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Transactions of the TSTU

Four-Language Scientific-Theoretical and Applied Multidisciplinary Journal

(by the main topics; in the authors alphabet)

Automation. Information. Control. Instruments

Development of the Algorithm of two-stage optimization of industrial chemical process apparatus
D.S. Dvoretsky1, S.I. Dvoretsky1, G.M. Ostrovsky2, B.B. Polyakov1
Department “Technology of food products”, TSTU (1);
Department “Engineering Cybernetics”, Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, Moscow (2);

Key words and phrases: control variables; chemical process apparatus; design parameters; two-stage optimization.
Abstract: A two-stage problem of optimal design of industrial chemical process apparatus under the uncertainty of physical, chemical, technological and economic initial data has been formulated. A characteristic feature of two-stage optimization problems is a possibility to tune up regime (control) variables of a chemical process system depending on the refinement of uncertain parameters during the running stage. An algorithm of two-stage optimization of technical systems has been developed and its efficiency is demonstrated on the example of optimal design of the following chemical process apparatus: turbulent tube reactor of thin organic synthesis, adsorption oxygen concentrator, and a mold for the high-temperature synthesis of hard-alloyed materials.

The Analysis of Opportunities of Mivar Approach for the Artificial Intelligence Systems and Modern Robotics
T.L. Davydova1, O.O. Varlamov2, A.V. Ostroukh1, M.N. Krasnyansky3
Department “Automatic Control Systems”, Moscow State Automobile and Road Construction Technical University (MADI) (1);
Scientific Research Institute of Radio (NIIR) (2);
Department “Automated Design of Process Equipment”, Tambov State Technical University (3);

Key words and phrases: android; artificial intelligence; nanorobotics; mivar; robot; virtual reality.
Abstract: The paper analyzes the main results and applications of mivar technologies. We offer the hypotheses of human thinking modeling and highlight the three levels of research in artificial intelligence-based mivar approach. Robotics is one of the ways in which artificial intelligence systems are developing.

Pneumatic Converter of Absolute Pressure
M.M. Mordasov, M.M. Golosnitskaya
Department “Automated Systems and Devices”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: absolute pressure measurement; compression method; pneumatic transducer; sampling.
Abstract: The paper studies the compression method of converting the absolute pressure into the proportional magnitude of the excess pressure. The design and operation of pneumatic transducer of absolute pressure made of the industrial pneumatics elements are described.

Automation of Decision-Making Support in Emergency Situations when Destructing Chemical Weapons
B.V. Palyukh, Yu.N. Matveev
Department of Information Systems, Tver State Technical University;

Key words and phrases: alarm situation; automated information management system; chemical weapons; decision-making; emergency; technical security.
Abstract: The paper presents the algorithms for modeling the process of turning the alarm situation into the emergency situation; the optimal control in the emergency situation by using software and hardware complex of decision-making support is proposed.

Virtual Simulation of Cultural and Historical Heritage Objects Using GIS Technology
V.A. Nemtinov, V.V. Morozov, A.M. Manaenkov
Department “Computer-Aided Design of Process Equipment”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: 3D-modeling; geographic information systems, objects of cultural and historical heritage.
Abstract: The paper studies the main stages of creating the information system for virtual objects of cultural and historical heritage.

Chemical and related engineering. Chemistry.

The Effect of Gas and Liquid Phases on Solid Phase Synthesis of Absorber Based on Zirconium Hydroxide
N.Z. Gatapova1, M.V. Lanetskaya1,2, V.N. Shubina2
Department “Technological Processes and Devices”, TSTU (1);
OAO “Corporation “Roshimzaschita” (2)

Key words and phrases: carbon dioxide; humidity reagents; solid-phase reaction; zirconium absorber regenerated zinc.
Abstract: The paper explores the effect of reagents humidity on solid-phase reaction between zirconium basic carbonate and zinc oxide. The mixer for solid-phase synthesis when obtaining large quantities of absorbent in the absorber regenerated zirconium zinc is selected.

The Effect of By-Products on the Manufacturing Operations of Nitrobenzene Recovery by Using Hydrogen in the Gas-Phase
O.A. Tishin1, E.V. Klimova1, T.V. Rudakova2, V.A. Ivanov2
Department “Production Machines and Equipment”, Volga Pedagogical Institute (Affiliate) “Volga State Technical University” (1);
OAO “Volga Orgsyntes”, Volzhsky (2);

Key words and phrases: aniline; catalyst activity rating; catalytic reactor; heavy resins; synthesis; temperature conditions.
Abstract: The results of the experimental researches of the catalyst layer activity regulation and reagent consumption and temperature influence on the by-products formation are reviewed in the work. The functional relation of the by-products yield and the process temperature and nitrobenzene consumption on the catalyst volume is defined. The technical solutions enabling to reduce the by-products yield with the increase in the reactor unit returns are suggested.

Study of Kinetic Coefficients of RO Separation of Solutions on the Membrane MGA-95 MGA-100 and OPM-K
K.S. Lazarev, S.V. Kovalev, A.A. Arzamastsev
Department “Applied Geometry and Computer Graphics”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: membrane; partition; plant; procedure; ratio of detention; reverse osmosis; solution; specific performance.
Abstract: The paper presents an experimental reverse-osmosis plant with one-modular roll apparatus and the method of investigation of specific capacity and ratio of detention through the membrane MCA-95 in the separation of solutions of inorganic salts. The experimental studies of specific performance, and the detention ratio through the membrane MCA-95 in aqueous solutions of zinc sulphate, iron and tin are conducted. The influence of dissolved inorganic substances on specific productivity, and detention ratio through the membrane OPM-K and MCA-100 in the separation of aqueous aniline-containing solutions is studied.

Mathematics. Physics.

Control over the Shape of Layered Composite Shells with Piezoelectric Actuators
S.V. Plotnikova
Department “Applied Mathematics and Mechanics”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: a composite shell; finite element method; static control of the shape; a 7-parameter model of the shell.
Abstract: The model presented in the paper allows determining the voltage on piezoelectric actuators, approximating the shape of the structure to a predetermined one. The problem is reduced to minimize the error function, which is defined as the difference between the deformed shape of the shell and the analytically given function of the desired shape. A mathematical model is based on the finite element equations obtained for the three-dimensional geometrically precise shell elements. Numerical examples confirm the effectiveness and reliability of the proposed model.

About Vertical Asymptotes of Integral Curves of Ordinary Differential Equations
T.V. Zhukovskaya1, E.A. Molokanova1, D.L. Sturov2
Department “Higher Mathematic”; TSTU (1);
Faculty “Aviation Communication”, Voronezh Aviation Engineering University, Voronezh (2)

Key words and phrases: approximation of solutions; modification of the numerical method Euler's evaluation of the asymptotes; vertical asymptote.
Abstract: The paper examines the conditions of existence and the possibility of constructing vertical asymptotes of the integral curves of ordinary differential equations of the first order. We obtain estimates of the asymptotes and propose the modification of the numerical Euler method for finding the asymptotes and the construction of an approximate solution of differential equations.

The Technique of Current DLTS (Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy) to Study the Surface States in Heterostructures of Photoelectric Converters of Soar Energy
V.V. Tregulov
Department “General and Theoretical Physics and Teaching Methods of Physics”; Ryazan State University named after S.A. Yesenin;

Key words and phrases: deep levels; heterostructure; integral equation; photoelectric converter; relaxation spectroscopy; the surface states.
Abstract: The paper presents the results of the investigation of the surface states in the heterostructure CdS/Si(p) produced by hydro-chemical deposition. The possibility of applying the method to measure the current DLTS spectrum of the energy density of the surface states at nonexponential relaxation is shown.

Machine-building. Building-construction. Material science. Metal-working

Kinematic Structure of Metal-Cutting Machines with Hydraulic Coupling Based on Hydraulic Stepper in the Internal (Formative) Chains
V.A. Vanin, Nguyen Ngoc Hai
Department “Technology of Engineering Metal-Cutting Machines and Instru-ments”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: the hydraulic connection; a hydraulic stepper; internal (formative) chain.
Abstract: The paper studies the possibility of building internal (formative) kinematic chains of machine tools of various technological purposes in the form of hydraulic connections on the basis of hydraulic stepper in order to improve the accuracy, reduce the metal consumption, create the rational design of the machine using the aggregate-modular principle.

Improving the Efficiency of Virtual Preparation of Production on the Basis of Selection of Optimal Cutting Tool and Strategies for Treatment
A.V. Averchenkov
Department “Computer Technologies and Systems”, Bryansk State Technical University;

Key words and phrases: cutting conditions; cutting tool; design and technological elements of the parts; generative planning system; instrumental strategy; kinematic strategy; shift plate; tool.
Abstract: The paper studies the automatic selection of optimal cutting tools, machining strategy and design and computer-technological expertise of the parts in general engineering. We introduce the concepts of “kinematic processing strategy” and "instrumental strategy of processing”. The approaches to the development of automated systems for selecting strategies for treatment are described.

To the Question of Durability Improvement of Engineering Silo Constructions
A.S. Markovich, G.E. Pankratova
Department «Architectural Designing», MSUCE, Moscow;

Key words and phrases: methods of calculation of silo constructions; designing of silo constructions; durability of silo constructions; failures and destructions of silo.
Abstract: Repeating failures and destructions of silo constructions are the result of inconsistency of the existing methods of calculation and designing. Also they show inconsistency of approaches to the experimental analysis of strained state of silo walls. In the present article the authors give the results of experimental research of silo wall straining separately from bending and longitudinal force. All these experiments were carried out by employees of AD MSUCE department. The authors show the necessity of further experimentally-theoretical studies of bulk materials distribution during the loading in silos, also the necessity of account of pressure’s rise during the releasing of bulk, variability of loadings and their influence, the spatial analysis of silo walls by means of modern systems of computer modeling.

Material Science. Nano Technology

Strength and Durability of Laminated Glued Timbers with Allowance for Humidity, Temperature and In-Service Time
V.P. Yartsev, D.V. Antipov
Department “Construction of Buildings and Structures”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: durability; laminated glued timber; mode of deformation; thermal fluctuation strength theory.
Abstract: The paper describes the long-term strength and durability of laminated glued timber taking into account the influence of external factors from the positions of thermal fluctuation concept. Dependences which describe the deformation of glued wooden elements in a wide interval of temperatures and the pressure, considering the in-service time are received. The results of the research on the change of mode of deformation of laminated timber are resulted under the rise in temperature and changing the loading time.

Strength and Deformation Durability of Reinforced Styrofoam
A.A. Mamontov, O.A. Kiseleva
Department “Construction of Buildings and Structures”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: cross-bending; durability; fiberglass; fiberglass mat; penetration; polystyrene; reinforcement.
Abstract: The paper presents the developed optimum constructions of reinforced polystyrene, which are more durable. The influence of reinforcement on strength and deformation durability of polystyrene is studied.

Power Engineering. Energy Saving. Ecology

Mathematical Planning of the Experiment in the Deposition of Wear-Resistant Coatings on the Contacts of Electric Vehicles
V.V. Afonin, I.N. Akulinin, Zh.A. Zarandia
Department “Electrical Equipment and Automation”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: adhesive strength; the center of the plan; deposition of wear-resistant coatings; electric contact details; factorial space; microhardness; pyrolytic chromium; the response function; rotatable central composite planning.
Abstract: The paper justifies the application of the central rotatable composite planning for the implementation of the experiment. The method of processing the results obtained through the compilation of the regression equations for each response function is shown.

Repidactivical Reserve Source of the Current on the Basis of the Pyrotechnic Material with High Speed of Burning
S.V. Grishin, O.A. Kaverin, Yu.E. Mamontova, Yu.A. Stekolnikov
Department “Chemistry”, Yelets State University named after I.A. Bunin;

Key words and phrases: conditions of burning; pyrotechnic material; reserve source of current; thermal balance.
Abstract: A simulation design for a given parameter reserve power source of the electrochemical system lithium-iron disulfide is presented. The reduced time-to-source of current on mode is achieved by using pyrotechnics at a high rate of burning and the introduction of additional heat to the thermal balance of the current source.

Information Technology as an Institutional Reserve of Improvement of Power Efficiency in Housing and Communal Services
K.N. Savin
Department “Economic Analysis and Quality”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: information technology; institutional reserve; housing and communal services; power efficiency.
Abstract: The article presents the innovative approach in the management of en-ergy efficiency and conservation in building complexes, combined on a territorial basis by using modern technology to create situation centers of energy efficiency.

Engineering Pedagogics

Organization of Continuous Professional Training in Conditions of Educational Systems Integration on the Basis of the Model of Formation and Development of Professional Competences
N.V. Molotkova1, M.A. Sviryaeva3, I.A. Ankudimova2, T.M. Ulyakhin1
Departments: «Commerce and Business Informatics» (1),
«Chemistry» (2),
Institute of Distance Learning (3), TSTU;

Key words and phrases: continuous professional training; information and communication technology; professional competences.
Abstract: The paper studies the nature, structure and classification of the existing professional competences; it presents the model of formation and development of professional competencies in distance education in the system of continuous professional education.

N.P. Putschkow1, A.W. Schtscherbakowa1, E.A. Petrowa2
Lehrstuhle fur hohere Mathematik (1),
und angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik (2), TSTU;

Schlusselworter: das punktansammelnde System der Bewertung; professionell bedeutende Qualitaten des Fachmanns; Qualitat der Bildung.
Zusammenfassung: Es wird die Benutzung des punktansammelnden Systems der Bewertung als Instrument der Entwicklung der professionell bedeutenden Qualitaten des Fachmannes bei der Realisierung der Ratingtechnologien der Bildung betrachtet.

Economics and Social Sciences

Organizational Assessment of Strategic Costs in the Quality Management System of the Organization
N.V. Zlobina
Department “Economic Analysis and Quality”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: costs; development; organizational assessment; quality management system.
Abstract: The article presents the conceptual foundations of realization of an organizational assessment of strategic costs in the system of quality management of the organization.

Quality Management System at the Enterprises Developing IT-Technologies
K.N. Savin, O.A. Sazhneva
Department “Economic Analysis and Quality”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: certification; IT-technology; models; quality management; standards.
Abstract: The paper discusses the issues of quality management system at enterprises that develop IT-technologies, models of quality management system, as well as standards and recommendations generated by such enterprises.

Cross-Border Industrial Cooperation as a Modern Format of Economic Relations
A.A. Sytnik
Department “General Economic Theory”, Saratov State Socio-Economic University;

Key words and phrases: competitiveness of territories; cross-border industrial cooperation.
Abstract: The article deals with the competitiveness of territories, the factors of competitiveness and the subjects of cross-border industrial cooperation.

The Conditions of Optimal Handling of the Mathematical Model of the Economic System: General Company – Joint Venture
E.S. Dyuba
Department “Mathematics and Teaching Methods of Mathematical Disciplines”, Ryazan State University named after S.A. Yesenin;

Key words and phrases: differential equations; functional; management; market share; the maximum profit; optimization.
Abstract: The paper studies the task of handling the mathematical model of the development of the system “general company – a joint venture”, which is described by a nonlinear system of differential equations in continuous time. The task of control is formulated as to maximize the profit of the company with a limited general vector control. The conditions of the most favorable development of the economic system are identified.

Optimization of Risk Management at the Glass Industry Enterprises
O.N. Grimashevich
Department «Management», Saratov State Social and Economic University;

Key words and phrases: risk; risk management system; risks of glass industry.
Abstract: The paper discusses the problems of risk management of glass industry enterprises, the basic concepts and definitions of risk management the main directions of the optimization of risk management of the glass industry enterprises.

Guidelines to Formulate Scientific Novelty of Theses Abstract
S.V. Ponomarev1, E.S. Mishchenko2
Departments: “Quality Management and Certification” (1),
“Management” (2), TSTU;

Key words and phrases: Abstract; formulation; guidelines; scientific novelty of the dissertation.
Abstract: The paper gives the examples of wrong and correct wording of the elements of scientific novelty in the theses Abstracts. Methodical recommendations enabling to formalize the process of comparing the applicant’s scientific research results to the previously published works of other authors (in the form of a comparative analysis table), which creates conditions for the successful formulation of the scientific novelty in the Abstract of the executed research. The guidelines distinguishing the elements of scientific novelty and practical significance of the thesis are discussed.

Correlation of Specific Knowledge and Sensory Experience (“Soul” and “Body”) in Thinking of the Architect
G.L. Ledenyovà, A.S. Kulikov
Department “Architecture and Construction of Buildings”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: an effective form of way of thinking; specific knowledge and sensory experience in solving architectural problems; structure of intelligence.
Abstract: The paper explores the question of setting priorities between knowledge and the creative part in shaping the intelligence of the architect. The dynamics of its solution in a brief historical review of the formation of the Russian school of architecture since its establishment is revealed.

N.You. Borodulina
Departement des langues etrangeres, UTET;
L’article est presente par le membre de redaction professeur V.I. Konovalov

Mots cles et phrases: caractere axyologique et culturologique; conceptualisation; metaphore; representation metaphorique; sens.
Resume: Est analysee la representation metaphorique de l’histoire de l’union economique des pays europeens. Est montre le role des metaphores dans le processus de la conceptualisation des evenements economiques en Europe des le debut de la creation du premier systeme stable des relations internationales jusqu’a la formation de l’Union Europeenne et de l’Union economique monetaire, leur caractere axyologique et culturologique.

The History of Economic Unification of Europe in Metaphors
N.Yu. Borodulina
Department “Foreign Languages”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: conceptualization; cultural studies and axiological character; meaning; metaphor; metaphoric representation.
Abstract: The paper analyzes the metaphorical representation of the history of economic unification of European countries. The role of metaphors in the process of conceptualization of economic events in Europe since the creation of the first stable system of international relations and up to the formation of the European Union and the Economic Monetary Union is shown. The axiological and culturological nature of me-taphor is demonstrated.

Organizational and Industrial Activity of the Komsomol Committees in mid 1950s
D.M. Oleinikov
Department “History and Philosophy”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: industry; socialist competition; Tambov region; work; Young Communist League; young workers.
Abstract: The materials of Tambov region show the role of Komsomol in the organization of production activities in the Soviet province of the mid 1950s.

Philosophical Ideas of I.V. Kireyevsky about Western European Rationality and Russian Orthodox Integrity
A.S. Kalugin, G.L. Terekhova
Department “History and Philosophy”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: Catholicism; Christianity; collegiality; history and culture; integrity; Orthodoxy; rationality; Russian philosophy.
Abstract: This paper focuses on the philosophy of I.V. Kireyevsky and its extreme relevance. The problem of selecting the path for Russia, which is one of the central problems of Russian philosophy history and culture, as well as the idea of integrity in the views of Igor Kireyevsky are considered.

Folk Knowledge and Experience in the Birth Rituals of Mordvins in the Republic of Mordovia
I.A. Kandrina
Department “State and Legal Disciplines”, Russian Legal Academy of the Ministry of Justice of the RF, Saransk;

Key words and phrases: childbirth; child; births rituals; Mordvins; mother; the pregnancy; Republic of Mordovia; stay healthy.
Abstract: The traditional rituals associated with the lifestyle of Mordvins living in the Republic of Mordovia are divided into several cycles: during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. It is assumed that the rituals, customs and childbirth rituals had the rational sense. For example, they helped people to avoid psychological stress caused by the fear of unsafe pregnancy, they contributed to the successful birth and the preservation of life of newly born babies, they enabled to help the mother to keep her health and the baby's health.

Patriotic Self-Consciousness and Synthesis of Cultural Values in the Philosophy of Vyacheslav Ivanov
Yu.O. Rostislavsky
Tver Regional Institute of Teachers Further Training, Tver;

Key words and phrases: Christianity; European and Russian cultures; humanism; individualism; patriotic self-consciousness; synthesis of cultural values.
Abstract: The article focuses on the problem of the formation of patriotic self-consciousness in Vyacheslav Ivanov’s philosophy. The way of the synthesis of values of European and Russian cultures offered by this thinker is a productive basis for the new paradigm of the national patriotic self-consciousness that is of vital importance today.

Social Cohesion as the Key Component of Holistic Civil Society Formation
V.L. Shalbin
Department “Philosophy and Social-Humanitarian Disciplines”, Ivanovo State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Ivanovo;

Key words and phrases: integration; information-oriented society; solidarity; social action; social periphery; social space; transformation.
Abstract: The author analyzes the main issues of socio-political transformation at the end of the 19th – the beginning of the 20th century. Special attention is paid to the consideration of the social cohesion as an integral characteristic of the process of civil society formation. The main subject of the article is social action as an invariable indicator of social transformation construction.

S.V. Nachyornaya
Department “Foreign Languages”, TSTU;
Represented by a Member of the Editorial Board Professor V.I. Konovalov

Key words and phrases: ancient canon; argumentativeness; communication; composition; logic; narrative; refutation; speech genre; speech for the defense; text.
Abstract: The article examines the main means of formulating the content of the speech for the defense: the composition and the language of speech. The defense speech is considered within the framework of speech genre as a complete informative speech with a certain logical constructions.

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