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Automation. Information. Control. Instruments


Balashov S.V., Zhuckov N.P., Lyashkov V.I., Mainikova N.F., Orlov V.V. Measuring and Calculating Sys- tem for the Analysis of Tempera- ture Relationship of Heat Conduction and Heat Capacity of Mate- rials (p. 35-43)

Barshutin S.N., Shelochvostov V.P., Chernychov V.N. Ionoselective Method of Control over Cationic Composition of Industrial Sewage (p. 185-194.)

Bodrov V.I., Pogonin V.A. Solving of Control Problems in Condition of Uncertainty (p. 534-540)

Vasilyev S.A., Vasilyev A.S. Modification of Algorithm for Binary Space Decomposition for Scenes Visualization of 3D Objects (p. 394-398)

Maynikova N.F., Rogov I.V., Balashov A.A. Non-Destructive Control of Physical and Mechanical Characteristics of Composite Materials (in English) (p. 391-393)

Malygin E.N., Nemtinov V.A., Nemtinova Yu.V. Construction Principles of the System for Solving Industrial Ecology Problems (in English)

(p. 205-212

Malygin Ye.N., Krasnyansky M.N., Ahmedov V.A. Technical Diagnostics and Equipment Maintenance in the Problem of Multiproduct Chemical Manufacturing Scheduling) (p. 541-553)

Milovanov I.V. Modeling and Control of Asynchronic Parallel Processes (p. 373-377)

Milovanov I.V. Composition of Algorithms for Optimization and Parallel Systems Control (p. 554-559)

Mishchenko S.V., Dmitriev O.S., Shapovalov A.V., Kyrillov V.N. Mathematical Modelling of the Curing Process of Products Made from Polymeric Composed Materials by the Technique of Vacuum Autoclave Moulding in Technological Packet (p. 7-19)

Mishchenko S.V., Ponomarev S.V., Grigoryeva S.V., Ponomareva E.S., Divin A.G., Churikov A.A. Method and Measuring Device for Determining Thermophysical Properties of Materials Using Regular Regime (p. 362-372)

Muromtsev D.Yu., Gubanov R.A. Energysaving Optimum Multifunctional Regulator (p. 20-34)

Muromtsev Yu. L., Zhukov N.P., Mainikova N.F., Rogov I.V., Balashov A.A. Unñîrrectly Formulated Problems Under Non-destructive Control of Thermal Physical Characteristics of Materials. Comparative Analysis of Control Methods (p. 524-533)

Nyrkova L.A. Metrology Control over Thermal Physical Measurements on the Basis of Dynamic Processes Research (p. .570-573)

Pankov B.V. On Determination of Average Speed of Pulsating Gas Streams by Means of Pneumometric Sondes (p. 55-59)

Ponomarev S.V., Dryazgov A.N., Khanuni S.S. Modeling of Device and Methods for Measuring Turbular Prandtl Number in Liquid Flow (p. 378-390)

Pustovit A.P., Irzhavtsev K.Yu., Boyarinov A.Ye., Glinkin Ye.I. Method of Identification of Thermal Physical Properties by Sample Materials (p. 560-569)

Sergin M.Yu. Methods and Algorythms of Structural Optimum Construction of Control Systems: Choice and Identification (synopsis) (p. 213-214)

Frolov S.V. Linguistic Interval Model for Technological Processes with Indeterminate Parameters (in German) (p. 195-204)


Chemical and related engineering. Chemistry


Abakumova N.A., Kessler Yu.M., Petrenko V.E., Nikiforov A.Yu., Antipova M.L., Borovkov A.V. The Connection between Characteristic Parameters of Potential Energy Functions of Double Interaction Water Molecules and Some Results of Numerical Experiment (p. 251-264)

Belyaev P.S., Klinkov A.S., Chucksin A.K., Zabavnickov M.V. The Present State of the Art of Processing and Utilizing of Worn Automobile Tyres (p. 72-79)

Gatapova N.Z., Koliuch A.N., Konovalov V.I., Saveliev A.A. Peculiarities of heat transfer and drying kinetics on contact drums (p. 399-406)

Dvoretsky S.I., Kormilitsin G.S., Pestretsov S.I. Hydrodynamics of the Transversally-Vented Moving Dense Ring Type Beds of Grains (p 215-224)

Dvoretsky S.I., Karnishev V.V., Omer A.S. Development of Production Progressive Technology of Macroheterocyclic Pigments with Improved Colour and Rheologic Parameters (p. 574-591)

Zharikov V.V. Mathematical Description of the Dispersion Process of Metal Filler in Olygomer Media (p. 607-610)

Kalinin V.F., Shuvalov A.M., Terentyev O.V. Substantiation of Energy Parameters of Self-Regulating Water Heater with Passive Electrode (p. 225-229)

Kilimnik A.B., Abakumova N.A., Memetov N.R. Cathode Reduction of Ions [u(NH3)4]2+ and Anode Copper Oxidation on Glass-Carbon (p. 611-616)

Koptev A.A., Pershin V.F., Sviridov M.M., Tarov V.P., Shubin I.N. Peculiarities of Determination of Angles of Internal Friction of Granular Materials (p. 60-65)

Kudi A.N., Dolgunin V.N., Yushkova O.B. Segregation Modelling in Aerated Gravity Flows of Particulate Solids (in English) .(p. 599-606)

Pershin V.F., Selivanov Yu. T. Calculation of Scheduling of Components Loading in Drum Mixer (p. 591-598)

Promtov M.A. Kinetics of Dissolution and Emulsification in Rotor Pulse Cavitation Apparatus (Energetic Approach) (p. 230-238)

Tyshkevich A.A., Galizdra B.I., Mordasov M.M., Martemyanov Yu.F., Luzghachov V.A. Mathematical Modelling of Jet Bubbling (p. 66-71)

Tishin O.A., Belousov E.K., Kharitonov V.N., Batrin Yu.D., Rudakova T.V., Starovoytov M.K. Evaluation of Technological Factors Influence on the Efficiency of the Reactors Work of N, N-Methyl Phenylamin Synthesis (p. 431-439)

Ukolov A.A., Dolgunin V.N., Ivanov O.O. Development of Segregation Kinetics Equation for Rapid Shear Flow of Particles (in English) (p. 239-250)

Ferapontov Yu.A., Simanenkov S.I., Putin S.B., Guryev A.A., Zhdanov D.V. Development of Ecological Secure Technology for Synthesis of Alkaline Metals Peroxides. Synthesis of Potassium Peroxide out of Hydrogen Peroxide and Potassium Hydroxide (p. 422-430)


Mathematics. Physics


Barsukov V.I. Investigation of Sensitivity Dependence of Flame Atomic Spectroscopy Methods on the Choice of Analytical Signal Registration Scheme (p. 279-282)

Barsukov V. I., Ivanov B.N., Lyashenko Yu. P. Research of Spectrum Analytical Characteristics of the Device for Testing Zinc, Magnum and Copper in Sewage by Method of Atom Absorption Spectroscopy (p. 641-650)

Golovin Yu. M., Podkauro A.M., Tkachenko A.A., Kudryavtsev S.P. Calculation of LaBO3 frequences and Dynamics of Lattice for Ortho-borates of Rare-earth Ålements (in French) (p. 651-654)

Ivanovsky V.A. Usage of Electromagnetic Fluctuations as the Source of Information for Non-destructive Control of Polymer Systems (p. 455-472)

Kulikov G.M., Plotnikova S.V. Finite Element Formulation of Straight Composite Beams Undergoing Finite Rotations (in English) (p. 125-136)

Litovka Yu.V., Afanasyev A.V. One Approach to the Numerical Calculation of Electric Fields in Electrolytes (p 87-100)

Miretsky I.Yu. Efficient Transformations in Flow-shop Scheduling Problem (p. 80-86)

Miretsky I.Yu. Conveyor Problem: Constructive Approach to Optimum Schedules Make Up (p. 440-448)

Miretsky I.Yu. Flow-shop Problem: Algorithms for Synthesis of Optimum Schedules (p 634-640)

Mordasov D.M Physical Grounds of Stream Acoustic Vibrations Generation (p. 283-293)

Nakhman A.D. Fourier-Chebyshev Triangular Sums in Lp (in English) (p. 269-278)

Nikiforova O.Yu. To Sequential Mapping and Freshe-Uryson Mapping (p. 449-454)

Fomin V.I. On the Linear Bounds of Spectral Radius of a Matrix (p. 80-86)

Fomin V.I. To Some Correlation between the Indeterminate Solution for Equation (p. 265-268)


Machine-building. Building-construction. Material science. Metal-working


Vorobiova N.V., Vorobiov Yu.V., Luckyanenko V.I. Mathematics Description of Programmed Regulation of Rotation Frequency by Means of Cam Mechanic Device Built in Planetarium Variable-speed Drive (p. 473-477)

Vorobyova N.V., Vorobyov Yu.V., Lukyanenko V.I. Composition of Movement Equation in Differentiated Form for Planet Variator with Cam Program Bearer (p. 655-659)

Ledenyov V.V., Khudyakov A.V. Experimental Research of Bearing Capability and Displacements of Base and Ring Foundations (p. 305-315)

Ledenev V.V., Safonov S.A. Experimental Research of Bearing Carrier and Hollow Cylinder Basement Shifts under Eccentric Sloping Force (p. 665-673)

Pluzhnilov Yu. V., Kolmakov A.V., Pudovkin A.P. Improvement of Rolling Mill bearing for Bimetal Production (p. 660-664)

Polyakov E.V., Brusentsov Yu.A., Minaev A.M. Use of the CdxSn1-xS Alloy in Detectors of Electromagnetic Radiation of Inftra-red and Visible Spectrum (p. 101-104)

Snyatkov N.M. Non-linear Calculation Model of Statically Indeterminate Reinforced Ferroconcrete Constructions (p. 120-125)

Trifonov O.N., Vanin V.A., Ivanov V.I. Modular Construction of Machine Tools Internal Circuit on the Basis of Linear Hydraulic Drive (p. 294-304)

Khvatov B.N., Lazarev O.S., Mochalin N.N. Temperature Research in the Area of Cutting under Band Grinding (p. 478-484)

Yartsev V.P. Physical - Chemical Bases of Polymers Resistance to Destroying (in English) (p. 105-119)

Yartsev V.P. Regularity of Deformations and Destruction of Stretched Bended Wooden Elements (in English) (p. 674-679)


Economics and social sciences


Bezgin V.B. Hard Drinking and Sobriety in the Life of Russian Village (p. 142-153)

Byckovsky V.V. Investment Potential: Components and Fullfilment Mechanism (p. 316-323)

Byckovsky V.V. Usage of Principles and Categories of Field Theory in Analysis of Investment Processes Control Systems (p. 485-489)

Bykovskaya Ye. V., Zhukova M.N. Investment Resources: Sources, Problems of Formation and Structural Optimisation (p. 688-692)

Burtseva E.V., Chernyshov V.N. Usage of Search and Modeling Systems for Solving Professionally Oriented Judicial Tasks (p 508-510)

Ermolaev A.E., Ivanova S.A. Development of Infrastructure of the Tambov Region and Free Economic Zones (p. 126-138)

Milrood R.P., Chuksina L.N. New Information Technologies in Education: History, Experience, Prospects (p. 496-507)

Mitschenko E.S. Principles and Interaction Mechanism of Company Marketing Services with Regional Marketing Structures (p. 693-696)

Pershin V.F., Alenicheva Ye.V., Popov A.I. Development of Students' Creative Abilities by Means of their Participation in Olympic Movement (p. 324-329)

Puchkov N.P. A Body of Mathematics as Means of Teaching Economics (p. 680-687)

Slezin A.A. The Great Turning Point in Anti-Religious Work of Komsomol (p. 330-342)

Chernov V.G., Voronina G.V., Shpagina N.M. The Application of Soft Calculations in Calculating Tax Rates on Imputed Profit (p. 697-710)

Sharapova I.V., Monastyrev P.V. Conditions of Progressive Development of Design Firm (in English) (p. 142-152)

Khorev A.I., Chainikova L.N. Projecting of Capital Sources Optimum Structure for Recycling Seasonal Enterprises of Agricultural Industrial Complex (p. 490-495)

Yashina Ye.A., Makeeva M.N. The Text of Parody in Terms of Rhetorical Program (p. 153-169)


Our new professors, doctors and candidates of sciences


Konovalov V.I.,
Churikov A.A.,
Netchaev V.M.
p (170)
Alekseev S.Yu. p (343)
Afanasyev A.V. p (513)
Baklykov A.V. p (344)
Baranov A.A. p (174)
Betina Z.N. p (174)
Bogush V.A. p (175)
Borisenko A.B. p (344)
Bukin A.A. p (175)
Golovashin V.L. p (175)
Gunin V.A. p (175)
Dvoretsky M.Yu. p (711)
Dmitriev O.S. p (343)
Dudakov V.P. p (711)
Zharikov V.V. (p 175)
Zharikov V.D. p (511)
Zaitsev V.L. p (513)
Ivanov O.O. p (176)
Karnishev V.V. p (176)
Korobova I.L. p (712)
Korolev A.P. p (344)
Makeeva M.N. p (174)
Matveev S.V p (712)
Miroshnikova T.A. p (513)
Molibog T.A. p (153)
Molotkova N.V. p (176)
Pahomov A.N. p (176)
Pestretsov S.I. p (514)
Popov A.I. p (514)
Potapochkin V.V. p (344)
Selivanova Z.M. p (514)
Sergeeva E.A. p (177)
Slezin A.A. p (511)
Stepanyan V.P. p (345)
Sysoev E.V. p (345)
Filatyeva L.V. p (514)
Kharchenko V.Yu. p (712)
Khaustov O.N. p (515)
Khvorova L.Ye. p (711)
Tsilenko L.P. p (515)
Chemerchev L.N. p (177)
Churikov A.A. p (512)



Information. Announcements


Mishchenko S.V., Dvoretsky S.I., Puchkov N.P. Establishment of a TSTU-Based Regional Research University Reality and Perspectives (p. 346-355)

Puchkov N.P. At the 2nd Russian Seminar on Engineering Education Engineering Education in the XXI century (p. 516-518)

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