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Automation. Information. Control. Instruments

Generalized Mathematical Model of Network Control System with Competing Access Mode
V.K. Bityukov, A.E. Emelyanov
Voronezh State University of Engineering Technologies, Voronezh;

Key words and phrases:Key words and phrases: competing access; control system; stochastic quantization.
Abstract: The mathematical model of network control system with data transmission over the channel with a competing access mode is developed at stochastic quantization of the output of control object. It is shown that the produced mathematical model is common for the whole class of control systems.

Mathematical Modeling of Heat Transfer from Two Heaters in a Semibounded Body
N.P. Zhukov, N.F. Maynikova, I.V. Rogov, O.N. Popov
Department “Hydraulics and Heat Engineering”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases:Key words and phrases: nondestructive testing; mathematical modeling; thermal effects; thermal properties.
Abstract: The paper presents the mathematical model of heat conduction from the two linear heaters in the semibounded body. The boundary value problem of heat conduction in the dimensional and non-dimensional forms has been formulated. The distributions of temperature along the length of a semibounded body have been produced.

Generalization of the Dynamic Programming Scheme by the Binary Relations of Lexicography
Yu.V. Bugaev, F.A. Musalevsky
Department “Information Technologies of Modeling and Management”, Voronezh State University of Engineering Technology, Voronezh;

Key words and phrases:Key words and phrases: binary relation; computing difficulty; dynamic programming; efficient ways; function of the choice.
Abstract: The paper offers the generalization of dynamic programming scheme in case of interpretation of the notion of optimality in the form of the mechanism of choice alternatives, non-dominated by a given binary relation. The notion of choice on lexicography of binary relations to narrow the set of non-dominated solutions.

A.N. Gribkov, S.V. Artemova, I.A. Kurkin, P.A. Podkhvatilin
Department “Designing of Radio-Electronic and Microprocessor Systems”, TSTU;
Represented by a Member of the Editorial Board Professor V.I. Konovalov

Key words and phrases:Key words and phrases: method of synthesizing variables; optimal control analysis; «white» noise.
Abstract: The issues of studying existence domain of a solution to an optimal control problem under random perturbances such as «white» noise are considered. Mathematical apparatus of optimal control theory and method of synthesizing variables are used.

The Method of Modeling and Implementation of Multidimensional Autonomous Invariant Digital Control Systems
V.S. Kudryashov, S.V. Ryazantsev, I.A. Kozenko
Department “Information and Control Systems”, Voronezh State University of Engineering Technology;

Key words and phrases:Key words and phrases: autonomous; compensators; equivalent object; invariant; multi-dimensional; multiply digital control system.
Abstract: The paper offers the method for computer calculation of outputs of autonomous, invariant compensators, equivalent objects and multiply autonomous-invariant digital control systems in general, providing high accuracy of calculations, an adaptation of compensators and regulators. The method involves the synthesis of cross-linking structure of the compensators based on the implementation of vector-matrix transformations in symbolic form. The results of calculation and simulation of multiply-connected digital control system produce ammonia have been presented.

S.Ya. Egorov, I.S. Fursov, K.A. Sharonin, K.V. Nemtinov
Department “Automated Design of Processing Equipment”, TSTU;
Represented by a Member of the Editorial Board Professor S.I. Dvoretsky

Key words and phrases:Key words and phrases: algorithms; design industries; parallel computing; tracing.
Abstract: The use of traditional (serial) tracing algorithms for the problems of real production design is hampered by high requirements of these algorithms. Speed up can be achieved by modifying the algorithms for parallel computing. For the wave algo-rithm for tracing stages of mounting space analysis and wave propagation are good for parallelization. The use of parallel algorithms can achieve significant productivity gains.

On the Control over Self-Developing Market Economy by Quadratic Criterion
S.V. Bezgin, A.A. Ivanov
Department «Applied Mathematics and Computer Science», TSTU,

Key words and phrases:Key words and phrases: computational experiment; model of self-developing market economy; optimal control; the system of ordinary differential equations; successive approximation scheme.
Abstract: The application of a successive approximation scheme for finding optimal control by the quadratic criterion was reviewed in the paper. The results of the computational experiment are presented.

Chemical and related engineering. Chemistry.

Method of Studying Changes in Thermo-Physical Characteristics of Graining Chemisorbent in the Process of Chemisorption
P.V. Balabanov, S.V. Ponomarev
Department “Quality Control and Certification”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases:Key words and phrases: method of measurement; thermal characteristics; chemisorbent.
Abstract: The paper presents the method for investigating the dependence of effective thermo-physical properties of bulk layer of graining chemisorbent of carbon dioxide on the extent of mining, which is characterized by the quantity of absorbed carbon dioxide. We describe the scheme of the measuring device and the experimental data confirming that in the process of absorption of carbon dioxide there is a significant change in the effective thermal conductivity of bulk layer chemisorbent due to changes in its porosity and chemical composition of the layer.

The Influence of Concentration and Temperature on Resonant Frequency of Fluctuations of Hydrated Ions Cu2+ and and Reactive Components of Impedance
A.B. Kilimnik, E.S. Slobina
Department “Chemistry”, TSTU,

Key words and phrases:Key words and phrases: capacity; copper sulfate; inductance; resonance frequency.
Abstract: It is established, that with concentration and temperature growth resonant frequency of the interconnected fluctuations of the hydrated ions of Cu2+ and increases, and inductance respectively decreases. It is shown that the capacity, which corresponds to the received resonant frequency of the interconnected fluctuations of the hydrated ions, doesn't depend on the temperature. The equations of dependences of resonant frequency and inductance of the interconnected fluctuations of the hydrated ions of Cu2+ and from concentration and temperature are given.

Methods of Synthesis of Potassium Permanganate
A.P. Kuzmin
Department “Chemistry”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases:Key words and phrases: manganese dioxide; potassium dioxide; permanganate; reaction; solid body.
Abstract: The paper explores the methods of preparation of potassium permanganate; the comparison by technological parameters has been made. The peculiarities of solid-phase reactions have been revealed; the advantages of solid-phase synthesis of a mixture of powders of potassium dioxide and manganese dioxide have been shown.

Improving the Efficiency of Circulation Mixers Due to Ordered Loading of Components
Yu.T. Selivanov, À.S. Durnev, B.Å. Polyakov
Department “Applied Mechanics and Strength of Materials”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases:Key words and phrases: component; granular material; mix; mixer; segregation.
Abstract: The article presents the technique of implementing the process of preparing multi-component mixes from grain materials prone to segregation in a circulating mixer of continuous action with the ordered loading of components. The specified technique with the use of mathematical apparatus of random Markov processes can be used both for optimization of existing equipment, and designing new equipment.

Regeneration of Desublimers by Steam Flow in Fractionation Technology of Thermolabile Products
A.V. Zhuchkov, Yu.N. Kuzovenko, I.E. Shabanov
Department “Machinery and Apparatuses of Chemical Industry”, Voronezh State University of Engineering Technology, Voronezh;

Key words and phrases:Key words and phrases: desublimation of thermolabile products; sesublimers regeneration; fractionation technology.
Abstract: The paper studies the process of desublimer regeneration by steam flow under the pressure exceeding that of the triple point of water. Possible applications of this technology in the process of obtaining biologically active substances and their separation have been discussed.

Distribution of Hydrogen Bond Lifetime of Liquid Water. Results of Classical and Molecular Dynamics of Car–Parrinello
V.E. Petrenko1, N.A. Abakumova2, D.L. Gurina1
Institute of Solution Chemistry named after G.A. Krestov Russian Academy of Sciences, Ivanovo (1);
Department “Chemistry”, TSTU (2);

Key words and phrases:Key words and phrases: computer modeling of water; hydrogen bond; lifetime of hydrogen bond; method of Car–Parrinello.
Abstract: The paper presents the calculation of the hydrogen bond lifetime in water at T = 298 K, P = 0,1 MPa in the framework of classical molecular dynamics using eight different two-body interaction potentials and molecular dynamics of Kar–Parrinello. The results obtained by different methods of calculation of the hydrogen bond lifetime have been compared; it is shown that they can differ by several times. The dependence calculated in numerical simulations of the hydrogen bond lifetime on the method of its determination has been revealed.

The Comparative Method of Calculating Heat Capacity of Hydrocarbon Gases at High State Parameters
M.A. Kuznetsov, P.O. Ovsyannikov
Department “Applied Geometry and Computer Graphics”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases:Key words and phrases: corresponding state; dimensionless criterion; neural network; similarity of properties; molecular structure; flow calorimeter; thermo-dynamic surface.
Abstract: The paper describes the method for the calculation of the isobaric heat capacity of hydrocarbons and their derivatives in the theory of thermo-dynamic similarity at temperatures up to 650 K and pressures up to 0,9Ðñ. A dimensionless criterion for the similarity of the thermo-dynamic properties of substances based on their heat capacity in the ideal gas state has been proposed. The method for quantitative analytical description of thermo-dynamic surfaces in areas of sharp changes in the thermo-physical properties of substances by constructing a neural network has been presented. Verification of the proposed correlation through the available experimental data has been made.

The Impact of Basic Parameters of Fluidization on the Probability of Occurrence of Static Electricity in the Device
A.V. Boyarshinov, A.A. Dick, V.M. Dmitriev, V.F. Egorov, Å.A. Sergeyeva
Department “Life Safety”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases:Key words and phrases: fluidized bed; inflammation of combustible environment; spark charges; static electricity.
Abstract: The paper discusses the processes of emergence of static discharges with a fluidized material on the metal wall of the grounded equipment. The factors determining the probability of discharges have been examined.

Mathematics. Physics.

G.M. Kulikov, S.V. Plotnikova
Department “Applied Mathematics and Mechanics”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases:laminated composite plate; plane strain elasticity; sampling surfaces method.
Abstract: This paper presents an efficient method of solving the plane strain problem of elasticity for laminated composite plates. The method is based on the new concept of sampling surfaces developed recently by the authors. According to this concept, we introduce inside the nth layer not equally spaced SaS parallel to the middle surface of the plate and choose displacements of these surfaces as plate unknowns. This fact gives an opportunity to derive the solutions of plane strain elasticity for thick and thin laminated composite plates with a prescribed accuracy by using a sufficiently large number of SaS, which are located at layer interfaces and Chebyshev polynomial nodes.

On the Benefits of Using Non-Inertial Reference Systems in Solving Certain Physical Tasks
O.I. Gaynutdinov
Department «Physics», TSTU;

Key words and phrases: gyroscopic damping system; non-inertial reference systems; pendulums.
Abstract: On the example of translational and rotational motions of the pendulum and the gyroscopic damping system the advantages of using non-inertial reference systems have been shown.

Machine-building. Construction.Material Science. Metal-Working

The Analysis of Causes of Accidents of Buildings and Structures and Ways to Improve their Reliability
V.V. Ledenev, V.G. Odnolko
Department “Construction of Buildings and Structures”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: buildings; construction; damage; destruction; deformations; emergency situations; structures; stress; foundation.
Abstract: The paper presents the examples of significant damage and accidents caused by mistakes made at different stages of the construction process. Recommendations to prevent accidents are made.

Power Engineering. Energy Saving. Ecology

Autonomous System of Power Supply with Rearrangeable Structure Based on the Combined Use of Alternative and Traditional Energy Sources
D.Yu. Khokhlov, K.A. Nabatov
Department “Electrical Equipment and Automation”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: autonomous power supply system; alternative energy sources; classes of resources replacement; computerized management system; DC link; environmental performance; engine life increase; principle of resources replacement; reduced fuel consumption; joint work of generators.
Abstract: We consider the general problems of synthesis of an autonomous power supply system with the ability to use alternative sources of energy, characterized in comparison with the existing analogues by reduced specific fuel consumption, longer life of primary engines and the possibility of joint work of generators of any type.

The Plant for Durability Step-up of Contact Materials of Electric Switchgears
V.V. Afonin, I.N. Akulinin
Department “Electrical Equipment and Automation”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: contacts of electric switchgears; durability of electric contacts; experimental plant for deposition of chrome coatings; methods deposition of coatings technological parameters; thermal decomposition of metal organic compounds of chrome.
Abstract: The paper proposes the design of the plant for the deposition of the chrome coatings by the pyrolysis decomposition of the organic compounds of chrome on the contact parts of the electric switchgears.

Economics and Social Sciences

The Role and Place of Clusters in Improving Risk-Stability of Glass Industry Companies
O.N. Grimashevich
Department of Management, Saratov State Socio-Economic University;

Key words and phrases: clusters; risk; risk management; risk management system; the risks of glass industry enterprises; risk-stability.
Abstract: The paper examines the problems of risk management of glass industry enterprises and the issues of creation and operation of glass industry clusters.

Developing the Algorithm of Operative Treatment in the Manufacturing Process in the System of Logistics Quality Management of Engineering Products
D.V. Antipov, Yu.G. Gushyan
Department «Company Management», Togliatti State University;

Key words and phrases: flow control; flow of quality parameters; logistics management system; logistics management of quality; online monitoring of the process; quality; quality management.
Abstract: The article deals with quality management process from the perspective of a logistics approach, which allows for rapid interference to adjust the quality flow parameters thorough subsequent operations.

Methodology of Assessment of the Quality of Services
N.V. Fadeeva
Department “Quality Management and Mathematical Methods of Economics”, Siberian State Technological University;

Key words and phrases: assessment of the quality of services; methods of assessing the quality of services; service; sphere of services.
Abstract: The article discusses the methodological approaches to the assessment of the quality of services: the model of service quality differences and questionnaire SERVQUAL; the technique “Mystery Shopper”; the concept of "neutral zone" and the typology of service elements by Cadotte and Turgeon; typology of interrelated elements of service and quality function deployment (QFD-analysis), the process approach and methodological approaches to assessing the quality of service system based on it.

A.A. Slezin1, E.V. Ryabtseva2
Departments: “History and Philosophy” (1), “Foreign Languages” (2), TSTU;
Represented by a Member of the Editorial Board Professor V.I. Konovalov

Key words and phrases: Islam; Judaism; legislation; Orthodoxy; religion; state; freedom of conscience.
Abstract: In the article the peculiarities of state policy towards the main confessions in the USSR in 1918 – at the beginning of 1921 are shown. The reasons for strengthening anti-religious activity while transferring to new economic policy are introduced.

Peasant Family and Rural Communities in Late XIX – Early XX Centuries (on Materials of Tambov Province)
V.B. Bezgin, P.V. Erin
Department "History and Philosophy, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: community; daily life; family partition; farm; gathering; peasants; seasonal work; village.
Abstract: The paper presents the analysis of rural self-government in the Russian countryside in late XIX – early XX centuries. The essence of social functions of rural communities has been revealed. The effect of the process of economic conflicts of the everyday life of a peasant family has been examined.

A.A. Shipovskaya, L.P. Tsilenko, E.K. Teplyakova, O.A. Glivenkova
Department of Foreign Languages, TSTU;
Represented by a Member of the Editorial Board Professor V.I. Konovalov

Key words and phrases: cognition; concept; language; mental representation; precedent texts.
Abstract: The paper considers a concept to be a multilayed structure and deals with the social components of the concept “sysadmin” (“ñèñàäìèí”) represented in English and Russian Internet precedent texts.

COLLECTING THINGS IN THE TAMBOV REGION (a Cultural and Ethnographic Aspect)
L.Yu. Korolyova1, G.P. Pirozhkov2
Departments: “International Professional and Scientific Communication” (1), “Public Relations” (2), TSTU;
Represented by a Member of the Editorial Board Professor V.I. Konovalov

Key words and phrases: collecting things; library named after N.I. Krivtzov, A.V. Vyisheslavtzev; Tambov ethnographic centre; Tambov ethnographers-collectors; Tambov provincial scientific archival commission.
Abstract: In the article the collections of Tambov philanthropists are assessed from the point of view of the social and cultural approach, conclusions are made concerning the fact that collections of monuments of the old times attract users as artefacts, giving them some valuable information about the past.

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