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Transactions of the TSTU

Four-Language Scientific-Theoretical and Applied Multidisciplinary Journal

(by the main topics; in the authors alphabet)

Automation. Information. Control. Instruments

Stability to Hindrances of the Radio Channel of Communication with Remote Stationary Objects
V.V. Aksenov, V.I. Pavlov

Department “Design of Radio Electronic and Microprocessor Systems”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: communication channel; indication functions of hindrances; stability to hindrances.
Abstract: Mathematical models of signals and deliberate hindrances with reference to a communication channel with remote stationary objects are considered. The use of set of indication functions of hindrances for increase of stability to hindrances of the channel of radio communication is offered. The example of use of indication function with some deliberate hindrances is presented.

Automation of Design Systems for Power Supply of Telecommunication Companies
L.G. Rogulina

Department “Wireless Information Systems and Networks”, Siberian State University of Telecommunications and Informatics, Novosibirsk;

Key words and phrases: automation of designing; power systems of communication enterprises; synthesis of the optimal structure.
Abstract: The paper presents the developed algorithm for computer-aided design systems, uninterruptible power supply AC and DC connection for businesses, including a selection of the optimum system architecture of power, current distribution network and security devices with regard to the levels of intra-interference. The program is developed and the design process of power supply system for microwave links is implemented on a practical example.

Approach to the Construction of Hybrid Forecasting Systems on the Basis of Neural Networks
G.A. Samburskiy1, O.V. Lukyanov2, I.V. Khrapov3

Department “Environmental-Economic Analysis of Technologies”, Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology named after M.V. Lomonosov, Moscow (1); ZAO NPF “DIEM”, St. Petersburg (2); Analytical Center of Economic Development, TSTU (3);

Key words and phases: artificial neural networks; control systems; filtration; forecasting; forecasting of technological parameters; hybrid systems of smoothing of hindrances.
Abstract: The article considers a forecasting technique of indicators in control systems of technological processes on the basis of artificial neural networks application. It is shown that for dimension decrease in such models it is expedient to take a preliminary filtration of the initial information and, thus, to build the hybrid models including both algorithms of preliminary processing of the information with functions of a hindrances filtration and predicting algorithms on the basis of neural networks.

The Procedure of Increasing the Accuracy and Operational Measurement of Thermo-Physical Properties on the Stage of Regular Mode of the Second Kind
P.V. Balabanov, A.S. Kostrov

Department “Quality Management and Certification”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: increasing the accuracy; measurements errors; method of investigation; thermo-physical properties.
Abstract: A brief description of thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of the measuring technique is presented. The formulas for theoretical estimation of measurements errors of thermo-physical properties are obtained. The recommendations for optimal implementation of the measurement process and for follow-up processing of experimental data are delivered.

Application of Automated Process Control Systems for Resource-Saving in Housing and Communal Services
K.N. Savin

Department “Economic Analysis and Quality”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: automated control systems of technological proc-esses; housing and communal services; power resources; quality.
Abstract: The article explains the necessity of conducting technological account in the processes of production and distribution of housing-and-municipal services. Decisions enabling to save power resources at the expense of reduction in over-expenditures, on the basis of application of the automated control systems of technological processes are proposed.

Chemical and related engineering. Chemistry.

The Main Regularities of the Process of Chaga Extraction in an Electric Field
A.B. Golovanchikov1, N.V. Gracheva2

Departments: “Processes and Systems for Chemical Industry” (1);
“Industrial Ecology and Life Safety”, Volgograd State Technical University (2);

Key words and phrases: determining factors of the process; the impact of the electric field; intensification of the extraction mechanism.
Abstract: The effect of the direct current electric field on the chaga extraction process is investigated; the mechanism of the intensification process and its determining factors are revealed.

The Risk Assessment of Electrization of Vitamin E Microcapsules in a Fluidized Bed
A.V. Boyarshinov, A.A. Dick, V.M. Dmitriev, V.F. Egorov, E.A. Sergeyeva

Department “Health and Safety in Noosphere”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: electrisation; fluidized bed; inflammation; microencapsulation; space charge; static electricity.
Abstract: The paper discusses the processes of electron transport in a fluidized bed apparatus with microencapsulated vitamin E. The modes of drying to ensure fire and explosion safety of static electricity are established.

Improving the Efficiency of Solid Polymers Die Forging by Ultrasonic Treatment
D.E. Kobzev, G.S. Baronin, V.M. Chervyakov

Department “Theory of Machines and Machine Parts”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: diffusion properties; forging; high-density polyethylene; plastic deformation; solid phase; solid-state extrusion; ultrasonic treatment.
Abstract: The paper presents the results of ultrasonic influence on the process of solid-state ram extrusion and forging of polymeric materials. The effect of ultrasound on the technological process parameters and generated properties of the processed materials is shown. The experimental data of operational and physical-mechanical properties of polymers, proving the feasibility of using solid state technology with superimposed ultrasonic vibrations to obtain products made of polymers with improved performance for various industries are given.

Development of Ultrasonic Equipment for the Destruction of Foams and Study of its Features
V.N. Khmelev, A.V. Shalunov, A.N. Galakhov

Department “Methods and Tools for Measurement and Automation”, Biysk Technological Institute (Affiliate), “Altai State Technical University named after I.I. Polzunov”, Biysk;

Key words and phrases: emitters; foam breaking; oscillating system; ultrasound.
Abstract: The article is devoted to the development of ultrasound equipment for the destruction of foams and to research of efficiency of its application. The equipment with the transducer in the form of flexural vibrating disk is developed. It is shown that the use of high intensity ultrasonic oscillations can accelerate the process of deposition of foams. On the basis of the analysis of the experimental studies results of the process of foam breaking the authors recommend the modes and conditions of ultrasonic influence on beer foam and foam created with a blowing agent of sodium laureth sulfate type.

Systemic Approach to the Development of Functional Purpose Confectionery Products
D.V. Leonov, E.I. Muratova, S.I. Dvoretsky

Department “Technology of Food Products”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: CASE-technology; confectionery products with functional purpose; jelly candies; rheological properties; system analysis; the technical-chemical control; technological scheme.
Abstract: The paper proposes the CASE-model of the process of developing new types of confectionery products. Its application in the development of formulations for functional purpose jelly candies and the process of their manufacturing are considered.

Design of Multicomponent Food Systems by Computer Simulation
L.S. Zelenina, O.V. Zyuzina

Department “Technology of Food Products”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: automated calculation of formulations; cheese product for functional nutrition; conditional optimization of multicomponent product.
Abstract: We propose one of the possible methodologies of solving some practical problems in the design of multicomponent dairy products on the example of cheese product developed on the basis of the two-level software module. The first level involves computer modeling formulation of the product in the management environment of the created database of nutrient composition of food raw materials, intermediate products and finished products to meet the needs of different population groups. The optimization of the basic formulation of sequential quadratic programming method is implemented on the second level with the use of material balance equations of the mixture preparation stage and conditions on its physical-chemical and nutrient composition.

Effectiveness Analysis of the Developed Technologies of Thermoplastics Recycling
P.V. Makeev, A.S. Klinkov, I.V. Shashkov, V.G. Odnolko

Department “Technology of Printing and Packaging”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: recycling; roller plasticator pelletizer; roller-screw assembly; thermoplastic waste.
Abstract: The paper presents the comparative analysis of the effectiveness of the developed technologies of thermoplastics recycling; the technique was developed at the
Department through the available technologies.

Synthesis of Organic Disulfides
A.B. Kilimnik, E.S. Bakunin

Department “Chemistry”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: 2.2’-dibenztiazolildisulfide organic disulfides; 2-merkaptobenztiazole; alternative current; chlorine; hydrogen peroxide; organic disulfides; oxygen; sodium nitrite.
Abstract: The main chemical and electrochemical methods of preparation of organic disulfides are considered. The advantages and disadvantages of different methods of organic disulfides production, including 2.2'-dibenztiazolildisulfide are identified. The direction to search for new technological regimes preparation of organic disulfides to symmetrical and asymmetric alternating current is set.

Influence of the Temperature on Electrochemical Behavior of Nickel in Potassium Hydroxide on Sinusoidal Alternating Current
I.V. Gladysheva, E.Yu. Ostrozhkova

Department “Chemistry”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: alternating current; cyclic current-voltage curves; electrode process; potassium hydroxide; preparative synthesis.
Abstract: The paper presents the study of the electrochemical behavior of nickel in the imposition of a sinusoidal alternating current. It is shown that the oxidation state of nickel in the obtained oxides depends on the temperature and frequency of the alternating current.

Research into the Kinetics of Processes Transesterification and Polyesterification under the Use of Ultradisperse Catalysts
A.I. Leontyeva, T.O. Ovchinnikova

Department “Chemical Processes of Organic Substances”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: hardness of film-forming; polyesterification; transesterification; ultradisperse catalyst.
Abstract: The paper studies the effect of ultradisperse catalysts on the kinetics of transesterification and polyesterification. It is established that the use of catalysts enables to reduce the time of the polyesterification process and increase the output on phase.

Processes and Products for Air Regeneration and Chemical Protection

Energy-Saving Drying Technique of Lime Chemical Adsorber on the Substrate
M.P. Vikhlyaeva1,2, S.I. Dvoretskiy2
Corporation «Roshimzashchita», Tambov (1);
Department «Technology of Food Products», TSTU (2);

Key words and phrases: carbon dioxide; ñhemical adsorber; hemosorbent; power inputs; power savings.
Abstract: The paper studies various methods of drying test samples of lime chemical adsorber on the substrate. Comparative calculations on the number of energy and efficiency for each type of drying are made. The drying method of lime hemosorbent is selected.

Mathematics. Physics.

J.C. Maxwell and His Role in the Development of Experimental Education in Physics
S.P. Kudryavtsev1, V.P. Belyaev2, D.N. Lastovkin2, N.M. Makarov2, A.S. Ryazanova2

Departments: “Physics” (1);
“Quality Management and Certification” (2); TSTU

Key words and phrases: Cavendish Laboratory; experimental studies in physics; electromagnetic theory; kinetic theory; Maxwell distribution of velocities.
Abstract: The paper describes the role of James Clerk Maxwell as an organizer and leader of one of the first physical laboratories – the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge.

On the Problem of Modeling and Control of the Spherical Space Sailing
E.N. Chumachenko1,2, D.W. Dunham4, R.R. Nazirov1,2,3, V.P. Kulagin2, A.V. Malashkin1, N.A. Eysmont1,2, A.N. Fedorenko1

Department “Mathematical Modeling” (1); REC “Cosmos” (2),
“Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (Technical University)”; Space Research Institute (3),
Moscow; Yale University, USA (4);

Key words and phrases: mathematical and computer modeling; management; orientation; solar sail; radiation and reradiation; space missions.
Abstract: The paper discusses the materials related to the creation of spherical solar sails with variable reflection characteristics, for example, using a liquid crystal film. The options for constructing a mathematical model for controlling the sails are described.

Material Science. Nano Technology

The Influence of Carbon Nano-Additives (Taunit) on Physical-Mechanical Perfomance and Durability of Bitumen
V.P. Yartsev, E.S. Polezhayeva, A.Yu. Buchnev
Department “Construction of Buildings and Structures”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: carbon nano-additive; longevity; physical constants; thermal fluctuation concept; uniaxial tension.
Abstract: The optimum compositions of nano-modified bitumen are selected and developed; when the content of nano-additives reaches the amount of 0.01 and 0.001 they become the most robust and durable.

Investigation of Strength Properties and Impact Strength of Ceramic-Polymer Composites on the Basis of ABS Ñopolymers and UHMWPE, Produced by Liquid-and-Solid-Phase Extrusion
G.S. Baronin, D.V. Pugachev, D.E. Kobzev, P.V. Kombarova
Department “Theory of Machines and Machine Parts”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: ceramic-polymer materials; impact strength; mesomechanics; shear stress; solid phase extrusion.
Abstract: The results of experimental investigations of the strength properties in shear and impact strength of polymer-ceramic composites based on ABS copolymer and UHMWPE. The discussion of the experimental data is based on structural studies with the use of thermo-mechanical spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction and X-ray analysis, based on the concept of local (?-relaxation process), segmental (?-relaxation process) the molecular mobility and dissipation properties in terms of physical mesomechanics and relaxation properties of polymer composite.

Application Fullerene Containing Technical Carbon for Modification of Polyethylene Properties
T.I. Igumenova1, N.L. Kleimenova2, E.S. Akatov2, G.V. Popov2
Departments: “Technology of Polymer Processing” (1);
“Quality Management and Engineering Technologies” (2), Voronezh State University of Engineering Technology, Voronezh;

Key words and phrases: fullerenes; fullerene-containing carbon black; limit stretching; melt flow rate; polyethylene; thickness of the shell polymer tube.
Abstract: The paper shows the improvement of the quality of polymer products through the modification of the properties of fullerene-filled polyethylene. It is established that preliminary administration of fullerene carbon in the melt of polyethylene provides a better distribution of filler in the polymer, a corresponding increase in the strength characteristics during further processing, and preservation of operational properties of the shell when you change the design parameters.

The Influence of Particle Size and Wood Filler Type on the Vibration-Damping Properties of Rubber Coatings
M.A. Gudkov1, Yu.P. Zemskov1, V.F. Asminin2, O.V. Baklanova2
Department “Quality Management and Engineering Technologies”, Voronezh State University of Engineering Technology (1);
Department “Life Safety and Legal Relations”, Voronezh State Forestry Academy (2), Voronezh;

Key words and phrases: dispersion of the filler; filled rubber; spectral characteristics of acoustic performance; vibration-damping properties.
Abstract: The paper presents the study vibration-damping properties of rubber, filled with wood in the form of dust and sawdust of pine and oak.

Power Engineering. Energy Saving. Ecology

Choice of Semiconductor Elementary Base of Power Converters of Autonomous Power Systems with Dc Link
D.Yu. Khokhlov, K.A. Nabatov
Department ”Electrical Equipment and Automation”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: comparison of semiconductor devices; economic criteria; efficiency; optimization problem; power converters; reliability; selection criteria;.
Abstract: The paper examines the main criteria for the selection of semiconductor unit basis, which is optimal for the operation in converters of autonomous power systems. The formulation of the optimization problem of the selection of these semiconductor devices is produced. The comparison of the most common families of semiconductors on three main criteria – energy efficiency, economy and reliability is made; the solution of the optimization problem is considered.

Energy-Saving in the Drive for its Feeding from Autonomous Power Systems
K.A. Nabatov, D.Yu. Khokhlov
Department “Electrical Equipment and Automation”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: induction motor; reducing electrical losses; slip-ring rotor; stabilization of the rotation frequency; synchronization.
Abstract: The paper considers the possibility of reducing electric power losses in the supply networks, electric drives of remote consumers receiving power from independent power systems, and containing in its composition induction motors with slip-ring motors, while rotors of similar engines are invited to feed a fixed or rectified current according to the authors' scheme.

Monitoring Systems of Technical Condition of Environmentally Hazardous Facilities
T.V. Aksenova V.I. Pavlov
Department “Design of Radio Electronic and Microprocessor Systems”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: early detection; environmentally hazardous facilities; indicator of associated attribute; monitoring.
Abstract: The paper proposes the system for monitoring technical condition of environmentally hazardous facilities; it uses the information on the indicators of associated attributes for the early detection of gradual changes in the properties and characteristics of the processes.

Engineering Pedagogics

The Problem of Improving the Accuracy of Pedagogical Experiment Results
E.N. Solodovnikova1,2, N.P. Puchkov2
Department “Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics and Teaching Methods”, Borisoglebsk State Training University (1);
Department “Higher Mathematics”, TSTU (2);

Key words and phrases: pedagogical experiments; statistical hypotheses; statistical methods; validation criteria of educational data.
Abstract: The problem of ensuring the reliability of the results of pedagogical experiments with quantitative data output by the integrated use of mathematical statistics is formulated and solved. The basic requirements for organizing pedagogical experiments, which are a prerequisite for their authenticity, are formed. Practical examples of application of mathematical statistics in real pedagogical experiments are considered.

Media Eduñation as the Factor of Child Development in the Conditions of Information Space Transformation
O.V. Barsukova
Department “Public Relations”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: audio-visual image; cartoons; children's psychology; clip thinking; impact of television; media education; mind control; moral development; preschool age; protection of the mind; television viewing skills.
Abstract: The aim of this research is to study the degree of influence of modern television on the development of children’s personality and their mental health. The prevalence of violence on the screen, especially in foreign cartoon films and their relationship with various behavioral abnormalities is focused. The comparative analysis of foreign and domestic cartoons is provided. The attention to the impact of modern cartoons, speech and language development in preschool children is drawn. The authors examine the effect of the children’s dependence on television, which damages their mental and physical health.

N.L. Nikulshina, T.V. Mordovina
Department of International Professional and Scientific Communication, TSTU;
Represented by a Member of the Editorial Board Professor V.I. Konovalov

Key words and phrases: cognitive-discoursal approach; scientific writing; instruction content; post-graduate foreign language education; rhetorical structuring; teaching techniques and activities.
Abstract: The paper considers some aspects of teaching writing experimental research papers in English at the postgraduate level of foreign language education. The authors argue for the cognitive-discoursal approach as a theoretical basis for designing a course. Components of instruction content are identified. Step-by-step procedure of teaching, techniques and classroom activities are described.

Economics and Social Sciences

A.A. Buscheva, A.À. Slezin
Lehrstuhl fur Geschichte und Philosophie, TSTU;
Vorgelegt vom Mitglied des Redaktionskollegiums Professor W.I. Konowalow

Schlusselworter: das Ablaufprozess der Wahlen; die Abgeordnete; die Erinnerungen; der oberste Rat der UdSSR; die Wahl; die Wahler; die Zeitung.
Zusammenfassung: Im Artikel wird versucht, aufgrund der Analyse der regionalen Zeitung fur das Gebiet Tambov “Kirsanovskaja Kommuna“ aus dem Jahr 1950, festzustellen, welche Vorstellungen die gewohnliche sowjetische Burger aus der Provinz damals uber den Ablauf der Wahlen in den obersten Rat der UdSSR hatten.

Representations of Contemporaries on the Mechanism of Elections in the Supreme Soviet of the USSR after World War II
A.A. Busheva, A.A. Slezin
Department “History and Philosophy”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: Supreme Soviet of the USSR; memories; elections; newspaper voters, the deputies, the election process.
Abstract: Based on the analysis of publications of the regional newspaper of Tambov region, “Kirsanov commune” in 1950 the authors have made an attempt to identify the representation ordinary Soviet citizens from the Russian province on the mechanism of elections to the Supreme Soviet of the third convocation.

Analysis of the Definitions of Core Service Terms from the Standpoint of Process Approach to Management of Quality
N.V. Fadeeva
Department “Quality Management and Mathematical Methods of Economics”; Siberian State Technological University;

Key words and phrases: process approach to management; service; sphere of services.
Abstract: This article describes the definitions of core service terms from the standpoint of process approach to management.

Reputation Audit of Industrial Company: Conception and Implementation Methods
A.A. Shachnev
Department “Economics, Finance and Management”, Penza State University;

Key words and phrases: reputation audit; reputation management.
Abstract: The author's definition of reputation audit is proposed. The stages of the reputation audit as part of reputation management organization are developed. The characteristics of reputation audit of industrial enterprises are studied.

Presentation of the Mechanism of Creativity by Means of Graphic Modeling
G.L. Ledeneva
Department “Architecture and Construction of Buildings”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: “insight”; productive (creative) thinking; structural and dynamic characteristics; thinking process.
Abstract: Some mechanisms of the phenomenon of creative intention through the conceptual mapping (building graphical models) are revealed. The correlation of the structural units of mental activity allowing to formulate the conditions of its production is identified.

D.B. Urinbaeva
Samarkand Affiliate of Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences;
Represented by a Member of the Editorial Board Professor V.I. Konovalov

Key words and phrases: the average frequency of words; fill factor; epos; folklore; frequency; quantitative; sampling; rate synthetism; statistics.
Abstract: The article deals with the lexical and statistical structure of Uzbek folklore texts on the basis of quantitative comparative research: the average frequency of word forms, text coverability with different parts of the frequency lexicon, and the ratio of rare (random) lexical units.

The Quality of Household: Monetary and Credit Channel of Welfare
S.P. Spiridonov
Department “Economic Analysis and Quality”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: channel of welfare; creative reserves; monetary and credit transmission; reserves of family income.
Abstract: The paper describes the scheme of scenario modeling of household income reserves. The channels of household QMS are considered. In particular, the scheme of regulation of the processes of quality of life of welfare channel is presented.

A.I. Herzen about Art as a Way of Embodiment of Creative Abilities of an Individual
A.S. Kalugin, G.L. Terekhova
Department “History and Philosophy”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: art; contemporary art; freedom; religion; the role of art in the life of a woman; the role of personality in art;
Abstract: The article explores the problem of interaction between the person and work of art in A.I. Herzen creative work; his view on the role of art in the life of a woman and contemporary art is discussed.

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