ledenev V.V., Savinov Ya.V. The Cause of Accidents and Damage to Buildings, Structures and Bearing Constructions (for Central Chernozemye) (in French) (p 746)
Galayev V.I. Interconnection between Equivalent Angular Rigidity and Radial Clearance of Support Unit of Loaded Rotor (p 938)
Antonov V.M., Diavara Sonda, Ledenev V.V. Experimental Research into Reinforced Foundations (in French) (p 945)


Kapustin V.P., Kunakov S.A. The Estimation of Uniformity of Sunflower Distribution in Rows (p 490)
Polevshchikov S.I. Bio-Energetic Efficiency of Sugar Beet Growing (p 495)
Polevshchikov S.I. Economic Efficiency of Sugar Beet Growing at Different Stages of Crop Rotation (p 757)
Mironov V.V. Research into Composition, Properties and Sizes of Composted Mixture Layer (p 762)

Our new professors, doctors and candidates of sciences (p 512)

Information. Announcements

Popov A.I. To Professional Competence Through Creativity (p 610)

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