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Automation. Information. Control. Instruments

Improvement of Accuracy of Measuring Technique of Thermo-Physical Properties through Selection of Rational Parameters of Operation and Experimental Data Processing
S.V. Ponomarev1, P.V. Balabanov1, V.F. Sorochinsky2, A.S. Shchekochikhin1
Departments: “Automated Systems and Devices”, TSTU (1);
All-Russian Research Institute of Grain and Products of its Processing, Russian Agricultural Academy (2);

Key words and phrases: fmeasurement accuracy improvement; regular model of 1st type; Sturm-Liouville problem.
Abstract: The paper develops the theory of two-alpha method for measuring a set of thermo-physical characteristics. The ways of processing experimental data depending on the procedure of experiment running are proposed. On the basis of error estimation for determining thermo-physical characteristics the ways of improving measurement accuracy are put forward.

Multi-Model Bayesian Estimation of Maneuvering Air Target Vector in Discrete Time
L.B. Ryazantsev
Department of Computer Science and Automation, Tambov Higher Military Aviation Engineering College of Radio-Electronics (Military Institute) THMAECRE (MI);

Key words and phrases: Kalman filtering; multiple model algorithms; random structure; target tracking.
Abstract: This paper presents the multiple model algorithms for tracking maneuvering air target. Autonomous multiple model algorithm, generalized pseudo-Bayesian algorithm of first order, and of second order, interacting multiple model algorithm are considered. Simulated results and precision characteristics for each algorithm are showed.

Algorithm for Evaluation and Forecast of Air Object Coordinates for Maintenance of Direct Communication System Using Data on Spatial Orientaion
S.N. Danilov, A.P. Pudovkin
Department “Radio-Electronic Systems of Household Purpose”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: aircraft; angular coordinates; communication system; motion model; space orientation; uncertainty range.
Abstract: On the basis of data on space orientation of aircraft the algorithm of evaluation and forecast of air objects coordinates is synthesized for maintenance of direct communication system in the range of ultrahigh frequencies; the characteristics of its accuracy are estimated.

Architecture Designing of Data Measuring System of Regional Distribution Company “Tambovenergo”
S.I. Chichov1, V.F. Kalinin2
Branch of Joint Stock Company “MRSK Center” – “Tambovenergo”, Tambov (1);
Department “Electrical Equipment and Automation”, TSTU (2);

Key words and phrases: automated system of dispatch process management; data-measuring system.
Abstract: The paper presents the designed architecture of two-level data-measuring system of control over regional distribution company “Tambovenergo” network with three-stage layer hierarchy in radial system of coordinates for centralized automation of dispatch process management.

Evaluation and Improvement of Metrological Reliability of Measuring Devices in Actual Use Environment
T.I. Chernyshova, M.I. Nistratov
Department “Design of Radioelectronic Aids and Microprocessor Systems”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: measuring device; metrological reliability; service conditions.
Abstract: The paper analyzes the influence of environmental parameters on metrological reliability indexes. It considers the technique of improving metrological reliability of measuring devices on the basis of data on the effect of environmental parameters on the element base aging velocity.

Approximate Technique of Selection Models Synthesis Based on Expert Evaluation Extrapolation
Yu.V. Bugaev, I.E. Medvedkova, B.E. Nikitin, A.S. Chaikovsky
Department “Information Technologies for Modeling and Management”, VSTA;

Key words and phrases: function of generalized criterion; method of expert evaluation extrapolation; method of maximum credibility.
Abstract: The method of dot statistical estimations calculating for factors of the generalized criterion function of multi-criteria alternatives by the results of expert ranging of small training sample is offered. The given method can be applied to any strategy of expert ranging on serial scale as well as strong or weak scales.

Application of Cubic Spline for Designing Headwear from Matrix Elements
G.M. Androsova1, I.G. Brailov2, S.V. Cherepanova1, E.V. Bakhturina1
Department “Garment Technology”, Omsk State Institute of Service (1);;
Department “Applied Mechanics”, Siberian State Automobile and Highway Academy (2)

Key words and phrases: cam profile; matrix element; sculpted surfaces; standard cubic spline.
Abstract: The paper studies the designing of sculpted surfaces from matrix elements on the example of headwear. The construction of involute of the surface is carried out; its profile with cubic spline is described; matrix elements are framed in its profile. The algorithm for designing headwear from matrix elements is developed.

Chemical and related engineering. Chemistry.

Technique of Quality Evaluation of Carbon Adsorbents
N.V. Mokrova
Moscow State university of Engineering Ecology;

Key words and phrases: absorbent carbon; adsorption heat; gas chromatographic analysis; micro-porous structure parameters.
Abstract: The paper presents a unique technique of calculation of parameters of micro-porous structure using gas chromatography. It substantiates the application of linear regression dependencies enabling to calculate the characteristic energy of adsorption and specific volume of adsorption space identifiable with volume.

Estimation of Diffusive Relaxation Properties and Strucure of UHMWPE-Composites Obtained by Method of Solid-Phase Extrusion (in English)
G.S. Baronin, V.Ì. Dmitriev, P.V. Kombarova, A.S. Loseva, D.V. Pugachev, D.Å.Kobzev, S.À. Ivanov, D.Î. Zavrazhin, À.Ê. Razinin, Yu.Î. Kozlukova
Tambov State Technical University;
Represented by a Member of the Editorial Board Professor V.I. Konovalov

Key words and phrases: diffusive properties; electron probe microanalysis; plastic deformation; relaxation properties; Solid phase extrusion; submicroscopic structure; X-ray diffraction technique.
Abstract: Terms of the research on diffusive, relaxation and structural properties of UHMWPE-composites, obtained by method of solid phase extrusion (SPE), were indicated the regularities of change in moisture content, thermal resistance and other properties of the amorphous-crystal polymer. The experimental results are explained scientifically by virtue of X-ray diffraction technique, electron probe microanalysis and other physical research techniques of the UHMWPE SPE process.

Mathematical Modeling of Thermally Loaded Two-Layer Cylinders
Yu.A. Prokopenko
Department of General and Theoretical Physics, Taganrog State Teachers’ Training Institute;

Key words and phrases: glass covering; stresses; thermal stability.
Abstract: The paper studies the stress-strain state of a two-layer cylinder under non-stationary heat impact. On the basis of the given research the thermal heat resistance of the glass cylinder covered outside with metal coating under different cooling conditions of this structure is calculated. The comparison of theoretical and experimental data is made.

Role of Clustering in Kinetics and Mechanism of Inter-Metal Compound Dissolution
V.I. Vigdorovich1, S.V. Mishchenko2, L.E. Tsygankova3, N.V. Shel1
Departments “Chemistry” (1);
“Automated Systems and Devices” (2), TSTU;
Department “Analytical and Nonorganic Chemistry”, Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin (3)

Key words and phrases: cluster; diffusion; intermetallic compound; phase regrouping; solid solution.
Abstract: The paper studies the role of cluster formations in the mechanism of phase regrouping of intermetallic phases and solid solutions in A–B system with phase compounds enriched with more stable component B. It is assumed that reaction and non-reaction clusters can be formed and intercluster diffusion can occur.

Investigation into Kinetcs of Topochemical Processes in Low-Temperature Mode by Derivatographic Technique
Yu.A. Feràpontov, S.B. Putin, L.L. Ferapontova, P.Yu. Putin
Joint Stock Company “Corporation “Roskhimzashchita”, Tambov;

Key words and phrases: activation energy; crystal hydrates dehydration; kinetics of topochemical reactions; linearly increasing temperature; non-isothermal mode; pre-exponential factor; reaction order; thermo-gravimetric and non-differential analysis.
Abstract: The paper describes the technique of calculation of energy activation, reaction order and pre-exponential factor of topochemical reactions causing the change in the mass on the basis of mathematical processing of derivatographic changes made in non-isothermal mode in conditions of linearly increasing temperature. The practical accuracy of the proposed technique for determination of main kinetic parameters of dehydration of some crystal hydrates is shown.

Measurement System for Forecasting of Quality of High-Viscosity Polymer Composites
O.V. Efremov, A.S. Klinkov, P.S. Belyaev, M.V. Sokolov
Department “Processing of Polymers and Packaging”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: high-viscosity polymer composites; polymer mixing.
Abstract: The paper describes the principle of operation, composition and possibilities of the measurement system for forecasting of the quality of mixing of high-viscosity polymer composites. The examples of practical application are given.

Application of Inhibited Oil Compositions for Protection of Metals Against Corrosion in Atmosphere Containing SO2
A.Yu. Osetrov1, O.G. Chetyrina2, N.V. Shel1
Department “Chemistry”, TSTU (1);
Department “Analytical and Non-Organic Chemistry”, Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin (2)

Key words and phrases: brass; copper; corrosion; industrial oil; inhibitor; protective efficiency; steel; sulfur (IV) oxide; waste motor oil.
Abstract: Protective efficiency of anticorrosion conservation materials on base of industrial (I-20A) and filtered waste motor (MMOfilt) oils has been studied. Influence of a nature of the solvent – support, concentration of IFHAN-29A and gun lubricant as inhibiting additives, relative air humidity, SO2 concentration in the last and the experiment duration have been considered.

Technique for Content Determination of Alkali Metal Ferrates (VI)
M.A. Ulyanova, S.I. Dvoretsky, Yu.A. Ferapontov, V.P. Andreev, Yu.B. Rylov
Corporation “Roskhimzashchita”, Tambov (1);
Department “Production Equipment and Advanced Technologies”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: alkali metals ferrates (VI); ferrate technologies; hexabasic ferrum; techniques for alkali metal ferrates analysis.
Abstract: The paper presents the results of research used for designing the techniques for content determination of alkali metal ferrates (VI) in synthesis products.

Amalgam Methods of Producing and Refining Metals Using Bipolar Electrodes. Part I
S.P. Bukhman, B.A. Sotnikov, Yu.A. Stekolnikov
Department of Chemistry of Yelets State University named after I.A. Bunins;

Key words and phrases: amalgams; amalgam methods bipolar electrodes; cementation; electrolysis; metal solubility in mercury; mercury; mercury film; mercury inert metals and alloys; microelectrodes; refining.
Abstract: The paper presents the amalgam hydrometallurgical methods of producing thallium, indium, gallium, caustic soda and chlorine. It studies the technologies of producing thallium from poor solutions of lead fume by water extraction and producing indium from rich muriatic solutions. The production of indium illustrates the need for combination of amalgam methods and modern techniques of technological solutions concentration by ionic exchange or extraction.

Mathematics. Physics.

Logical Methods in Reliability Theory. I. Mathematical Apparatus
V.I. Levin
Penza State Technological Academy;

Key words and phrases: bivalent logic; continuous logic; laws of logic; model of reliability.
Abstract: The paper describes discrete binary and continuous logic as mathematical apparatus for modeling both statics and dynamics of reliability.

Generalization of Floyd–Warshall Algorithm in Case of Several Criteria
I.V. Blinov, Yu.V. Bugaev, S.V. Chikunov
Department «Information Technologies and Management Modeling», Voronezh State Technological Academy;

Key words and phrases: binary relation; computing complexity; graph; choice function; effective ways.
Abstract: The paper proposes multi-criteria generalized algorithm in case of several criteria of the well-known Floyd–Warshall method enabling to find a number of non-dominant ways between all the top steams of oriented graph of random type.

Production and Application of Micro-Size Particles of Hard Metals
Yu.A. Brusentsov, I.S. Filatov, I.G. Protsenko
Department “Materials and Technology”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: flash evaporation technique; hard metals; micro-alloying; micro-size particles.
Abstract: The paper studies the production and application of micro-size particles of hard metals and alloys by the flash evaporation technique.

Machine-building. Ñonstruction.Material Science. Metal-Working

Present-Day Problems of Nanomaterials Science
V.I. Vigdorovich1, S.V. Mishchenko2, L.E. Tsygankova4, A.G. Tkachev3, E.A. Aleksashina1
Departments “Chemistry” (1);
“Automated Systems and Devices” (2),
“Equipment and Technology of Mechanical Engineering” (3), TSTU;
Department “Analytical and Nonorganic Chemistry”, Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin (4)

Key words and phrases: cathode reaction; free energy; hydrogen release; micro-graphite; nanosize effect; nanotubes; velocity constant.
Abstract: The paper studies the number of factors enabling to control nanosize effects of nanostructural materials. The examples of their manifestation are given. It examines the regularities of cathode polarization of pressed micro-graphite electrodes modified with multi-layer carbon nanotubes and kinetics of hydrogen release reaction in aqueous acidic solutions.

Research into Rheological Properties of Composite Materials via System Analysis Techniques
A.N. Bormotov1, I.A. Proshin2
Departments “Theoretical and Applied Mechanics” (1), “Automation and Mangement” (2), Penza State Technological Academy;

Key words and phrases: composite materials; mathematical modeling; multi-criteria synthesis; optimization of structure and properties; quality control; structuring.
Abstract: The paper presents the research into complex influence of different factors on rheological properties of composites using the techniques of management theory and system analysis. The generalized dependence of the examined feature on the whole set of factors is established; thus the composite is considered as complex technical system. On the basis of the experimental data the adequacy of the proposed models is proposed.

Engineering Pedagogics

System Approach to Designing Automated Information System of Training Students and Operators of Chemical-Technological Systems
M.N. Krasnyansky, S.V. Karpushkin, D.L. Dedov
Department “Automated Designing of Technological Equipment”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: chemical-technological system; staff re-training; students’ training; virtual simulator.
Abstract: The paper studies the main aspects of designing the automated information system for teaching students and operators the basics of operation of chemical-technological systems. The presented simulator is designed for students at “machines and Apparatuses of Chemical Production” specialty and re-training of staff involved in red pigment production at joint stock company “Pigment”.

Economics and Social Sciences

Corporate Press in Turf Battle
E.V. Lapina
Department “Public Relations”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: corporate interests; corporate press; journalism development; mass media efficiency.
Abstract: The paper identifies the factors influencing the effective development of corporate press.

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