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Automation. Information. Control. Instruments

Scorecard Designing for Assessment of Science-Intensive Production System Effectiveness
V.G. Matveikin, S.I. Tatarenko, B.S. Dmitrievsky, I.S. Panchenko
Departments: Department «Information Processes and Management», TSTU;

Key words and phrases: innovation production system; knowledge management; science intensive enterprise; scorecard.
Abstract: The paper presents the strategic map and effectiveness assessment indexes designed on the basis of balanced scorecard for science intensive innovation production system.

Development of Principles for Monitoring of Complex Infrastructure of Territory Illustrated by Post-Graduate Studies in RF Universities
A.M. Bershadsky, A.S. Bozhdai, A.A. Gudkov
Department of Computer Aided Design, Penza State University;

Key words and phrases: complex infrastructure of territory; post-graduate studies; post-graduate work efficiency; scientific manpower training.
Abstract: The paper considers some aspects of post-graduate studies within the framework of complex infrastructure on the territory of RF. The emphasis is given to the problems of designing criteria of post-graduate training and working out the criteria of correlation between the specialties and major trends in the development of science, technology and engineering as wellas crucial technologies of RF.

Stable Coherent System under Complex Disturbance Effect
E.I. Algazin1, A.P. Kovalevsky1, E.G. Kasatkina1, V.B. Malinkin2
Novosibirsk State Technical University (1); Sibirsk State University of Telecommunication and Computing (2), Novosibirsk

Key words and phrases: correlation coefficient; noise immunity; probability of pairwise transition; signal/noise relation.
Abstract: The paper presents the technique for control over multiplicative disturbance based on the gear light forming where modulating parameter is the ratio between the information signal energy and the training signal. Transmission signal consists of units which contain information and training signals. The estimation of pairwise transition under complete correlation of additive noise metering is carried out.

Non-Destructive Control and Technical Diagnostics of Parameters and Properties of Examined Objects (Including Nano-Objects)
V.N. Chernyshov1, V.P. Shelokhvostov2, E.V. Sysoev1, M.V. Makarchuk2, A.V. Chernyshov1
Departments: “Criminal Law and Computerization of Legal Activity” (1);
“Materials and Technology” (2), TSTU

Key words and phrases: non-destructive control; thermal influence; thermo-physical properties.
Abstract: The paper presents the set of new methods of detecting nano-objects, heat conductivity and thermal diffusivity measurements of multi-layer construction structures and goods. These methods enable to control the process of modification and technology, determine and assess thermo-physical properties of goods taking into account a variety of destabilizing factors including heat losses into the environment. It allows improving the reproducibility of goods properties and accuracy of the results of the unknown characteristics measurements. The proposed methods have great prospects of application in different production processes for material and finished goods quality control.

Methods and System of Control over Bimetal Quality Characteristics
S.P. Moskvitin, A.P. Pudovkin
Department “Radio-Electronic Household Appliances”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: bimetal; complex method; material quality; measuring system; microprocessor system; continuous control.
Abstract: The paper presents the complex method and control system for durability of connection of bimetal layers in the course of cold rolling. The algorithm of its work and the main units of the measuring system realizing the given technique are described.

Combining Multiple Approaches for On-Line Signature Verification (in English)
Abdalla Ali A.A., Zhirkov V F.
Department of Information Technology, Vladimir State University;
Represented by a Member of the Editorial Board Professor V.I. Konovalov

Key words and phrases: dynamic time warping; fusion; Mahalanobis classifier; signature verification; threshold.
Abstract: An on-line signature verification system exploiting temporal, local and global information through score-level fusion is presented. Global information is extracted with a feature-based representation and recognized by using Mahalanobis distance Classifier. Temporal information is extracted as time functions of various dynamic properties and recognized by using Dynamic Time Warping Model. Local information is extracted by using Discrete Radon Transform and recognized by using Dynamic Time Warping Model. Experimental results are given on the SVC2004 database (40 signers, 1600 signatures) for random and skilled forgeries. It is shown that the performance of all systems is improved when using more signatures in the enrollment. The three proposed systems are shown to give complementary recognition information which is successfully exploited using score-level fusion. The combining strategy leads to 0,18 EER for skilled forgeries and 0,07 for random forgeries in comparison to the individual algorithms.

Chemical and related engineering. Chemistry.

Kinetic Calculation of Extraction Process for Porosity-Free Granular Materials
Yu.A. Teplyakov1, S.P. Rudobashta2, V.M. Nechaev3, A.M. Klimov4
Department “Applied Geometry and Computer Drawing”, TSTU (1); Department «Heat Engineering and Application in Agriculture», Moscow State Agro-Engineering University named after V.P. Gorachkin (2); Departments “Chemical Engineering” (3), “Manufacturing Equipment and Food Production Technologies” (4), TSTU

Key words and phrases: calculation of extraction kinetics; duration of extraction; kinetic coefficients.
Abstract: The paper presents methods and algorithms of calculation of continuous countercurrent extraction process in the «solid – liquid» system.

Bi-Planetary Gear of Mixing Device
N.F. Mainikova, Yu.V. Vorobyov
Department “Theory of Machines, Mechanisms and Machine Parts”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: dissolution of polyamides; mixing device; planetary and bi-planetary mechanisms.
Abstract: The paper presents the model of bi-planetary gear of mixing device for solubilization of aroma polyamide. The working parts of the mixer are screws that move along the trajectory of satellites of planetary and bi-planetary mechanisms.

Mathematical Modeling of Air Oxygen Enrichment Process in Short-Cycle Adsorption Unit
E.I. Akulinin1, D.S. Dvoretsky1, S.I. Dvoretsky1, A.A. Ermakov1, S.I. Simanenkov2
Department “Production equipment and Food Technologies”, TSTU (1); Joint Stock Company “Corporation Roskhimzashchita” (2);

Key words and phrases: air oxygen enrichment; calculation technique; computer modeling; portable unit; short-cycle adsorption; zeolite.
Abstract: Mathematical model of dynamics of air oxygen enrichment process implemented in the short-cycle adsorption unit is developed. The adequacy of model has been evaluated by comparing calculation and experimental values of oxygen concentration at the absorber outlet of short-cycle adsorption unit. Maximum discrepancy in the course of the whole cycle hasn’t been higher than 15 %. The results of computer modeling of combined processes of heat and mass transfer under air oxygen enrichment in the absorber of short-cycle adsorption unit are given. The correspondence of oxygen concentration at the absorber outlet and mode variables (cycle duration, back flushing coefficient) of short-cycle adsorption process as well as design parameters of the absorber (layer length and adsorbent particles diameter) are produced. Using mathematical model the technique of technological calculation of portable units of air oxygen enrichment on the basis of short-cycle adsorption is developed and recommendations on their designing are given.

Technique for Estimation of Reliability of Individual Isolation Devices Based on Insufficient Data
P.V. Balabanov1, A.A. Krimstein2, S.V. Ponomarev1, S.V. Shcherbakov2
Department “Automated Systems and Apparatus”, TSTU (1);
Departament “Transport Devices”, Moscow Road Transport Institute (2)

Key words and phrases: failure free operation; mass transfer; mathematical model; reliability calculation scheme.
Abstract: The criteria of individual isolation apparatus failure are determined and its reliability calculation scheme is designed. The possibility of application of mathematical models of device operation for statistic evaluation of its workability under combination of different random factors both in the course of operation and changing of some determining parameters of its parts and properties of regenerative product is grounded. The algorithm of calculation of probability of failure-free device operation in the period of its protective affect under small number of tests is developed.

Research into Dynamics of Hydrogen Link in Supercritical Water
M.L. Antipova1, N.A. Abakumova2, D.L. Gurina1, V.E. Petrenko1
Institute of Structural Macrokinetics and Material Science of Russian Academy of Science, Chernogolovka (1);
Institute of Chemistry of Solutions RAS, Ivanovo (1); Department “Chemistry”, TSTU (2), Ivanovo State Chemical Technological University, Ivanovo
Represented by a Member of the Editorial Board Professor V.I. Konovalov

Key words and phrases: average lifecycle of hydrogen link; hydrogen link; molecular dynamic modeling; supercritical water.
Abstract: Complex research into hydrogen linking in supercritical water is carried out. Isobaric and isothermal dependencies of average lifecycle of hydrogen link in supercritical water in wide range of temperature and pressure are produced.

EM-12 Inhibitor Structure in Water Environment without Forming True Solutions
V.I. Vigdorovich1, E.D. Tanygina2, A.Yu. Tanygin1, A.I. Fedotova3
Department “Chemistry”, TSTU (1);;
Departament of Analytical and Non-Organic Chemistry, Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin (2);
Research Institute “Khimpolimer” (3)

Key words and phrases: adsorption; amide; destruction; hydrogen link; imidazoline; inhibitor; intermolecular relationship; micellae; water solution.
Abstract: It is shown that components of EM-12 inhibitor (imidazolines, amides) form stable micelles in chloride aqueous solution (pH = 2…5). It is supposed that micceles crumble partially or totally on metal surface and form the absorber layer of inhibitor.

Mathematics. Physics.

Calculation of Composite Shells with Piezoelectric Plates
S.V. Plotnikova, M.G. Kulikov
Department “Applied Mathematics and Mechanics”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: composite covering; finite elements method; piezoelectric.
Abstract: The paper presents the mathematical model based on the shell theory with regard for transverse contraction; it describes electro-resistant condition of multi-layer anisotropic shells with piezoelectric plates. The mixed geometrically accurate piezoelectric element of the shell is designed. The numerical examples confirming the viability of the proposed model are given. The analysis of the effect of the piezoelectric plate size on the movement of multi-layer composite plates and shells is carried out.

Constants in Physical and Technological Processes
A.A.M. Minaev, L.N. Tyalina
Department “Materials and Technology”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: constants; construction materials properties; physical and technological properties; probability.
Abstract: The paper discusses matters connected with the probability processes in physics and technology with dual character of physical phenomena which are the basis of technical and technological solutions.

Machine-building. Ñonstruction.Material Science. Metal-Working

System of Electrical Heating of Feeding Air and Thermoregulation of Fuel in Diesel Engines
V.F. Kalinin, A.V. Shchegolkov
Department “Electrical Equipment and Automation”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: diesel engine; electro ecological indexes; mode construction parameters; system of electrical heating and thermoregulation.
Abstract: The paper presents the description of the system of thermoregulation of fuel and electrical heating of feeding air as well as the mathematical model of mode construction parameters.

Technique for Cylindrical Shells Calculation under Periodical Periphery Loads
E.D. Mordovin
ZAO “Tambovpolimermash”;

Key words and phrases: amplitude and local values of tense-deformed condition; bayonet locks; cylindrical shells; generalized functions of tension and deflection; periodical periphery loads; specific solution functions.
Abstract: The paper presents the technique designed for calculation of amplitude and local movements and tensions in short and semi-finite cylindrical shells under periodical periphery loads, which occur in bayonet locks of shaper vulcanizes of pneumatic tires and other equipment (chemical apparatuses, submarines, space aircrafts and others).


System of Operative Continuous Control over Indicator of Vegetative Material Readiness to Dehydration
V.M. Zhilkin1, A.N. Gribkov2, Yu.L. Muromtsev2
Departments: “Automated Systems and Devices” (1),
“Designing of Radio-Electronic and Microprocessor Systems” (2), TSTU;

Key words and phrases: Kalman filter; operative control; process quality indicator.
Abstract: The problem of operative control over continuous preparation process of vegetative material to dehydration is considered. Matters of control over the indicator of readiness of vegetative material to dehydration in three-section unit under disturbance in control and measurement channels are studied. The structure of the system and algorithm of operative control using the Kalman filter is offered; it enables to reduce the variation of the indicator of readiness of vegetative material to dehydration abd improve the quality control over the process.

Engineering Pedagogics

Communication Orientation in Selection and Processing of Educational Text Material
Z.N. Kazhanova
Department of Foreign Languages, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: authentic text; communication orientation; educational text material; professional activity; professionally-oriented reading.
Abstract: The paper studies the problem of selection and processing of educational text material; it reveals such notions as rational selection, professionally oriented text and communication orientation. Specific attention is given to communication aspect of selection of educational text material.

Qualimetric Approaches to Quality Evaluation of Specialist Training
G.V. Popov, T.V. Zabegalina, L.I. Nazina
Department “Quality Management and Engineering Technologies”, Voronezh State Technological Academy;

Key words and phrases: competence; formation degree; quality; quality level.
Abstract: The paper proposes the technique for quality evaluation of specialist training on the basis of competence approach which involves the testing results analysis via standard module TrainingWare and designing graduate qualification model. It includes the set of testing tasks enabling to determine the level of students’ mastering of competences in accordance with the requirements of professional training as well as the combination of techniques for statistic processing of the produced data.

Economics and Social Sciences

Comparative Analysis of Economic Competitiveness of Regions in Central Chernozemye
L.N. Chainikova
Department “Finance and Credit”, TSTU;

Key words and phrases: competitiveness evaluation; single indexes of competitiveness.
Abstract: The algorithm of region competitiveness evaluation is proposed; the calculation and analysis of single indexes as well as the level of competitiveness of the examined regions are given; factors influencing the competitiveness are revealed.

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