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Automation. Information. Control. Instruments

V.A. Nemtinov1, Yu.V. Nemtinova1, A.V. Salushcheva1, E.S. Egorov2
Department of “Automated Design of Processing Equipment”, TSTU (1);
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University) (2);
Represented by a Member of the Editorial Board Professor V.I. Konovalov

Key words and phrases: recycling water supply system; water preparation.
Abstract: This article describes the technique of automated synthesis of recycling water supply system of a chemical enterprise with the use of expert systems theory and comprises sequential solving of the following problems: variant generation for structures of technological schemes of water treatment stages and selection of the best variant based on criteria set; calculation or choice of hardware design for a particular technological scheme.

Application of Mathematical Modeling for Start-up Algorithm and Emergency Protection of Chemical Reactors
A.E. Sofiev, I.A. Yankina
Department of Technical Cybernetics and Automation, Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering;

Key words and phrases: polymerization reactor; start-up; stability.
Abstract: The paper considers the application of stability analysis of the object for the emergency protection during start-up of a chemical reactor of continuous action in the production of high-pressure polyethylene.

Evaluation and Improvement of Metrological Reliability of Measurement Tools with Regard to Climatic Effects
T.I. Chernysheva, M.I. Nistratov
Department “Designing of Electronic and Microprocessor Systems”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: measurement tools; metrological reliability; operating conditions.
Abstract: The paper presents the analysis of the influence of environmental parameters on the performance of metrological reliability. It considers the method of improvement of metrological reliability of measuring instruments using the data on the influence of environmental parameters on the degradation rate of element base.

Mathematical Software for Subsystem of CAD Text Synthesis
I.L. Korobova
Department “Computer Aided Design Systems”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: dialogue system; computer linguistics; grammar of the language; frame; syntax; semantics; standardization.
Abstract: The paper studies the method of developing systems of text synthesis in the natural language. The description of mathematical software, including the techniques for developing templates, text generation and syntactic analysis is given.

Algorithm Synthesis of Signal Reception at the Background of Complex Influence of Various Types of Noises
V.I. Sedinin, A.V. Mikushin, K.A. Bykov
Department “Computer Aided Design Systems”, Siberian State University of Telecommunications and Computer Science, Novosibirsk;

Key words and phrases: noise; noise waves; filtering; signal reception.
Abstract: The paper presents the model of noise conditions in mobile radio systems, on the basis of which the adaptive algorithm for signal reception with suppression of the complex of various types of noise is synthesized. Digital filtering is used as a method of noise suppression. The results of modeling a digital noise filter are given.

The Technique of Real-Time Object Detection in the Video Stream
A.N. Alfimtsev, I.I. Lychkov
Department “Information Systems and Telecommunications”, Bauman Moscow State Technical University;

Key words and phrases: digital image; FPGA; object recognition; object detection; training procedure.
Abstract: The paper presents a computationally effective method for object detection on digital images with simplified training procedure. Analytical survey of popular existing methods for object detection is presented; their advantages and disadvantages are identified. Object detection examples for test images containing open palm static gesture are presented. The hardware implementation of the method as a peripheral unit of the system on the programmable chip FPGA Altera Stratix 1S10 is also considered.

S.V. Artemova1, A.N. Gribkov1, A.E. Eryshov2, A.S. Nazarov1
Department “Designing of Radioelectronic and Microprocessor Systems”, TSTU (1);
Yamal Center of Air Traffic Organization of Branch “Air Navigation of Northern Siberia”, State Corporation of Air Traffic Organization in Russian Federation (2)
Represented by a Member of the Editorial Board Professor V.I. Konovalov

Key words and phrases: functioning situations; functioning situations classes; general task of control; minimized functional; product quality; specific tasks of management.
Abstract: The paper presents the general and specific tasks of control over drying processes aimed at the improvement of the product quality. It is proposed to solve the tasks of control over drying process using the approach of complete analysis of optimal control on the set of functioning conditions; to achieve this the analysis of the set of possible situations is carried out; five classes with the algorithmic support of data management system for drying roll ribbon units are identified.

Investment Appeal of Projects on Complex Objects Computerization
Î.V. Lukyanov1, T.N. Tairov2, I.V. Khrapov3
NOU IDPO “ATOMPROF” (2), St. Petersburg;
Analytical Center for Economic Development TSTU (3);

Key words and phrases: estimation of investment appeal; uniform information field.
Abstract: The paper considers the questions of investment appeal into complex objects computerization. The approach and methodology of assessing maturity of an organization from the standpoint of the prospects of investments in informatization management are proposed. The algorithm which is the method for determining the assessment of the effectiveness of investments in information technology is presented.

Chemical and related engineering. Chemistry.

Peculiarities of Mechanism and Kinetics of Drying of Dispersion Droplets (on the Example of Stillage after Ethanol is Distilled)
Yu.V. Pakhomova, V.I. Konovalov, A.N. Pakhomov
Department “Industrial Processes and Devices”, TSTU,

Key words and phrases: crust formation; depinning; evaporation of the drop; heat and mass transfer; stillage after alcohol distillation; structure formation in the drop; pinning.
Abstract: The paper presents the analysis of current research in the area of evaporation and pattern formation in drying drops. We describe the experimental visual drying facility and the experimental technique. The results of experiments in drying drops of stillage after alcohol distillation are presented and analyzed. Further research is discussed and announced.

Computer System Calculation of Rotor Impulse Machine
M.A. Promtov, A.Yu. Stepanov
Department “Technospheric Security”, TSTU

Key words and phrases: impulse pressure; computer system; power; calculation; consumption; rotary pulse machine; cavitation number.
Abstract: The paper presents an algorithm and computer system for calculating the rotary pulse machine of radial type. The criteria for the calculation are the values of the amplitude of pressure impulse, power consumption, the consumption of the proc-essed liquid and the number of pulsed acoustic cavitation.

Mathematical Description of the Removal of Water-Soluble Salts from the Suspension of Organic Pigments with Decant Method
A.I. Leontyeva, M.Yu. Subocheva, V.S. Orekhov
Department “Chemical Processes of Organic Substances”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: adsorption layer; decanting; diffusion layer; electrical double layer; kernel; micelle; potential-determining ions; water-soluble salts.
Abstract: The method of mathematical modeling of the process of removal of water-soluble salts from organic pigments by decanting from the point of view of the theory of a double electric layer is given.

On Defluidization in Polydispersed Fluidized Bed
D.M. Viryasov1, R.L. Isemin3, S.N. Kuzmin2, O.Yu. Milovanov2
Departments: «Production processes and devices» (1);
«Hydraulics and Thermal Engineering» (2), TSTU;
Tambov Subsidiary of KARTEK Association (3)

Key words and phrases: culm; fluidized bed; minimum fluidization velocity; straw pellets.
Abstract: The article presents the results of the study of hydrodynamics of fluidized bed consisting of particles of coal ash and pellets. The experiments were performed for beds with different concentrations of ash and pellets at room temperature.

Prospects for the Use of Ultrasound in Production of Devulcanized Rubber
M.V. Sokolov, M.M. Nikolyukin
Department “Polymer Processing and Packaging Production”, TSTU;
Department “Chemical Engineering” (2), TSTU

Key words and phrases: extruder; relative change in the diameter of the extrudate; recycling of waste tires; rubber crumb.
Abstract: The paper examines the promising methods of processing and recycling of used tires. The schemes of the industrial and experimental setup for the continuous devulcanized crumb rubber are given. The efficiency and effectiveness of ultrasonic console to the extrusion head is shown.

S.V. Karpushkin, S.V. Karpov, A.O. Glebov
Department “Automated Designing Production Equipment”, TSTU;
Represented by a Member of the Editorial Board Professor N.Ts. Gatapova

Key words and phrases: finite integral transformations method; heating platen; induction heating; method of thermal calculation; vulcanization press.
Abstract: This paper is focused on the modeling of induction heating platens of vulcanization presses. Main statements of platen’s design procedure are depicted, which is based on solving three-dimensional non-stationary heat conduction equation by using finite integral transformations method. General questions of platen’s design are analyzed.

Oxygen Electroreduction on Coal Electrodes in Alkaline Environments
Yu.E. Mamontova, Yu.A. Stekolnikov
Department «Chemistry», Elets State University named after I.A. Bunin;

Key words and phrases: alkaline electrolyte; electroreduction of oxygen; series-parallel mechanism.
Abstract: Reduction of molecular oxygen on carbon goes through the intermediate formation of hydrogen peroxide, which is subject to catalytic decomposition and electrochemical reduction.

Mathematics. Physics.

On the Distinction between Countable Sets as Sets of Elements in Them
V.I. Fomin
Department «Applied Mathematics and Mechanics», TSTU;

Key words and phrases: countable set; ?-cardinality; ?-measurable subset of the order relation; ?-power.
Abstract: We propose a quantitative characterization of the same type of countable sets, which allows distinguishing the countable sets as sets of elements in them; the classical definition of probability is generalized in case the set of elementary outcomes and many favorable outcomes are countable.

Modelling of Dielectric Ionic Conductivity with Heterogeneous Block Border
G.V. Perov, V.I. Sedinin
Department “Computer Aided Design Systems”, Siberian State University of Telecommunications and Computing, Novosibirsk;

Key words and phrases: conductivity of oxide on polycrystalline silicon; ion charge of dielectric.
Abstract: The paper presents the developed one-dimensional model of ion conductivity in dielectric layers with heterogeneous block surface of the semiconductor with the given geometric horizontal profile. The model is based on the results of the research into the ion relaxation in the dielectric on polycrystalline silicon; it enables to predict the ion behavior depending on the roughness of boundaries. The model can be applied to forecasting of the electric parameters when operating conditions of the multi-layer structures formation are modified.

Analysis of Technical Characteristics of Different Structures of Invariant Echo-Compensators
V.B. Malinkin1, Yu.A Palchun2
Siberian State University of Telecommunications and Computer Science (1);
Siberian Scientific Research Institute of Metrology (2);

Key words and phrases: echo-compensator; invariant; noise level; resistance.
Abstract: The paper presents the analysis of technical characteristics of invariant echo-compensators of the first order, developed in the following works [1, 3]. The recommendations on their use are given.

Machine-building. Construction.Material Science. Metal-Working

Quality of Roads as the Factor of Effective Quality Improvement of Services on Road Transport
V.K. Ignatushin
Department «Organization of Transportation and Road Safety», TSTU;

Key words and phrases: highway; mechanism of improvement of the quality of services; road accident; road works.
Abstract: The paper studies the crisis conditions of roads in Russia and possible solutions to the problems in road construction. The low level of driving culture is pointed out, measures on the improvement of the situation on the roads are analyzed.

Power Engineering. Energy Saving. Ecology

Drying with Heat Pumps in Chemical Industry: Opportunities and Experimental Technics
V.I. Konovalov, E.V. Romanova, N.Ts. Gatapova
Department "Industrial Processes and Apparatus, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: energy saving; heat pump; heat transformation; high performance driers; high-temperature drying.
Abstract: The paper analyzes the possibility of energy saving with the use of heat pumps of various types in the dryers of chemical industry at high temperature and performance. The necessity of experimental verification for all individual cases is shown. In order to analyze and select the laboratory solutions the custom table summarizes the published characteristics of experimental, implemented or developed plants.

S.I. Chichyov1, E.I. Glinkin2
Branch of OAO «MRSC Center» – Tambovenergo, Tambov (1);
Department «Biomedical Engineering», TSTU (2);
Represented by a Member of the Editorial Board Professor V.I. Konovalov

Key words and phrases: regional network company; system of the monitoring and diagnostics.
Abstract: The paper considers the system of monitoring and diagnostics of power transformer in regional network companies.

Current Issues of Higher Harmonics in the Power Urban Systems
A.V. Kobelev, À.À. Zybin
Department “Electrical Equipment and Automation” (1);
REC “Regional Problems of Energy and Energy Efficiency” (2), TSTU;

Key words and phrases: harmonics in the power supply systems; quality of electric energy; sources of harmonics; waveform distortion factor.
Abstract: The paper presents the experimental studies and the analysis of the causes of the higher harmonics of voltage and current in the urban systems of power supply and their impact on the reliability of the electrical receivers.

Engineering Pedagogics

Investigation of the Gyroscopic Pendulum and the Pendulum with Variable g
N.Ya. Molotkov, O.V. Lomakina
Department “Theoretical Mechanics”; TSTU;

Key words and phrases: damping of oscillations; effective acceleration; gyroscope; gyroscopic moment; pendulum; period of oscillations.
Abstract: The paper studies the damping of pendulum’s oscillations through the gyroscopic effect as well as the impact of the effective gravitational acceleration on the mechanical vibrations.

Economics and Social Sciences

Controllability of Nonlinear Mathematical Model of Development System: General Company – Joint Enterprises
E.S. Dyuba
Department «Mathematical and Methods of Teaching of Mathematical Disci-plines», Ryazan State University of a Name of S.A. Yesenin;

Key words and phrases: differential equations; economic system; extreme; func-tional; management; the maximum profit.
Abstract: We consider the task of managing the development of a mathematical model of the general company – a joint venture, which is described by nonlinear differential equations in continuous time. The control problem is formulated as maximizing profit General for a period of time. The conditions of existence of solutions of differential equations, which allows companies to maximize profits.

The Influence of Crisis on the Development of Some Kinds of Property Insurance in Orenburg Region
O.V. Mayakovskaya
Institute of Continuing Professional Education, Orenburg State Agrarian University;

Key words and phrases: crisis; crop insurance; proceeds and payments on property insurance; property insurance.
Abstract: The paper presents the analysis of proceeds and payments on different types of insurance as well as the comparative estimation of the development of property insurance in the conditions of crisis.

Operational Audit as Risk Minimization Tool in the Implementation of Venture Financing of Innovation Projects Introduced into Enterprises of Housing and Communal Sector
P.V. Yanevich
Department “Economic Analysis and Quality”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: quality; market of housing and communal services; investment; innovation; risk; venture financing; operational audit; standards.
Abstract: The paper presents operational audit as a tool for minimizing risk, its definition and methods of implementation are given. The concepts of venture businesses and venture capital funding as part of the state innovation policy are studied.

Prospects of the Development of Telecommunication Mechanisms for Quality Improvement of Industrial Products
O.A. Sazhneva
Department “Economic Analysis and Quality”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: management; quality; reserves; scientific and technical progress; standards ISO 9001; the system approach.
Abstract: The current state and relevance of the introduction of quality management systems in Russian enterprises and organizations, as well as the opinion of the philosophers of the category of «quality» are considered.

V.B. Bezgin
Department “History and Philosophy”, TSTU;
Represented by Professor A. A. Slezin and a Member of the Editorial Board Professor V. I. Konovalov

Key words and phrases: child-bearing; common law; daily life; family; mar-riage; peasant woman; traditions; work.
Abstract: The attempt of historical reconstruction of Russian peasant woman’s ordinary destiny in the late XIX – early XX century is made. The role of a woman in the family daily life is revealed. The essence of the basic life stages of a countrywoman and the value of behavioral stereotypes are found out.

A.A. Buschewa, A.A. Slesin
Lehrstuhl: “Geschichte und Philosophie”, TSTU;
Vorgelegt vom Mitglied des Redaktionskollegiums Professor W.I. Konowalow

Schlusselworter und Phrasen: Jugend; Monopol; Revolution; Studierenden.
Zusammenfassung: Im Artikel wird die Tatigkeit des Zentralkomitees der Schuler Tambows – der gesellschaftlichen Schulorganisation analysiert, die in der provinziellen russischen Stadt im Laufe der Revolution 1917 wirkte.

Traditional Food of Mordovians Living in the Republic of Mordovia and the Far East
I.A.Kandrina1, L.N. Shchankina2
Department of State and Legal Disciplines, Russian Legal Academy of the Ministry of Justice of Russian Federation, Saransk (1);
Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology named after N.N. Miklukho-Maklay of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow (2)

Key words and phrases: drinks; festive and ceremonial food; material culture; mordovians; settlers; traditional food.
Abstract: The paper considers the traditional food of mordovians living in Republic of Mordovia and in the Far East. The traditional Mordovian cuisine depended on the foodstuffs which came from the main occupation of the people, i.e. farming and cattle breeding. Fishing, hunting, beekeeping and gathering were additional food sources.

Information Technology in Teaching Junior Pupils Origami
A.A. Belyakov
Moscow State Teachers’ Training University, Moscow; Orphanage No 14, Zelenograd;

Key words and phrases: creative and figurative thinking; emotional influence; means of visualization; sensory sensation; visualization.
Abstract: The paper discusses the issues of the history of the development and the state of the theory and practice of visual aids application in teaching junior pupils the art of origami. The theoretic basics of visualization in teaching, the classification of instruments of visualization, the role of information technology in the origami lessons, the ways and methods of its application have been considered.

N.A. Gunina
Department of Foreign Languages, TSTU;
Represented by a Member of the Editorial Board Professor V.I. Konovalov

Key words and phrases: cognition; concept; conceptualization; language; mean-ing; mental categories; mental representation; semantics;
Abstract: The paper considers the notion of the concept in its relation to the meaning of the word. Similarities and differences between these two constructs are identified. The dual nature of the concept is discussed.

Some Features of Interpersonal Relations in Russian and Polish Cultures
S.V. Filina
Department of Russian Language, Pomor State University named after M.V. Lomonosov;

Key words and phrases: cognitive-comparative analysis; concept; inner word form.
Abstract: The purpose of the article is to find out peculiarities of interpersonal relations in working activities. The paper is based on cognitive-comparative analysis. The importance of one’s personality is a common value both in Russian and Polish cultures. The concepts of ‘pleasure’, ‘home’, ‘rest’, ‘warmth’ are characteristic of Russian national cultural space while freedom and independence are highly appreciated in work relations in Poland.

The Mystery of “Pernicious Spirit” in the Novel of F.M. Dostoevsky “Brothers Karamazovs”
A.A. Mikhailova
Department of “Russian Philology”, TSTU;
OOO Tambov Courier;

Key words and phrases: righteousness; stench; death; eldership, smoldering.
Abstract: The paper considers different interpretations in literature of the fact of the “pernicious spirit’s” appearance of the body of the righteous old man Zosima in the novel of F.M. Dostoevsky “The Brothers Karamazovs”. An attempt to highlight the ones which are most appropriate to the idea of the author and on to build an objective interpretation of this phenomenon is made.

Study of Competition and Estimation of the Level of Market Concentration of Motor Services in Tambov Region
N.V. Penshin
Department "Organization of Transportation and Road Safety", TSTU;

Key words and phrases: : the level of market concentration; market capacity; market potential; market road transport services; urban, suburban and intercity transportation.
Abstract: The paper presents the estimation of the capacity and competitive environment of the market of road transport services in Tambov region; it is based on the market potential, the shares of the competing categories of business entities of road transport, consumer preferences, as well as the concentration ratio and Herfindahl–Hirschman Index.

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